Strangers Will Never Empathize

Pity reflecting off their eyes,
as they crowd round to sympathize,
thinking they are helping,
just by gathering more around,
they don't know the fear,
that eats the lonely soul,
as they stand about and gaze...
Bystanders will never know.

Despise that radiates off their being,
as they pass with quickening steps,
presuming they never saw it,
but turning back to stare after they've past,
they don't know the pride,
which they've trampled on,
when they whisper amongst themselves...
Passersby will never understand.

Fear of dirtying themselves shows through them,
as they drop pieces of tissue and some coins,
believing it is aiding the lonely one in need,
not knowing how much it detriments it,
they don't know the silent resentment,
that they've engraved in the mind and heart,
as the circle widens from the middle out...
Onlookers will never use their heart.

For they are but strangers,
with eyes on no one but themselves.


A/N: First time trying Italics. Please give some critic (: