Stupid, Heroic Acts

"Jensens!" Inwardly I sighed. Turning in my desk, I looked at the familiar smirking face. His short black hair was perfectly messed, he had on one of those shirts that clung to his every muscle and as a soccer athlete he had a lot. I tried to ignore the sexy stubble on his chin as he talked, "I heard that you and Craig broke up. What happened? He cheat on you?"

I glanced around at everyone else in our calc class. Only about a third were actually working, but that's college kids for you. No one was paying us any attention. "And if I said yes, would you feel like a dick?"

His smile widened, "Not in the least."

I rolled my eyes and turned forward. I pulled out my calc book and a notebook. Tapping my converse on the floor I wished I had my Ipod. I had done about 4 problems, just getting in the zone when he broke my concentration.

"So did he?"

"Did he what?" I asked, irritated, staring straight ahead.

"Did he cheat on you?" I could hear the smile in his voice. Did he ever stop grinning? He was like the Cheshire Cat.

"No." I said shortly. I leaned down to work again.

"Then why'd you break up?"

I felt a headache coming on, "Why do you even care Callister?"

I felt a finger trail down my spine, "Maybe I want to pick up the pieces."

I turned around, posting a huge smile on my face, "Yeah I heard Craig's pretty beat up about it. I'm sure you'd be a great comfort. And don't worry, he may seem a little reluctant at first but I know he's got a thing for you."

His face went blank for a second as if he was processing what I said and then he burst out laughing, "Not bad Jensens, not bad."

I glanced at the time and started to shove my stuff in my bag. When the bell rang I was halfway to the door, I turned and gave a little wave, "Good luck!" I called across the room, "Don't worry about what others think, I'm proud that you're coming out!" I pumped my fist in the air, "Gay Pride!" I caught a glance of his grin as I walked out the door. Not much fazed Logan Callister.


"All I'm saying is that guys and girls are different. For instance, if you told a guy you wanted to have sex, no strings attached, right now. He'd be all for it." Emma was apsychology major and right now she was doing gender studies. She and Andre always ended up in heated discussions over lunch. Ones that I held the least bit of interest in.

"Well yeah," Andre laughed, "You don't need a study to tell you that. I'm saying that that's not all guys want. Okay, yes, if Sadie asked to have sex with me I'd say yes."

I looked up at them alarmed, "Whoa, hey, when did I get dragged into this?"

They ignored me, "But that doesn't mean that I don't want a relationship with her." Andre continued.

"Wait. Do you?" I was so confused.

"Out of the two, which would you rather have?" Emma persisted. I felt like I was talking to myself.

"Well see that depends on the girl. You can't just generalize like that."

"What about Sadie?" Emma gestured toward me.

"Okay! Hold up here. I don't think -"

Andre looked me up and down, "Well - "

"I really don't need to hear this. I'll see you guys later." I grabbed my bag and hurried out of the cafeteria. I slowed as I stepped outside, pulling my scarf up to cover my neck. Winter was just settling in and a thin layer of ice lay on the campus grounds. I took a deep breath of the crisp air and looked out at the sloping quad. The blades of grass were sparkling in the sunlight, each one frozen in place. I smiled, took a step forward, and promptly fell on my ass. I made a face, I'd never been the most coordinated of people and the ice certainly didn't help my predicament.

"Hey Jensens," I looked up to find Logan smiled down at me, "gotta be more careful."

"I don't know what you're talking about," I said crossing my arms, "I'm just enjoying the day."

He raised an eyebrow, "In the middle of the walkway, on the ice?"

I refused to admit that my jeans were slowly being soaked through, "What's the problem?" He chuckled.

"Don't you ever do anything but smile and laugh?" I grumbled, slowly gathering myself up. I wasn't fooling anybody, least of all Logan.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me up. His smile slowly disappeared and his eyes got darker. He pulled me so I was flush against his body, "Oh, I can do so much more," He whispered in my ear, his breath caressing my face. I shivered.

Without thinking, I stood on my tip toes and put my hand on his chest. Leaning forward so I could reach his ear, I let my lips brush his cheek. "Prove it." I breathed. Smirking, I stepped back quickly and grabbed my bag off the ground. I gave him a once over and then turned and walked back to my dorm room, leaving him dumbstruck.

