The moon was out. It was a half moon, but it still provided enough light to walk. I tried walking quietly. I was a little on edge because I didn't want anyone to spot me. I knew that it was unlikely but I didn't want to risk it. I couldn't waste all the effort I put into keeping it a secret. I was just going to have to wait a little longer and then he would take me away, somewhere far away from here so that I wouldn't ever have to think about this wretched place again.

The wind was blowing and I started to shiver a little from the cold so I picked up my pace. I was only a few blocks away from the forest where I would be safe from prying eyes. Safe from judgment. Safe to do as I pleased. So I walked. The cold only drove me faster, just thinking of his embrace. His touch. His taste. I was practically running now. I could barely keep my body under control. I had to get to him. I had to touch him, see him, make sure he was still here that he was still looking after me. I started sprinting. The perimeter of the forest was eerie. It was dark with just a slight silver hue hitting the first trees. The ground was scattered with leaves, and the trees were at least three times my height. It was our secret cave, hidden and ours only.

I moved past the first couple of trees, and counted 30 steps to the north and then 30 steps to the west. I was there; the little slash on the tree indicated my arrival. I felt two hands come from behind me and grab my waist. I almost screamed. He whispered playfully in my ear, "you're late."

"I know, my parents had friends over and I couldn't leave them until now," I explained. I didn't think I was more than 15 minutes late though.

"I guess you'll just have to make it up to me." I could feel him smirking from behind which only turned me on even more if that was possible. He turned me around attacked my lips. He pushed me roughly against a nearby tree and started stripping me of my clothes. I was moaning in his mouth. God, I missed him so much. My shirt, belt, pants, all gone. His tongue was invading my mouth with his taste, smell, being. I wanted him all. My hands wandered to his dense chest. I started groping, kneading his body. His sculpted body was all for me, delivered from the Gods. My hands traveled down, past the ridges of his defined abs and to the desired location, but my hands met a barrier, his belt. They started groping at it; I wanted it opened and fast but it wouldn't budge. He was smiling in our kiss, laughing at my difficultly. His hands brushed against mine and released my prize. I pushed him harder against me and grabbed hold of my gift. This time he was the one moaning. This sudden friction unleashed a carnal being inside of him and he pushed me harder against the tree, my back pressed against the bark of the trunk. He was conquering me, making sure I knew who was in charge. He flipped me around and this time pushed my front against the tree. His hand pressed against my upper back and he bit the bottom of my ear, "tell me you want me," he growled.

"I want you, all of you," I moaned deeply. His hands wandered to my ass and he started kneading me, causing me to push my ass further out to him instinctively. I sensed him smirking at his complete access to me. He dove down to me and his tongue started circling my entrance, in a slow, torturous motion that drove me crazy. He was so close and I couldn't take it, "please" I begged him. His tongue dove into me stretching me and electrifying all my senses. I moaned loudly, uncontrollably. It was a carnal grunt, one of complete sexual desire. I stuck my ass out further as far as my body would let me. I was in pure bliss, but his tongue created a new, greater desire of completion. I wanted him all, now. I was ready. I started begging again. This time it was uncontrollable begging; I couldn't stop myself even if I wanted to: "take me, all of me. Fill me." I was mumbling incoherently, "Please…"

His tongue left my hole, and I briefly felt empty. He rose and started attacking my neck now as he guided himself at my gateway. In one swift motion, he filled me up. He grunted loudly, and I dug my nails into the bark of the tree to prevent myself from screaming. He placed his hands on top of mine, intertwining them together. He pulled out, almost completely out and with one quick motion, he slammed back in. This time, I was moaning in ecstasy. I screamed his name begging him to do it harder, faster. After a few more, we found our rhythm, like we always do. He was moaning in my ear, telling me how hot I was. How he wanted to do this to me every day. I was telling him how big he was, how strong. How he could own me, use me how he liked. This only seemed to drive him even wilder and only increased his attack. At last we climaxed, together, in a few large bursts. I screamed his name, not caring who would hear. I was his, forever. We collapsed on the forest floor, cushioned by the light layer of leaves. He was sitting up against the tree, and I was lying in his lap. He was playing with my hair twirling my strands in his fingers. I was talking about a life we could have together if we could just get away. If we could just escape, we could live happily ever after, like everyone else. But, after our high wore off and I felt the cool wind again, I knew it was too late. He was avoiding my questions again; reality was setting in, and he was closing back up. Next month, I would try again. Next week, he'll listen to me. You'll see…