Chapter 1: Her Story

My parents were taking me to my grandmother's house because they were going on some cruise and it would be too expensive to take me. I loved my grandmother, but she could get annoying. I guess that's what any normal twelve year old would think. We drove through the pasture. It was ten miles away from her house.

When I was younger, she would drive me out there and we would have a picnic. This would result in us playing tag and eventually, a little animal coming out, so I would have to chase it around, while my grand-mother tried to stop me. I loved it when the foxes came out. They actually became quit found of me, so I could chase them when ever. I loved the way they scampered. It was like a fire was dancing through the pasture, but it never consumed a thing. The butterflies would come out and would land on the foxes.

We pulled up in grandmother's driveway. She was tending to her flower patch. She looked up to see who it was and wiped the sweat off her face. She waved with the hand she had a shovel in. My parents got out of the car. My dad went and collected my bags. I stayed inside the whole time, listening to my iPod. My grand-mother knocked on the window and I jumped a little. My grandmother was there. I opened the door and stepped out.

"My, my. You've grown up." I nodded and walked off. I ran inside, my dad following. He set my stuff down and I watched them drive off. I cried a little. Now I was stuck with the old, bony women I knew as my grandmother.

"Troy, come in hear real quick." I walked in the living room. She sat on the floor. She had formed a circle big enough for me and her to sit in with marbles. I sat on the couch.

"No dear. Sit in the circle." I picked myself up and sat in the circle. They glowed an emerald green.

"I'm going to tell you a story."

"Fine," I replied.

"It all started when......

I walked down the pasture. The flowers were just now blooming. I had heard stories about this strange world. I had collected some things and set out to find it. I kept walking. It was the middle of summer and I felt a cold breeze. The colors wavered, as if everything was water. All the colors changed. The leaves were orange, red, and yellow now. I kept walking. I came up to a man. I couldn't describe him. He sowed me to his friends. I absolutely loved them. They were so nice to me. They catered to my every need. There were four of them. Again, I couldn't describe them. They seemed to flow together as the four seasons would. Eventually, one became greedy and plotted against them. I had to leave them. They all hated for me to go, but I didn't want to be caught between sides. I ran home. I came though the door. My parents were standing there. They were mad. They say I was never the same again.

"…. Oh, well. What do you want for supper?"

"I guess spaghetti." She went to go find it. She seemed to float like a pixie.

We ate supper and I went to go take a shower. After, that I went to bed. I lied down and gazed at the starts. You see, my grandmother thoughts it would be creative to make a room with a glass top. It was real nice at night, but woke you up in the morning. I dreamed of all that my grandmother had said.

I woke up and set out. I knew I was going to prove my grandmother wrong.

(The Grandmother's POV)

I woke up to the door closing. I pulled out Jimmy's old rifle. Sure I didn't know how yo use it, but the person didn't need to live. I walked down the hallway to where the door was. The window was open. I gazed out of it. There was Troy. He walked down the pasture. I knew where he was going. I was glad he was being a little more adventurous.

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