She couldn't have been more than seven. A sweet face with big, sapphire eyes framed by flowing, blonde locks. Her smile lit up the dark playground. Her only playmate a teddy bear, she laughed and bounced around, moving from the swings to the jungle gym.

Her parents sat on a bench in a corner of the playground, trying to keep their irritated voices from reaching her ears. Their faces were hidden in the darkness.

As the little girl played by herself, her parents argued, the wind blowing crisp, autumn leaves around the grass. Suddenly, a chill filled the air. The night was warm; this chill came from a silhouette at the edge of the swings. All sound ceased as the girl noticed him. A wave of darkness engulfed the area as he got to his knee and extended his hand. Words were spoken, but silence was heard. She approached him slowly, glancing over at her parents who had become lost in their argument.

In a flash, a hand was over her mouth and she was being dragged away into the darkness. The teddy bear dropped out of her hand and her blue dress tore on a stick as she struggled on the ground for a few seconds. Moments later, she was gone, the stuffed bear lying lonely on the ground.