Flint's kamehameha was simply earthshattering; Figan was like a candle in the wind. Victorius, Flint climbed to the top of the tree. Only one enemy was left- his mother, Flo. Flint sensed his eminent triumph.

The war-torn wunderkind's wild kamehameha narrowly missed Flo. In a flash, Flo went Great Ape. "I raised you! RETURN, FLINT!" Flint's cold heart made him shiver. Seemingly unshakeable, he roared back:

"I am the Alpha!" Mustering his full might, Flint prepared to fire the finishing blast. But, Figan's ghost suddenly appeared.

"Young rogue, why dost thou rebel? Thy dominance of the tribe shall only lead to sorrow!"

Flint repied, "My own is my own! The tribe rejected me after my brother's death, so now I reject your reality and insert my own! Big Banana Kamehameha times a hundred!" Stunned, Flo hurriedly tried to teleport behind Flint, but the attack was too overwhelming. At last, it was over. Shivering again, Flo's ghost rose before him.

"Flint, Flint, Flint, truly you are the firestarter for death and misery. My son, forsake the flame and return!"

Flint's cold, stone heart began to crack. "It was justice I strove for; death and misery were merely the by-product. If it's what you want, I will return." Flint's ki abruptly flared. "For all the bananas, I will not trade my LOVE OF GREAT JUSTICE!" In a single moment of pain and misery, Flint's broken heart self-destructed, taking the forest clearing with it. After a grueling battle, Flint had finally returned to his mother.