Hello! I am Magic Jac and if you clicked this, you must want to know the formula to making an adventure. If you're here, you must be a beginner, you're self conscious about you're writting, or you just want to know what's in here. If any of these suits you, please stay here. This chapter will explain the formula to a Fantasy Adventure. Please Enjoy. Results may very.

Basic Plot-Usually, you're main hero will have to go on some kind of quest to stop some kind of evil mastermind from taking over whatever world they live in. He or she will normally have to travel through the world, either stopping sub-bosses or collecting crystals or something like that. Yours can be something different, but this is a basic plot.

Main Hero-You're main hero will either be male or female (obviously). Said hero's weapons will most likely be a sword, gun, shield, or some combonation of the three.

If male, you're hero will most likely be a hard headed and recklace person who always rushes into action without thinking. He will have great strength and will normally depend on that alone. Because of this, he will most likely get into trouble in which someone in his party will have to pull his ass out of the fire in the nick of time. Needless to say, he's an educated idiot. Despite the flaws, his followers will...follow him for his good nature and willingness to help anyone.

If female, you're hero will be more clever and cunning and will be much faster than the male hero. She will actually think before she does something and actually look before she leaps. She won't count on her followers much thinking she can do it on her own, and the irony will sink in when reality comes and tells her she does need help. Basically one hero is recklace and the other is over confident.

Basic Followers-The hero if you're tale will always have people to support him/her. These are the 4 basic ones.

Spellcaster: Classic assistant. The spellcaster will be the person in you're party who supplies the 'Magic' element. He/she will normally start of from basic elemental spells and move on to the real powerful stuff like controll over cosmic energy and stuff like that. Spellcasters are usually 1st to join the group, seeing as the main hero has little to no magical powers at all. The spellcaster will have plenty of booksmarts but will have little to no street smarts and will by physically weak. This won't change if the spellcaster is male or female. Their weapons will usually be staffs, magic wands, or some kind of weapon that increases their magical abilities.

Royalty: Basically a Princess or Prince who either runs away, is forced into a marrige and joins you guys to avoid it, or who's father or mother is removed from power and thus has nowhere to go. The Royalty Member will always be useless at the beginning but will learn skills and earn his spot in the party in the future.

If male, the Royalty Member will have some degree in swordsmanship, but not much and will desperatly depend on you 24/7. He won't be much use in a fight and will train until he drops to get stronger so he can keep up. Slowly, he will learn how to fight and when he's ready, he won't fail. If the main hero is female, their is a rather slim to no chance of romace do to his overly cocky attitude and how he sees of women weaker than men, thus getting the painfull lesson that man or woman, you can still get your ass kicked. If male, the 2 will constantly argue for the leadership spot of the team. Their weapon will usually be a sword of some kind.

If female, the Royal Member won't have any degree in fighting due to the kingdom only training males (sexist, I know). However, she will study with the Spellcaster as soon as possible and learn medic skills and force fields that are better than her teacher. She will be of more use earlier in the story and will be more humble (which is why people make stories with princesses rather then princes). If the main hero is male, than it is instant romonce as the Main Hero rescues her, but the 2 won't admit it. If female, the princess will look up to the main hero. Her weapon may also be a staff or wand, much like the spellcaster.

Thief: The person who steals stuff! He or she will join the group after the Main Hero helps him with a problem he didn't want help on. The thief will be very sneaky and cunning and will be the one who steals from bad guys important items like keys and jewels. The Thief Member will constantly be told NOT to steal something and will do it anyway just because he can. Their also usefull for unlocking doors and solving the riddles not any the spellcaster can figure out. The Thief is also the party's Sneaky Factor. A running gag is that the Thief doesn't get along to well with the Royalty or Spellcaster. This class, again doesn't matter if male or female. Their weapons can be bombs, daggers/knives, or even a slingshot. They have a lot of skill for a tight budget.

Marksman: This is the person who stays in the background shooting people. The Marksman Member will usually join the group in his own accord, not really caring who disagrees with him/her. The Marksman is the key member for long range tactics. The Marksman Members are traditionally elves since they traditionally have the best accuracy out of all specieses. It won't matter if this is male or female. Their weapons are normally bows and arrows, but can be replaced by a cross bow or some kind of gun if you prefer, or once again a slingshot.

Traitor: This is the person who you think is the definition of loyalty, but is the reason things go bad to worse. He or she will normally be paid by the main bad guy to kill the Main Hero. Nobody will suspect him, except for the Thief will be suspected the most. The traitor has no specific job other than breaking skulls and when he back stabs you, you'll feel it. This one can also be male or female, usually female.

