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Nike and Rosemarie

Written By: Jasmine Marie and Krystal Jo-Lynnelle

Sometimes things are meant to be a little backwards...

-Book One

"Love is taking a few steps backward (maybe even more) give way to the happiness of the person you love."


A woman walked up to both Nicodemus and Nike. She looked very much like Kah-lee, only she wore sneakers and tight jeans and a tight shirt. "Hey Boys."

Nike: his eyes darted to her, and focused. They resumed their golden color. "Kah-Lee? Aren't you like, suppose to be getting your hair and nails done right now?"

Woman: looked at him confused, "No and my name is not Kah-lee." she turned to Nicodemus and smiled, "Hey Nicodemus."

Nicodemus: "Hey Rosemarie." he smiled.

Nike: " look very nice." he held out his hand. "Pleasure to meet you."

Rosemarie: "Likewise." She took his hand.

Nike: "So I assumed since Nicodemus bites you, you must be human."

Rosemarie: ''I am not human however that doesn't stop him.'' she shrugged. She sat down.

Nike: kicked out a chair with his ankle and placed his foot on the chair seat, leaning over. "So you let him bite you, but not me?"

Rosemarie: ''It's not like I could stop him. I would rather no one bit me.''

Nike: "That's a bit disappointing."

Rosemarie: ''And how's that?'' she leaned forward.

Nike: gave a sideways grin. "So where do you come from love?"

Rosemarie: ''Korea. What about you?''

Nike: "A basement in the pathways of time."

Rosemarie: nodded ''That's...interesting.''

Nike: looked over at Nicodemus. "And how do you know her?"

Nicodemus: ''Met her in a nightclub a few years ago.''

Nike: "You know she looks exactly like Kah-Lee. Right?"

Nicodemus: ''I know. That's why I said that the parents wouldn't need to make one.''

Nike: "Ah very nice." he looked at Rosemarie and smiled. "So you are my wife."

Rosemarie: looked confused. ''I'm sorry I don't understand.''

Nike: "You don't have to." he smirked at her. "But this whole biting thing you're going to have to get over."

Rosemarie: ''You are not going to drain me.'' she growled and stood. ''Good bye.''

Nike: "I never said I would." he looked offended. "But let Nicodemus surely I could get a taste."

Rosemarie: ''Not by choice.''

Nike: "And yet you are still friends with him."

Rosemarie: shrugged ''I don't have many friends in this town.''

Nike: "Then let me be one."

Rosemarie: ''Fine.''

Nike: "You probably hate dancing, I am guessing?"

Rosemarie: ''It's okay.'' she said not really caring for it.

Nike: smirked. "We should switch partners Nicodemus."

Nicodemus: ''No.'' he said plainly.

Nike: "You hate dancing, she doesn't care for it." he said, peeling his eyes from Rosemarie to study Nicodemus. "Fits better."

Nicodemus: growled ''Don't you dare think about it anymore.''

Nike: laughed. "I can think about it all I want." he looked at Rosemarie. "Hey Rose, do you know of a little serum called Kientian Vice?"

Rosemarie: ''Yes.''

Nike: "Have you ever used it?"

Rosemarie: shook her head. ''It's been used on me though.''

Nike: "By whom and for what?" he set his foot back on the ground and pushed the chair back under the table with a bit of force.

Rosemarie: ''I don't know who or for what.''

Nike: "Oh. Mind if we take a walk? Get to know each other? I know you don't like shopping either. Perhaps bowling is better?"

Rosemarie: ''I don't mind. Yeah that's fine.''

Nike: "Let's go then." he fingered something in his pocket then placed his hand on Rosemarie's back. "Forward march darling."

Rosemarie: started to walk. ''Please don't touch.''

Nike: dropped his hand. "Why not love?" he tried to maintain his joyful attitude but there was agitation in his eyes.

Rosemarie: ''I just don't like people touching me.''

Nike: "A change is all you need to fix that. But as you wish." he looked to Nicodemus. "Guess you're the bag carrier now." he smirked.

Nicodemus: nodded, "So, it seems. You kids have fun." he said he sat back and kicked his feet back.

Rosemarie: smiled slightly at him, "I guess you're right."

Nike: "Oh, we will." he smirked and left with Rosemarie, his hand still fingering the object in his pocket.

Rosemarie: looked at him for a moment and then her eyes trailed down to his pocket. "What do you have in your pocket?" she asked looking back up at him.

Nike: "Nothing of your concern love." he gave a small smile.

Rosemarie: nodded slightly, "Ok."

Nike: "How are you with obedience?" he asked as he opened up the door that led outside for her.

Rosemarie: "It depends."

Nike: "On?" he prodded, following her outside.

Rosemarie: "If I want to do it."

Nike: 'Of course it does.' He thought to himself. "Are you married? Boyfriend?"

Rosemarie: "No. What about you?"

Nike: "Same..." he smiled. "So we should get married."

Rosemarie: smiled slightly, "But we barely know each other."

Nike: "Doesn't that make things more interesting?"

Rosemarie: "Not really, what if something happens and we realize that we are not compatible. Then it will be too late."

Nike: "I am guessing we are. Seeing as how I am opposite Nicodemus and I guess you are opposite Kah-Lee. Kah-Lee is Nicodemus's wife."

Rosemarie: nodded slightly, "Ok, but I should return home and tell my parents if we do decide to get married."

Nike: "Parents?" That's one aspect he never thought of.

Rosemarie: nodded, "Yeah."

Nike: "Very well." he took his hand out of his pocket. "Do you cook?"

Rosemarie: nodded, "I am able to cook."

Nike: "Then I think we will be perfectly fine." he smiled. "Are you thirsty?"

Rosemarie: "A little." she admitted.

Nike: "Wait here then I'll go to the vendor across the street and get you something. Hot chocolate?"

Rosemarie: "I can get it." she assured him.

Nike: "No I insist cara mia." he flashed her a smile and left to the vendor, making sure she wasn't following he pulled the object out of his pocket. "Two Hot Chocolate's please." he told the vendor. When they came, he took the liquid in the vial and poured it into one of the hot chocolate's. 'Kientian Vice does wonders for obedience.' he thought and dropped the now empty flask to the ground. He paid the vendor and walked back to Rosemarie, handing her the hot chocolate that contained the liquid. "One for you, one for me." he smiled at her.

Rosemarie: smiled, "Thank you." she took a sip. "A very interesting flavor."

Nike: "Good or bad?" he took a sip of his.

Rosemarie: "I don't...know." she took another drink, longer this time trying to place it.

Nike: watched her, drinking his, holding back a cringe at the regular drink flavor. He preferred the red drink with the bit of zing to it, all the way. "Shall we go bowling?" he held out his arm to her.

Rosemarie: smiled, "Sure."

Nike: "I know a shortcut." he told her as they walked through town.

Rosemarie: "Cool, shortcuts are awesome." she held a hand to her head as she followed him.

Nike: "Something wrong dearie?" he guided her between two buildings of the city, the shortcut he claimed. His eyes on her he tried to keep his lips from pulling back in a smile.

Rosemarie: "I just feel really weird." she closed her eyes for a moment before snapped them open in realization, "Kientian Vice." she stepped back. "You put it in my drink."

Nike: "I did nothing of the sort!" he seemed appalled, then quickly dropped his drink and held her under her chin so she couldn't look away. He smiled. "You know I am stronger now in every way." They were in the dark shadows of the buildings, hidden from every direction, no one could see them. No one even knew they were there. He kept his eyes locked on hers.

Rosemarie: "What do you want with me?" she whispered.

Nike: "Everything you are not, but soon will be." he said. "I make you...a prisoner of sound, love."

Rosemarie: her eyes clouded over and she nodded.

Nike: chuckled softly he stepped back. "You don't really need to see your parents now do you?"

Rosemarie: "No, I suppose not. But I should at least call."

Nike: "And say what? Hopefully to tell them we are already married. Which we shall be. Before the sun rises tomorrow."

Rosemarie: "As you wish."

Nike: smiled. "Let's go bowling darling." he bent down and bit her neck.

Rosemarie: "Oww..." she cried out in pain. "Please stop." she said through clenched teeth.

Nike: pulled back. He left her wound open. He kept his lips by her ear and whispered. "See, that wonderful thing about Kientians is that you can drain them dry and they will be perfectly fine in three days. I think that would make a wonderful honeymoon, don't you." It wasn't a question, but a statement.

Rosemarie: a tear slid down her cheek, "Please don't." she repeated.

Nike: smiled and licked her tear away. "It is a beautiful thing when a woman cries." he grabbed her arm and teleported them away to the court house to sign the documents of marriage.

Rosemarie: flipped the collar up on her jacket so the bite was not visible. "I'm going to go to the bathroom."

Nike: "For what?"

Rosemarie: "To wipe off the blood." she said softly so no one would hear.

Nike: "I think for future reference love, it is best if you ask me things so I can give you permission. You don't just tell me what you are going to do."

Rosemarie: "Yes sir." she paused fighting back more tears, "May I go to the bathroom?"

Nike: "After we sign the papers."

Rosemarie: "But I will have bled too much by then."

Nike: "It's alright. A woman who fights too much is a turn off anyways." he leaned over. "The collar of your jacket hides it enough. If we hurry, it won't be visible to those not looking for blood."

Rosemarie: nodded slightly, she bit her bottom lip and looked down. She never should have come to Earth she knew it and now the worst possible thing was happening and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Nike: "Cheer up love. You have no idea how long I've waited for you." he guided her to the table and spoke to the Justice of the Peace.

Rosemarie: did as told but she didn't really feel any of it.

Nike: after they signed the papers, he kissed her. "I love you."

Rosemarie: didn't say anything she felt numb.

Nike: bent down to her ear, "The proper response to that line would be, 'I love you too.'" he whispered and kissed her ear.

Rosemarie: "I love you too." she said though not at all feeling it. "Now I use the restroom?"

Nike: "Here." he took her arm and walked around the corner. As soon as they were out of sight he teleported them to his house. "Nice facilities enough here." he stepped back and held out his hand. "Give me all electronic devices you have." he ordered.

Rosemarie: did so, she didn't have much only a pager and an MP3 player.

Nike: put it in his pocket. "You are forbidden to use mind communications at all, unless of course communicating with me. No outside contact unless you are in the same room as me and have gotten prior permission to do so from me. When you go to the bathroom right now, you are ordered to only wash up, and nothing else."

Rosemarie: "Yes sir." she turned and walked into the bathroom and shut the door behind her, just wanting to get a few minutes to herself. When she washed up she came back out another tear escaped her eyes.

Nike: smiled at her. "You look lovely, you know that?"

Rosemarie: "Thank you." the truth was she didn't feel it, she instead felt like a fool, a stupid, stupid fool and now that was all she would ever be. A puppet used for his amusement.

Nike: frowned. "Please don't think ill of me love. You are not just for amusement. I love you." he brushed his hand across her cheek.

Rosemarie: "Yes sir."

Nike: "Do you not feel a natural pull to me as I do to you? Speak truthfully, my love."

Rosemarie: "No. I don't feel it. But I am sure you will make me."

Nike: "Not even when we first met?"

Rosemarie: "No."

Nike: "I am hurt." he sat on the bed dejected. "I know that Kah-Lee was drawn to Nicodemus when they first met."

Rosemarie: "I am not Kah-lee." she said softly.

Nike: "No but you do look just like her."

Rosemarie: "I know."

Nike: looked up at her. "Possibly it is this; I feel a pull to you, but you do not feel it to me. Just like how Kah-Lee felt a pull to Nicodemus, but he felt nothing of the sort to her." he snapped his fingers. "At least, not until he learned to love her, much like you will learn to love me over time I am sure."

Rosemarie: "Perhaps, if I am not dead first."

Nike: "I would not kill you Rose." he stood and walked to her. He placed a hand on each of her arms. "I've been waiting for you for a long time. Much longer than Nicodemus waited for Kah-Lee. You are mine now and," he twirled a finger through her hair softly. "I will take care of you, I promise."

Rose: "Maybe...may I call my parents now?"

Nike: "You may. I will get the phone for you. Have a seat in the living room." he kissed her forehead gently and went to the side table and grabbed the phone, taking it in to her. He sat on the couch next to her.

Rose: called her house. "Hi, mom?" she smiled slightly, "Yeah, I'm fine don't worry. I just called to tell you that I got married." he smile faded a little. "Unfortunately I don't think you and dad can visit. Yeah a whole bunch of newlyweds stuff, you know." she nodded, "Ok, bye mom." she blew a kiss to her and hung up.

Nike: "They can visit after time. Like you said, we need to get to know one another first." he took the phone from her and set it on the table next to the couch.

