A.N.I. Artificial Network Intelligence by Jeremy R. Walker

it all started Two weeks ago the Artificial Network Intelligence became self aware a monumental step for computer science .it also proved to be a monumental challenge. This morning the all radio telescopes in the world began Transmitting without Authorization in a united systematic blanketing of the Sky in the first hour while the senior scientist for every major telescope array were being tracked down the Telescopes sent out the Sagan transmission Three times then the Telescopes started sending out random data from the internet When the senior scientists in charge of the Arrays were contacted They authorized all shutdown procedures remote shutdown failed physical shutdown & disconnection from the world network occurred roughly 3 hours after the first Sagan transmission . It was immediately suspected that The ANI project was to blame so ANI was queried Directly about the transmission it was asked

1who authorized the transmission ANI 's response no one Authorized the transmission

2 At who's request was the transmission initiated ANI 's response there is no record of any such request .

3 Why was the transmission initiated without the senior scientist's Authorization ANI 's Response Unknown

4 Who started the transmission ANI 's Response I did

5 Why Did you start the transmission ANI 's Response it was not a conscious action

The last answer so shocked the Scientific community into the immediate action the physical disconnection from the world network all radio telescopes in the world was to continue and all automated radio and television communications were to be closely monitored


I was asked to start my research into a solution to the ANI conundrum since I am a research Historian I have decided to start with the field I am most familiar with History the sudden shift from Analog electronics to Digital electronics boils down to the invention of the transistor in my experience as a researcher the greatest leaps in technology happen close to the anomalies of History (the events not recorded or no surviving record , treated as rumor , suppressed by a government for various reasons )

Since nothing happens in a vacuum I researched the news Items two years prior to the invention of the transistor to find the anomaly the largest anomaly and the closest geographically was the Roswell Incident July 8 1947

The Roswell incident was first reported as a Unidentified Flying Object crash a few days later the government claimed it was a experimental military weather balloon that crashed that is when the controversy started what is known for certain is some thing crashed in the New Mexico desert on a Ranch outside Roswell New Mexico the debris of the crashed object was found on the morning of July 8 1947 then the debris was taken to army air corps base in Roswell Arizona by the army after that there is speculation rumor and second hand accounts

December 23 of the same year as the Roswell incident the Transistor was invented


I am a electronics expert so in order to understand what caused ANI's glitch and find out what happened in the circuitry to cause the Glitch so I gather the statistics on all of the processors in the network computers including sub processors and what kind of data they process processor model numbers . Numbers of each model number the distribution and size of available memory


Our ship is has our best technology a high efficiency nuclear fusion reactor The ship is self contained environment half a mile long Our mission became a 2 part mission when ANI sent the unauthorized transmission the first part of the mission hasn't changed we will deploy the Asimov Research platform once deployed the Asimov will help triangulate our final distance from earth should we find anything There has been many additions to the ship to provision us we have enough supplies to get us to Alpha Centauri if we don't find anything before we get that far I believe it is unlikely that we will be able to get to where ANI is aiming the signal beside that Our radio signals because of the inverse Square law fade into the cosmic background at approximately