This is an original story meant to entertain only.

Dark Lineage

By LJ58

Part 10:

Jon walked to school the next morning.

No one saw him.

No one noticed him.

He was, in fact, completely invisible to anyone that would have even looked his way at that moment.

He favored it that way, as it meant there was no one to interrupt his thoughts. No bullies. No posers. No pervs, preds, or wannabes. No usual bus ride to annoy him. Nothing but him, and his own thoughts.

He moved instinctively, his familiarity with the route guiding him even as his mind focused on the thoughts whirling within. Thoughts, feelings, and far more.

Jira had given him far more to consider than even he had suspected.

Far more than he would have believed the first time she had tried to speak to him.

In fact, he was pretty sure if he and 'X'rr' had not melded, uniting his 'halves' and opening him to even greater power and awareness than he had already tapped, he might not have believed her even now. But the 'waking' had told him much, and Jira had simply filled in the blanks. Blanks he had already been pondering thanks to her many hints along the way.

His reunion with his alleged father only explained some of the blanks.

It was not, however, knowledge that he cared for in the least.

Hence, the thoughtful melancholy as he determined what to do.

How to do it.

Or even if he should do anything.

He didn't even think about sharing his new burden with his mother. Frankly, it was something that was beyond her. For all her exposure to things preternatural, she was still, at heart, a very mortal, and ordinary creature. She wanted only her children, her home, and their mutual happiness. That….demon had exploited those wishes, and turned her into a caricature of herself.

For sport. For spite. For….something to do.

It was unnatural.

As unnatural as they were.

"We are not unnatural," Jira told him quietly, interrupting him for the first time.

"You know what I meant," he told her, their thoughts still attuned though he had given her leave to return to her last vocation if she wished.

She chose to stay now. Out of fear, and out of curiosity.

Fear that his father would hunt her out of spite, for which he was well known. Legendary, some might say. Curiosity, because she would like to see what came next.

Still, he did understand a few thing better now.

Like Jira's reaction to his teasing invitation.

For he now understood things that Jira had been unwilling, or even unable to tell him when they first met. Such as the fact that while in their female form, their ilk could be bound to another's will if they climaxed with them, as sex neutralized their powers, and made them virtually mortal enough to be forced to bow to another, stronger will. Like that of his own sire, who had obviously been instrumental in 'caging' her, and using her to try to lead him to where the older creature wished him to go.

His sire, however, had overlooked the new hybrid's own will and determination when she was sent to give him just enough of the truth to cause a reaction he had been hoping for from him. For he now knew enough thanks to his 'other side,' that he knew his long absent father had only become interested in him when he realized what he was becoming. That the willful creature had hoped he might become instrumental in finally shattering a stalemate with their 'angelic' kindred that had lasted untold millennia. That stalemate had once been almost shattered on this very planet, and led to the rise of Judaic traditions that would eventually give birth to angelic and demonic myths that now populated cultures across the globe.

He knew all of that now.

Just as he knew that Jira was now free, and staying with him out of her own desire. And, likely, a bit of fear. Just as he had already considered.

"I'm also waiting to see just what you are going to do, X'rr," she told him quietly. "I suspect even your father did not realize just how strong you would become, or he wouldn't have left you alone without guidance for so long."

"I'd like to think I'm what I would have become with, or without his influence," he replied blandly.

"Nature verses nurture? Even we haven't figured that one out," she admitted. "I mean, you do realize that we were pretty much split down the middle after our rivalry began with the forces of 'good?'"

"So, exactly what did cause the schism?"

Jira sighed. "Honestly? I don't know. Even I'm not that old, and the guys that are? They aren't talking."


"Okay, now you're worrying me again."

He only chuckled. "Why would I do that," he finally asked.

"Because when you get all thoughtful like that, you do crazy, and unpredictable things. Can't you just…..go with the flow, and try to keep the status quo going?"

"Why would I do that," he asked less than innocently.

"Oh, I don't know. Universal apocalypse do anything for you? I don't know about you, but I'm in no real hurry to find out what's really waiting on the other side for our kind."

