Standing on the crest of a hill I look out over the place I had just left. Conformed grey buildings stretched endlessly into the sky, lights twinkling softly in their wasting interiors. People sat bored at their desks, tapping away at the eternal spaces of the internet.

Powerlines flew over the scene, bending round the blocks, churning people's days. Cars traversed alone the pains of road, uniform piles of metal. People sped along the paths, burgers in mouths, phones clasped to ears.

Further away, units held daily homes. Each housing a manipulating television, playing out its ads.

I look over the place I had just left; and see the torments of lacking freedom; the way people are conformed to conventional needs.

Slowly I turn and I looked out over the place I will soon be. Boundless trees reach their fickle branches to the sky. Birds streak through the crisp clean air, animals scurrying far over the horizon. Flowers spurted out to the drowning sun.

I look over the place I will soon be; and I see undying freedom; forever happiness.

Softly I say goodbye to the treacherous lives I leave behind, and loudly I welcome the new.