Sexual tension is good for the soul.

That's what I told myself as I sat in my dorm room reading my economics book. The makings of a great Friday night, I thought sarcastically. I rubbed my eyes, frustrated, as I read the same page over again for the tenth time. Disgusted, I tossed the book to the foot of my bed. My roommate was off at some party or other. I sighed and wandered around the small room. Grabbing a DVD I stuck it in my computer, better than nothing.

Just as the title showed up, my roommate burst into the room, swaying. I could smell the alcohol from across the room. She stumbled toward me, tripping in her high heels and party dress. "Oh my god Sadie. Saaaddiiie," She landed with a thump on my econ book. Her make-up was starting to smear but she had this conspiratorial grin on her face, like she knew some big secret. "You will never guess what happened! Logan Callister totally kicked this guy's ass. Craig... Craig," She narrowed her eyes as she searched awkwardly for his name, "Renden? Renderson? Rogaine... Rendenden?" She waved her hands dismissively, "Your EX!"

I felt my stomach drop, "Craig Renders?" I said slowly.

She pointed at me excitedly, "That's the one!"

"Craig does wrestling." I said worriedly, Craig could beat anyone's ass.

She cocked her head confusion setting in, "Oh yeah," She thought for a second, "Maybe it was Logan who got whipped? He definitely ended up on the ground a few times." She shrugged and then smiled, "I don't know."

Before I knew what I was doing I had stood up and was out the door, I heard my roommate giggle a goodbye after me. I walked briskly outside, heading for the Lancaster dorms where I knew he lived. I walked inside the doors and into the first common room where a bunch of guys were hanging around talking.

"Dude, I heard he was bleeding - bad." I swallowed, hoping they weren't talking about Logan.

"I saw him come it, there was blood all down the front of his shirt. Renders must have broken his nose, at least!" Okay, it was definitely Logan, shit.

I grabbed the nearest guy's shoulder, "Hey, do you know what room Logan Callister is in?"

The whole group looked at me blankly for a second, "Uh, yeah," One guy ventured, "room 302."

"Thanks!" I called over my shoulder as I headed for the stairs. I practically ran up the two flights of stairs and skidded to halt in front of room 302. I knocked on the door, listening for movement inside. And then I suddenly wondered what the hell I was doing. Logan and I weren't even friends, not really. Who's to say their fight had anything to do with me, in fact it probably didn't. Oh god, I was starting to feeling like an idiot. I had no idea what I was going to say when, if he answered the door. I should just leave. Just as I turned to do just that, the door creaked open.

"Jensens? What are you doing here?" His voiced was muffled by the bloody rag he was holding up to his nose.

I pivoted slowly, "Hey Callister," I tried to play it cool, "I heard you got beat up?" I took in his blood streaked shirt and dirty jeans. A few blades of grass stuck out of the mess that was his hair.

"You came all the way to Lancaster to tell me this?" He looked me over, "You're not even wearing a jacket and it's practically snowing out there." I rubbed my arms unconsciously, I hadn't noticed before but it was damn cold. Then his eyes widened and a grin started on his face. He pulled the bloody rag away from his nose, "Why Jensens, you couldn't possibly be worried about me?"

I spluttered for a second, "No," I retorted lamely, "I was worried you ruined your chances with Craig."

Logan's grin only widened, "Sure, sure."

I rolled my eyes, "Fine, I'll just leave."

I took one step before he grabbed me, "Sorry, sorry. Come in." He pulled me into his dorm and shut the door.

The room was cleaner than I expected. A huge TV took up one wall with several gaming systems and tons of games. Their hampers were overflowing with clothes and the beds were messy. Posters of bands and movies were plastered on the walls and a little lava lamp sat on Logan's desk next to what looked like a picture of his family. I was rifling through his CD collection when he cleared his throat.

"Sorry," I said, putting my hands in my pockets.

"Want something to drink?" He asked a bit awkwardly, opening up one of the mini-fridges, "We've got sports drinks, soda, and water."