Rose: stared at it for a moment then looked at her hands that were clasping and unclasping themselves. "We should have done that before though."

Nike: his face fell. "I'm sorry. I am not good at this. I think I messed it up." he put his head in his hands.

Rose: "It doesn't matter now."

Nike: "No, I suppose it doesn't." he rubbed his head. "I can't help it. I apologize. I realize you may never be able to forgive me."

Rose: "It's all a part of your upbringing. Even if I didn't you could always make me." she closed her eyes tight looking down at them, they squeezed each other.

Nike: "Would you be able to forgive me otherwise? And learn to love me freely?"

Rose: "No, I could never willingly love someone who controls everything including my feelings giving me no freedom."

Nike: "Then I suppose there is nothing else for me to do." he stood and held his hands out to her. "Come on love. It is our wedding night."

Rose: she tried to stop the sob that was in her throat she did it mostly successfully she took her hands and stood. She wanted to badly to just stay here and be safe. She feared for the first time in her life that she knew about, feared for what he would force her to do.

Nike: "What is it you want me to do?" he asked. "And I bid you to always be honest with me. I do not take kindly to liars."

Rose: "What I want is to just be left alone." she said softly.

Nike: "You will be left alone for three days after tonight. I promise you that."

Rose: she closed her eyes tight again as her face was towards the floor, she nodded slightly.

Nike: tapped his finger lightly beneath her chin. "I love you. Remember that." he brought her face up and he kissed her lips. "And I know you do not like to be touched so I will try to not touch you as much as possible. Just for tonight though, we need that connection to be established between us."

Rose: "Please, don't do this." she whispered. "I'll do anything. Just not that."

Nike: "You do not want to be connected to your husband?"

Rose: shook her head no, "I don't want to be." she confirmed.

Nike: "Is there another way you know of to connect one with the other? I will try to respect your wants my love, but it seems this one may not be doable."

Rose: "I will not do anything. You must know this." she opened her eyes and they trembled. "You can do what needs to be done but I will not react."

Nike: nodded. He smiled slightly. "I know. You are prisoner of sound. What is there that you can do unless I allow it? However, I still would like to hear your thoughts freely. To know what I need to do to make you happy. Make your stay here more comfortable. You must know when I do this, I do this for your benefit."

Rose: choked back a dry laughter, "There is no benefit to this. Only the pain I will feel after all of this is over."

Nike: smiled wider. "Now see, I've gotten you to laugh." he kissed her. "Come on love. I will make it quick and painless. And if you prefer, I will erase it from your mind completely. I will make you feel good. Gentle and soft. Not painful in the slightest. If it weren't for the connection, you will have not even noticed a change." He held her hand as he walked to the bedroom.

Rose: she felt the tears falling freely as she went with him, she wanted it to all be over, she wished she could die from loss of blood. "You can't make me feel good." she said

Nike: "And why is that?" he said, watching her with concern now. He smiled at her tears and lifted his thumb to wipe them gently from her cheeks.

Rose: "Because anything you can do is forcefully. Nothing is gentle. Ever."

Nike: "I won't force myself upon you love. I will only do what you want me to do."

Rose: "You already said what I want is not doable. You are forcing yourself upon me now."

Nike: "I am not if you ask me for it." he corrected.

Rose: shook her head, "Never willingly will I ask you for it. I don't want it."

Nike: nodded, "Give it time. People learn to love one another." he kissed her gently and guided her onto the bed.

Rose: laid down and closed her eyes, she tried to remember what in olden times on Earth they told girls to do when something like this happened...Dream of France that was it. In her mind's eye she was viewing Paris, she could smell bread, see the Eiffel tower.

Nike: "Now one last question," he said as he unbuttoned her shirt. "Do you want me to erase it from your memories, or leave the memory?"

Rose: "I...don'" she said softly, too busy with the image in her head to do anything to stop him.

Nike: nuzzled her neck. "When you wake in three days love, you will love me. The memories you have in your mind will be pleasant and wanting." he whispered. "We will both be in love. And we will be happily married."

Rose: she closed her eyes harder. She whimpered silently.

Nike: kissed her neck softly, and then entered his fangs. He drank until Rose was dry, and then he tucked her into the bed, watching her sleep.

When the sun was up to show the morning had come, Nike decided to visit some friends while he waited for his Rose to awaken from her deep sleep. So he went to Nicodemus house. He knocked on the door.

Nicodemus: "MADISON GET THAT!" he ordered.

Madison quickly got up, "Yes sir." she went to the door and opened it.

Nike: smiled down at her. "Hello."

Madison: bowed to him, "Sir. May I help you with something?"

Nike: "Nope just visiting. Well, sort of. Parents told me to come here." he pushed her out of the way and walked into the house.

Madison: got out of the way.

Nicodemus: walked out of the bathroom, his cuts starting to heal.

Nike: "Wow man what happened to you?" he smiled. "Rough night?"

Nicodemus: rolled his eyes, "What did the parents send you here to do to me?"

Nike: "Shock the living daylights out of you I suppose. Remember, they don't know we knew each other before hand." he jumped over the back of the couch and flipped on the TV, settling down.

Nicodemus: nodded, "Right." he walked into his old bedroom and grabbed a new shirt he took the old one off. He walked back out putting it on.

Nike: "So Kah-Lee left, huh?"

Nicodemus: "Yes."

Nike: "This is why you are getting yourself in loads of trouble, eh?"

Nicodemus: "What because she left?"

Nike: "Well yea."

Nicodemus: "No, I knew she was going to." he shrugged.

Nike: "So what's the plan?" he looked back at him. "You know, while she is gone each week."

Nicodemus: shrugged, "I don't know yet."

Nike: "Well, I am just going to chillax here for about...two days. If you don't mind." he put his eyes back on the TV.

Nicodemus: "Even if I did mind that wouldn't stop you."

Nike: "Fine. Just one day."

Nicodemus: nodded, "Ok."

Nike: "Hey, how long has it been since Kelta has been fed?"

Nicodemus: shrugged, "Don't know, don't care."

Nike: "We could feed humans to her."

Nicodemus: "There are no humans around here. She tried to kill my daughter, she will not be fed." He paused, "Correction…no humans I wish to get rid of."

Nike: rolled his eyes. He turned around and pointed to the two girls. "Right there. I understand about Madison but come on."

Nicodemus: "Have you learned nothing from mother and father?"

Nike: sighed. "Fine. But I didn't say we had to tell them."

Nicodemus: "It's more fun to torture anyways."

Girl: "Torture?"

Nicodemus: turned and smiled at her, "Yes you have seen only the beginning."

Girl: "I'm already scarred enough!" she held out her arms where the stab wounds were.

Nicodemus: stood and walked over to her, "It will never be enough." he growled to her.

Girl: "For whom! It is for me! And it's my body so yea, IT IS ENOUGH." she snapped her teeth at him.

Nicodemus: "It may be your body, but I am strong and better in every way then you so I will do as I please." he smacked her face to the side,

Girl: put her hand to her face. She whimpered. "Men who beat women and children are the lowest form of cowards that EVER walked the face of this earth! COWARD!"

Nike: "Wow she's feisty."

Nicodemus: shoved her face to look at him, "I am the originator anything I say you will do, you are now a prisoner of sound."

Girl: "I WILL NOT!" she spit in his face.

Nicodemus: "That is enough. Stop." he ordered, hitting her again.

Girl: found herself stopping against her will. She said nothing and just scowled at the floor.

Nicodemus: "You will treat me with respect." he growled the order to her.

Girl: "I will." she clasped a hand to her mouth quickly to stop the words.

Nicodemus: "You better." he stood wiping the spit from his face.

Nike: "See that's what I love about the prisoner of sound thing. Even if they don't want to they can't help but listen."

Nicodemus: nodded, "Yeah, so what happened to Rose?"

Nike: smiled. "She's at my house."

Nicodemus: looked at him, "Why?"

Nike: "Because she likes me. Why else?"

Nicodemus: rolled his eyes, "Or is forced to like you rather."

Nike: "No I think we got along well and she did like me of her own accord, up until the hot chocolate that is." he shrugged and turned back to the TV.

Nicodemus: rolled his eyes. "Of course."

Nike: "I'm impatient. Deal with it."

Nicodemus: "She will never love you of her own accord, you have lost any chance for her to love you."

Nike: "I'm not letting her leave me either."

Nicodemus: "Then you better treat her right."

Nike: "I am. Time heals all wounds and both of us have eternity so maybe she will change her mind about me and love me of her own accord, if I treat her right. I woman can't deny that type of attention."

Nicodemus: "Then you have never met her or know her at all."

Nike: sighed. "What! Kah-Lee was simple."

Nicodemus: "Yes but she is not."

Nike: "Then what do you suggest I do? Hmmm?" he looked at him. "If you say she doesn't like attention, do you want me to, IGNORE her?"

Nicodemus: "Like she has told you before she wants to be left alone, she has always been that way and to her, it's what she's best at."

Nike: "Then perhaps it's time she got 'best' at something else."

Nicodemus: shook his head, "That is why she will never love you."

Nike: "Well, Kah-Lee got you to love her so I can do the same with Rose."

Nicodemus: sighed, "You better be gone by tomorrow." he stood walking into the kitchen.

Nike: "I am. I have to be there when Rose wakes up." he smiled. "She will be ecstatic."

Nicodemus: "Don't bet your life on that."

Nike: "I've already arranged her neurons."

Nicodemus: "Whatever."

Nike: "Why do you care anyways! You have everything already!" he flicked off the TV and stood.

Nicodemus: "Because if Kah-lee knew that she had a sister then it would affect her as well."

Nike: "You have no idea what it's like to wait forever for someone. I wanted someone. You didn't. You got Kah-Lee, I had no one until now with Rose. I just have to figure out a way to get her to love me back."

Nicodemus: "Love is not a game. It cannot be gained with trickery. You speak as a fool."

Nike: gritted his teeth. "It's just not fair."

Nicodemus: "Well, with the way you are going you will never gain her love."

Nike: growled. "I will either have Rose to love me, or Kah-Lee."

Nicodemus: "Well if Rose doesn't love you then it is your fault."

Nike: kicked Tabitha. "It's the parents fault. Always their fault. You call me a fool well maybe I am one. You seem to be so good at it. And here I am not. We are opposites." he growled.

Nicodemus: "Then I suggest you learn."

Girl: "HEY!" she yelled at him. "Don't you dare touch my friend."

Nike: glared at her. "Do you want to die?"

Nicodemus: chuckled.

Tabitha: groaned.

Girl: "No." she relented.

Nike: blinked and looked at Nicodemus. "Or you can give me tips on how to fix this."

Nicodemus: "Do you know anything about respect?" he asked

Nike: "Depends if you do or not."

Nicodemus: "Knowing and doing are two different things."

Nike: "Then I know of it. Doesn't mean I use it."

Nicodemus: "Alright that's the first thing, you use it. Second is you give the girl space."

Nike: "Fine. I can do that. She's a prisoner of sound anyways so I don't mind leaving her alone."

Nicodemus: "You need to be there for her when she has problems but not push her to tell you."

Nike: "And what happens if I mess up and am around her when, well, I get angry? I can't help what happens then."

Nicodemus: "Then you are in a whole heap of trouble."

Nike: sighed. "You bit her she is still your friend. Should be the same deal for me."

Nicodemus: "I didn't force her into marriage or do those kind of things to her. "

Nike: "I could apologize afterwards."

Nicodemus: "Nice thought she won't except it."

Nike: "Shower her with gifts?" he ran a hand through his hair.

Nicodemus: "You could though she still won't forgive you."

Nike: "Then I advise YOU to stay angry."

Nicodemus: "Or you can be your own person."

Nike: "Like how? The parents have made sure that is not possible for me."

Nicodemus: "Yeah well there are things more powerful then the parents."

Nike: "Right." he scoffed. "Powerful enough to break a clone's connection to the original?"

Nicodemus: ''Yes. More powerful than any being anywhere.''

Nike: "Then tell me what it is!"

Nicodemus: ''The elements.''

Nike: "Who do the elements keep in contact with? Can I access them? Their power?"

Nicodemus: ''Me.''

Nike: eyes widened. "Then why haven't you done this for me before?"

Nicodemus: ''Because I don't like you and it is a lot of work getting the avatar or spirit here.''

Nike: "Well if it helps any, I don't like you either. And how could your wife not know she has a twin sister?"

Nicodemus: ''She never saw her even at birth.''

Nike: "And you've never told her that she has a twin? What does she think she's an only child?" he laughed and leaned on the counter.

Nicodemus: ''No because if something happened to Rose, like you, then that will upset her. Yes I believe she does.''

