"Don't forget the extra case of beer!" Tamsin Riley glanced back at her mom, before rolling her eyes and stomping toward the storeroom. They didn't need more beer; her mom was just trying to keep her away from all the unsavory boys that had gathered at the bar after having finished the term's exams.

"It's not like I don't know that they just want some ass, mom" she muttered under her breath. Her father had, quite thoroughly if she might add, already lectured her on what most teenage boys had on their mind. Then he had gone on and said that he had been a sex-starved boy too, before practically leering at her mum. "And remind me to never again have dad do the explaining."

With her shoes making a crunch noise with every step, she made her way across the snow, tugging on a pink hat on the way. She nearly slipped on ice when she came upon the storeroom door. To her great chagrin, it was locked. She pulled on it, baring her teeth in a dramatic display of irritability.

"Oh come on, don't make me go all the way back." She muttered, tugging on it again, and once again it wouldn't budge. Tammy gave the door some weak pulls before groaning loudly and turned on her heel, ready to stomp back to the front, only to slip and end up falling on her ass. She let out a loud squeal as she hit her tailbone on the ground before shouting up at the sky. "Can you not give me a break for fucks sake?"


Tammy sat up, blood rushing to her cheeks as she looked around. Before shrinking back as someone gave a girlish giggle, followed by a husky whisper that Tammy strained to hear. What where they doing near the back of her family bar? She could see the hairspray-abused raven hair of a girl not much older then her. She has to be a senior, Tammy suddenly realized, before striving to see the male accompanying her. However, much to her dismay she only saw the back of his head. Not that it was bad back, for he had the nicest ass she had ever seen, and he was tan too, bits of golden skin showing from underneath his long t-shirt. He had unruly black hair that seemed slightly familiar but no matter how hard she tried to place him amongst her friends, she knew she had never seen him before in her eighteen years in this small little town of Tiven. And that fact alone gave him a mysterious air that had her straightening up.

She watched him saunter toward the storeroom door, and let her mouth drop open as he pulled a key from his pocket, and his friend squealed in delight. Tammy refused to call her his girlfriend because no respectable girlfriend snuck into a storeroom of a boy with her boyfriend. She would be out showing him off and staking her claim on him before any other girl snatched him up. Tammy wished she could snatch him up, but knew she couldn't.

And why not? A small voice in her head asked indignantly, you are just as pretty as her..

"Not you again." Tammy hissed to herself. "Anytime I hear you, I always get into trouble. Not to mention that you sound like just like Panda."

"And....Tada." a deep voice, she could only guess was the guy's sounded and she shivered. In some dark, dirty part of her mind, corrupted with all the romance novels she had hidden in her room, she could just imagine him whispering dirty things to her. Tammy gave herself a mental shake, almost gasping out loud as he followed the dark haired goddess into her family's storeroom. She didn't have to guess what they were going to do in the storeroom, and it wasn't going to be truth or dare.

She stared in shock after them, not even bothering to move until a few minutes later even though to her, it seemed like half an hour. She sighed before shakily getting to her feet, her bottom covered in snow and hurting. Biting her lip, she decided to just go back to the front and tell her mum that she couldn't find them. But as she turned, she noticed that the storeroom door was left open, much to her surprise, then to her irritability and disgust. Anyone could just walk in on them by accident.

Her defeated pose was replaced by one of determination and she brushed off all of the snow, bottom included. She marched stiffly, albeit carefully toward the door, and acidic scolding ready to spring from her tongue. She would demand he return the key and then she would tell them both to get out. She knew they would just go someplace else to finish what they were doing, although she hoped that the mood would be ruined and if not, then she would feel some satisfaction that they weren't doing it on her territory.

When did I get so territorial?, she wondered briefly before continuing her dignified march to the open door. She swung into the door, opening her mouth to begin her angry rant, but she never had the chance, for the words died in her throat as soon as they entered her vision, for what she saw would be stuck in her mind for all of eternity.

Her mystery boy was leaning back against the wall on a crate, with the, to use Panda's favorite word, bint straddling his lap. His hands were gripping her waist and pulling her against him, while her head was thrown back in ecstasy. She tilted her chin down and they locked lips furiously. They were still wearing clothes so Tammy was sure they weren't doing anything too dirty yet, but just the sight of him gripping her ass and rocking her against him had her picturing herself on top of him. His cheeks were flushed with desire and his eyes were darkened. He, to Tammy's amazement, pulled the girl's bra out from under her tight, form fitting top. A feat Tammy considered amazing, seeing as that top of hers clung to the girl's skin like she had been born with it on.

