I sighed as I looked at the scenery of the unknown countryside. I rested my elbow on the window of the car door and blinked at the different horses going by. My name is Reverie Williams but I'm usually called Ren. I am 15 years old. It is the summer holidays and my mother, Janet Williams, is taking us to a riding school in the middle of nowhere. I am not really much of a rider, but I love animals. But what I'm not going to like is Janet's new boyfriend and his daughter who own the school. All I have heard about them is that their names are Malcolm and Carlotta Brown. I felt the car jerk to a stop and heard the winding of Janet's seat belt. She looked at me and smiled.

"We're here."

I said nothing, just staring at her emotionlessly. She sagged her shoulders with a deep sigh.

"We talked about this…"

Yes, we talked about it for a while. Every night I would attempt to convince Janet to not let me go to this riding school and say that I could stay at Luna's house for the holidays. She would always win. I tried every way I could think of. Being polite about it, try to reason with her, refused to call her 'mum', I even attempted to behave like an infant and throw a tantrum. It still didn't work.

"I still don't like this idea," I said shaking my head out of the horrid memories of trying to persuade Janet of taking me with her.

"Oh come on, sweetheart," said Janet with another sigh "It's just for four weeks."

A.K.A the whole summer. She opened her door and stepped out.

"Oh! Malcolm!"


I stepped out of the car, ignoring the all lovey dovey greetings, and hauled my backpack out from under my seat. As I slammed the car door shut, I noticed a blonde girl with bright blue eyes next to me. This was probably Carlotta that Janet was talking about. She graced me with a pearly white, dazzling and somewhat sickening smile.

"You must be Rebecca," she said holding out a hand for me to shake "Nice to meet you."

I hesitated and shook her hand. She was wearing a bright green sleeveless top, a dark clover brooch on one side, and white trousers and some blue sandals, fastened with a pink butterfly buckle. I heard a snicker from her lips.

"What on earth are you wearing?" she said, unsuccessfully trying to cover her mouth.

I looked down at my attire. I was wearing my old trainers, some ripped jeans and my plain black top. I kept my mouth shut as I slung my backpack over my shoulder.

"Oh, hello!" said Malcolm, a dark brunette man, in his late thirties came over to us, his arm around Janet "You must be Janet's daughter right?"

I remained silent, staring up at him. He was taller than I expected…

"Say hello, Ren," said Janet.

I raised an eyebrow to her then held my hand out. Malcolm chuckled and took it, shaking me a bit roughly.

"Nice to meet you!" he said "Ren huh? A pretty name."

I looked at Janet then back at him.

"Ren is usually shy around strangers," said Janet "Especially those older than her. But I'm sure she'll become fast friends with Carlotta."

That's likely.

"Why don't you show her to your room?" asked Malcolm to his daughter.

"OK!" said Carlotta grabbing my hand "This way!"

I was dragged across the yard and into the house. After being taken up a flight of stairs and down a few corridors I was in the middle of a large room with a bunk bed with pink sheets, a large circular magenta rug in the centre, several shelves of DVDs, light pink curtains with purple flowers, a white vanity with a rainbow of lip gloss, eye shadow, blush, nail varnish with all the necessary tools to apply make up on and a large flat screen TV. The walls were lavender, decorated with several pictures with Carlotta and lots of horses. Carlotta turned to me.

"You will be sleeping on the bottom bunk bed," she said pointing one slender finger to the lower bunk bed "And when you're taking riding lessons…"

She took out a picture which showed her and a jet black horse.

"Never choose this one," she said "His name is Jet and he is my horse. I do not want you to touch him or be near him whatsoever."

Her grip tightened on my wrist.

"Is that clear?" she hissed as her sharp nails tried to puncture my skin.

I nodded.

"I want an answer!" she hissed a bit more sharply, turning my wrist "Yes or no?"

I glared at her and nodded. I hissed in pain as she twisted my wrist a little harder.

"Yes," I hissed.

I felt a sigh of relief pass through my lips as she let me go.

"Good," she sniffed holding her head high with a sniff "Don't make yourself at home. I don't want any of your filthy belongings all over my floor."

She walked out. That…bitch! I felt my grip tighten on the strap of my backpack. I knew this wasn't a good idea. I have a knack of sensing bad things. The name Carlotta alone was enough to get my spider senses going. I chucked my bag onto the lower bunk and sat down on the edge. I sighed, as I felt my hand run through my hair. This was going to be a long four weeks.


I ate my steak as Carlotta went on rabbitting on and on and on to Janet about how perfect everything is and about how many awards she has won and all that jazz.

"Yes, yes," nodded Janet "That sounds very interesting. Did you know? Ren has been riding elephants over at Thailand since she was a little girl. She loves elephants."

Do not.

"Ooh!" squealed Carlotta twirling a strand of hair "Sounds fun! Can we go to Thailand too?"

"Maybe next Easter," beamed Janet "Ren's favourite time of the year."

Yes, it was. And I don't want it ruined with Carlotta around. I stomped on Janet's foot and shot a glare towards her. Janet looked at me with a frown.

"Oh yes!" she said, flashing the fakest smile I have ever known "Ren's father works in Thailand, so I am not sure if it would be a good idea if you come with us."

"Oh, don't worry," said Carlotta "I'm sure Daddy can stay and I'll come along!"

"What a good idea!"

I kicked Janet's leg. Janet coughed slightly.

"Umm…can I have a word with Ren for a second?" she asked.

"Sure!" said Malcolm as I stood up and walked out of the room "We'll clear up and bring out the dessert."

Janet followed me into the sitting room. I folded my arms and looked up at her.

"I don't want her to come to Thailand with us," I stated.

"Oh, come on, Ren!" said Janet "Carlotta is allowed to go anywhere she wants to be!"

"She isn't allowed to ruin my holidays," I said, my glare still not leaving my face.

"Oh, don't be so selfish," said Janet placing her hands on her hips "She is allowed to go to Thailand and celebrate Sonkran with us."

Sonkran is the reason why I love Easter so much. It happened on 13th of April and it was basically Thai New Year. It is when the dry season is over and everyone throws water everywhere. It's brilliant; it's like you and your family against everyone else that lives near you. I love it. I always call it the Water War instead of a mere water fight. But if Carlotta came along, I'll be willing to bet everything that she is going to make my time a living hell.

"I can wait another year," I said "But I refuse to be dragged over to Thailand with her. I just like it when it's the two of us."

"But it can be the three of us," said Janet gesturing towards the dining room.

"I do not want it to be the three of us."

"You can't get everything you want."


I walked into the dining room to see a large apple pie in the middle of the table.

"How much would you like to have?" asked Malcolm cutting a large slice for his precious Carlotta.

I ignored him and went upstairs, to Carlotta's room. I heard Janet apologizing as I found myself on the top of the staircase. I turned to run into Carlotta's room. I hadn't unpacked my bag yet, so I could easily run away tomorrow morning. I kicked my shoes off and snuggled into the lower bunk. I closed my eyes and fell into a dreamless sleep.