Do you miss me-

When you breathe,

When you think,

When you pause?

When you brood,

When you scream,

When you count your lose?

When you smile,

When you laugh,

When you cry?

When you groan,

When you yawn,

When you sigh?

Do you miss me-

When you sing,

When you talk,

When you write?

When your weary eyelids

Drift shut because

You're losing the fight?

When your friend

On the other end

Hangs up on your call?

When you feel

You're all alone,

Just waiting to fall?

Do you miss me-

When you feel like

You're trapped in a

Giant maze of lies?

When you're shattered

By a heart wrenching


When you open your book

And see that

You know nothing?

Tell me,

Do you miss me,

In everything?

Do you miss me every night when your room wears its dark veil?

Do you miss me when you dream and the world seems surreal?

Do you miss me every morning and see that I'm not there?

Do you miss me each tiring day when you see that nobody cares?

Do you miss me when you turn around and find no one to lean on to?

Do you miss me every single second of your life, just like I do?

Do you miss me when you feel like you're about to break down?

Do you miss me when you feel lost, like you're trapped in the wrong town?

Do you miss me whenever you try to wish me into your life?

Do you paint my pictures in your fantasies and use that to thrive?

Do you miss me when life seems hard and things seem tough?

Do you miss me when you're looking around, searching for love?

Do you miss me each day that we don't meet?

Do you need me in each moment bitter sweet?

Do you long to hold me in your arms?

Do you dream of that day when I'd win you over with my charms?

You know we will meet in the future someday.

Just keep talking to me through your heart, we'll find a way.

I'm living for you, my dear.

I'm living for that day when you'd wipe these helpless tears.

The longing for the day when you'd gently stroke my hair,

Keeps me going even when I'm in utmost despair.

My hope for that day when you'd stand in front of me,

Has deepened its roots inside my soul, and grown into a firm tree.

Every time I give up, thinking it's over, you give me new hope.

We have never even met, yet we are bound by this unbreakable rope.

I'm living through each challenge just for you.

I'm missing you everyday in everything I do.

But fear not, I see a faint light; we won't have to wait too long for dawn.

Keep missing me, keep needing me. Keep living, keep holding on….

A/N: Written for my future boyfriend. I'm still waiting to meet him! It's lonely and exciting. LOL. Please review and tell me if you liked it! Thanks :) Have a nice day.