Nike: "Oh come on. She loves you. I'm sure she will love to hear that Rose and I have gotten together."

Nicodemus: ''What? About the part where you control every movement?''

Nike: "I do not control EVERY movement. And she doesn't need to know every detail of my intimate life either. She can be kept in the dark."

Nicodemus: ''I keep nothing from wife. And yes you do. She has to ask permission for everything.''

Nike: "Well that's stupid. Father keeps things from mother. And they get along just fine. In fact, she asks him permission for things too!"

Nicodemus: ''Yes well I am nothing like him. Woman have minds of their own they can make decisions of themselves. Asking to do stuff is like tell you that you can't breathe unless you ask permission.''

Girl: "THAT'S A LOAD OF CRAP." he paused. Right, respectful. "Sir." she gave him a sarcastic smile. "Hypocrite." she muttered.

Nicodemus: ''How so?''

Girl: "If you believed that you wouldn't treat ME nor my friend like this. You've taken away my right to a mind of my own."

Nicodemus: ''That kind of courtesy only applies to marriage mates. Now shut up.'' he turned back to Nike.

Nike: "I think...what if I was like your dad and I...married not for love but just for gain? It may work out better..." he smiled. "Yea."

Nicodemus: ''Marriage just to get an advantage over people how sad."

Nike: "Hey, it works for the parents. And I think they like each other now." he nodded.

Nicodemus: ''Like only. When hard times hit they will leave so they can live. They don't care for each other.''

Nike: sighed. "But I already love Rose. I just have to have her realize she loves me too."

Nicodemus: ''What if she doesn't?''

Nike: shook his head. "I don't know Nicodemus. I don't want to think about that possibility. I'm desperate enough to do anything."

Nicodemus: ''Then I suggest you listen to her with everything she asks from now on.''

Nike: "But I am leaving the sound prison on her until I am certain she loves me and will not leave."

Nicodemus: ''As long as that is on she will not love you.''

Nike: "But if I remove it now she will certainly leave. Or turn my brain into mush. One or the other. Or both."

Nicodemus: ''Simple fix.''

Nike: "Simple fix? How so?"

Nicodemus: "If you release the prison tell her if she tries to harm you in any way then you will kill her sister. As for the other, just make sure there is no seeable exit."

Nike: "Threaten her with Kah-Lee's life? You'd let me do that?"

Nicodemus: "As long as you wouldn't try anything for real then yes."

Nike: nodded. "Okay that might work." he leaned back. "But wait, you said Kah-Lee doesn't know she has a sister. Does Rosemarie know?"

Nicodemus: nodded, "Rosemarie is 2 minutes older."

Nike: "So like, a separated at birth sort of deal? Does Kah-Lee even know her real parents? Rosemarie called her parents to tell them she was married."

Nicodemus: "I am sure she does she just doesn't contact them because they don't like me." he laughed

Nike: "If this works," he smiled slightly, "I'll reconsider liking you man. I'd be grateful."

Nicodemus: smiled slightly too, "Yeah well let's get you a meeting with Spirit or the Avatar."

Nike: "Not yet. I should talk to Rose first. Give me a couple days?"

Nicodemus: "As you wish."

Nike: "Well...I might as well go home now I suppose. Get everything all set up to Rose's standards and all." he stepped back from the counter.

Nicodemus: "Alright, good luck."

Nike: "Thanks." he turned to leave, "Oh yea, and if the parents ask...I tortured your butt." he opened the door and walked out.


Rose: woke up softly.

Nike: smiled. He was sitting there, watching her, "Good morning my flower."

Rose: she didn't talk to him.

Nike: "What's wrong? Don't you love me?"

Rose: "I do not." She stated simply.

Nike: "That doesn't make sense. I was sure to make it where you loved me."

Rose: "Kientians are stronger than we look." She just got up off of the bed and got dressed, walking out into the living room and sitting down on the couch.

Nike: got up and followed her into the living room. He sat on the couch next to her, but made sure not to touch her. "How about we start over?" he offered.

Rose: "That still doesn't change what you've done."

Nike: "You can think of this as an arranged marriage. I wanted it, you didn't. But soon you will grow to love me as much as I love you."

Rose: "Only when I am dead, then I will finally have peace and not feel anything." She turned on the TV.

Nike: "I don't know what your problem is." He scooted closer to her, though still not touching her. "Do you not know how I feel for you?" he put his arm behind her on the back of the couch, almost around her but not touching. His eyes shifted their focus to her hair. He smiled slightly.

Rose: "I would rather not know." She said, watching TV. She shivered slightly when he moved his arm around her.

Nike: sighed, "Fine. But I should warn you of something important." He said, still watching her.

Rose: looked away from the TV, "What?" she looked at him for a moment before looking down and then over to the television again, putting it on mute. She kept her eyes away from him.

Nike: "I am...not an original creation. Nicodemus is where my genes came from. As an opposite clone, depending on what he feels is how I feel. The parents made it so...when he is angry I am twice as happy. But that also means when he is happy...I am twice as angry." He kept his eyes on her, wondering if she understood what he was saying; what he meant. "However, it is times when he is neither happy nor angry that my feelings are all my own and not a knock off of his." He spoke softly, "Do you understand." He watched her a moment longer and then looked away. He mumbled, "Probably why I acted as I did that first night- with the marriage and the biting. Because Nicodemus was happy on his date with Kah-Lee." He shook his head and spoke clearer, still looking away. "I don't know what I'm doing when those extremes of emotions hit me- either happy or angry. I can't control them. My emotions control me. It's how I was made." He gritted his teeth at the thought.

Rose: "I know that's why your eyes are gold and his are red originally."

Nike: "Then why do you blame me for something I can't control?" his eyes were back on her, studying her for an answer. "I'm sorry. I realize sometimes I don't go about things in the most conventional way, but why hate me for it? It's not like I can change."

Rose: "Everyone has the power to change who they are. You show no remorse; like you don't even care. You make excuses all the time, pinning the blame elsewhere. No matter who or what anyone is they can change for better or worse." She turned off the television and stared at the blank screen for a few moments.

Nike: "Apologies are remorse." He said coldly, watching her again.

Rose: didn't say anything.

Nike: "What you aren't speaking to me now?"

Rose: "Because I don't feel like it."

Nike: moved his arm back to his lap. "I have a present for you."

Rose: "Is it another dose of Kientian Vice?" she retorted.

Nike: "No." he smiled. "Better." he got up and went to the bathroom and came back out holding a jar of cream. He sat down on the couch again.

Rose: looked at him, "What is that? What does it do?"

Nike: "Close your eyes."

Rose: "I don't trust you."

Nike: "And I don't trust you." he sighed. "Come on, please?"

Rose: closed her eyes figuring it didn't matter the worse would come anyways.

Nike: moved his hand to brush the hair back from her neck. "Don't move. This will be cold."

Rose: she froze, it had come and she knew it. She had to listen to him and it drove her crazy

Nike: opened up the jar of cream and put a bit on his finger. He rubbed it lightly on her neck over the two bite marks he had left there, and the other bite mark from when Nicodemus had bit her. He watched all the marks vanish. He smiled. "Okay." he put her hair back where it was and leaned back, putting the lid back on the jar.

Rose: "What did you do?"

Nike: "Go look for yourself if you wish."

Rose: stood she went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, she gasped. "They're gone." she whispered.

Nike: "Yea." he came in behind her and set the cream on the bathroom sink.

Rose: "Thank you."

Nike: smiled slightly. "You are welcome." he went back out to the couch and sat down. He was doing what Nicodemus had advised him to do. He was giving her space.

Rose: she put her hands on the sink just staring at her reflection

Nike: wondered if giving her space meant the same as talking to her. But he figured, if she had something to say she would speak first.

Rose: "What made you do this for me?" she asked softly sitting on the couch again.

Nike: "I told you I love you and will do whatever it takes to help you feel the same. I figured this may be a good step to starting over. I know you hate to be bit so I assumed you didn't like the marks they left on your skin either."

Rose: nodded, "You were right."

Nike: "And I respect you enough to honor the fact that you don't want to be bit again."

Rose: "And if you are hungry enough?"

Nike: "I won't eat until I can make sure to find food elsewhere." he promised.

Rose: nodded, "I see." she said softly, her eyes were no longer filled with anger she looked down.

Nike: "I um...I talked to Nicodemus the other day. Before you awoke."

Rose: "Oh...what about?"

Nike: "He might know a way to make me my own person. Which means I will no longer feed off of his emotions but will be able to produce my own."

Rose: nodded, "That sounds wonderful. I am very happy for you."

Nike: smiled slightly. "Thank you." he looked back at the television, not sure how to continue.

Rose: didn't say anything she just remained quiet looking down at her hands.

Nike: "I'm sorry for making you a prisoner of sound. And taking advantage of you. I'm not good with...waiting for things."

Rose: "If that was the way you were raised then so be it. I realize that a prince charming doesn't exist."

Nike: shook his head. "It may be how I was raised, but like you said, people can change. So I wanted to tell you I am trying to change." he said softly. "So that you will love me back."

Rose:"I would appreciate that very much." she whispered.

Nike: gave a dry laugh. "Yes, but you said you will never love me back."

Rose: "We'll see." she was quiet for a moment, "May I get some water?"

Nike: "Yes you may."

Rose: "Thank you." she stood and went to the kitchen she got a cup down and filled it with water and drank it. Then she washed the cup and put it in the cupboard. She came back and sat down. She lay over on the couch.

Nike: moved away to the chair so he wouldn't touch her. He continued to watch TV, chewing on the many questions he wanted to ask her to get to know her.

Rose: she just watched the T.V. she had to admit that she wanted to retire early but she didn't think that she would be allowed.

Nike: "What is your birth date?"

Rose: "January 27."

Nike: nodded. "Thanks." he set the remote on the coffee table and went to the calendar. He marked the page.

Rose: nodded, she thought about that. It was ironic that she was born and married on the same day. She sighed, she could tell that day was going to be the death of her. And now it had.

Nike: "Wait a minute I'm...confused."

Rose: "About what?"

Nike: "Unless the Kientian Vice stopped it. I don't know." he half whispered half spoke. He turned to face her. "Where were you before you came to the mall that day?"

Rose: "I don't know. A lot of stuff happened that day. Other then the mall just home." she shrugged.

Nike: "Oh okay so you did visit your planet that day also. Well, maybe that's why then." he put the pen down and came back into the living room. He opened up a drawer in the dresser and pulled out a notebook, flipping through the pages.

Rose: she closed her eyes.

Nike: "Don't Kientians have that peculiar thing where they are in a great deal of pain on their birthday, if they are anywhere but their home planet? At least until they reach age 500."

Rose: nodded, "Yeah I am older than 500."

Nike: "How can that be though? Aren't you and Kah-Lee twins?"

Rose: nodded, "She is older than 500 to."

Nike: "She's a little liar then."

Rose: "What do you mean?"

Nike: shook his head and marked a page in his notebook. "She tells everyone she isn't even 300 yet."

Rose: thought for a moment. "Hmm...She's probably right."

Nike: "Then why are neither of you in pain on your b-days?"

Rose: shrugged, "I don't know."

Nike: "Interesting. I feel like researching this." he got up and went to his room and turned on his computer, taking his notebook with him.

Rose: remained on the couch, she was really tired. Her breathing slowed.

Nike: looked up a few things. After awhile he came out and noticed Rose asleep. He got one of his blankets and threw it over her, shutting off the TV and the light. He went back to his room.

Rose: woke up in a cold sweat. She realized she had made a noise she quickly put a hand over her mouth.

Nike: was still in his room. He came out, "Are you okay love?" he leaned over the back of the couch watching her peculiarly.

Rose: "I'm fine." she said when she uncovered her mouth.

Nike: "What's wrong? Swallow a fly?"

Rose: "Nothing is wrong." she took a pillow that was by her and held it to her.

Nike: "You can move to the bed if you want." he said softly.

It was pitch black outside now.

Rose: nodded, she stood taking the pillow with her, clutching it to her chest and got in bed not even bothering to change. She quietly cried.

Nike: listened to her from the doorway. He went and got her a cup of hot chocolate and set it on the nightstand. He didn't say anything he just went back to his computer.

Rose: sat up she drank it and then laid back down she still cried, then she just released her breath.

Nike: "Rose breath." he said from where he sat at the computer.

Rose: her body started to move but she didn't respond other than that.

Nike: turned the computer off then swiveled in his chair to watch her.

Rose: her eyes were closed, she held the pillow to her but not as before, her body just seemed lifeless except for the breathing.

Nike: wondered if she was just a still sleeper. He got up and grabbed his jacket.

Rose: she became conscious again; she curled up in a ball.

