Reality is a Mask

This place we lodge,
this home we reside,
the people we meet,
the route we walk,
everyone we know,
and even strangers,
are playing in this drama,
otherwise know as life...

Plastic smiles,
and stone-like eyes,
trying to hide,
every single lie,
enduring everything,
that life throws,
just like the tale written,
for us to watch...

We are actors and actresses,
feigning our characters,
and taking on other roles,
that we've lost our way,
that we once knew so well of,
as we move along our journeys,
just like the plot behind shows,
that we've fallen in love with...

For we have forgotten,
what makes us, us,
and emotions have worn,
from getting on with life.


A/N: Alright, this is probably one of the worst poem I've ever written, IMO. I'm still posting it, because to hide the lousier poems is just lying to yourself - being a complete failure.

Anyway, my main point was to write this to talk about how life is all but an act. We fake smiles, we act cool, we pretend to be nice... It becomes so normal, we don't notice that it's just like that of a drama/movie/ tv serial. We're the actors/ actresses with a personality, but acting like a character set for us... well I guess the only difference between us and actors is that what they act, we watch. But what we act, there's no one to watch.