Tammy could hear her moan and saw her head toss back as he, Tammy guessed, fondled her, but then his eyes locked with her own. Tammy stiffened as his unnatural silvery grey eyes met hers, and she flushed furiously. She was caught, and yet he didn't budge or anything, he just licked his bottom lip as the girl in his lap kept flailing about; all the while his eyes were locked on Tammy. She felt her stomach turn over and she all but dashed away, sliding and skidding on the ice as she ended up back where she started, her chest heaving with exertion and a little bit of arousal.

She heard a door slam shot and when she turned, she suddenly came face to face with tall, masculine figure. Her mystery man. He was even more gorgeous then she had thought. He was dark, with wavy blue-black hair, a straight noble nose, and chiseled cheekbones. He was incredibly handsome, muscled, and completely and utterly male. He watched her, and she gaped at him until he spoke first.

"Did you enjoy what you saw?"

Tammy flushed right away, her brain coming up blank for retorts. He had some sort of affect on her that destroyed how her brain functioned. His face was far to near for her to be comfortable with, it was making her lose her judgment. She pulled herself together however, pursed her lips together, and just imagined it was Panda who she was scolding.

"Where did you get that key?" She inquired, barely keeping a quiver out of her voice. He just ignored her.

"This whole good girl act is fake, isn't it Ms. Riley?" He asked and once more Tammy's mouth dropped open. He gave a low chuckle that in Tammy's opinion was as wicked as the glint in his eyes. He leaned forward and closed her mouth for her, his searing touch contrasting with the cold air. "I'd close that if I were you. It gives ideas, if you know what I mean."

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Tammy burst out, going even redder with her hurried question.

"I think my name is Teddy." his low drawl eroded away at her anger.

"Well then...Teddy...if you could please return that key, I'll be going then." Tammy stated, sticking her nose in the air as a one last attempt at escaping. He wounded her pride when he laughed, it echoing in the silent night air. Stung, she spat out the first thing that could come to her brain. "If you like flailing about with whores, that is none of my business, but it becomes my business when you are in my store room!"

With that, she tried to push him away but he moved forward, pushing her back into a tree. He splayed his hands on either side of her head, bodies dangerously close together. Tammy couldn't be bothered to notice the skip of her heart, too busy being distracted by the oncoming threat of his lips. She pressed her hands to his chest and gave a half-hearted shove, and like she guessed it had no effect on him whatsoever. He was playing with her, making her lose her common sense and rely on her body. Well that's seriously sucked for Tammy, because she had as much sexual experience as a fourteen year old.

She felt fingertips on her jaw, and she clenched her eyes shut, hoping, wishing that it was just some sort of fantasy, that she wasn't actually in this position. It did nothing to make the situation go away, to make this low ache in her tummy go away, for Teddy's hand was brushing near her neck and Tammy shivered. His low chuckle had her opening her eyes.


She watched his eyes narrow and he very carefully pressed his warm lips against the pale icy column of her throat. Tammy let out a strangled sound, between a moan and a sigh. He obviously liked this reaction because he nipped playfully at another spot, and her body undulated in a wave of pleasure.

"B-bite me." She stuttered out, no force behind her phrase, ashamed to notice that parts of her didn't want him to stop.

"Do you really want me to?" Teddy responded, the mischievous glint replaced with a dark one. Tammy opened her mouth to say yes, and then closed it and shook her head. A dark smile crossed his lips, before he leaned in and claimed her mouth.

His kiss wasn't the gentle coaxing one that she had expected of her first kiss. It wasn't even awkward. It was harsh and bruising, taking what he wanted and giving nothing in return. In some sort of frenzy, Tammy kissed back, fingers grabbing at his neck, heat shooting through her limbs as she arched up against him. In respond, he deepened the kiss and slipped a hand under her shirt, feeling the flat expanse of her stomach before biting down on her bottom lip. She opened her mouth and he thrust his tongue into her mouth. Her thighs parted without any demand from him, and he laughed, a thick, sound of male satisfaction. He removed his hand from her stomach, and while using his body to keep her against the tree and his mouth to keep her busy, he reached down and unbuttoned her jeans. Tammy widened her eyes but groaned when he ran a finger along to top of her underwear. He paused and looked at her, silver eyes almost questioning and Tammy shivered, just wanting him near again.