Nike: had left out the back door for a midnight run.

Rose: heard the door close, she got up and ran finding another phone she talked to someone for 5 minutes before she started hear noise she hung up and ran back to the bedroom she curled up again and rocked herself.

Nike: came in. "Rose I know you are awake." he said, and flung his jacket over the back of the couch. He walked into the bedroom.

Rose: nodded, she was still rocking, "I know. It's obvious when my eyes are open."

Nike: "Yea well. I know you called someone too. I told you I am in your head."

Rose: closed her eyes tight. She tensed waiting for the worst.

Nike: "I told you not to call anyone unless I was in the same room as you, do you not remember me telling you this?"

Rose: "I remember." she whispered.

Nike: "Then now it's an order. The phone is off limits." he picked up the phone and looked at who she had called last.

It read: Tanya Parker.

Nike: "Who is that?" he held the phone to her so she could read the name. He crouched in front of her. "Tell me now."

Rose: "She's my friend." she whispered.

Nike: "What did you tell her?" he lifted an eyebrow, lowering the phone. "I hope it was that you are ecstatic and overjoyed at being a newlywed."

Rose: still had her eyes closed tight, "That I couldn't go with her to where we had planned before and that I was sorry. And I didn't think I would be home for a while."

Nike: sighed. "What plans did you have? Do you want to go?" he sat on the floor, looking at the phone, not really angry anymore.

Rose: "It doesn't matter." she whispered. "I won't be allowed to go."

Nike: "You can go. I'll come with you."

Rose: shook her head sharply, "You wouldn't be able to get in."

Nike: "When were these plans made for? Tomorrow? Two days from now? When?"

Rose: didn't answer.

Nike: "You can go if you want." he said slowly and handed the phone back to her.

Rose: "Just forget it." she whispered.

Nike: "I am not trying to rid your life of fun!"

Rose: "No, just freedom and everything else good that was in it."

Nike: "You...can...go. That is freedom. So call your friend back and tell her."

Rose: "It's not important anymore once plans are broken you can't fix them."

Nike: "That's not true."

Rose: "She probably already found someone else by now." she only shed one tear she was determined not to cry around him anymore though she caught it after it was already out.

Nike: "Rose I'm sorry." his voice sounded pained; a mixture of sorrow and anger. "I did not mean to ruin your life. I wanted to make it better."

Rose: didn't say anything for a minute, "You can't help it, it's how you keep your life interesting. I know I am a horrible wife you don't have to rub it in. Or remind me."

Nike: bit his tongue. "You are not a horrible wife. I think you are perfect. Why do you think I couldn't wait to marry you, hmm?"

Rose: "I don't know. Because you wanted to break me."

Nike: growled. "You will not cancel anymore plans do you hear me? You will follow through on them all without giving away one single hint at the fact that you were forced into a marriage you didn't want. In fact if anyone asks, you will describe it will joy and not with suffering. All you will do, from now on, is mention to me where you are going, how long you will be gone and THEN you will be off and have fun. No more plans will you cancel because of me." he stood. "Understand?"

Rose: "Yes sir." she was still tense, waiting.

Nike: "You act like I married you like...I had a goal to accomplish and it's not like that." he turned and went to the dresser to get his pajamas on. "I don't want to break you. I like you the way you are." he pulled of his shirt.

Rose: nodded slowly she moved so he could get on though still in her ball.

Nike: changed into his pajama bottoms, no shirt. "No." he sighed. "The bed is yours. I have the couch."

Rose: "No, go ahead and take the bed," she stood still clutching the pillow, "I won't sleep anyway."

Nike: "The bed is yours." he repeated slowly. "Go to sleep." he turned and left. He didn't want to be angry around her. He had to remember not to hurt her, or else she may not love him. That's what Nicodemus had told him. He lay on the couch.

Rose: she lay on the bed though she couldn't sleep she just stared at the ceiling.


Rose: hadn't slept any she wasn't sure if she could get up or not. If she was allowed.

Nike: was feeling better. His eyes were a bit darker than before, as he was slightly hungry. He brought Rose in her food. "How are you feeling today love?" he set the food on her bed.

Rose: "Fine, and you?"

Nike: "You look tired love." he commented. He stepped back. "I apologize for getting angry at you last night."

Rose: "It's fine."

Nike: "What is it you want from me to make you happy?"

Rose: "I am happy." she tried a smile though it didn't come off as she had hoped. she took some bread from the breakfast and ate it

Nike: leaned against the wall. "This isn't working is it?"

Rose: "What isn't working?" she ate another piece of bread.

Nike: "You still harbor resentment towards me, even though I try to do things that you ask me to do."

Rose: "No matter what I still have to ask to do things, am still under the prisoner of sound." she murmured. She sat up. "But I don't care anymore, I am just unfeeling."

Nike: "What if...what if I released the sound prison?" he said slowly, watching her.

Rose: "Like I said, I am unfeeling now. I don't care one way or the other." her voice sounded dead.

Nike: "Rose please." he pleaded. "Fine. I'll have the marriage annulled."

Rose: "You can't it's already been over the limit of days."

Nike: "Then you know what? If I kill myself, the connection will be broken and you won't be married any longer." he turned and left the room to the kitchen. "It's better than living my life without you anyways."

Rose: stopped him, "No, I will not have you kill yourself because of me."

Nike: "I won't be killing myself because of you. I will be killing myself because I messed things up."

Rose: "I still won't let you do that."

Nike: "And why do you care? I mean nothing to you so why bother yourself with worrying about me?"

Rose: she couldn't help it, she pushed him on the couch. "Why not worry about my husband?" she countered. Her eyes were still a scary type of still and they were as gray as can be.

Nike: rolled off the couch and stood. "Stop it. I will not have you doing something you feel compelled to do. Not in this state you are in."

Rose: "What state is that?" she raised an eyebrow

Nike: "Depressed. Or something. With your eyes gray."

Rose: shrugged, "I don't feel compelled to do anything."

Nike: "Then what's with you pushing me on the couch? You are...not yourself."

Rose: "Explain." she said softly, analyzing him with her eyes.

Nike: "I know you don't want this marriage. So I am trying to make you happy the only way I know how."

Rose: "By killing yourself?" she scoffed, "Yeah cause that will really make me like you."

Nike: shrugged. "It will make you maybe martyr me. Realize I am not just married to you because I was bored."

Rose: smirked and evil smile, "Pity then you'll miss it, though if that is what you want I would be happy to oblige."

Nike: "What? Oblige in...killing me?"

Rose: smiled, "Of course darling."

Nike: "Rose...what's wrong with you?"

Rose: "Nothing is wrong with me Nike. I am just being myself. Oh you don't like it?"

Nike: "Your eyes are still gray!"

Rose: she blinked and they were colorful then, all different colors known to the galaxy was there.

Nike: smiled. "Oh. Well, I see you are feeling better. So I don't need to die just yet." he walked back into the kitchen.

Rose: hissed.

Nike: "WHAT?" he said, shocked and stopped. He watched her.

Rose: smirked a very sinister smiled, "Come here Nike." she spoke in a persuading voice one that wanted him to go to her. To listen to anything she said.

Nike: came closer to her, watching her warily.

Rose: smiled, "That's it." she put her hands on his chest.

Nike: stepped back. "Rose." he cautioned. His eyes still slightly gray.

Rose: "What?" she said looking at him.

Nike: "You don't want me touching you."

Rose: "Perhaps I've changed my mind she stepped back up to him placing her hands in the same place.

Nike: "I'm...hungry. I can't." he put his hands over hers, slightly squeezing them.

Rose: she kissed him.

Nike: kissed her back. He pushed her onto the couch. "Well, I said I'd wait until you wanted it and technically...this is permission."

Rose: smiled, "Yes this is what I want." she whispered and kissed him again, taking a saber out of her pocket, she stabbed him in the heart. "You should have listened to me Nike."

Nike: "Rose." he gasped. He pulled the saber out. "What's wrong with you?" he pushed off of her, watching as the wound closed. "It's harder than that to kill me!"

But it was too late the poison already in his blood stream.

Rose: "It is not done, on that saber was poison to kill a Snyde." she watched him; "You should have gave me my freedom when you had the chance."

Nike: "If that's what you want. I told you, you could." he dropped the saber. "So stab me again to make it quicker."

Rose: "No, I will not. I like watching people suffer."

Nike: "I don't show pain and suffering. Do you know who my parents are?" he pushed her aside and sat on the couch. "I'm used to pain and suffering by now. I hate to disappoint you." he had his hand over his heart.

Rose: "Perhaps that is true however you must know that this is the end. I have finally won." she smirked, "I can wait. Besides why not make it fun for me."

Nike: "You..." he stopped and closed his eyes. "I love you Rose I just hope you remember that."

Rose: rolled her eyes, "Just lie to the death why don't you."

Nike: "Yes. Because I am such a nice person I would..." his speech became slower. "Let you without fighting back if I didn't love you. Sometimes women can be so stupid I swear."

Rose: "It doesn't matter to me how you feel about me because after this day it will be all over. Choose your next 5 seconds carefully that's all you have left."

Nike: "You are released from the prison of sound Rose." he said slowly, and leaned his head back.

Rose: she blinked the haze gone she watched him.

Nike: "I love you."

Rose: "You said that already." she reminded him softly.

Nike: his voice sounded strained. "Last words to remember me by." he stopped breathing.

That is when he woke up in a cold sweat; it was all just a dream. He was awake and alive. Rose sat in front of him on the floor watching T.V. it was on silent but with subtitles.

Rose: she turned the haze over her eyes still, "I'm sorry I didn't want to wake you so I just umm..was watching T.V...I'm sorry."

Nike: "How odd." he said, sitting up. He put his hand to his forehead.

Rose: looked confused, "I'm sorry I don't understand." she watched him.

Nike: shook his head. "I thought you were in the bedroom sleeping."

Rose: "I couldn't sleep." she stood turning off the T.V. "But I will return if you wish."

Nike: "No that's fine. I think I had just one of the best nightmares of my life." he stood and went to the kitchen. It was still slightly dark out, but dawn was coming.

Rose: "I don't wish to upset you." she said softly.

Nike: laughed. "I like that." he opened the fridge, and realizing that he had run out of his bottled red drink, he just closed it again and stepped back. "What was the last thing we talked about?" the dream had confused him. He wasn't sure what was real life or not anymore.

Rose: "You told me the bed was mine and to go asleep and then you went to the couch."

Nike: "Did I apologize for getting angry at you?"

Rose: "No, but you don't have to. It's my fault."

Nike: "I apologize then." he got down another mug and made her some hot chocolate. "Here." he handed it to her. "It may help you sleep."

Rose: "Thank you but I don't think that is possible."

Nike: "You can't sleep here can you?"

Rose: shook her head, "Only when I am unconscious."

Nike: smiled slightly, "I could help with that." he joked and set the hot chocolate on the coffee table.

Rose: took her cup and drank some.

Nike: "What do you need to help you sleep? Familiar surroundings? What do you want me to do to make you happy love?" he stopped. In no way was he repeating that dream. He sat in a chair.

Rose shrugged, "I am happy."

Nike: "Heh..." he laughed nervously. "You don't happen to have any weapons on you, do you?"

Rose: "No. What kind of question is that?"

Nike: "Just a dream I had. It's nothing."

Rose: nodded, "Ok."

Nike: "Though...yea. Never mind." he got up and went to his room and changed into his clothes.

Rose: nodded, she sighed, she just sat there.

Nike: "What would you say if I annulled the marriage?" he said, walking back out to the living room, coming up behind her.

Rose: "I'd say that it's already passed the date so you couldn't."

Nike: "What would you say if I said I'd kill myself so you could live your life free again?"

Rose: thought for a moment, "I would say you are stupid or messed up in the head."

Nike: smiled. "Okay then we are good."

Rose: looked confused. "You don't really think I would try to kill you do you?"

Nike: "If you do." he said. "The poisoned saber worked wonders. Just, no matter how much I love you, do not expect me to show pain okay?"

Rose: "Alright though I wouldn't expect it or try it out."

Nike: "No prob." he sat on the couch. "Though I will say, you kiss pretty well when you want something."

Rose: looked confused again, "Ok, I still have no idea what you are talking about. I have never kissed you." she stood, "I'm sorry I should remain silent."

Nike: "You did in my dream." he paused. "Then you killed me." he smiled. "I loved it."

Rose: nodded slowly not saying anything.

Nike: "I never said you had to remain silent. You chose either no talking, or no touching. Since you chose no touching, you have to talk a lot."

Rose: nodded, "That's right. Well, I don't really care what you do to me anymore." she shrugged. "I'm done with caring."

