Prologue: Diary Journal Number Fifty Nine (Day Number Forty Seven)

Diary Journal Number Fifty Nine (Day Number Forty Seven)
Will Armstrong

We thought we had it figured out. Me and Sarah thought we knew everything there was to this new and evolving world. It had been forty seven days since the zombie outbreak had started and we had ourselves holed up pretty good. Me being an active member of the military meant that I was one of the first to be able to grab weapons. I had thought about holing up in the army base, but the disease spread there and so I took what I could and rode off in an Army grade Jeep. We had gone on a risky mission to reset the power to the street lights outside so we could set up our plan. Our plan was to use silenced weapons to shoot the crosswalk button which would emit a noise. This would draw zombies out into the open allowing us to take them out with the silenced weapons and they would be no wiser about our position. We thought this would be rather simple.

We had our weapons set up off the balcony, which we had reinforced. We didn't' just have to worry about zombies these days, there was always the threat of humans that were looking for supplies. They had come across few survivors, and those who they did were luckily not aggressive. They had come in and traded few things with Sarah and I, and then left. Most people did not want to be in large groups unless it was a settlement, for fear that if one of them were to turn to a zombie, they all would within a short period afterwards. I personally figured that the old saying safety in numbers still applied for humans (and zombies obviously, as I wouldn't doubt it in the least if they outnumbered humans by a fair margin.)

On the count of three we had fired at the crosswalk button, causing it to emit a beeping noise. We still had a lot of ammunition but we wanted to save it for zombies, and so only two shots were wasted on the button. The zombies indeed did come pouring into the darkening night, attracted by the sound of the crosswalk button. That's when me and Sarah started firing at the zombies, dropping many before they even got to their intended target. Everything was going according to plan, but we hadn't counted on one thing. We hadn''t counted on the zombies being smart enough to figure out when they were being ambushed. We certainly hadn't counted on them being able to figure out where we were.

I wasn't expecting our door to be busted through and three zombies to pour into the house. In fact I wasn't even quick enough to comprehend what was going on. My nose did not even pick up the noisome scent of rotted, decomposing flesh and what would probably be a number one contender at the world's worst breath competition. In fact the only thing that saved me from turning into a hellish, brainless undead was the quick reaction time of Sarah. She turned around quickly pushing me out of the way as the first zombie to break through the door sailed through the air, crashing into Sarah.

It scratched and bit at her, and I had to fight back a scream! No, there was no way Sarah was going to turn into a zombie! I quickly regained my composure and wits and gathered myself off the floor. I made quick work of the two trailing zombies with two perfectly placed shots to each of their heads. The one Sarah was fighting with though was another story completely. The two of them were so close I couldn't risk firing a shot and hitting Sarah in the process. I stood there my gun trained on the pair, and my finger close to the trigger. I wasn't worried about accidentally firing the gun, after all I had trained long with weapons.

Then after what felt like forever had passed, Sarah kicked the zombie away from her with both feet, and I wasted no time in shooting it through the back of the head. Putting the gun back in it's holster I wasted no time in rushing to Sarah. I looked over her injuries. It wasn't fatal, just a few light scratches and one somewhat deep bite wound. I knew that the bite meant that Sarah would turn. She begged me to shoot her, said she couldn't do it herself. I told her I wouldn't, I told her everything would be alright even though I knew it was a lie. Once she turned I'd have to shoot her but even then I didn't think I'd be able to.

So we waited for her to turn into a zombie, talking all the while. Just to keep her distracted I talked to her as I boarded up the doorway where the zombies had entered. We were lucky only three had come. I even threw out the zombie bodies from the balcony once I had finished on the door. The zombie disease hadn't affected any animals yet that I had found out about, but most had gone into hiding during night completely. Most animals now hunted by day, even owls were being spotted during the day when the zombies roamed less frequently. He knew this would please Sarah because she had a huge heart especially for animals. She had once been a veterinarian and served as a field medic for four years. She always left the zombie remains for animals to eat instead of burning them. Even in a world where zombies and death were a constant threat it was reassuring thought that people like Sarah could still be soft and human enough to care about the animals.

Every person we had seen get turned into a zombie lasted only about an hour before the virus overcame their human side completely. Once the first hour passed without anything happening, we knew that the virus wasn't going to affect her like it had everyone else. I had heard about some people who were not necessarily immune to turning into a zombie in the physical way, but they stayed the same mentally. It only took three hours to see that this was going to happen to Sarah. The skin on her feet started to go slightly green, but that was the only sign that she had been infected by a zombie.

I don't know how many times she thanked me for not listening to her. I told her it was nothing, and I meant it. How could I shoot the only person who I completely trusted in this world? Zombie or not I wasn't going to abandon her. In fact she had saved my life, and by doing so I owed her my own. I knew one thing though, we were going to have to find a settlement. It might be the only chance for her to find some kind of cure for this disease. Even she agreed that it would be beneficial not only for her, but for all of the remaining humans out there, so long as she didn't become a test case.

We are not ready to head out quite yet though. We needed to get power in the house so we could access the Internet, but that would not be easy. In fact it might be impossible. We would either have to find a working battery powered generator or figure out how to fix the power at the power station. The later of the two seemed like it would be ridiculously hard, and so I suggested to Sarah that we might try to find a generator. She agreed with this idea, thinking that it would be a good idea to know where we were going before we left our stronghold. That and we needed to get everything essential ready for packing.

I am so thankful that I thought to take a Jeep, and it had almost full gas in it. We'd be able to get a lot of stuff in there. I want to bring the computer with us, but I might have to settle for just bringing the laptop. Being able to access the Internet was going to be a necessity in the weeks to come. There is no way that I am going to a settlement unless I know for sure it hasn't been infected and the only way to tell is if they are responding on the Internet. Mind you they could lose power at any time....

I think I am going to go to sleep now. It has been a long and stressful day, and Sarah says she isn't tired and will stay up to keep watch. It probably has something to do with the virus, after all zombies are more active at night. Tomorrow though we must make a food run. There is a convenience store across the street that looks pretty full still, and I have never seen any zombies enter it. I won't lie, I am looking forward to grabbing a few packs of cigarettes while I am there. It's been two damn weeks without a smoke. Well I better get to sleep now, I don't want to waste any of the day tomorrow. It's going to be a long one.