A/N: This poem is an appropriation of the Greek fable Daeldadus and Icarus. If you haven't heard of it, look it up as it would help you greatly in trying to understand what the poem is about. If you still don't get something, just tell me and I will tell you. Anyway, here we go. Hope you like it :D

Falling is like flying without control.

Having wings that are redundant as there are no feathers left.

Feeling you have achieved intimacy with the sun,

But alas! She just burns the wax onto you,

Like another layer of peeling skin.

To escape the labyrinth of the mind;

To persevere beyond the shores of Createtion.

You never had any control;

The goddess jewel never wanted your inhuman intimacy.

So you flew to the ocean

And swallowed the sea.