The newest Emerald Banana Cult leader, B'op-aloobi, was meditating. He was seeking visions of the Emerald Banana, hoping to siphon off drops of the future. Nothing, nothing, darkness, flash! Then darkness again. B'op-aloobi struggled to focus, and then images started streaming through his mind.

"By jove, we're out of bullets! Fix your bayonets! England will not lose this jungle to monkeys!" The pale-skins regrouped, and came out charging. But just a whisper, the smallest motion from Chip blasted the pale-skins' front line to dust. "Take cover!"

B'op-aloobi snapped out of the vision. One of his attendants was swinging past his hut, and B'op-aloobi raced out to meet them. "Stop!The Banana has spoken!" Immediately the servant stopped, as did a few others in hearing range. "War! War! Pale-skinned monkeys with exploding sticks- and death, death..." B'op-aloobi collapsed like a rotten tree, crashing through the canopy.

Ukukuu had been climbing over to the Temple of the Banana to make his monthly offering, when he glimpsed a commotion up at the Top Banana's hut. "Whut haypened?" Asked the spotted white monkey.

"The voice of the Banana was too mighty for him to bear. He's perished, young Ukukuu. Dead!"

In less than ten seasons, he had lost two Top Bananas, both of whom were some of his only friends. "Shhyyaaaaahh! B'OP-ALOOBI!"

"Bal'oop bam-dam-" Swore Chip, as he sensed his son's ki skyrocket. He put down the banana he'd been sharing with his wife as he said, "I told him not to start any trouble!" He turned to Shyopupu and grumbled "I'll be back in a minute, I just have to take care of Ukukuu..." Chip used the Instantaneous Tree Climbing technique and arrived on the scene.

It was mass chaos on a scale he hadn't seen since the days of his father's conquest for Alpha-ship. Everywhere he turned, there were cries of "B'op-aloobi!" and "Death! War!" He was getting too old for this kind of thing, and where was Ukukuu? Ah there-

"Look! The Alpha!" Someone shouted. "Alpha, what must we do?"

"Well, what happened?"

Ukukuu made his way through the throng and said, "B'op-aloobi's dayhd, Pa. Took down by uh visshin o' war."

Chip paused to think. "Well, if it is war, then we must prepare; and we will not give up- even to the last among us. For B'op-aloobi, we will mourn ten thousand moons, because we have lost a Banana too great for one tree. So let it be said, so let it be done. Your Alpha has spoken."

Everyone at once cried out "B'op-aloobi!" Chip turned to Ukukuu. "Son do you remember the tales of of the Revolution Banana Squad?"

Ukukuu's eyes widened as he remembered the legendary monkeys who could leap over trees and make a crater by throwing a fruit seed at the ground. "Yes, Aw remember."

"You are now a member. Go to the hollow log in the clearing named Misery's Bald Spot, knock loudly on it three times. When they come out, give the password: 'Kufubita's booger', and tell them what you've seen here. That should be enough."

Ukukuu went to the clearing. It seemed familiar, and then he recognized it. This, this was the spot where he'd first heard the quiet. And the fallen log he was supposed to knock on, that must be the tree he'd dropped by. Ukukuu walked over by the log, and knocked thrice as his father had prescribed.

Instantly he sensed a prescence behind him, before, and all around. "Finger before us, what do we seek to cleanse the nose of?!"

Ukukuu smiled; he now understood the password. "Kufubita's booger..." In a blur of motion, a heavily camoflauged monkey popped up in front of him.

"You!" He shouted, grabbing Ukukuu by the throat. "Who told you the password?!"

"My fawther, Chip. He has mayd me uh member, and..." Ukukuu related to the monkey what had just happened. As he did so, other monkeys appeared. "' we aw to prepayur."

The Revolution Banana Squad member who'd first spoken was about to speak when a large boom was heard offshore. The head R.B.S. motioned, and two monkeys left to investigate.

They were back in a flash. "Upriver," They spoke in unison, "the pale-skinned monkeys come!" the R.B.S. leader(Chufi) deliberated for only a moment before issuing the tactics:

"Brown Bananas secure and take up position in the clearing by the inlet. Yellow set up on the other side of the river. Greens," he growled in a low voice, while staring hard at Ukukuu and a few others, "you'll be coming with me. We're going after the ship. Revolution Banana Squad, peel off!" Chufi and the Greens set off at a furious pace, while the Yellow and Brown squads advanced more stealthily to their positions.

Meanwhile, Chip had also heard the loud retort. A servant he'd dispatched to the toucan's nest above the Alpha's hut was now returning.

"A-Alpha, sir," the sevant stuttered with a look of absolute terror on their face, "upriver, they come!" Abruptly, the servant fainted.