"Well, don't worry about it," he mused, spotting the school at the end of the block by then. "I'm not my father, and I'm not into destruction for destruction's sake."

"No chaos and despair?"


"No mindless hordes worshipping at your feet?"

"You should already know that one."

"Well, you do have a coven started."

"I wasn't exactly given a chance with that one," he growled.

"Okay. Okay. Jeez, I forgot out touchy you were. Are. I mean, I thought X'rr would have…."

"Taken over, and turned me into another indolent prick?"

"Ooooooh, not touching that one," she sighed.

"Smart girl. So, let me ask you one thing."

"Sure. I'll even answer. If I want to," she cooed, sounding very smug just then.

"It's quite simple. I gave you the power you needed to break free of my old man."

"Old man," she sniggered for a moment.

"Jira," he growled.

"Sorry. It's just….. Calling him your old man is….. Well, it's funny."

"Only to you," he spat. "Anyway, you're free. Why not shift again so you don't end up trapped again if he surprises you, or something?"


"Let me guess. Not answering?"

"It's complicated."

"It always is with you."

"Look, I'll tell you I have a reason. My own reason. And when I can share, I will. Satisfied?"

"I guess I'll have to be. I'm not into violating free will like some folks," he muttered.

"Guess you're still a nut. Or do you always walk around talking to yourself," Jake sneered as he looked up, realized he was in front of the school, and surrounded by some of the usual jocks again.

"Guess some things never change," Becky drawled as the stocky girl came up behind Jake, and smiled at him. "You're still an ass."

"A forgetful one," Jon nodded. "Verbal abuse is still abuse, and can be considered a crime."

"What," the taller jock sputtered.

"You should read the student handbook," he told him coolly. "Seriously. Go read it," he said, and Jake felt a compulsion sweep over him as he muttered inaudibly, but turned and stalked away.

"Oh, that was good," Jira sniggered.

"I just hope he can read," Jon murmured to himself. "I'm not sure he can, to be honest."

"Hey," Paul Owens demanded as he ran after them, catching up to them at Jon's locker.

"You wanted something?"

"I….. I don't know what you did….. But I know you did it."

"He making any sense to you," he asked Becky, who only shrugged.

"Not a bit," she admitted.

"Look. My uncle…. He's…. They took him. I think…. I think they're going to kill him," he almost whined. "Please. Do something. I know you can."

Jon frowned, shook his head, and yet still looked into the kid's head.

He had a faint empathic gift himself. Very faint, but it was there. That was likely why he kept coming back to the same tired track already covered despite his attempts to mask it.

"Even if I could do anything," Jon remarked, "Why would I? That guy and his freaks tried to attack my family. My mom!"

"I'm sorry. Listen, I don't care who you are…. Or what you are…. I just…. Uncle Thomas is my only real friend. My folks…. They're jokes. He's been my real dad, and my only friend since forever. Please don't let him die," Paul begged him, actually reaching out and grabbing one arm. "I'll do anything. I'll sell you my soul!"

Jira burst into laughter.

"Just name it," Paul begged.

"Shut up."


"Dude, you're tripping. You're uncle is fine," Jon assured him, pressing that truth into his mind to calm him down.

As with his uncle, his empathy did make him easily manipulated. Truly a two-way gift.

"Th-Thanks. Uh, could we….not mention this. Ever?"

"Get lost," he growled, and Paul fled as if fully expecting to have to deliver his soul then and there.

"Your monkeys get funnier every day," Jira still tittered.

"My monkeys?"

"Well, you're not really one of them now. But you are still caring for them. That makes them yours."

Jon only rolled his eyes.

"Listen, Becky. Tell Mr. Cook I'm going to be late. Tell him I'm in the office running an errand. He'll believe it. I shouldn't be long."

"You're really going to help the man that tried to kill you and your family," she asked incredulously.

"He's as much a victim as he is a monster. But if we don't forgive monsters, we only end up making more of them. Now, think. Do you want Paul hunting us himself in the future? Or being indebted to us?"

Becky smiled.