Rare Followers- These are the people who you won't see in a normal adventure party, but should be considered. These people will ask you to if they can join you and not you asking them. But, they have a higher risk of death.

Dwarf: Those short people! The Dwarf Member can join the group, and should join the group for one reason: their muscle. Dwarves, although like size, make up for it and muscle mass. The little guys can really be a hassle if you aren't careful. The Dwarf, when insulted will clobber you if you make fun of it's size so I suggest you really put in some thought of having one in you're group. Their weapons are usually brass knuckles, war hammers, or a battle axe.

Geomancer: Masters of their location! Geomancers rarely join groups, and if they do you will want him/her to join! Geomancer Member's have the ability of their location. In a forest, they attack with forest animals and vines, in a desert, they attack with quicksand, and other terrain is at their disposal. Geomancers come as lazy hippies, to lovers of nature, so be warry if one asks to join you. Their weapons are what ever they can find.

Ninja: Silent, but very deadly. Ninja Members are basically theives, except they have a strict sense of honor. They don't get along with the Thief Member since they steal stuff, which isn't honorable in their books. They also have a vass arsenal of Ninjutsu attacks, so having a ninja may be useful in the long run. Their weapons are usually Kunai, Shuriken, Katana, sometimes Boomerangs, Chains, Nunchuks, and any of the Thief Member's possible weapons.

Tinker: Wrenches are for more than just...wrenching! Tinker Members are mechanical geniuses. They maintain the gear of the Party and usualy are the ones fixing broking weapons and making their own. Tinker's weapons range from regular weapons they build or a serious of complicated weaponry you could never buy. Having one in the party may give you an edge.

Gunner: Those gunslingin fighters! Gunner Members, as their name implies, uses guns as a weapon. They are you're main source for capping people. Someone who shoots people down...who wouldn't want one in their party? They are eaither cold-hearted killers or drunken idiots. Their weapons are...well...any form of firearm.

Alchemist: Not FMA! An Alchemist Member is a master of making potions and elixers. Alchemist Members and Tinker Members generaly get along, both members dealing with science. These guys come through in pinches when you really need them. If you need someone who can mix ingredients together to heal you from dangerous poisons and burns, I suggest you think about adding an Alchemist to the party. Their weapons use chemicals for numbers of uses: making themselves stronger, explosions, and lots more, but I suggest actually looking up an alchemist on wikipedia before using this one.

Old Mentor: Almost all Parties have Old Mentor Members! Their are 2 kinds, but they both have lots of wisdom to give to the Main Hero on powers he didn't know he had. If male, the mentor will be less strict, but their will be a small draw back...he will be a perverted old man who always tries to get near the female members. If female, she will be even more strict and will constantly hit you over the head for even the smallest mistake. Having one in your party will be useful, but painful. Their weapons can be just about anything, but usually whatever weapon the main hero uses.

Animal: An animal member will most likely be the Main Hero's pet. Sometimes, it depends on the Main Hero's gender. If male, it will probably be a dog, bird, or a rat. If female, it will probably be a cat, cute squirel, or some other cute animal. It is rare for the Animal Member to be a dragon, but anything is possible in an adventure.

Main Villian- You can't have an adventure without the Main Villian! Whether he wants to rule, or destroy the world, the Main Villain is another Key Part of the story. You're villain may have already ruled the world and wants to keep it this way, and you're hero must stop him. You're Main Villian will probably have the same type of weapon as you're hero, but will be more magically inclined.

Followers- You're heroes have to fight something to get stronger. Here are the lists of adversaries you'll most likely run into, from least important to great importants. The Villian Followers will be vauge as their are many ways to do this.

Henchman: Those freaks you see running around, collecting taxes or whatever they do. Henchman do all the dirty work that their suppioriers, the grunts, don't want to. They are rather weak, even in the beggining, and are normally just here to slow you down.

Grunts: Much bigger versions of the Henchman, except they have weapons, are slightly smarter, and they don't die as easy. You may want to be careful.

Important Villains: You're Main Villian's army may have Big Bosses that you will have to fight at some point.

Beasts: Dragons, Dinosaurs, Griffons, Golems, something that he unleashes on you.

Final Battle- Their is always a Final Battle between the hero and villian! ALWAYS! And the hero always wins because...that's just how it is! By this time, you're hero will be seriously as over powered and the main villain, will be even more over powered! Then, at the last spur of the moment, you're hero will unleash some power he didn't know he had, beat the bad guy, and save the world he lives in!

Final Notes- Remember, this is just a small guide to help you get started! You don't have to stick to this word for word. True originality is not copying every little thing from someone else. If you feel you need the guide for your story to be a good story, then try to be creative with it. If you don't, then I hope you enjoyed it.