Stonefaced, Chip turned to Shyopupu. "I must go..." He whispered softly.

"No, you've left too many times- and each time you came back a different Chip: angrier, and sadder and lonelier, but not this time- no you're not! You'll stay right here-" Shyopupu stumbled, as she was no longer hanging on to her husband's shoulders. "-and you won't leave..." Shyopupu sobbed uncontrolably, and caressed the emptiness where her mate had just stood.

The R.B.S. Greens had burst through the canopy, and were drifting in the air over the boat. Chufi was the first to drop; he immediately took out the pilot and was moving on to another when the rest landed. Chaos broke out: bodies were flying in all directions, shots rang out, and screams of surprise and rage filled the air. And in an instant, the boat's captain and Chufi roared over the fray: "Fall back! Retreat!"

The Greens leapt to shore, and scrambled to the inlet clearing while dodging heavy fire. Ukukuu counted; there were only two of the eight besides he and Chufi that made it.

"&^#! They have #(*$#in' exploding $%&#*in' sticks!" Cursed Chufi. "We'll have to play smarter than that, ladies. From now on no one breaks cover, except for me-"

Chip suddenly dropped into the meeting. "-myself, and my son. We'll keep them busy up front while everyone else strikes from cover."

A Brown Banana who'd been watching from shore commented, "But Alpha, they have exploding sticks."

Chip and Chufi share a sly smile. "We can handle it," Chip says to the Brown. To Chufi he asked "Ready?"

Chufi loosened up his shoulders. "Meh, ready as I'll ever be. It's been a while." Slowly tip-toeing towards each other, they touched fingertips and said, "Banana-ha!" There was a blinding flash, and where Chip and Chufi once stood, there was now only one warrior. "I am neither Chip or Chufi... I am CHIPUFI!" Chipufi roared, and their ki power level soared- they also seemed to be surrounded by a lightning-like aura. "Care to join us, Ukukuu?"

Astonished, Ukukuu barely mumbled "Yes..." Ukukuu remembered he had been strong once too, and dug deep inside himself to gather all his power. He went past the place where all the taunts were, and even past where he'd battled Kufubita and Flint. When he opened his eyes, his spots were green, and he was bathed in a flame-like green aura. "Will this work?"

Chipufi raised an eyebrow. "Four? ...not bad. Now let's swing!" Chipufi and Ukukuu sprung off, and were immediately fired upon. The shots proved ineffective, as every single bullet was caught. They were hurled back at random targets: at the ones in longboats paddling to shore, and the ones jumping ship, as well. Chipufi remained in the air deflecting bullets, while Ukukuu landed on the ship. Trembling under his touch, the ship almost crumbled under Ukukuu's power. With a single blast, the hull was damaged enough to sink. He jumped back to shore, seeing the first longboats had landed.

Chipufi also saw, and floated down next to Ukukuu. "That's as far as you go! Kame... hame-" With a pop, Chipufi separated. "-huh?" Seeing a chance, one of the smarter pale-skins took aim, and fired at Chufi, who was too stunned to deflect it. Th pale-skin checked for more ammunition and said-

"By jove, we're out of bullets! Fix your bayonets! England will not lose this jungle to monkeys!" The pale-skins regrouped, and came out charging. But just a whisper, the smallest motion from Chip blasted the pale-skins's front line to dust. "Take cover!'

It was at that moment the Revolution Banana Squad attacked from hiding. Their stones and heavy fruit decimated the English ranks, herding them into a crowded mass. Ukukuu was expecting his father to fire the final blast, but it didn't come. "Father?"

Chip was on his knees with his head in his hands, thinking of Shyopupu and remembering Chufi. "No... no, I'm too old, son. This is your fate, this is your battle. I have lived a season too long for this madness."

Ukukuu summoned all his power, and the earth rumbled and the trees shivered. Focusing all his might into a single ball, he hurled it at the English explorers and it exploded into a million shards of lightning- vaporizing them and leaving a huge crater.

But one had escaped; he'd snuck around and popped out firing. Ukukuu felt shock. He could feel no bullet, what happened? Then, at his feet, Chip whispered, "Son..."

Ukukuu looked down. "Paw! No, why'd you do it?!"

Chip coughed, and a bit of blood came up with it. "I had to, Ukukuu. Your mother, tell her I did not want to go away and come back a different Chip. Tell her-" Chip coughed again- "I didn't really leave..." Chip coughed once more, then sighed and lay still.

One of the R.B.S. Browns came over and knelt down next to Ukukuu. "Your father, and you too son, are heroes. Don't worry, things will be just fine, it'll be alright."

"Naw! NAW! Why should I be the heero if am luv couldn' save him?!" And with that Ukukuu fled the battle scene, not wishing to look back or eat a banana called war again.