"Yes, yes, oh God, yes."

A smirk slid over and onto his face, causing him to look dangerous. His hand slipped into her jeans, brushing against her thigh. He found the edge of her underwear and slipped finger inside, just inches away from where she wanted him to be. He tickled her with that sensuous caress and she nearly shouted in want.

"More." She whimpered before glaring as he continued to touch her, without ever touching her in the place that she wanted him to.

"You're going to get more." His whole hand disappeared under the blue lace and she let out a cry as he came in contact with her core. He stroked her, covering her mouth with his, as his touches caused her to make little mewling sounds. Very carefully, he slid one finger inside of her, and stopped when he came in contact with her barrier. Tammy, overcome with lust, did the one thing she could to make him continue; she reached down and cupped him with her hands. Teddy made a sound of male desperation, halfway between a groan of satisfaction and a plea. She felt a smile come onto her face and he growled and began to pump one finger in and out of her. She moaned, close to breaking and far away from sanity.

In and out, in and out, she thought dizzily, nearing oblivion. When he slid another finger inside of her, stretching her, she knew she was lost. She cried out as she shattered, her body rising higher and higher, pleasure she had never known sending her senses into overdrive.

"Tammy? Tamsin, where are you?" Her mother's familiar voice cut through the air, causing her happiness and pleasure to evaporate. Her mother's voice sounded again causing her to shove Teddy again, her blissful ignorance gone as she stared at him with horror. He looked regretful...

But not only because we were interrupted..but because he wasn't able to deflower me, her mouth dropped open and she straightened, buttoning up her jeans. Suddenly everything made sense, such as why he had followed her instead of continuing to have sex with the other girl. It was some sort of petty revenge.

"Tamsin? That's your name?" Teddy asked, looking confused.

"Fuck you!" She spat, backing away before spinning on her heel and darting back toward the bar, strands of fair hair whipping behind her as she ran.


Teddy Carson, stared after her, as she ran, confusion settling into his mind. Tamsin? He had heard that name before, he knew he had. He frowned once more.

"Aw, fuck." He sighed before turning on his heel and walking back into the woods, to where he had parked his car. He climbed in and started the car, before looking down at the raging erection that he still sported. He thought back to the gi- er Tamsin. She had been shy and inexperienced, yet when he kissed her she had responded with all the ferocity of a lion. He thought of her shoulder length blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. But he cursed her suddenly, when he swerved to avoid a stop sign.

He thought back to the sultry dark haired girl he had first been with and remembered his sisters protests against him going out with her. She was a slut, she had told him.

Well that had been fine with me, he thought darkly. Except now he still had not had sex and was going home with an erection. He cursed again as he pulled into the driveway. Thank God that his parents were out on date night, instead of staying at home with him, the sophomore in college, and his wild, little sister, Miranda, the junior in high school, and they still didn't trust them. He opened the door to the house, tossing his keys onto the table.

"Miranda, I'm home." He shouted up the stairs before heading into the kitchen. He reached into the fridge and grabbed the carton of orange juice. He heard feet pounding on the stairs, as his little sister flew into the room, her pale curls bouncing. She stared at him before grabbing the carton of orange juice.

"That's disgusting, Teddy."

"Don't care." He grabbed it again and held it out of her reach. She rolled her eyes and pt her hands on her hips.

"How was Kate?" She asked, a bite to her words.


She rolled her eyes at him before answering. "The slut you took to Riley's."

"Oh." He shrugged. "Fine, I guess."

"Weren't able to fuck her, were you?" His sister's brazen comment had caught him off guard and he choked on the orange juice.


"What?" She asked, innocently before heading around toward the open fridge and closing it. A picture caught his eye. He almost dropped the orange juice and he started toward the picture. In it were his sister and a smiling blonde with blue eyes.

"Panda..who is this?" He asked slowly. She barely spared a glance.

"Her? Oh come on, I know you haven't seen her in three years but that is my best friend." She stated, eyeing him with disbelief. "Her family owns the bar. That's Tamsin, or rather I prefer Tammy."

Teddy felt the orange juice he had drank thrash around in his stomach. He had given his little sister's best friend an orgasm. Her first orgasm. Panda looked at him, bemused before getting to her feet and holding out her hand.

"By the way...can I have my key back?"