Chapter I: Arrival

The sun rose beyond the mountains creating an orange aura effect across the Hayashi Academy and the island covered in woods. It was August 12th, the first day of operation for the Hayashi Academy, meaning a new set of students were arriving for the year long training in the Academy for furthering special talents.

It's a quiet day; Birds are chirping, Snakes are slithering, and the fish are splashing.
Other than nature acting accordingly was two warriors training in the woods.

"Kobayashi, that's enough for now." One of the warriors said.

"Master Roshen, I was so caught up in training, I almost forgot what day it is." Kobayashi responded.

The two warriors Roshen, a monk and resident of the land, and his pupil Kobayashi sat down to take a break from their intense training. Roshen had a serious look on his face and asked Kobayashi

"Are you sure you're ready to enter the academy, you are welcome to wait another year or so to join."

Kobayashi wiped off his sweat and smiled from his admiration towards his master and responded.

"I am fully prepared for the challenges ahead of me master, I am 17 and it's time for me to follow in your footsteps by attended the same academy."

Roshen smiled and then stood up.

"Well Kobayashi, do not forget everything I've taught you. You won't be the only person joining this year so I need you to be a leader and show everyone around the island. Make sure everyone is comfortable, lighten up, and have a bit of fun." Roshen said proceeding to give Kobayashi a thumbs up.

Kobayashi stood up and bowed to his sensei and walked towards the dorm area to wash up.
After Kobayashi was all washed up he headed towards the camp meeting area in order to greet the arriving students.

A car sped down the bridge and into the camping grounds meeting area.

Kobayashi was anxious to meet his fellow students.

The back doors of the tinted car opened slowly as a reddish brown haired teenager stepped out of the car.

"Yosh! I'm finally here."The Reddish brown haired stranger yelled.

He looked around the island marveling at the sites before turning around to the car.

"Hey Lyra, check this place out." He said towards the car.

A dark red haired girl stepped out the car.

"It is a really nice place." Said Lyra, as she turned and smiles at the reddish brown haired teen.

Kobayashi walked towards the car.

"Good morning, I'm Kobayashi, welcome to the Hayashi Academy, if you need any help I will be happy to assist you." Kobayashi said graciously.

The Reddish brown haired teen ran around the car unloading his bags and handed some to Kobayashi.

"Haha, thanks for the help Kobayashi-san." He stated while walking towards the dorm area.
Kobayashi looked puzzled and amazed at how fast the kid was moving.

"I…I'm sorry about Kairu-kun, he can be sorta impatient. I'm Lyra by the way and that was Kairu, it's really nice to meet you." Lyra said kindly and shyly.

"Oh! Nice to meet you too, Lyra-chan." Kobayashi said.

Kobayashi scratched his head with one hand and laughed and walked with Lyra to the dorm area.

"So where are you too from?" Kobayashi asked.

"Oh… actually I'm not entirely sure about myself but I lived with Kairu-kun for a while now after he found me outside of his village." Lyra responded.

"F…Found you?" Kobayashi said, puzzled.

Kairu ran back towards Kobayashi and Lyra.

"Woah, you're back already." Kobayashi said surprised.

"Haha, yep." Kairu nodded.

"Hey Kairu-san, can you do me a favor and help the others to the dorms with me?" Kobayashi

"Sure, although I wanted to check out the place a bit, but I can wait for that part later." Kairu said.

"Come on Lyra!" Kairu said grabbing Lyra hand and running back towards the meeting area.

Kobayashi watched them run and headed towards the dorm area with Lyra's bags.

Back at the meeting area two girls are seen arguing

"I don't understand what's so hard about this… instead of us both struggling to take our bags down there; we should help each other out." The purple haired girl demanded.

"Oh no! You're not going to boss me around missy, you can take my bags down, but I'm not touching your disgusting bags." The cherry red haired girl insisted.

"How about I take both of your bags down and you two rest your pretty selves up." A mysterious Light brown haired guy said stepping out of a car.

The cherry haired girl scurried towards the guy and wrapped around his left arm.

