I wrote this...wow some years ago I must have been twelve...maybe fourteen...somewhere along there.(Psst I'm twenty-two by the way.)


Something Sweet

He grumbled angrily behind her.

But Jessica didn't care, after all she had two candy bars and a jumbo bag of M&M's that was sure to keep her happily satisfied for a good while. After all it's not her fault he had begged her to walk with him to the 7 Eleven up the street just cause he had a huge craving for chocolate just to realize he forgot his wallet as soon as they walked in the store.

But since they were there she decided to serve her candy cravings refusing to buy her long time friend Demar anything or share. Which is why he walked several paces behind her, mumbling about her being stingy or something.

"It's your own fault what kind of idiot goes to the store with no money?" She called over her shoulder.

"But you got two candy bars!" he called back in an annoying whiny voice.

"Yeah with my money that's why I'm going to be the one eat' in 'em!" Jessica added with a mean smirk.

Demar sighed heavily and lowered his gaze to the sidewalk ahead of him, knowing that either way he was going to lose this argument, hell he probably already lost. He always lost. Now maybe it was because Demar was too busy sulking, and maybe it was because Jessica was too busy thinking if she should eat her candy little by little or all at once just to get hyped, but neither one noticed a yellow taxi cab coming at them much too fast or the puddle Jessica was just passing until it was too late. The first thing Demar heard was a loud splash and then


Instantly at the sound of her screaming Demar tensed up, fists clenched, and he quickly looked to Jessica to see what could have caused her to scream as she did. But all he saw once he looked up was one very wet Jessica who appeared to be in no trouble at all just very pissed off.

"What the hell's wrong with you!?" Jessica screamed at the cab, "You don't see people walkin' here!? You blind or somethin' jackass!!!"

By now they had gathered an audience of onlookers but Jessica didn't notice or didn't care as she continued her screaming rants and strings of curses all of which Demar found highly amusing until he finally burst out laughing. That's when Jessica's angry glare turned to Demar

"You think this is funny!?"

Demars grin only got wider to further infuriate the girl, growling she stormed purposely towards the grinning boy,

"Stop smirking you-"

For the life of her, Jessica didn't understand how she had tripped all she knew was that she was suddenly falling quickly to the ground and flailing her arms out madly, she grabbed the first thing that her hand came in contact with, which just happened to be Demar's shirt. Then all she knew was warmth, even though she was soaked to the bone she realized she had landed on something warm and her lips held a strange tingling sensation. Jessica opened her eyes and in seconds realized two horrible things, one she was on top of one of her best friends, practically straddling him and second her lips were pressed firmly against his. This was so very wrong, she knew, Demar was a friend and that's all sometimes almost a brother figure, but if it was so very wrong why hadn't she pulled away yet, and hadn't he? A million other thoughts crossed her mind but through them all she just sat there on top of her friend kissing her friend until.

"Are you two alright?"

An elderly woman asked looking highly concerned. Jessica quickly pulled away and jumped to her feet

"Y-yes we're fine." She said quickly looking from the old lady to Demar who was still sitting on the ground looking thoroughly confused until he brought his gaze up to meet hers.

"Are you sure, that was a nasty fall." The old lady pressed, Jessica could hear a group of girls snickering at them and she could feel just about everyone's gaze on her but the only stare she noticed was Demars. His face held a serious expression to it something she had never seen from him before, her heartbeat quickened, she could feel her face getting hot and she could feel her stomach twisting in knots.

"…I-I gotta go!" said Jessica tearing away from the heated gaze and took off running nonstop till she got home.

It was dark now.

Jessica sat in her room not bothering to get up and turn on a light; she lay in the dark staring at her blinking clock which now read 8:45pm. It had been nearly five hours since she last saw Demar and she dreaded when she would see him again. Since she had gotten home she had locked herself in her room busying herself every way she knew possible. She had ignored her mother's numerous attempts to get her to come out of her room and tell her what was wrong with her but after being stuck so long in her room Jessica found herself getting restless. But if she came out of her room she would also have to leave the house, in order to escape her mother's pestering questions.

