Do you feel fear

When you hear the howling of the wolves

Do you tremble before their bloody maw?

We prowl the night, an ancient power

We stalk the bloody battlefields

This is our oath, a primal binding

Know us. Fear us. We come for you

((CHORUS))Dead or alive your soul is ours to steal

We, the night's blackest shadows

Come to harvest

Dead or alive we march on until-((END CHORUS))


We own the night

Just as all have their time in the light

We are there to take it away

We haunt your brightest memories

Our fist is the weight of shame

Behold we are your soul's destroyer

Know us. Fear us. We come for you

You struggle to make a stand,

But in the end- there can only be one!



**NOTE** This song was way too easy to write. _ I also did some guitar for it, which I may upload onto Youtube sometime.