Cameron hummed that stupid pop song by that one obnoxious artist as he crossed the street. When he realized what he was doing, he glared at the road, annoyed at stupid pop-princesses and their catchy tunes.

Glancing at the garish orange rubber watch on his left wrist, he began to jog. The others would get angry at him if he showed up late again. But really, he couldn't help it. If they didn't insist on meeting so far outside the city, he'd be able to get there earlier. He couldn't afford to take off work all the time just to placate those guys.

The bus driver smiled impersonally at him as he boarded, probably recognizing him in some unused part of his road-numbed brain. Cameron didn't even bother to smile back.

Thankfully, the bus still had a few empty seats left, meaning Cameron could actually get a nap in. He was tired after classes and work and excuses. Like he did every month, Cameron wished that his schedule didn't have to revolve around these meetings. That wouldn't happen, so Cameron just shoved his left fist against his mouth to stifle a yawn and used his right to find his mp3 player.

Nearly an hour and a half later, Cameron tugged the earbuds out of his ears, stuffed them and the player into his beat-up Ninja Turtles backpack, and tried not to fall down the steps onto the pavement.

His watch told him that he had better run if he didn't want to be punched by many and varied fists. So he ran, or, more precisely, sort-of-ran sort-of-jogged, until he saw the sheet-metal shack. Then he paused for a few moments, catching his breath and bemoaning his malnourished skinny body that absolutely hated any sort of physical exertion.

"You're on time today, skinny boy," a low female voice chuckled. Cameron glanced over at her, unsurprised to see a teen with pale skin, long black hair, all black clothes, heavy eye-makeup, and a studded collar. He shook his head in derision at the cigarette hanging from her lips.

"You know those things're bad for your health? And you also know that you're not a vampire, right?"

She glared at him. The fact that she enjoyed dressing to the goth subculture despite her circumstances never ceased to amuse him. He had tried telling her that she was scary enough without all of those trappings, but she'd just told him to engage in strange acts involving a shovel and delicate portions of his anatomy.

"Sarah! Cameron! Get your asses in here. You're late!"

Cameron grinned at the man yelling from the shack. His name was Brody and he was the leader of their little outfit. Silver streaked his bright red hair, making him look a little unbalanced. He wasn't much bulkier than Cameron, but that didn't matter.

Inside sat three more people, two guys and a woman. The youngest in the group was Robby, whose black eyes always looked scared, at fifteen years old. Sarah was next youngest, at 17. Cameron tied for the middle spot with Trent, both 22. Trent was the peace-maker of the group, always there to keep people from pounding on Cameron, placating them with his soft smile and blue-violet eyes.

The oldest were Brody and Nikki. They were married. Yvonne was 31 and had beautiful buzzed blonde hair that accentuated her fine face structure and glacier blue eyes. Cameron loved to rub the top of her head.

Sarah and Cameron grabbed the bathrobes that would shortly make life easier and walked to the two corners that were blocked with sheets to change. When Cameron emerged, he smiled at Trent, who looked down quickly. Cameron never tied his robe as tightly as he should.

"Food!" Cameron ran to the table where a feast resided every meeting. Not bothering to grab a bowl, Cameron began stuffing whatever was closest into his mouth.

"Have you eaten at all today, Cameron?" Trent sounded worried.

Cameron looked at him, thought a moment, then shook his head, mousy brown hair swishing over his shoulders. He grinned, a link of sausage in his mouth like a cigar. Trent's eyes widened slightly and his face flooded with pink.

"Idiot," Sarah remarked, shoving his head to the side.

Everyone else was also looking annoyed with him, even Robby. He should know better than to come hungry, should know that on these days he should eat more than usual to attempt to stave off the hunger to come.

"Look, I can either eat, or I can get here on time. I can't do both," Cameron explained patiently, using his talking-to-a-special-kid voice.

Sarah was about to shove him again, but Brody stopped her. "Eat," he ordered Cameron, "quickly. Next time Trent will meet you at your bus stop in the city with some food."

