In the pre-dawn dusk the sun sings out

Breaking the tone with a deep deep sound

Sighing its sigh with a tired grin

Biding its time with a note from the moon

Pausing its rise in murky depths

Waiting for tides to shout their demise

Then suddenly

A break in its short silence

Urging above with a final pitch

Ascending atop the gossamer clouds

Engraving a moonbeam over the world

Dispersing incandescent beams throughout the earth

Eventuating amidst arising clouds

Singing its praise to the heavens.

The moon shudders in the wake of the sun

Bearing a soft eerie glow

Growing fainter, fainter, fainter

Till sparse shots are all but remained

Covered by incandescent beams

Its arias shouting out blindly

Overtaken by the bright ellipse

Unseen to all but those who seek

Placing soft by the fire

Rising earthward in hard smoke

Melodically under its demise

Praying out to the heavens

Together they stand

Together they sing

Together they live

The sun and moon

In rivalled unity