"Aw you're so sweet to me. I am a bit tired and you seem like a strong, strong man and all, I have a lot of bags and I don't possibly think I can carry all this by my lonesome." The cherry haired girl said changing her demeanor.

"Of course my lady, I am at your service, we're your bags." He asked.

The cherry haired girl pointed to a mountain of bags full of clothes and shoes. The light brown haired looked at the bags and was stunned by the amount.

"Ah Sora what the hell did you get yourself into?" He asked himself quietly while scratching his head.

"Sora did you say? That's quite the name for such a handsome devil like you. I'm Shardan, but you can call me Star for short." She said with a devious intent.

Kairu and Lyra returned to the meeting grounds. Kairu and Lyra walked towards the purple haired girl who was busy shaking her head in bafflement at the scene between Sora and Star.
"She such a succubus!" The purple haired girl said calmly.

"Hey there, I'm Kairu, do you need any help." Kairu said.

The purple haired girl turned around and smiled while extending her arm for a handshake. Kairu stared down in confusion as he wasn't used to shaking a girls hand. Kairu proceeded to extend his arm.

"Hi, I'm Arisa Huang, I don't mean to sound too formal but I appreciate the hel…" Arisa said before being interrupted by Star.

"Hi cutie, I'm Shardan, but you can call me Star for short. Shardan said.

Kairu, Arisa, and Lyra looked at star in confusion. Star grabbed Kairu's hands.

"You look strong, how about you help this gentlemen with my bags, mkay?" Shardan said while dragging Kairu along.

"Bu…but…what about Arisa." Kairu struggled to say.

"Ah I'm sure she's tough enough to handle herself, I'm really in need of manpower for my stuff." Star said continuing to drag Kairu.

"Men…" Arisa said while turning to Lyra.

"And who might you be?" Arisa said to Lyra.

"Oh right, I'm Lyra, it's nice to meet you, I can help you out with your stuff." Lyra said
Arisa smiled and shook Lyra's hand and the two walked towards Arisa's bags.

A boat arrived at the dock of the meeting grounds. Kobayashi returned to the meeting area also.

Three more students walked off the boat, two guys and a girl.

"I really appreciate the help um… Jett-kun was is it, but where are all your bags." The blonde haired girl said.

"No, problem Erika, it's my duty to help a pretty girl out when she's in need." The dark haired brown said in a cool undertone.

"Wow, I wish all men were as sweet and helpful as you are Jett-kun, you're such a nice guy." Erika said.

"Nice guys finish last; this chick is as easy as they come. I wonder what the other chicks in this place are like." Jett thought to himself carrying bags of the boat.

"Ooh Jett-kun you're such a nice guy, haha! Wow you woman are easy falling for a corny act like that. This isn't a Casanova, he's just using your inability to do hard work against you. It's a charade." The red haired guy said.

"Aren't you the brightest person in the world." Jett said in a sarcastic tone.

"Are you jealous Arthur-san?" She says to him.

"Jealous of him, bah!" Arthur says before breaking out in a light laugh.

The three continue to walk down and all of a sudden Erika loses her balance and falls forward. Within a blink of an eye Jett drops the bags and catches Erika in his arms.

"A bit of a klutz are we." Jett said while helping Erika recover.

"Mhmm!" Erika said blushing.

Jett grabs her hand and helps her from the boat, and returns to carrying their bags. Erika follows Jett and marvels as if he was a celebrity.

"Damn, Casanova wannabe." Arthur grunted while carrying his bags.

A dark blue haired guy walked down the boat ramp next wearing full plated armor with a cape and an emblem on the back.

"Yoyo! Iron man, walk a bit faster will ya, I'm tryna get my stuff unpacked already." A blonde haired guy with a bandanna on his head said.

"My apologies, I am Kenshin Natasurkiama." He said to the blonde haired guy.

"Does it look like I freaking care about your name kid, move outta my way ya hear." He said to Kenshin walking around him.

Kenshin continued to carry his belongings off the ship as it slowly took off.

Another car appeared and a Red and Blue haired Guy jumped out of the passenger side of the car.

"That's far enough dad! I can handle it from here." He said to the window of the driver seat.

