The Sacred Cookie

Once upon a time there dwelled a caveman. In the cave, set up in the caveman's girly self, there sat a beautifully decorated sugar cookie, with pink frosting and red sugar crystals.

The cookie was the caveman's deity. He worshipped it every day and night. The caveman was so in love with his cookie that he decided to tell everyone he could about it.

So he went to the cavewoman. "Cookie. Ugh. Ugh. Worship."

"Ohhh ugh. Ugh." She nodded and when he wasn't looking, took a big bite from his cookie.

When he found out, the caveman was devastated, but went on to tell more people. He went to the pet dinosaur next and said, "Cookie. Ugh. Ugh. Worship."

The dinosaur smiled and when he wasn't looking, took a huge bite from the cookie.

Angrily, the caveman put the cookie in a safe and told everyone not to touch his cookie while he prayed.

But the caveman had told the safe about his sacred cookie, so the safe wouldn't open when he wanted it back.

The End