Nike: his smile faded. "You are unfeeling now?"

Rose: "Not unfeeling just not caring. You could abuse me and I wouldn't care."

Nike: "I couldn't abuse you." he sighed. "If I released you from the sound prison, would you still stay with me?"

Rose: "You would make me do so anyway so is there a point? Like I said I don't care one way or another."

Nike: "Leave then Rose. Go away. I've messed it up anyways. And I would rather you be somewhere feeling then here not caring."

Rose: "I can't leave." she told him softly.

Nike: "You are released from prison of sound Rose." he paused. "Now you can leave." he wasn't in a happy mood anymore. He jumped over the back of the couch and went into the kitchen, looking for anything to ease his hunger.

Rose: followed him, "Here." she moved her hair for him to bite her, "I am giving it to you willingly now."

Nike: "Go away. You hate to be bitten I am not biting you. The quicker you leave the easier it is on me." he opened up a closet and pulled out two suitcases. "Take the clothes I got for you, with you. No one else will be wearing them."

Rose: "Please don't be like this. I want you to bite me. Please Nike."

Nike: "This is just like the dream. And then you stab me, saying 'You shouldn't have kidnapped me in the first place!'" he walked away and sat down at his desk.

Rose: "This is not a dream. Nike please listen to me. I want you to bite me. Please. I want to help you."

Nike: "I'll go to town later." he assured her, turning on his computer. "Don't forget to take the cream with you."

Rose: she closed her eyes, "I don't want to leave." she whispered.

Nike: looked up at her. "You do. Ever since you got here that is what you've wanted to do. You have nightmares here. You can't even sleep. So just leave. I'll find some way to break the connection between us. And if nothing I do works, I will end my life to end the connection."

Rose: "You can't do that." she cried out.

Nike: "Real life is always worse than dreams." he whispered, turning to face his computer screen.

Rose: "Fine, I'll break the connection. I won't bother taking anything with me. As my husband you would get it all anyway."

Nike: "Yea thanks. Leave me with a bunch of girl clothes. Reminders of your existence and how I lost you. I appreciate that." he said sarcastically.

Rose: "You're the one telling me to! Just drape them over my GRAVE or something!"

Nike: "You're the one who wanted to leave!"


Nike: "SINCE WHEN!" he glared at her. "What the hot chocolate I make is THAT good! Don't tell me after I yelled at you last night suddenly you fawn all over me."

Rose: she lowered her voice and cringed. "I just want to be respected Nike. I am sorry about last night."

Nike: "I respect you! Why do you think I am not touching you? Do you think it's because I don't want to!"

Rose: she took a step back, "I'm sorry Nike." she said softly.

Nike: "Do you think I bought you that scar healing cream because it makes me feel better? Do you think I don't bite you because I hate the way you taste? Do you think that I gave you the bed because I prefer the couch? Do you think I bought you all those clothes because I want to wear them?" he laughed dryly. "And do you think, that I make you hot chocolate, every morning, because I love to smell it and yet not drink it?" his eyes were cold and hard. He was standing now, fists clenched, his jaw strained. "Don't you dare tell me I never respected you."

Rose: nodded, she couldn't find her voice to speak so she said nothing.

Nike: "Now leave. Exactly what you have been wanted to do since I did so disrespectfully force you to marry me, and force my connection upon you. I apologize. But I realize that there is where you stand correct in me lacking respect for you. And that is where my fault lies."

Rose: she dropped to her knees in from of him, she bowed to him, he face as low as the floor. "Please let me stay." she whispered.

Nike: "What are you doing? Go hang out with your friends. I am not here to ask permission of anymore. You have your freedom back."

Rose: "I'll be a better wife. I swear."

Nike: "You already were a perfect wife! But you hated being here and now, though it pains me most, I am showing the utmost respect for you, and letting you go." he walked past her and grabbed his jacket.

Rose: she got up, "When I am dead. I hope you will remember me." she kissed him then grabbed her stuff.

Nike: "Stop. What do you mean dead?" his eyes were full of hurt, but his cheek tingled from her kiss.

Rose: "I will not live without you, I am going as is your wish but I will not continue to live."

Nike: "My word. You sound like me in my dream. This is backwards Rose and you know it is!"

Rose: didn't say anything, she just looked away.

Nike: "When did that happen? Last night when you couldn't sleep, or the day before, when you woke up angry at me for forcing you into my life?"

Rose: "When did what happen? Things get all backwards?" she still didn't look at him

Nike: "Yes. When did you start to...I don't know. Want to stay here."

Rose: "When I finally admitted to myself that I did love you. But you don't care about that."

Nike: "You don't love me." he dropped his jacket and gripped the back of the couch tightly. There were some crackling noises. He hung his head and took deep breaths. "You told me you would never love me."

Rose: "I didn't want to admit it, I was afraid."

Nike: "Afraid of what?" he laughed icily.

Rose: "Of being hurt. Of not being good enough, and being a disappointment."

Nike: "That makes no sense to me what so ever. I tell you over and over again how much I feel for you." he leaned up and released the couch. He pushed it away forcefully. It slid into the other wall. "Not being good enough and being a disappointment is something that you could never accomplish."

Rose: nodded to his second sentence.

Nike: laughed dryly. "Ha. I did it. I forced you to love me and now you are living in this dream world of believing you actually love me back. I'm good. It took no more than a matter of three days!"

Rose: "This is not a dream world." she disagreed.

Nike: "Yes then prove it Rose! Show me respect!" he growled.

Rose: "How do you wish me to do that?"

Nike: "By PROVING to me that your words are more than just words."

Rose: she walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips.

Nike: lifted his hand around the back of her head and entwined his fingers through her hair. He figured if she wanted to stab him in the heart let her. What a better way to die.

Rose: continued to kiss him.

Nike: pushed her back. "I can't do this." his eyes were full black now. "I need to go hunt."

Rose: "Please take some of mine, I am serious. It is a way I can show you respect. Please."

Nike: "You hate to be bitten."

Rose: "But I LOVE you."

Nike: "And so that changes things?"

Rose: nods, she moved her hair out of the way. "I willing will let you bite me."

Nike: "I can't. I will drain you again. I do it to everything I bite."

Rose: "That won't kill me remember? And if you really wanted to I bet you could stop."

Nike: bent down and bit her neck, unable to resist anymore.

Rose: smiled, she looked down and felt the blood leave her body.

Nike: stopped when he felt control again. It was hard but he pulled his fangs out and licked her wounds so that the saliva of the Snyde would heal her open wound faster. He pulled her to the bathroom and applied the cream. His eyes weren't bright gold, but the little red in them was weak and fading.

Rose: was a little clumsy, "You need to bite something more. You aren't really under control yet." she whispered.

Nike: "No it's fine." he watched the scar fade. "Anymore and you will be drained."

Rose: nodded, she could feel it.

Nike: picked her up and set her on the bed. "Okay. Rest." he stepped back. "Sorry for touching you."

Rose: "It's okay." she whispered and reached for him.

Nike: "What?" he stepped closer and lifted his fingers to her hand.

Rose: "Please stay with me." she whispered to him she took his hands.

Nike: "In here? You mean you don't want the bed all to yourself anymore?"

Rose: shook her head, "Please stay here." she whispered again.

Nike: "Okay." he said and released her hands. He climbed in on the other side of the bed and laid there. He left a small space between them, resting his head on his hand propped up. He watched her, wondering when the moment would come and he would realize he was yet sleeping.

Rose: leaned her head on his chest and fell asleep.

Nike: wrapped his arm around her. If it was a dream, why not make the most of it? Nothing was going to last anyways. He kissed her forehead and laid his cheek on her head. He closed his eyes.

Rose: woke up later feeling better. She looked up at him and smiled.

Nike: opened his eyes, looking down at her. "Good afternoon now."

Rose: smiled up at him, "Good afternoon."

Nike: climbed off the bed. He changed into his clothes for the day.

Rose: "Love you."

Nike: smiled. "You do still?"

Rose: nodded, "Yes. Always and forever."

Nike: "I love you too." he said and leaned down to kiss her then stopped. He stepped back. She hated to be touched. He grabbed his jacket.

Rose: her smiled faded a bit, "Where are you going?"

Nike: "To get Nicodemus to make me my own person."

Rose: nodded. "Ok, what do you want me to do while you are gone?"

Nike: "Call your parents to have them visit."

Rose: nodded, "That's okay with you?"

Nike: "Honey, if you wanted to kill me, you'd have done it earlier this morning."

Rose: "So it's okay then?"

Nike: "Yes. It is. If anything bad happens now at least I had those few last hours to remember you by."

Rose: her forehead creased in worry, "Please don't speak like that."

Nike: "Then I won't."

Rose: "Thank you." she kissed him again

Nike: "So is the no touching or no talking rule being revised a bit?"

Rose: smiled, "You could say that."

Nike: kissed her again. "Good." he said and lifted her up back onto the bed. He slipped off his jacket, continuing to kiss her. 'Let's just see how far this dream girl will go' he thought.

Rose: kissed him back more and more passionately.

Nike: "You aren't going to lay back and close your eyes, dreaming of France?" he said between kisses as he slipped off her shirt.

Rose: got his off, "Would you rather me do that again?"

Nike: "No. I just wondered. And," he paused as his shirt slid over his head. "For a fact, I think my dream got your kisses just right."

Rose: "Only without the killing sting I hope."

Nike: "Well the dream hasn't ended yet so I don't know for sure."

Rose: she looked at him, "You still think this is a dream?"

Nike: "I hope everyday from mine now on is a dream if I get to spend it with you. Even if you kill me, it's better than waking up to you hating me again."

Rose: "What must I do to prove this is real?"

Nike: "It seems real enough to me." he pressed his mouth against hers to stop her from talking.

Rose: kissed him back catching on, she wouldn't talk anymore.


Rose: smiled, she was curled up by Nike.

Nike: smiled down at her. "Well, that lasted longer than the first time."

Rose: "I wanted it this time."

Nike: "So I take it you don't want the marriage annulled?" He was busy tracing the veins of her palm lightly with his thumb. The touch almost tickled. He watched his hand over hers, loving the way it looked together.

Rose: smiled she loved him so much.

Nike: "Okay." he climbed off the bed and dressed. "Time to see Nicodemus because I am not risking getting angry around you. And when he is happy, I get angry. Meaning, he must be really angry now because I am happy. Or maybe I am happy because of you." he paused for a moment thinking. "I don't know. This will be a lot easier when I am my own separate person with my own emotions instead of my emotions fed from the opposite of his."

Rose: nodded, "Ok, but may I come with you? I haven't been anywhere but here for days. I need some new surroundings for a little while." she sat up holding the sheet to her.

Nike: "Ummm..." he paused. "You may not like Nicodemus house. Maybe it's best you didn't come..."

Rose: "But I..." she closed her eyes and nodded, "Ok."

Nike: pulled on his jacket. "I didn't say you couldn't come. I just said it would be better for you. But if you don't complain about what he's doing then it should be fine if you come."

Rose: got up quickly and got dressed she brushed her hair and put it back.

Nike: was leaning against the door waiting. "Ready?"

Rose: smiled, "Yes." she grabbed her purse.

Nike: "Okay, hold on." he grabbed her arm and pulled her to him and kissed her as they teleported to the yard outside of Nicodemus house. He stepped back and walked towards the house.

Rose: kissed him back, and then walked to the house.

Nike: knocked on the door.

Madison: opened the door.

Rose: gasped but didn't say anything.

Nike: smiled down. "Hello again little one." he pushed her aside and walked in.

Rose: followed him in, she felt bad for the girl but she didn't think she could do anything to help her.

Madison: closed the door and continued her work.

Nike: "Nicodemus are you home?" he threw his jacket on the floor.

Nicodemus: walked down the hall, "I thought I heard your voice." he nodded in Rose's direction. "Rosemarie."

Nike: "I didn't have to threaten to hurt Kah-Lee either." he smirked.

Rose: her eyes widened and she stepped back.

Nicodemus: smirked, "Good."

Nike: glanced at Rosemarie. "No it's okay. I am just kidding." he turned back to Nicodemus. "Speak to the avatar yet?"

Nicodemus: "No, however we can get him."

Nike: nodded. "Well, now that Rosemarie actually likes me, I think we should get the avatar as soon as possible."

Fire: appeared with the Avatar. "That one." she pointed to Nicodemus.

Avatar: "I see," he turned to Nicodemus, "You needed my help?" he looked to Nike then as well

Rose: her eyes widened, "The avatar." she whispered.

Nike: "Awesome." he gave a slight smile at them both. "Would you be able to make a clone their own person? Separate from the original?"

