Behold, rivers flow from end to end!

Winds blow in directions various

What is the worth of a particle

In all these grand events?

Thou art merely an individual

Insignificant in every way

To the totality of humanity

What worth thy thoughts be?

In the raging currents of ideas

What potential is thine to shine?

In the vast darkness of the seas

Fool thy self, thou should not!

Be well aware of thy self!

Dost thou fancy thy self as high?

How haughty be'st thou!

Dost thou not see in reality?

That thy thoughts are significant

Only to thy own self arrogant?

Hast thou not think that to others

Those are thoughts of fools?

Hast thou not lend any thought

That thine are just ridiculous?

Aggrandize thy self, dost thou?

To the level of high intellectuals,

And also of eloquent poets?

Nay, and nay that be not true!

Remember, remember well!

Humble thou shouldst be

For indeed thou art likened to

A small particle in the raging winds