Jessica thought 'I guess I could go over Tammy's for a while…'

A friend of hers who lived right down the street, it wouldn't take but a few minutes to get there and Tammy would be able to help keep her mind off certain things for a few hours. Silently she opened her bedroom door and snuck down her stairs and silently she stepped out the house into the warm summer night. She stood on top of her house stoop and breathed in the night air, she tilted her head to the sky and a frown graced her pretty features. There were hardly any stars that night, like every night, but she lived in the heart of a busy city and that was to be expected. Sighing she took one step down and froze, there sitting on the curb of the street was Demar, though he hadn't noticed her yet, his back was turned to her. Her mind raced as she stood rooted to her spot not able to move.

'Maybe I can make it back in the house before he notices me.' She thought in a panic but at that moment, as if he heard her thoughts, he turned around.

Silence and uncertainty followed Jessica and she wondered if now would be a good time to dash into the house. Demar just kept his gaze for a second before he broke into a smile as if seeing Jessica standing in front of her house looking like a deer caught in highlights was a normal thing. Then without a word he got up and walked casually to where Jessica was standing.

'Now!' her conscience screamed at her, 'Run into the house in your room and hide under your covers till the day you die!' But all she did was back into the door as the boy closed the distance between them. He was almost pressed up against her now, so close that all she could see was him. Her face was burning up and she instantly found the ground interesting to look at.


He said in a voice so unlike his own it made her flinch. But she still refused to meet his gaze. That is until Demar slowly almost carefully lifted her chin up until finally she was staring face to face with her best friend. Then just like that he brought his lips down to meet hers. Jessica's eyes widened it was all she could do to keep from beating the guy to next week but shock took over violence as Demar softly closed his eyes. She found her own eyes close and resistance melt away as his lips smoothly moved over her own. Getting carried away by the kiss she lightly parted her lips which Demar took full advantage of and pulling her body closer towards his, Jessica's arms slipped up to wrap around the boys neck knowing this was wrong but for the split second not caring.

Then just as quickly as it had started it ended, Demar broke the kiss and gave Jessica a very confused and questioning look. Cheeks flushed and breathing unsteady Jessica matched his look with her own wondering why he had stopped so suddenly and wondering why he was looking at her like that. She could tell that obviously she wasn't the first girl Demar had kissed and as for her, she had never really kissed a boy like that, no, maybe it was something she had done wrong, though she was certainly enjoying the kiss-

'Wait!' Jessica's mind revved back 'I enjoyed it!? But does this mean I like him as more than a friend?' Suddenly Demar grinned released the troubled girl and took a step back.

"Now I know why I liked it!"

He said a little too loudly causing Jessica to jump.


"You had chocolate earlier didn't you? Earlier this afternoon before we um…had the accident?"

Jessica gave him a truly confused look, though she did remember popping some chocolate kisses in her mouth while they were still in the store she hardly knew why that was related to any of this.


He said it as if that one word explained everything, "You tasted like chocolate!" He once again grinned at her as the wheels in her head finally began turning.

"You mean to tell me this is all because of your stupid craving for chocolate."

She asked in a dangerously low voice her hand balled into fists waiting for his answer. He shrugged not noticing the change in her mood.

"Pretty much, hey do you still got some of those chocolates from earli-"


She slapped him so hard that he backed up lost his footing from the steps and fell into a heap at the bottom of her stoop.


She screamed at him as she jumped down her stoop and stormed off towards Tammy's house,

"And I hope you die from starvation from your damn candy cravings!"

She yelled without so much as a second glance. Demar sat up, carefully touched his stinging cheek and could already feel his back aching from his flight down the few stairs.


He hissed as he painfully pulled himself to his feet, and made his way towards home,

"I'll never understand that damn girl…"

He muttered to himself. And on his whole trip home he wished for nothing more than something sweet and dipped in chocolate.