Tammy: whispered from the couch. "Looks Tabs. More non human thingies." she pointed and stared.

Avatar: "Of course I can."

Tabitha: turned and looked.

Nike: "Then please do so."

Avatar: he looked between the two using his power and made them two separate people. "It is done."

Fire: sat on a chair making fireballs

Nike: smiled. "Wow that was fast." he looked to Rose. "Do I look different to you?"

Rose: smiled, "Not really but that's okay." she kissed him.

Nike: kissed her back. "Good."

Tammy: was staring wide eyed at Fire. "Intriguing."

There was a knock on the door.

Madison: answered the door, "Hello?"

Nathan: "Child." he kicked her out of the way. "I heard there was a party here. Didn't want to miss it." he looked up away from Madison and around the room at everyone, a smirk on his face.

Nicodemus: "Father."

Madison: got up and continued what she had been doing.

Rose: got closer to Nike.

Nathan: narrowed his eyes. "Kah-Lee's sister...what are you doing here?"

Rose: looked to Nike, not sure what to say. She looked to Nathan again. "Just to visit."

Nathan: "I see." he motioned. "Nike come with me."

Nike: "For what Nathan?"

Nathan: "Did I tell you to ask questions?"

Rose: looked back to Nike, "Please don't go." she whispered to him.

Nike: looked down at her. "I...have to."

Nathan: "Please don't tell me you two are together." he snarled and grabbed Nike's arm. He pulled him to the door. "This is not what we created you for."

Avatar: "You will stop Nathan." he forced him to the ground and forced him to release Nike.

Nathan: "This is none of your business Avatar."

Avatar: "You have no right to speak to me like that."

Fire: smirked, "Can I burn him to ashes?"

Nathan: bit his tongue. "Yes. My mighty apologies Sir Avatar. May I ask what brings you here?"

Nike: stepped back over to Rose.

Avatar: "I am helping your son and Nike. Nike is no longer one of your creations. You have no command over him anymore."

Tammy: "What's an avatar?" she whispered to Tabitha. "Is it like that movie? Because he looks nothing like the movie characters."

Nathan: "He is still my son."

Tabitha: "Hold on." she whispered.

Avatar: "No. He is no part of you." he growled.

Nathan: "Part of Nicodemus DNA is part of my DNA. He may not be fully my son, but part of him is."

Avatar: "It does not matter; I tire of knowing how you treat your family with such disrespect."

Fire: leaned over to Nicodemus, "I say just let me burn him to ashes."

Nicodemus: "You'll get the opportunity I am sure."

Fire: smiled, "You're right."

Nathan: "You have no district over how I treat my family." he growled.

Andraia: walked in. "Hi ever...what's going on Nicodemus?" she glanced from Nathan to glare at her son.

Nicodemus: "Just a chat mother."

Avatar: "Get next to your husband." a smile lit his face in amusement. "Just the other person I wanted to see."

Andraia: looked to the avatar. "Why?" she said slowly.

Avatar: quoted her and Nathan's words. "Did I ask for you to speak? Just do it."

Andraia: walked over and knelt next to her husband. "What's wro-" she whispered to him.

Nathan: "Shut up Andraia." he snapped before she could finish.

Fire: "Well I'm going to make some food." she said to Nicodemus and back flipped out of the chair.

Avatar: "Because neither of you know how to act like a real family and mess with other's lives I am taking away your power of controlling time and well as your strength. Both of you will now just be humans."

Nathan: growled. "HUMANS?"

Avatar: "That's right. Until I see fit to change it."

Nicodemus: leaned over to Nike, "That's why you don't follow their example."

Andraia: said nothing. She just stared at the floor.

Nathan: "IS that ALL?" he said through clenched teeth.

Nike: "I see." he answered back.

Avatar: smiled, "Do you want more punishment?"

Nathan: "Being human is more than enough punishment for anyone to bear."

Tammy: "Oh come on it's not THAT bad!"

Avatar: "No. You deserve far worse, as of the moment I am being merciful." he took away all that he said he would. "If I hear or see you causing pain to your family I will be back and you will suffer a worse fate. Am I understood?"

Tammy: "Hey! If he gets punished for hurting people then punish his son too! He killed my friend's brother! Let us go!"

Nathan: "You are." he said through clenched teeth.

Andraia: sniffed.

Nathan: glared at his wife. "ARE YOU CRYING?"

Andraia: "NO." she looked away from him.

Nathan: "You better not be. You know what happens to those who cry." he said sourly.

Avatar: "Am I going to have to punish you so soon Nathan?"

Nathan: "I can do what I want with my wife." he growled.

Avatar: grabbed him by the throat, "Then it seems that your punishment will be now." he hissed. "NEVER do you anger an element."

Andraia: "NO DON'T HURT HIM!" she screamed.

Avatar: growled, and threw him down, "Then teach him respect."

Fire: walked in, "Or I could turn him into ash."

Nathan: "I do not listen to women." he hissed.

Avatar: "Very well, then you shall live in the same day only with your wife until you learn respect." he smirked, "Remember a day is a year."

Nathan: smirked back. "I shall have fun with that."

Andraia: "NO! DON'T!"

Avatar: "If you hurt her in any way then I will kill you beyond return."

Nathan: "Don't worry. I will not touch her." he smirked and stood. "Come Andraia."

Andraia: "Nathan...don't..."

Nathan: "DID I BID YOU TO SPEAK? Let us go." he grabbed her arm.

Avatar: "I never said she was going with you. You will be going alone into the past." he pulled her away from him. "Good bye Nathan." he sent Nathan back in time to be stuck there.

Andraia: "NATHAN!" she screamed.

Fire: "If I were you I would keep quiet before he goes off on you too."

Andraia: closed her eyes and said nothing else. She had learned enough from Nathan when to be still and endure what was given.

Avatar: "That goes for you too. You are to treat your family with respect and not to terrorize them anymore is that understood?"

Andraia: "I want my husband back."

Avatar: "Then I suggest you listen to what I said and put it into practice."

Andraia: nodded slowly but said nothing.

Avatar: sighed and turned back to the other, "My work here is done."


Tabitha: "Shh...don't make him angry."

Tammy: "AVATAR PLEASE! You can't punish just him! Nicodemus does the same things!"

Avatar: turned to her, "Are you his family?"

Tammy: scowled. "So you only help HIS FAMILY?"

Fire: stood by, "Here we go."

Tabitha: "Tammy shhh..." she whispered.


Avatar: "No. It is not alright." he growled.



Tabitha: "Tammy stop." her voice normal now

Tammy: "I have nothing more to say." she crossed her arms and just glared, still standing on the couch.

Avatar: looked to Andria, "Release Tabitha's family."

Andraia: "I don't have the power."

Avatar: "You do not have the power to bring them over here, believe it or not even a human can do that."

Andraia: "My husband will kill me." she whispered. And she meant that literally, not in a figurative sense.

Avatar: "Your husband is not here and if he tries to do so then it is his death, not yours."

Andraia: left the room and went back to her house. She got Tabitha's family and came back; the mother, father, and the other girl. The mother looked weak beyond all reason, couldn't even barely stand. The father had marks and welts from beatings all over him, and the girl looked frail, much like the mother, except there were no bite marks on her skin.

Rose: stifled a cry.

Avatar: released them all to perfect health.

Girl: she looked at her mom and then her father.

Tabitha: "Mom, Dad? Chealsa?" she stood

Mother: "Rose you are okay." she cried and ran to her daughter, hugging her.

Father: wasn't exactly sure what was going on. He looked to Chealsa and then to Tammy, then back at the Avatar and Fire.

Fire: "Go on; rejoice that your family is together again."

Rose: hugged her mom, "Mom." she cried.

Father: "The family is not together. The boy is dead." he whispered harshly.

Mother: "Tammy are you alright?" she pulled her into the hug.

Tammy: "Yes Darlene. I'm fine." she hugged her back.

Fire: smirked, "Is he really?" she picked something up from behind her, it was the boy.

Andraia: "How is that possible?" she gasped.

Father: "David!" he yelled and hugged his son in a crushing way, smothering him in kisses.

Fire: smiled, and looked to Andraia, "Nicodemus was right, the elements are the constant no matter where you are we are there. The Avatar and Spirit can do as they please. Avatar brought back the boy. Something NO ONE can stop. Not even you."

Tammy: "So we can leave now?"

Tammy was over by Chealsa.

Avatar: "In a moment." he turned to Tabitha.

Tabitha: "Thank you Avatar, for returning my family."

Avatar: "You should make sure that they are not thirsty, I am sure you have something to tell them."

Tabitha: "I can tell them."

Avatar: nodded.

Tabitha: turned to face her family, "Is anything thirsty?" she had an unsure look to her face.

Father: "No. We lost our appetites awhile back." he said, holding David in his arms. "Unless David is thirsty. Or hungry." he looked at his son.

Tammy: "Why Tabitha?" he watched her, wondering.

Tabitha: "There is something I have to tell all of you, I am not the person you think I am."

David: nodded a little.

Father: "Can someone get David something?" he looked to Fire.


Fire: brought him something to eat.

Tabitha: "Just watch." she streamed water from all the way from the kitchen showing she can affect water. "I am part element." she said softly. "I'm a half breed."

Tammy: "Why didn't you tell me this before!" she sounded hurt.

Parents watched in shock.

Tabitha: "I wasn't allowed to tell anyone." she walked over to Tammy and using the water healed all her wounds.

Tammy: stepped back. "Don't. You promised me."

Tabitha: "Tammy, I am telling you now. It was for your protection but you already knew. This should be no shock, as a friend I hope you to understand why I couldn't tell anyone."

Tammy: shook her head. "You could have saved us before this! When that V3po girl came you could have done exactly what she did but you made me look stupid!" her eyes stung with tears.

Tabitha: closed her eyes, "This is why I should never tell anyone." she turned to Avatar.

Avatar: "They needed to know who you really are. True friends Tabitha will stick by you no matter what. They accept you for who you are."

Tabitha: looked at her parents. "Please understand," she looked back at Tammy. "Please don't hate me because I am different."

Tammy: "I don't care what you are but when I was changed you could have helped me! Made me feel less like a freak for being different!" she yelled.

Darlene: nodded. "I understand honey. It's alright. We have been changed so much because of this whole ordeal. Nothing will make us hate you for it." she spoke softly.

Tammy: "NO! INSTEAD all you did was cower in fear of me! FINE! I'll do the same to you now TABITHA!"

Tabitha: "I wanted to help you but when the Avatar says I can't say anything then I can't."

Father: "Tammy calm down." he urged.

Tammy: "And now you are the one with the powers and I am still the one left in the dark." she turned and walked out the door.

Fire: stopped her, "Not so fast."

Tammy: "LET ME GO!" she cried, the tears coming out. "I AM DONE HERE!"

Tabitha: "Tammy, please let me help you, so you will no longer be in the dark. Please."

Tammy: "No. You know what; I think I will stay here. You and your family can go home. But I would rather be abused then hang out with those who keep secrets and hide who they really are from me! Why don't I just go get myself bit again, hmm!"

Tabitha: a tear came to her eyes, "I'm sorry. I HAD NO CHOICE!"

Tammy: "Everyone has a choice Tabitha!"

Father: "Tammy! Stop it! We have all been through enough what is wrong with you?"

Tabitha: "Not everyone."

Tammy: "Then why did you make me feel like an outcast when I was changed! Why?"


Tammy: "I don't care anymore. Go find another friend to keep secrets from." she walked away from the door and down the hall.

Tabitha: she fell to her knees and just cried.

Tammy: went to her room and slammed the door closed.

Fire: "Maybe we should get her mother." she told Avatar

Avatar: "Perhaps your right."

Father: "Maybe it is time we go." he said.

Darlene: went over to Tabitha. "Honey it's okay." she hugged her. "When we get out of here everything will be normal again. This place just messes with our heads." she whispered to her daughter.

Tabitha: "She hates me, she'll never forgive me. I had no choice mom, I had to keep it a secret." she continued to cry.

Darlene: "I understand honey it's alright. Maybe she just needs time."

Father: "I think we should go." he repeated.

Tabitha: "I want to see V3po before I go." she whispered.

Father: "Who?"

Tabitha: "My other mom. The one that gave me this power."

Father: nodded. "Then see her."

Darlene: let go of her daughter and just sat on her knees next to her on the floor.

Tabitha: closed her eyes, "Mother." she whispered.

V3po: there was a portal that opened in front of Tabitha and she stepped out. "Daughter." she hugged her, "It's ok, we will find some way to fix this. I promise." she kissed her forehead. "It's okay." she hugged her close to her.

Darlene: watched in astonishment.

Tammy: came out of the room and found a way to open up Kelta's door. She went inside, shutting the door again behind her.

