and if I put the song on, I will understand it better.
and then maybe I will move! because the heat
is something that comes from love, in a likelove
sort of way. and I heard the song on the way back
and it made me realize, that it burns. that ring of fire..
and if those two fluttering kisses meant anything
we have learned nothing of love. not even the skies
have a word or consolation for that. so screaming it
was what I did, clove bouncing off my breath.
not my tongue ring because I am, subdued.
and it really is that ring of fire. and it burns.
there is something to be said, yes, for his eyes!
and the way the fly over all the molecules
in my environment. suddenly I am surrounded
by it. his everything is over my all of it.
and it starts to burn(burnburn) his
ring of fire. I am completely away of (it)
running up my leg and back down again.
and I fall into a burning ring of fire
the flames only get higher. then is
so much for fearing it, and fighting back.
and if this is not love, then it is something!
because all the things that happen are curling
my paper and wasting my ink. (downdowndown)
that ring of fire. I know how much you want
to get used to hearing it, but love is a burning thing.