The air was thick with the smell of blood, his blood.

He cried out in pain, his breath shaky as he whimpered. His black, thin hair, stuck to his face as sweat damped them; his glasses fogged from the hot, heavy breathing.

The muscular one behind him held up, his thin, feminine, body tight.

Another sharp cry of pain escaped him as the blade sank back into his lower back, blood running down his body.

The only clothes he had on were his pants; his shirt ripped off ages ago.

The man behind him chuckled in such a way, it could be described as evil.

Again, the blade was pulled back from its spot in the thinner mans spine and was thirsted back in deeper, spilling more blood.

The other was pail from the loss of both air and blood. He trembled as he felt the blade be pulled back once more ready to slam back in. He sobbed out a cry while he felt he had the chance.

"Please…stop…please…no more,"

The bigger man's gold eyes met with blue as he watched the other beg.

The others red hair sat at his shoulders; he grabbed the other tighter and turned him around just to thrust the knife into his abdomen.

The younger man fell to the floor as the other let him go, watching in amusement, as he dropped to the stone ground.

A few more tears escaped the thinner man's eyes before they closed and all breath left his body.

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