"You are being very clever," she realized. "I would not have thought of that tact."

"Go on," he said, and vanished even as his voice murmured, "I don't expect to be long."


They were in the private lab, eyeing Thomas Lyons who was strapped down and heavily sedated as they prepared for a general lobotomy that would remove his unnatural gifts, and his danger to their Consortium when the police burst into the clinic.

They saw the makeshift lab, the apparent victim, and began shoving Jeremy and Franklyn to the wall as one officer pointed a gun at the physician until he dropped his scalpel.

"You cultists make me sick," one of the officers spat as the three were led outside where the entire local clinic was being emptied.

Jeremy frowned at his companion as Franklyn was cuffed in spite of his wounded arm, and shoved into a van with nine other local members of the Consortium.

Which was when Jeremy realized that the police were taking out computers and files from the office, too.

This was not good. Not good at all.


"You weren't gone long," Becky murmured as Jon returned only thirty minutes into the hour, and handed the teacher a note before setting beside Becky. It was a free study session, so the instructor didn't say a word about them sitting close, or speaking to one another.

"It didn't take long to do what I needed," he assured her. "And the Consortium will be too busy with their own problems for a very long time to look our way again."


"You'll see," he grinned.

Later that evening, the news would be filled with the bust of a local cult that led to an international assassination operation that targeted anyone suspected of trafficking with the devil. Or of having 'unnatural' gifts. Such as ESP, or other ridiculous abilities. The authorities in several nations were tracking apparent backers of the cult, but so far, no one was talking.

Thomas Lyons, surprised to wake up alive, or in one piece, couldn't stop talking as he turned state's evidence against his former masters. His knowledge of accounts, passwords, and past operations had exposed a very ugly side of the business world.

As predicted, the Consortium found they had other matters to occupy them as they fled the law, tried to manage their own damage control, and simply hide their own culpability from the suddenly fierce investigators that came after them with unnatural vigor as public outcry sounded across the entire globe.


"Want to come over tonight," Becky asked as she paused outside the school at the end of the day, smiling hopefully at her master and lover.

"Sure," he agreed. "I need to go by and tell the fam where I'm going, though. Make sure they have something to eat. You know how it is."

"I'm an only child, Jon. How could I?"

"No. Not anymore. Now you have a very big family," he winked as they headed to her car.

"So…. If everything is calmed down now, and we're safe, what will you do now," she asked as they climbed into her car, and she toyed with the ignition to get the car to start.

He reached over, tapped the key, and the engine roared to life.

She laughed at him, and put the car in gear.

"Well, first I thought I would finish high school."

"You know what I mean," she sputtered.

"I know," he grinned. "Anyway, after a few likely appropriate classes in college, I thought we, that is all of us, might get into a paranormal research business. They do seem popular, and I think we're more than qualified for the job."

"That would be kind of cool, too. We could help others like us we find."

"Something like that," he agreed.

"And, then?"

"Well, I think something between now and then, we should get married."

"M-Married," Becky frowned, looking at him as if he had just offered her the literal moon.

"Did you think I would turn my back on my own child. Or the woman that cared enough to offer me that life? Besides, what better cover for our new venture than a man-and-wife team leading a group of intrepid supernatural investigators? We might even make our own reality show," he teased.

"Now, you're teasing. I doubt you'd be letting anyone see the real you. TV or not."

"Of course not. But as I said," he smiled. "Can you think of a better cover? Because even I get the feeling there is going to be a lot of strangeness in our future."

"I hope so," Becky murmured, heading for his house. "You're really going to make the others jealous, though."

"No, I don't think so. I'll marry you publicly," he told her. "But we will all be wed in our own private ceremony later," he assured her.

"Really," she smiled.

"This is only the start, my love," he called her as they pulled up in front of his house. "Only the start."

"Now you are starting to sound like one of us," Jira teased.

"Hush, Kitten," he called her teasingly. "Or I'll bind you to teach my son."

"I could do that," she cooed. "Someone has to show him how to do things right."

He only chuckled as they climbed out of the car, and headed inside.

Not The End….