The rain fell in sheets, slashing down at those who dared venture outside. The wind blew, a harsh whistling sound, tossing the rain as it wished. It was a chilly wind, making the two figures shiver. The boy grabbed the girl's frozen, soaked hand. She clenched his own hand in return.

"Run!" He yelled to her.

She smiled at him, and together they ran. Together they slipped their way through the grass in the park, the shortest way home. The mud flipped up under their flashing feet, staining their legs. They darted past the playground, legs straining, horrible weather bearing down on them. Almost home, she slipped, her legs falling out from under her. Accidentally, she tangled her legs with his own, bringing him down on top of her. With a quick reflex, he slammed his arms into the ground, so that he wouldn't crush her.

Her back was soaked; she could feel it, her clothing tight against her skin. The rain pelted her face. The warm, wet, heat that was him transferred onto her chest, along her legs. Rain droplets fell from his hair, the pieces that weren't sticking to his face, were wound in crazy directions.

She reached a hand up, smoothing the flyaway hairs down. He pressed his head into her hand, wanting to prolong the soft, warm contact. So much warmer than usual in this cold, miserable weather. She indulged him, stroking along his pale, chilled cheek. She wasn't thinking about the goose bumps on her body, or the fact that she was going to be horribly sick tomorrow. She was thinking about the lulling rain pattering along her skin, the way his lips were quirked into a smile. She was thinking about the way the grass was tickling her exposed arms, how the wind was whipping her hair, before sticking it tightly to her wet cheeks.

He touched her cheek, cupping it as she was cupping hers. "Beautiful," he whispered.

She smiled a pure, genuine smile. He leaned down, his wet hair brushing her forehead. Her breath caught, as his wet, heat came closer to her own. His lips, small raindrops hanging onto them, brushing her own, his tongue darting out to lick the pure water. She brought her cold hands around to the back of his warm neck, pressing down, so that their kiss could be longer, deeper, that perfect, always mentioned, kiss in the rain.