Others Don't Matter

Checking back every now and then,
hoping for a new praise to appear,
yet not even flames are thrown,
as death's bitter coldness settles in.

Despair overrides as days become weeks,
until the day a light suddenly shines,
and a critic falls from between heaven's hands,
unto this cutting silence forgotten by all.

That bundle of rekindled fire burns on bright,
for a week, a month, and onto a year,
yet after that one mistake God has made,
none more came and dark clouds began to cloud.

Master of all Gods has passed his command,
to change flame to smoke and smoke to naught,
and let the last bit of hope perish with the wind,
as rain slowly fell and dissolved the blazing fire.

But even in the detrimental point of life,
refusing to bend to what life thrusts it,
the core still holds on to unwavering faith,
and finds way to keep its tiny glow.

Laws and rules are made to be challenged,
and so Spirit of the skies gave a little twist,
to the miserable end of the pitiable existence,
with a bolt of lightning from the rumbling haven.

So even when it's dark and it's cold,
the pouring wetness the world gives,
will never wash away determination,
for it's forever fight on to stay alive...

For even when it's the only one sensing,
what's behind all the many words,
and tearing for the pain between the lines,
it is still the most authentic reader of its own writes.

A/N: I had so much to say when I first wrote my A/N... But I realized that I couldn't possible post it up because it would read like an essay. So I am just going to cut it short.

This poem is written for a friend of mine, myself, AND everyone out there who feels disappointed about the lack of comments/reviews/critics that you're getting.

From the darkest end of my heart,

(Friend I've written this for: Astrocam)