"Water's fine," I shrugged. He grabbed a bottle and tossed to it me, taking a Gatorade for himself. I looked at his shirt again, blood ran down from the top in a long streak and little splashed mottle the rest of the shirt.

He looked down, following my gaze and grimaced, "Too bad, it was my favorite shirt."

"I don't suppose you have hydrogen peroxide?" I asked suddenly.

Logan gave me a puzzled look, "Uh, I don't know. My roommate brought a lot of things from home, so we might?" He gestured to a door that I hadn't noticed, "We share a
bathroom with the neighbors, so our stuff is in there."

"Lucky bastards," I muttered heading to the room. The public bathrooms in my dorm were a sore point for me. I'd been trapped outside in the hallway several times already in just a towel which wouldn't be so bad if my dorm wasn't co-ed. I shook my head, and squatted by the cabinets under the sink. It took some time but I found the familiar brown bottle.

"Hey!" I called, "Give me your shirt."

"Excuse me?" Logan asked from the door.

Surprised, I almost dropped the bottle, "Your shirt," I said recovering, "Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down blood cells so it can get bloodstains out." I made a 'give-me' motion with my hand.

"Seriously?" he smiled, "Sweet." He grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled it off. For a second all I could do was stare at his ripped stomach. His shirt had hidden a six-pack and oh so nice pecs. A lazy grin tugged at his mouth, "not bad huh?"

Snapping out of it, I snatched his shirt and threw it in the sink, "Yeah," I said smiling sweetly, "Too bad you fought with Craig, I'm sure he would've loved that." I set to work pouring the peroxide on the bloodstains. Pouring the bottle slowly into the cap and then onto the shirt itself. I tried to ignore his presence and was doing well until he put his hands on either side of mine on the counter. I could feel his heat through my shirt.

"If I was gay," he whispered in my ear, his lips brushing my hair, "I could get any guy I wanted, regardless."

I bit my lip, "Cocky aren't you."

He smirked, twirling a strand of my hair, "You have no idea."

I turned so I was facing him, my body only an inch away from his, "So why did you?"

He stiffened and looked away, "Why did I what?"

"Why'd you fight with Craig?"

He took his hands off the counter, and crossed his arms, almost defensively. He looked down at the ground as if it would save him from answering. I watched him shift uncomfortably. So it did have something to do with me, otherwise he wouldn't care about telling me. In fact he'd probably brag about it.

"Well?" I persisted.

His eyes flickered up to mine and seeing my face he sighed, "Craig was... recounting past... trysts with you. Rather loudly at a party." It was my turn to stiffen, "I offered up the idea that this was very ungentlemanly right before I punched him." He shrugged touching his slightly crooked nose, "It didn't quite go the way I had hoped."

I cocked my head, smiling a little at the thought of that, "Callister, why do you even care?"

"Why did you come to check on me?" He countered backing me toward the counter.

"I - I don't like the idea of you getting hurt, I guess." I said, bumping against the edge.

He put his hands back of either side of me, leaning his head down so our faces were level, "Ditto." He whispered.

"Ditto?" I repeated, laughing lightly, "Nobody says ditto anymor-" Logan crashed his lips onto mine, grabbing the back of my head. I closed my eyes leaning into him, my arms sliding around his neck to bury into his hair. He grabbed my lower back, pushing me closer to him. He groaned into my mouth as I moved my lips against his and suddenly that groan turned into a yelp.

He whipped back grabbing his nose, "Mother-" He closed his eyes, his entire face scrunched in pain.

I couldn't help it, I started laughing. I grabbed the counter to steady myself as I laughed at the ridiculousness of it all. He glared at me over his hand, "Shur ub." He said his voice muffled.

I peeled back his hands and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips, "Sorry," I whispered softly through my smile.

He leaned back, a self satisfied smile on his face, "Looks like I finally caught you Jensens. You made me wait long enough. I finally got your attention."

"Yeah, well stupid, heroic acts usually do that to a girl."

"Hm, I should keep that in mind," He said before kissing me again, breaking it off he looked at me, "So," He gave me a teasing smile, "Does Craig really have a thing for me? Cause I could definitely tap that."

I hit him on the shoulder before pulling his lips back onto mine.