So this is a uber small flash fiction I wrote up the other night with character's from my NaNoWriMo novel. I was going through writers block. I would like to thank my best friend, and her boyfriend, who is also a very good friend of mine, for allowing me to use their arguments for my amusement. This argument really happen...Yes, it had to do with a woman with muffins... :D Needless to say, it fixed my writers block and I will most likely add this somewhere into my NaNo novel in one of the later chapters :p

Ryker stood back against a wall as he watched the scene play out before him. Rafferty was standing in the midst of the crowd in the market talking to a rather dull woman by the name of Karimah. Ryker noticed her more than a couple times walking down the street holding her basket of muffins. Whenever she saw Rafferty, her face would light up and she would offer him a muffin. Always a different kind for each day. Ryker turned his head pin pointing Rafferty's mate Zyanya, closing in on Raff.

This is going to be amusing, Ravi said. Ryker nodded his head in agreement with a smirk on his face. Zyanya was no woman you wanted to cross. Ryker laughed as he watched Rafferty take a large bite out of the muffin.

"So, do you think she is pretty?" came the threatening voice of his mate. Rafferty gulped and glanced at his Zyanya.

"Z, I am not touching that topic with you…here," he commented.

Stupid move, Ravi laughed.

Ryker saw Z's eyes narrow dangerously. "Oh, so you do think she is pretty?" she said standing in front of him with her hands on her slender hips.

Rafferty sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "Why do you do this?" he asked impatiently. Zyanya remained calm for a couple of minutes starring at her mate. Ryker counted down the seconds before she would explode.

"Do you think she is prettier" she asked slowly as she narrowed her eyes.

"Uh….no. She just..has a cute..face?" he said slowly realizing before he said it he was digging himself into a deep hole.

Here it comes, Ryker commented. Ravi laughed.

"You know! I can make muffins just as good as she can! You wouldn't even know because you haven't even ever EATEN my muffins!" she yelled. The crowd grew silent and all eyes turned towards her.

"You haven't made me muffin's before…" he said slowly trying to hide a small smirk.

"And if I did, they would be some amazing muffins!"

"Ah, yeah baby…they would…" he said quickly nodding his head.

"Hell MY basket would be much prettier than hers!" she paused. "And my body is way hotter than..than…that," she continued gesturing towards the retreating woman.

"It's not always about the body baby…" Rafferty said quietly. Idiot, replied Kione. Deeper hole Raff…

"Then what is so appealing about her?" she demanded.

Rafferty stood thinking for a moment, than threw his hands up in the air in defeat. "I don't know! She is just so damn happy all the time!" he bellowed. Z looked surprised for a moment.

"Well, if I didn't have to deal with you. I would be happy all the damn time too!" she spat turning her back to him and walking away. Ryker held back his laugh as he approached his shocked brother. He patted him on the back and walked down the street laughing.