Tabitha: "I want to go home mom. Earth holds no friends for me now."

V3po: "Darling I know and I want you to come home so badly but you know it's not allowed. You must stay here with your other family. If we are not strong and get through the rough times then who is going to enjoy the good times. I know that you have been through so much my daughter, but you have to keep pressing on."

Tabitha: "It's so hard mom. I miss you so much."

V3po: "I know darling but remember every time you use your power I am right there to cheer you on, okay?" she paused. "I love you Tabitha."

Tabitha: "I love you too."

There were screeching sounds coming from Kelta's room.

Fire: "I'll go." she ran to Kelta's room and shoved her back. "ENOUGH!"

Nike: "She's going to get herself killed." he whispered.

Kelta: smirked. "I've already bitten her."

Fire: "Good thing I can stop the change then." she hissed and did so. "I am so tempted to kill you Kelta."

Rose: nodded, she had promised not to complain or anything so she kept quiet.


Kelta: hissed back at her. "Then do it already."

Fire: smiled, "I will enjoy this." she snapped her fingers and watched as she burned turning to ash.

Nike: "Geez Rose the day you decide to come is one of the most exciting. Good choice girl."

Tammy: "NO!"

Rose: smiled slightly, "Thanks."

Fire: turned to her, "Why are you so content in wanting to be bitten?"

Tammy: "I'm done with being human. The ONLY reason I wanted to stay human was for Tabitha! But we see Tabitha ISN'T EVEN HUMAN!"

Fire: "She still has human emotions, half of her is. You know why you are not?"


Fire: "FRIENDS DON"T BITE OTHERS! Your true friend is down there crying because she lost you. The only person you care about is yourself. How you feel all the time but guess what, OTHERS HAVE FEELINGS AS WELL!"

Tammy: "MAYBE IT'S TIME ALL OF YOU ELEMENTS WERE PUNISHED! TO SHOW YOU THAT IN ORDER TO GAIN RESPECT YOU MUST SHOW IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!" she growled, her fists clenched. "Fine. If I care about just myself then you know what, I should have bitten Tabitha when I had the chance! That would have proved it even more."

Fire: "Tabitha helped you she trusted you with her secret she could have told you to leave so she could tell her family alone. To her this is WORSE than losing a family member." her hands glowed with fire.

Tammy: "I don't want to be human."

Fire: "You wouldn't be if you would not get angry over every little thing. That is why no one except fools is willing to change you."

Tammy: smirked. "Right. Thank Nicodemus for me will you?" she marched from the room and back to hers.

Fire: made it to where she could not move. "Listen to me. Change your attitude I will make sure that you are not human or just human. Is that a deal?"

Tammy: "I don't have an attitude. It's you who has the problem. Everyone else is messed up!"

Fire: "You do, always yelling and in your anger you just lost the person who loves you most."

Tammy: rolled her eyes, they were moist with angry hurt tears. "Right. Well, Tabitha doesn't need me anymore. She has her element world to hang with."

Fire: "She is not allowed to come into our world and she knows it, we can't visit her when we wish. She needs friends here Tammy, she needs you."

Tammy: "Well I wouldn't want to tarnish her perfect attitude now would I?"

Fire: "What she needs is more important, she knows how to control her emotions. She has done so for a long time."

Tammy: "Good for her." she crossed her arms. "I'll be the pathetic human next to a powerful half breed. Sounds very fun." she said dryly.

Fire: "If you would control your attitude then you could be a powerful half breed as well."

Tammy: let out a sigh. She rubbed her eyes. "I can try."

Fire: nodded, "I will speak with my brothers and sisters."

Tammy: "I'll be in my room."

Fire: "Perhaps you should talk to Tabitha first if you want that is." she walked back to the others.

Tammy: followed behind her. She stood in the shadow of the hallway.

Nike: "I'd bite her you know. I don't mind biting people." he leaned against the wall.

Tabitha: looked up at her, her eyes were still full of tears.

Fire: "I wouldn't if I were you."

Tammy: "Stop crying Tabs you're ruining your makeup."

Nike: rolled his eyes.

Tabitha: a slight smile touched her lips.

Tammy: looked up at everyone to see them staring. "WHAT IS THIS A CIRCUS SHOW? GO AWAY!" she knelt down on the ground next to Tabitha.

Avatar: "She's just like you." he told fire.

Fire: "Tell me something I don't know."

V3po: watched her then stood she looked to Tabitha's mother.

Darlene: "I see we are just an alternate family for her to live with." she told V3po. "Then one day you will take my daughter away from me."

V3po: shook her head, "No, I will never do that to you. She is a part of your family. I will not separate families."

Darlene: "But does she even belong in this family anymore? She seems to want to live with you."

Tammy: was talking to Tabitha. "I'm sorry Tabs." she whispered.

V3po: "She only said that because she felt like she had no friends anymore. Do you still love her?"

Tabitha: "It's ok, I should have told you."

Darlene: "Of course I do. I will always love my daughter no matter what she is." she glanced down at Tabitha.

Tammy: hugged her. "Fine. But I see we have issues with secrets."

V3po: "Then yes, as long as she is still loved by her family then she is a part of it."

Tabitha: hugged her back and smiled. "I guess we do."

Kah-Lee: opened up the door. She looked extremely tired. "Hi...people." she shut the door behind her and ran a hand through her hair she bent over and slipped off her stiletto shoes, tossing them aside.

Darlene: "Thanks V3po."

V3po: "You're welcome."

Nicodemus: looked behind him, "Darling." he hugged her and smothered her with kisses, "It's been 2 weeks."

Kah-Lee: "They kept me longer than I thought I guess for the introduction? I don't know. I'm going to sleep."

Nicodemus: nodded he took her up to her room.

Andraia: "Am I supposed to live in an empty house? No husband or family besides my daughter?"

Avatar: looked at her, "Yes. If you are welcome you can visit your other family if not then you shall stay at your house."

Andraia: "How long must I live without my husband?"

Avatar: "Until he learns."

Nike: "Nicodemus. Didn't you say the parents barely liked each other?" he whispered to him.

Nicodemus: "Apparently she loved him but he didn't her." he whispered back.

Nike: "I see." he nodded.

Andraia: "My husband will never learn."

Avatar: "Then you will not see him again."

Andraia: nodded. She left the room back to her house, unable to teleport anymore for only being a human now.

V3po: "Please take care of Tabitha, you must know that if anyone found out about her then she would be hunted down and killed. You must say nothing to anyone." she told Darlene.

Darlene: "Of course we won't. But how are we supposed to explain our sudden absence? Using the excuse of vacation is fine for us, but Tammy's family will still be thoroughly outraged and not take that as an excuse. When we go home, Tabitha may never see Tammy again because of Tammy's parents."

V3po: "Hold on." she turned to Tammy, "Who did you call when you first came here?"

Tammy: looked up. "My parents. Who else? Then the police."

V3po: "What did you tell your parents?"

Tammy: "That Tabitha's family was kidnapped so I was kidnapped too. But I didn't really know where I was."

V3po: turned back to Darlene, "That complicates things."

Tammy: "Unless Nicodemus killed them already."

Nicodemus: shrugged not saying anything.


Nicodemus: didn't say anything he just smirked.

Tammy: "Choke him with water or something Tabitha!"

Nicodemus; "Water doesn't affect me."

Tammy: "Of course it doesn't."

Nike: "Rose can kill him. She's killed Snydes before. I've seen her. She's very good at it." he smirked.

Rose: "I cannot."

Nike: "All you need is a poison saber darlin'."

Rose: "Like this." she pulled one out of her purse it was the same one in the dream.

Nike: stepped back. "Not me, him." he pointed to Nicodemus.

Tammy: "Or just give it to me and I'LL do the honors." she stepped towards Rose.

Rose: laughed, "I am not going to kill you Nike." she put it away.

Nicodemus: "I didn't touch her precious parents okay! Geez."

Nike: "Then why do you keep a poisoned dagger in your purse?"

Rose: shrugged, "I've always had it in there."

Tammy: "Fine." she turned back to V3po and Darlene. "Are you guys leaving now or what? I'm sure I can make up some story to tell my parents."

Nike: put a hand over his heart. "Goodness girl you could have killed me a thousand times over."

Fire: "You have to be changed first." she reminded her.

V3po: "Darling I must go." she kissed Tabitha's forehead.

Tabitha: "Bye." she hugged her and then backed up as V3po made a Portal and walked through closing it behind her."

Tammy: "Right. I do." she watched V3po leave.

Nike: "And you told me you didn't have one!"

Fire: glared at Avatar then called her over.

Rose: shrugged, and laughed nervously, "Can we talk about something else."

Nike: "NO! Goodness. Want to go home now?"

Tammy: walked closer to Fire.

Rose: "If we can get something to eat first."

Nike: "Yea I do need something to eat that's not a bad idea. And maybe go bowling finally?"

Fire: her hands glowed fire as she touched her on the forehead and both hands but it didn't cause her to catch on fire.

Rose: smiled, "Yeah that sounds good."

Tammy: "Sweet I get fire power! You know fire and water balance each other out."

Nike: "Or maybe we should stick around and when Kah-Lee wakes up have her meet you..." he gave a wicked grin.

Fire: smiled, "I know this is because if you act in rage she can stop you." she let go, "It's done. Just don't kill the whole planet."

Rose: "That is not the best idea, we should go."

Tammy: looked awe struck. "I can do that!"

Fire: "Yes but don't try it."

Nike: "Why? You don't want to talk to your sister?"

Rose: "She should not know I exist as much as I want to meet her it's best I remain unknown, she missed me once I don't want to risk it."

Tammy: "Even if they get on my nerves?" she smiled evilly and shot flames at Nicodemus to catch him on fire.

Nike: jumped out of the way. "I think we should stay." he fell on the couch.

Nicodemus: moved out of the way.

Fire: "Even then."

Rose: "Please don't do this Nike."

Tammy: growled. "Hold still Nicodemus so I can make it HURT!" she shot more flames at him, burning the surrounding area.

Nike: "I was thinking..." he put his arms behind his head."You know Nicodemus told me that your parents don't like him."

Father: "I think we should go now." he stepped back, pulling Chealsa with him to make sure they weren't in the path of the fire.

Tabitha: "Come on Tammy, let's get home." she pulled her

Tammy: "Wait! I'm not done with hurting Nicodemus!" she protested. "He deserves it! You know what he did to you and to me!"

Tabitha: "It's all over now, let the man rest."

Tammy: "REST! You've got be kidding me! AND BY THE WAY!" she yelled to Nicodemus. "We are taking Madison with us!"

Nicodemus: "NO YOU ARE NOT! JUST GO!"

Tammy: "Avatar! Save the little girl!"

Avatar: "She already is."

Tammy: "How?"

Madison: came in she looked much different, no cuts or anything not even any scars on her body.

Tammy: "Come one Madison we are leaving." she stuck her tongue out at Nicodemus.

Madison: "No thank you."

Tammy: "What is wrong with you!"

Madison: "Nothing is."

Tammy: "You can't stay here he will hurt you again."

Madison: shrugged, "I know but that's ok, go ahead back to your family."

Tammy: "AVATAR! DON'T BE A HYPOCITE!" she growled at the Avatar.

Avatar: "If she wants to stay here then I am not going to stop her."

Madison: "I like it here." she insisted.

Tammy: "Then stop Nicodemus from hurting her!"

Avatar: "He won't I am sure." he looked to Nicodemus.

Nicodemus: looked at her and raised his hands, "I won't."

Tammy: "Then I have one more request before I leave Nico-doofus." she glared at him.

Nicodemus: looked at her, "What?"

Tammy: "Release the prisoner of sound hold on me."

Nicodemus: "You are a prisoner of sound no more." he rolled his eyes, "There, now get out of my house."

Tammy: "Till we meet again." she paused and smiled. "Oh yes, next time we meet you will be dead." she left.

Tabitha: hugged her dad, "Let's go home."

Father: hugged her back with one arm, holding David in the other. "Do you have an idea of how we can get home? Because our house is here."

Tabitha: thought for a moment, "We can make a new one." she said after moment.

Father: smiled and released the hug. "Sounds good. With better security features." he took Darlene's hand. "How do we leave? Are we even on earth?"

Nicodemus: "Yeah you are."

Fire: "I can take you somewhere I just need to know where."

Father: "Alright. Just back to where our old house was in Texas." he walked outside with everyone.

Fire: opened a portal, "Just walk right on in."

Darlene: glanced at the portal. "What are we doing about Tammy's parents and the police?"

Tammy: shot flames. "I can take care of it." she stepped through the portal.

Fire: "We will think of something. You don't have to worry about it."