"Awesome!" Cameron threw his arms around Trent's neck, sausage still in his mouth. He let go to take a vicious bite, before rubbing his cheek against Trent's, making said cheek turn a hilarious shade of pink. Trent was adorable when he was embarrassed.

Nikki smiled in that omniscient way of hers, raising an eyebrow at Trent when she managed to catch his eye. He coughed and wiggled out of Cameron's grasp. Cameron nibbled on the wurst thoughtfully as he regarded his friend who was trying very hard not to stare.

Just as Trent relaxed, Cameron pounced, arms around his neck and legs around his waist.

"Did you squeak?" Cameron laughed.

"No! Get off me!" Trent definitely squeaked.

When Sarah was about to stop their horseplay, Brody caught her attention and motioned to the occupied corner of the room. Robby wore a grin, posture relaxed for the first time that any of them had seen him. Annoyance melted into understanding and Sarah grabbed two drumsticks, giving one to Robby when she got to him. He smiled shyly and munched on it, looking away but still less tense than he had been.

Then everyone stopped moving. All of them looked to Brody, to see what he was doing, to follow his lead. Robby couldn't quite stop a whimper, but other than that no one made a sound. Brody locked all four bolts on the door.

Cameron hated this part more than anything, even more than he hated the end. By the time it was over, everyone was too tired to be nervous. Now, however, they all had excess energy from the food and the moon. And despite what everyone else said, this part hurt just as badly as the ending did.

A loud, crackling crunch came from Brody, and Cameron couldn't watch as bones began to break and reform and internal organs rearranged themselves. Brody's started first, and then the rest of them.

Growls began to fill the shack, sprinkled with whimpers they couldn't suppress. Arms and legs shouldn't bend that way. The face, Cameron decided, was the worst. Feeling the sinuses stretch, cheekbones bend and turn, jaw elongating.

Finally it was over, and six wolves with human eyes stood in the room. They sniffed at the air and each other, like they always did, all of them spending more time checking Robby out than anyone else--this was only his second time with them, and the wolves weren't completely comfortable yet.

An incredible smell caught Cameron's nose. Looking around for it, he saw the white fur, pink nose, and indigo eyes of Trent. Trent stared at him. Odd.

The tension of the change disappeared and Cameron felt playful again. Instead of worrying about why Trent suddenly smelled different, which would require too much effort from the human part of him to override the desires of the wolf part, Cameron decided to pounce.

Trent also seemed to want to play, but there was something else driving him as well. As the wrestled and mock-fought, the two of them forgot that there were others in the shack with them.

Cameron was surprised when the smell of lust joined Trent's attractive scent. He stopped playing and just looked at him, head cocked, wondering what was going on. Trent approached slowly, an odd gleam in his pretty eyes.

Then Brody, all dark red fur and muscle, tackled Trent to the ground, staring him down. Crouching in submission, Trent backed off, going to the corner to sulk. Brody growled a warning at him, making Trent lay down in shame.

Still unsure of what was going on, Cameron nudged Brody. He whined when Leader snapped at him without offering an explanation. Nikki came over then, soothing as always, and calmed him down. She didn't explain any more than Brody, but at least she was nice about it.

Despite wanting to play with Trent, who still smelled really good, Cameron decided to play with the new guy. He and Sarah were play-fighting, and Cameron jumped in, joining Robby against Sarah.

When playing made him tired, Cameron padded over to Trent, who lay watching with half-closed eyes. He lay down next to him, breathing in his scent, and cuddled so that his head rested under Trent's jaw. Trent whuffed happily and the two of them drifted to sleep.

They both woke in pain, not bothering to try to hide their whimpers this time. The bones and organs were rearranging and reshaping themselves again, making men and women where wolves once stood.

Cameron's fingers were clenched around Trent's arm when it was all over. Trent leaned heavily against Cameron. Their noses weren't as powerful as when they changed, but Cameron still noticed the pleasant scent.

