6785 million humans living in present day. Five percent of this population acknowledges the presence of the other living race – Y'hier (Pronounced as 'Yu-hay'). Derived from the Wise Tongue, 'Y'hier' meant Wizards.

Three percent of that population remembers the war, and fears the land where a Door is found amongst overgrown hedges and ferns.

Less than one percent knows of someone who is a Y'hier, or is a Y'hier himself/herself. With this small percentage knowing, the presence of Y'hiers slowly faded into history in the world of Humans.

Some children books did have some reference to Don Que'or (Pronounced as Dawn Qua-sure), the home where Y'hiers live, but since when were children books taken seriously? The reality that Y'hiers exist, became magical fairytales that children take for a pastime.

Only the older generations, the five percent of the existing population, knew the truth. Twenty years ago, when the five percent were still teenagers, they faced a war which lasted three dreadful years. Like that of World War II, many innocent lives were taken, and more children were abandoned by this war.
Although, in comparison to the World War II, a three year war was small issue, but it was enough to impair the relations between the two races. The two races that once lived in harmony fell apart.

The logic for the war was simple. The humans felt that Y'hiers were disrupting their normal way of life, getting everything before them. They see people whizzing past, and appearing out of the thin air, like wondering spirits. It made Humans feel uneasy.

Just for a simple reason of feeling less competent, the Humans started arm conflicts with the Y'hiers. Humans had better weapons than Y'hiers, though Y'hiers could summon disasters that could take down armies of Humans. That brainless blood and gore which lasted for three years took away 100 million living of the mere population of 400 million then.

As for the Y'hiers, they may have magical powers, but most of those in war were those who had just freshly graduated, and were not exactly stable with their spells. The elders were getting too old and frail to sustain any war, most of them were already sick and dying before the war. The children, on the other hand, were too young and did not even know what they were skilled at. To send the children for war was like sending a school of young salmons to the sharks. It would only raise the sharks' aggressive nature to consume more. Children would only lengthen the war, and create more futile sacrifices. They however, followed their parents to war, for even school teachers and care-takers were utilized for war.

Tired of the senseless war, the seventh, and the youngest of the Wise Ones, restored the Door. The restoring of the Door meant that children had to return behind the Door. For the children knew not of the way home, and the needed someone to guide them when they are home as well, hence one of the parents had to follow them home.

However, there were still several children left behind. Some were abandoned because their parents were drowned in their own pool of blood before the Door was restored. Others were kept back by warring parents who loved them too much, or parents who detested the presence of their children and took that chance to leave them. These children who were left behind could not return to Don Que'or unless they were eleven and older. It is only eleven, that these children step out of childhood, become a fledging of the Y'hiers, and is recognised by the Door.

Hence, many Y'hier children abandoned by the cruel war were left to be adopted by other Y'hiers who stayed behind to take care of their underage kids. The Y'hiers who stayed behind, taught their children the human ways. They were ripped off all their energy, by that battle; they wanted no more of all those unhappiness.

After ten years, although some remained hostile, but most had somewhat forgiven these Y'hiers. They accepted their presence as they saw the distinct changes they had made to accommodate to the normal lives of Human. In fact, Y'hiers have adapted so well, people began to forget they are Y'hiers, and think that they have all returned to where they came from – Behind the Door.

Furthermore, the present younger generations read stories of Y'hier and their war, like any other novel they pick from the shelves. None of them treat it for real, for parents have often told them Y'hiers were only creations of long deceased writers.

Nonetheless, parents still remind their children never to near the forest of Puerto Viejo. When children question, they would always claim that the forest is dominated by hungry spirits, waiting for innocent little kids to enter and devour them. In fear, children would stick near their parents whenever they pass by the forest. No one Human ever entered the forest since the war ended. It was soon known as the 'Forbidden Forest'.

Even schools educated the students about the forest, and drove terror into the core of their bones. Those images formed by computer graphics made the innocent children live in perpetual fear of the forest which is actually perfectly safe to enter.

6785 thousand million souls living in the present, less than one percent who are Y'hiers enter and exit the forest, and less than half a percent of the newer generation daring to step into the unknown ground...

Even so, there happens to be three children who cannot live without adventure existing in this population of 6785 thousand million. Despite countless warnings from their teachers, peers and their mother, still took on a journey into the forest.

And before they started their expenditure, their friends and homeroom teacher came over to wish them the best. All of them lived in the belief that the three of them would be devoured, and would never return ever again, or would return mutated. Many tear at the thought of losing their beloved friends.

As expected of the three children, curiosity took the better of them. Neglecting the fear reflected from the tears of their peers, they ventured deeper into the 'Forbidden Forest'.

After six hours of gruelling hiking and trekking, they were worn out. Just when they were about to stop for the day, the three of them stumbled unexpectedly on the Door.