Cast of characters

The Crew

AAI Augmented Avian Intelligences

Mimi Female African Grey parrot almost grandmotherly

Paw male African Grey parrot sounds like a cantankerous old man most of the time

Allie female Cockatoo very much the Diva has a soft spot for those that can make her laugh

Bernard Male Hyacinth Macaw is the groups goof ball with a warped sense of humor

Toby Male Blue & Gold Macaw Speaks Portuguese & English

Letti Female Scarlet Macaw Speaks Spanish & English

Toby & Letti Act like Brother and sister most of the time , Competitive yet supportive of each other

AHI Augmented Human Intelligences

Mike is partnered with Allie & Bernard

Mike is naturally blind His first Augment was Cybernetics to replace his sight his vision goes from UV through Infra red

Stephen is partnered with Mimi & Paw Stephen is the crews Doctor

James is partnered with Toby & Letti James is the ships engineer

James's hobby is statistical analysis he is native American

Other Characters

Anna is located on Earth research Historian looking into the causes of ANI s behavior Anna is in a wheelchair

Joe is located on Earth electronics expert looking into the causes of ANI s behavior Joe is Deaf

Isaac brilliant software engineer who was able to bring ANI on line

Dave is located on Earth Clinical Psychologist looking into the causes of ANI s behavior