Suddenly Trent's face began to glow and he jerked free of Cameron's grip. Pale hands attempted to cover the redness as Trent began to mutter to himself, calling himself stupid in every way he could think of.

Being human again gave Cameron the opportunity to think about the way his friend had been acting the night before. The smell, the way they tried to get their bodies so close together, the lust, all of it came together in Cameron's mind. Then he grinned. Brody and Nikki knew what that grin meant, and they ushered the younger two out of the cabin, offering to give them rides home. They knew the boys would appreciate having time alone to work through this current issue.

Trent still had his face in his hands, so he didn't notice the look on Cameron's face. If he hadn't been so busy trying to hide his embarrassment, he would've been able to dodge when Cameron pounced. They tumbled to the floor.

"What are you doing? I tried to...last night, I was...oh God, kill me now," Trent would've covered his face again, but Cameron had a firm hold on his wrists.

"Stop being such a girl," Cameron snickered.

Trent tried to protest, but Cameron decided that he wanted Trent to be quiet. And since his hands were otherwise occupied, the only thing he could use was his mouth. Bummer.

The boy underneath stilled abruptly. It didn't register with Cameron, who was too busy noticing how soft Trent's pale pink lips were. In order to feel them better, he brushed his own against them again and again and again. Finally, his lips closed gently around Trent's lower lip, sucking gently, lightly brushing the tip of his tongue over it.

It took him a moment to realize that Trent wasn't doing anything back.

Pulling away, his own face going red this time, he mumbled, "sorry," and jumped up. Grabbing his bag, he tried to make a run for it, determined not to look at Trent again until next month. Somehow he'd misunderstood, and he just wanted to not think about this again. Only he couldn't stop thinking about the way Trent's mouth had felt against his.

Before he could get to the door, pale fingers grabbed his wrist, stopping him. He looked at Trent, scared of what he would see. Instead of seeing anger or disgust, however, Cameron saw desire, laced with uncertainty.

"Don't leave," Trent asked, hand moving from Cameron's wrist to his fingers.

"Okay," Cameron squeezed, unsure of what was happening, but not about to stop it.

Trent opened his mouth to say something, shut it, then opened it again. Shaking his head, he clicked his teeth together and pulled Cameron close via their linked hands. Swallowing, Cameron took the requested step forward.

When they were inches apart, Trent leaned down and kissed Cameron.

It started as slowly and innocently as Cameron's earlier kiss had, a simple meeting of lips. When Trent's tongue swept the crevice between Cameron's lips, Cameron allowed a gap. Trent took advantage of this, venturing timidly past lips and teeth, brushing hard palette, retreating, going forth again.

Then tongues met and suddenly neither was timid. Their free hands reached out to grab neck or waist, pulling each other closer. Mouths began to move rhythmically, Trent's shyness gone. Cameron sucked lightly, helplessly, on the extra tongue in his mouth, not realizing that the small noises he heard were coming from him. His hand moved up, into impossibly fair hair while Trent's moved down, grabbing his ass like he had every right to.

Cameron couldn't say how long that went on, but it wasn't long enough. The loud clang of the garbage truck dropping the dumpster outside startled them into separating.

Their eyes met shyly, and Cameron grinned at Trent's pink face and swollen mouth. Unable to resist, he leaned up and brushed mouths with Trent again. And again. But before things could get even more interesting, Trent tore himself away.

"I have to be home soon," he explained breathlessly, trying not to be obvious when he licked his lips.

"Oh, right," Cameron laughed, unable to do anything else.

Trent held his hand out, which Cameron took, and they left the shack together. They locked up, and the two headed to the bus stop, pale hand holding a paler one.

It was a little depressing that meeting outside of the full moon was so difficult. Then Cameron remembered that Trent would be meeting him at the bus stop in the city next month. He could take off work and they could spend the whole morning together.

When he mentioned this idea to Trent, Cameron laughed at his blush, but he knew Trent was interested. Cameron hummed that stupid pop song again, freeing his hand so he could wrap his arms around Trent's waist and rest his head on Trent's shoulder, waiting for the bus.