I couldn't help watching his eyes go dull... blank, as if nothing was left inside him. My left hand was still covered in his blood as it clasped the surgical scissors. I was somewhat surprised at this man... I figured him a screamer; I suppose he thought it'd take the pleasure out of it if he stayed silent with occasional whimpering... he was wrong. I don't lather in the pleasure of a person's death, I only enjoy that I make this world a little better – by removing one scumbag at a time.

I reckon I should introduce myself as I may lack basic emotion but I do not lack common courtesy and manners. My name is Barry. You can call me Barry and that's all. I do not care for last names, surnames and the like. I am an assassin, or better put a force of evolution. There are many in the world who would call me a serial killer – in some ways I would fit to its definition, in others... you could say I pass into a grey blur. I pick potential targets based on their "life style" and the way they act. Now I don't mean people who sell themselves on the street – that's a legitimate job that's existed since the dawn of man... No I mean people who are genuinely bad. An example would be a man who kicks a homeless man, runs over a wild mongrel, and by all probabilities stole other kids lunch money when he was but a lad. A question might ignite in your head: What gives me the right to choose who dies and lives? Only God can decide that! Well you religious nut, I consider myself outside of human beings. I'm a temporary species of my own, looking in and perhaps attempting to blend in with everyone else. I see the good and I see the bad, not to mention grey areas in between. I have set a goal for my species – for me... And that is to use the power of Darwinism evolution and remove the bad people of the world. If the shit-walkers (also known as bad guys) are dead before they reproduce then only good genes and alleles are passed down.

Enough of the techno-mumble-jumbo. So moving on – I bet you wonder why I classify myself a separate species to humans also known as Homosapiens sapiens (not many people seem to know there are two sapiens in the latin classification). Well I am a slight abomination of existence, an inbred swine, a mutant. Obviously no one says it, but it's imprinted within them. Yes, I am the result of a copulation between two closely related humans. I can't blame them for how I turned out – hell they didn't even know they were related at the time... Plus I'm perfectly happy with what I am. The beautiful irony in my destiny and what I am is that no one would suspect me a killer because it would be far too obvious. Old movies and books pictured the distorted and the mutated as the bad guys, the murderers, the evil of the story. However modern days have frowned upon such judgements that people are now so afraid to point the finger at someone like me that they'd rather accuse someone innocent who's normal - A perfect commensalism or perhaps parasitism on my part. Again a question flickers in that head of yours... How are you mutated? What's wrong with you? What are your disfigurements? Well I'll satiate your curiosity for now... I was born with a large tumour-like protrusion upon the left side of my skull. In addition my left arm is considerably smaller than my right – many people think it does not function as it looks so withered. My fingers on this hand do not function quite as similarly as others would but in my mind they are perfect for my path. This is because 1) they lack fingerprints due to their distortion, and 2) they are so precise for operating tools like surgical equipment. A further mutation is the rapid muscle growth in my right arm. Yes that's right I have a large chunky right arm and a minute somewhat tiny left arm. My only misfortune is I am unbalanced.

Anyway back to my corpse – he was a man in his late twenties; I had been tracking him for several days – in the sense that I've been watching him and his activities. Perfectly nice and normal in the open, but I had felt something amiss about him – one night while following him I saw him take a somewhat drunken women from a bar, stumbling and laughing, until he reached a secluded alleyway, a place no one would likely pass at random. There he began to violate her – I did not stop him. It would teach the girl not to accept drinks from strangers. I assumed he spiked her drink – her sleepy, barely forceful struggles suggested such a case. Such rape reproductive strategies are seen in all creatures big and small, and provides a strong evolutionary force at times. But in humans its point is redundant. With the existence of condoms, the pill, any contraception or abortion his probabilities of producing an offspring was low. The only reason he committed such an act was for self pleasure and for the malicious act itself. That was enough for me to decide he needed to be removed from the equation that was Earth. After a while I found my perfect opportunity to ensnare him to await merciful death at my hands. Using a specially cleaned golf club and my muscular right arm, I hit him across the head rendering him unconscious. Then I dragged him into my van. Once I arrived here I took out certain tools of my trade for the process. The man was unknown to me – Just a random I had come to suspect. Police officers that find his body will examine the way he was killed to find the killer – me. However I have read enough psychological books, fictional murder books, watched television shows and movies to know various ways to kills a complete random while looking like I was dearly close or vice versa.

Hanging or throttling with rope is supposedly when the murderer loves or is close to the victim. A single bullet to the head is either a professional hit or an execution of a random. Multiple bullets or stab wounds represent a prior connection or knowledge of the other's existence. Surgical tools mean either serial killer or deranged doctor. There are other methods of killing which I may get to at another time but these are the basics. I decided today this rapist needed to look like the victim of a serial killer or deranged doctor. Given my basic knowledge in anatomy, I attempted to sever particular arteries in particular areas to make it look like the work of an expert. My next step would be to dump the body somewhere inconspicuous but likely to be found the next day. A river or beach would suffice which is exactly what I did.

There is no history of violence in my family, no bullying at school, no second-class citizen act in my life. You could say I had a happy childhood, loving parents (yes they are still together – they just don't have any more children), and people go out of their way to treat me like a normal human being despite my afflictions. So you ask: why do I act the way I do? How can I be a murderer without cause? At risk of repetition I consider myself a force of evolution, there is no reason for my actions other than that I was born this way. I have an IQ of 134 and I understand everything in a strictly logical sense. I do lack sympathy, emotion, love, hate, lust and other such process... Not sure why – I just do.

I have killed many times in the past before you start to wonder. As I said it's my path, or calling and I am now very experienced. My first victim being my adopted sister at age eleven – I do resign to the fact that she may have grown out of her selfish, nagging behaviour but I just couldn't wait for that therefore sticking a metal garden spike underneath a tree and pushing her onto it seemed the only logical solution. Of course my parents and all other family relatives and friends think it was an accident.

It's been two decades since then and I hadn't been suspected once until well... I'll get to that somewhere down the track. For now listen to my story, the tale of an assassin and his ultimate fate.