"Oh we have ourselves a daddy's boy here, hehehe" A brown haired teen said towards the red and blue haired guy.

The red and blue haired guy, looked at him and proceeded to grab his bags. The brown haired guy was infuriated and marched towards him as the car pulled off.

"Hey no one disrespects, Kaitsu Hoshigaki and gets away with it." Kaitsu said as he grabbed him by the collar.

The red and blue haired guy didn't phase of pay any attention and simply removed Kaitsu's hand away from his neck.

"I don't have time for your simple mindless games, Kaitsu, I'm here for the same reasons you are, so move out of my way." He said walking away from Kaitsu.

"Who do you think you are?" Kaitsu responded.

"I'm Shou. You're wasting my time." Shou responded.

Kaitsu angerly looked as Shou walked by and turned around only to bump into a Green haired girl.

"Jeez, watch were you're going" Kaitsu said while standing up and helping her up.

"I'm terribly sorry, I wasn't aware of your presence yet. I'm Kara Higgins, again I apologize for this. " The green haired girl said humbly.

"Maybe if you cut the bangs over your eyes you could see me better." Kaitsu said.

"It wouldn't help me see either way. I am unfortunately blind." Kara said.

Kaitsu sighs and walks towards the dorm area.

"The jerk didn't even help you with your bags." A mysterious brown skinned teenager said walking towards Kara.

"It's okay, I can manage on my own." She said to him.

"Nonsense, I help you out. I'm Rob, nice to meet you Kara." Rob said as he helped her with her bags.

"Thank you." She said.

A young man with Brownish black hair is seen running across the bridge to the meeting area.
"Woah, took me 4 days to get here, but that was awesome training." He said.

"You…ran here?" Kobayashi asked as he approached him.

"Yeah, I thought I was going to get here earlier but I guess my bag slowed me down more than I expected. Oh by the way I'm Ben Sherman." Ben said

"Hey there, I'm Kobayashi, need any help?" Kobayashi said.

"Nah I'm good." Ben said running towards the dorm area.

"What's with these guys?" Kobayashi pondered.

Kobayashi looked around to find someone he could probably help until he heard a noise and turned back towards the bridge.

A motorcycle sped towards the meeting area and stopped.

The driver removed the helmet revealing black haired girl with ruby red eyes.

"Hayashi Academy huh… this place looks dull." She said.

"Hey there, I'm Kobayashi." Kobayashi told her.

"Well that's interesting…not Haha, I'm Tana Phoenix." She said before driving off towards the dorm area.

Kobayashi stands in his place baffled until a minivan pulls up. The back door opens and a heavy kid with a green Mohawk with a bag of beef jerky.

"Oi!!!! Hakudoshi is here!!!" He yelled.

Kobayashi walked towards him and asked.

"Do you need any help Hakudoshi? I'm Kobayashi." Kobayashi said.

"A weakling like you couldn't handle my bag." Hakudoshi said with a grin.

Hakudoshi picked up a huge bag from the van and walked towards the dorm area.

Kobayashi ponder to himself, thinking about the impression he's made on most of his classmates, was It a good one?

"Sigh, Seems like everyone is almost done, I wonder how many more students are coming." Kobayashi thought.

"Can someone help me with my bags, hello?" A mysterious voice called out.

Kairu was the closest to the voice and headed towards it.

"Oh you are such a doll; I just have a few bags here." A man with silver hair said.

"Do-doll?" Kairu responded as he grabs the stranger's bag.

"By the way hun, I'm Soren Harutaki, it's really nice to meet you." Soren said while
pushing up his glasses.

"Uh…Oh I'm Kairu Yusoko, It's nice to meet you too." Kairu said with a fearsome look on his face.

"Hey miss do you need help with your bags." Sora called out to another student.

"No there's no need, I have it under control." The Dark Violet haired female said.

Everyone's bags were finally moved to their dorms. In the men's dorm area everything was nice and set, everyone chose a bunk buddy and was situated. At the women's dorm trouble was brewing. What was going on? Why were they upset?

End of Chapter I.