The Return of the Dragons

Book 1-The Forest of Fyein

Shyla could just about see the shimmering emerald scales glinting through the tree branches. Shyla's beautiful face intense with concentration, contrasted with her glossy golden hair, swaying by her shoulders. She was ready. The dragons were ready. Then, a flicker of an eyelid, it was only about a second long, but it was enough.

''Charge!!!!!!!!!!' she yelled as around 5000 dragons sprung from the surroundings, as if out of thin air.

What would happen next? Nobody knew.

Would they succeed? Nobody knew.

All they did know was the battle that was ahead of them.


It took a long, hard, raging battle to end this war. But what end comes without loss? The dragonarmy had fought bravely, but soon the dragons were being slaughtered down almost instantly. The only survivors were Reeman the captain, Grindolf and Yolkno two dwarf brothers, Daylene an enchantress, Shyla and 7 dragons.

Standing surrounded, they fought off the gruesome creatures as best as they could. Wisely, they fled, desperately flying through the sorrowful sky, arrows and spears chasing them. Arnia, the youngest dragon, had been stabbed, with many arrows, through her wings. A trail of red liquid floated after her. Blood. Heaps of it, scattered among her amber scales.

''We must stop Reeman!'' Shyla insisted, who was riding on Arnia's weak back. ''Arnia cannot fly much longer.''

''what can we do? They are coming in too fast! We have to keep flying!'' Yolkno shouted back.

'' NO'' Cried Daylene, her ebony hair blowing in the wind. '' We need to get to land. There's a forest below us. We have to rest, Reeman.'' The look of pleading in her dainty, angelic face could have convinced anyone. Maybe she used magic, for there was an orange tint to her sapphire eyes. You could almost see the young captain melting. He nodded.

They glided to the forest floor and shook off the enemy troops. All did the best they could to heal Arnia's wounds. Magic can only get you so far. There was a good chance of her dead by morning, but there was nothing they could do. Nothing.

Everyone slept a deep, deep sleep that mournful night. Tired and weary. But for once, things seemed alright. Like something would happen. Something good. Something that would change their lives, and Kantralia, forever.