Darlene: nodded. "Thank you fire." she stepped through with her husband and David and Chealsa.

Tabitha: "Thank you Fire." she walked through.

Fire: after everyone walked through she closed it.

Nike: "You're parents will love to see that both you and your sister married the same guy." he laughed. "Rich." he told Rosemarie.

Rose: "Please let us go bowling and go home."

Nike: "Nah." he closed his eyes. "I need to rest first."

Rose: "But Kah-lee will awake by then." she whispered.

Nike: "Hey, you're the one who wanted to come. It's not my problem."

Rose: closed her eyes and nodded.

Nike: "I do need to eat though." he opened his eyes and sat up. "And weren't you going to call your parents?" he went to Nicodemus fridge. "Ew man. So much charred ash. I think Tammy burnt your table and chairs."

Nicodemus: shrugged, "It can be replaced."

Rose: "I don't think so."

Nike: "Better have Madison clean it up." he pulled out a bottle of the red drink. He cringed. "Never mind I'll wait." he put it back. "I seriously don't know how you can drink that stuff alone, Nicodemus." he shut the door to the fridge and leaned his back against it. He could feel his fangs coming down, just like a snake. He needed to bite something fast to keep control.

Nicodemus: "You can bite Madison if you want." He said, realizing his brother's predicament.

Nike: smiled. "Awesome. MADISON!"

Madison: "Yes sir." she moved her hair.

Nike: "Wait. If I drain her she dies."

Nicodemus: "Then don't drain her dry give her a little blood left."

Nike: "I guess." he bent down and bit her neck.

Madison: closed her eyes tight not moving or making a sound.

Nike: when he was finished he stepped back, watching Madison collapse to the floor. "I think I left some." he wiped his mouth.

Nicodemus: "That's all I ask."

Rose: put her hand over her mouth she turned back around and looked down still having her hand over her mouth.

Nike: "What's wrong Rose?" he watched her skeptically.

Rose: "Nothing." she said remembering her promise, she bit her bottom lip.

Nike: nodded. "Okay. Well, do you mind if we stay here to duel it out with Kah-Lee, or come back another time?" he asked Nicodemus.

Nicodemus: "It doesn't matter to me, whatever you two want to do."

Nike: "Stay. I'll make you something to eat Rose." he looked through the fridge again. "I am sure there are lots of Kientian foods here if Kah-Lee lives here."

Nicodemus: pulled out a few things, "Rose likes these." he told Nike

Nike: "Awesome thanks." he took them and shut the fridge, he went back and sat on the couch next to Rose, his eyes fully golden now. "Here."

Rose: "Thank you." she ate a little but not a lot.

Nike: leaned back and shut his eyes.

Rose: took it to the kitchen afterwards.

Kah-Lee: came out a few hours later. She smiled at Nicodemus as she slipped on her heels. "Miss me?"

Nicodemus: smiled, "Yes very much so darling." he kissed her.

Kah-Lee: kissed him back then looked around. "Where did everyone go?"

Nicodemus: "They went home."

Kah-Lee: "Oh." her eyes lingered on Nike. "What is he doing here? Have you two become like, friends or something since I left?"

Nicodemus: shrugged, "Ask him. Not really."

Nike: looked over at Kah-Lee: "Hey love. How's it going?"

Kah-Lee: "Who's the girl?" she noticed the back of her, the long hair, but didn't see her face.

Nicodemus: "That's Rose."

Kah-Lee: "Hi Rose!"

Rose: "Hi." she waved behind her head not wanting to turn around.

Kah-Lee: looked over at Nicodemus. "Is she related to Nike or something? Why is she here?"

Nicodemus: "That's Nike's new wife."

Nike: "Geez no she is not related to me. She's related to you."

Nicodemus: "Well..."

Kah-Lee: "WAIT. Nike got married! Since when! Hopefully not when we were dating."

Nike: turned around and leaned over the back of the couch. He smirked. "Why not? You were married."

Kah-Lee: "It's just weird because I had you go shopping with me."

Nike: "No it was after. The day before you left actually. I met her at the mall while you were off doing girly things."

Kah-Lee: "Oh, well congratz. But that still doesn't explain why you are still bothering me." she went into the kitchen to make food.

Rose: closed her eyes so badly wanting to be invisible.

Kah-Lee: "Are you hungry Niccy?"

Nicodemus: nodded, "Like you have no idea."

Kah-Lee: tripped over Madison and fell into the counter. "OW. What in the world?" she looked down. "Madison!"

Nicodemus: "Are you alright honey?" he said only caring about his wife.

Kah-Lee: "Yes." she rubbed her arm looking at it. "Why is Madison on the floor?"

Nicodemus: "No reason." he threw her over his shoulder and put her in her room closing the door.

Nike: "I was hungry." he said, still had a smirk on his face watching the scene.

Kah-Lee: "Can't you pick on someone your own size?"

Nike: "My wife prefers not to be bitten." he paused. "Aren't you making food?"

Kah-Lee: "Not for you. You've already eaten. And I swear if you touch Madison again I will hurt you." she turned back and opened the fridge getting ingredients out. "No offense to you Rose. But your husband is an idiot."

Nike: whispered to Rose. "Does she not know that when she says things like that, she is cutting down her husband too? We were the same person once." he laughed.

Rose: "Yeah, he can be like that sometimes." she told Kah-lee

Kah-Lee: "What do you want to eat hun?" she asked Nicodemus.

Nicodemus: "Anything's fine." His fangs came down in an instinct reaction to his species control.

Kah-Lee: smiled, seeing it. "You can bite me. I haven't been bitten in forever."

Nicodemus: smiled, "That sounds lovely."

Kah-Lee: moved her hair out of the way. "Besides, it gets me out of cooking for a few minutes." There were two new puncture holes on her neck that hadn't been their previously from the time she left.

Nicodemus: "What's that?" he asked turning her around to look at her. His smile faded into a tight line, "Who bit you?"

Kah-Lee: "What? No one." she looked shocked. "Why?" she felt her neck.

Nicodemus: "There are bite marks on your neck that wasn't there when you left. Now who bit you?"

Kah-Lee: "Oh." she frowned. "I don't know. I told you I haven't been bitten since I left here."

Nicodemus: "Which evidently was a lie."

Kah-Lee: "I'm not lying to you!" she pouted. "I don't lie to you. I told you I don't know."

Nicodemus: "Alright love." he kissed her forehead.

Kah-Lee: "Are you going to eat or not?" she said softly, wondering if he was going to yell at her again.

Nicodemus: "If still wish me to." he nuzzled her neck.

Kah-Lee: "Of course I do." she smiled slightly.

Nike: "She loves to be bitten and you hate it." he stated to Rose.

Rose: "I know." she said softly. "It's not fair comparing me to her you know."

Nicodemus: bit her neck, like he ultimately knew she wanted.

Nike: "I don't compare you to her." he said, watching Nicodemus.

Kah-Lee: laughed. "It tickles." she whispered.

Rose: "If at any time you want to bite me do so."

Nicodemus: smiled slightly as he continued to hold the bite.

Nike: "You don't like it. And that was not the reason I said that. I was just pointing out that you and Kah-Lee are about as opposite as Nicodemus and I. And yet, everything about you is the same."

Rose: nodded.

Nicodemus: pulled away after he licked her wound closed, using his saliva to heal the opening faster.

Kah-Lee: "Did you fix the other two marks?" she asked, her voice low. "They probably aren't even bite marks anyways because I don't let anyone bite me but you."

Nicodemus: "Yes, I did."

Kah-Lee: smiled. "Thank you." she kissed him. He was so busy over the past two weeks he didn't even notice their lack of a mind connection, just like she had hoped and figured would happen. "You still hungry?" she looked at his eyes.

Nicodemus: his eyes still had a black cast, "I'm fine."

Kah-Lee: "Let me make you something." she said quickly. "Rose, are you hungry? I can make you food too. What do you eat? Same as Nicodemus or Nike?"

Rose: "I'm fine, thank you though. I just ate."

Kah-Lee: "Alright." she made the food and gave Nicodemus his plate and took Nike in a plate for him.

Nike: "Ew Kah-Lee. No thanks. I just eat fresh stuff no human food."

Kah-Lee: "Oh. That's right." she set it on the coffee table and sat in a chair. "So are you two staying here long?" she asked, hoping it was a no. After all she just got back from work and she only had a couple days with her husband.

Rose: "No I don't think so."

Nicodemus: are his then took it to the sink

Nike: smiled. "We are spending the night."

Rose: looked at him fear evident in her eyes.

Nike: "Oh come on Rose. Kah-Lee isn't that scary."

Kah-Lee: was looking at Nicodemus. "Where is the other servants your dad gave you as a gift?"

Nicodemus: "They went home." he grumbled.

Rose: "She might find out." she whispered.

Nike: "So what if Kah-Lee finds out she has a sister? It's not like the world is going to end."

Kah-Lee: "Do you want Nike's plate of food? When you say they went home, what does that mean?" remembering the only way Nicodemus let his servants go was if they were dead.

Rose: "It might."

Nicodemus: "As in they went back home with their family. I'm not hungry." he grumbled.

Kah-Lee: "That's...odd. Are you okay honey?" she picked up the plate and went in to Nicodemus. She felt his forehead and looked at his eyes for any signs of illness.

Nicodemus: "I'm fine."

Kah-Lee: "Alright." she set the plate of food in the sink. "You don't look to happy though."

Nike: "My word this is taking forever. I need to speed things up." he turned around to face them in the kitchen again.

Nicodemus: "I just lost my servants and amusement; of course I'm not happy."

Rose: "Please don't." she whispered;

Kah-Lee: "I can get you more." she promised. "I'm home I can amuse you and make you happy." she smiled at him.

Nike: whistled. "Kah-Lee."

Nicodemus: nodded, "As you wish."

Rose: put her hair around her face.

Kah-Lee: looked at Nike annoyed. "What?" she said stiffly.

Nike: "Want to meet your sister?"

Kah-Lee: "I don't have a sister." she looked back at Nicodemus. "Make him leave." she whispered.

Rose: released a breath.

Nicodemus: "I can't. Not yet anyway."

Kah-Lee: "Why can't you? What is he controlling you now?"

Nike: "Actually you do. You just don't remember her. Nicodemus knows ask him."

Nicodemus: "He doesn't control me."

Kah-Lee: "Fine." she pouted and went back to the living room. "Are you okay Rose?" she asked, noticing the hair in her face.

Rose: "Yeah, I'm fine."

Kah-Lee: "Alright well, do you guys have a room already to sleep in?"

Nike: "No we don't. Hey! Here's a grand idea. Why don't you and Rose go together and get one okay? Come on Rose." he patted her knee.

Rose: glared at him through her hair.

Nike: "Go." he smiled at her.

Kah-Lee: sighed and stood. "Come on Rose I can show you your room."

Rose: stood, "That would be most kind."

Kah-Lee: "You can face me you know. I am not that hideous. I'm actually not hideous at all."

Rose: smiled slightly, "I know."

Kah-Lee: walked around her. "Oh I'll face you? What is this?" she asked Nicodemus. "Unless she is hiding something from me." she was feeling all creeped out. "She won't look at me."

Nike: "Rose that's rude." he smirked.

Rose: glared at him.

Nicodemus: "She's shy."

Nike: "Here let me help you fix your hair sweety kins." he got up and walked over to Rose.

Kah-Lee: "Oh."

Rose: backed away from him, "It's fine."

Nike: made an irritated sound. "Rose Ediuqil!"

Kah-Lee: "Why are you using my husband's last name?"

Rose: smirked, "Yes, why Nike?"

Nike: "Don't be stupid Kah-Lee. Why else do you think Nicodemus and I look the same? We are related. Not in the way you and Rose are but still; I am his clone but now am my own person."

Kah-Lee: "Rose and I are not related. And what!" she looked at Nicodemus. "You did not tell me you had a clone. All I knew about was your sister."

Nicodemus: shrugged, "Technically speaking he is only a clone."

Kah-Lee: "Well...I guess that explains why you two look the same. Hey and TECHNICALLY if I kissed him I'd be kissing you, since he is your clone." she smirked.

Nicodemus: "Yes but Rose probably wouldn't like that too much."

Kah-Lee: "Rose come on." she grabbed Rose's arm.

Nike: "We aren't really clones anymore anyways."

Rose: her hair shifted slightly then moved back to cover her face again, "Ok."

Kah-Lee: "Girl, have you ever heard of a ponytail holder?" she walked with her down the hallway.

Rose: "I have."

Kah-Lee: "I can do your hair for you." she smiled.

Rose: "That's okay. Thank you though."

Kah-Lee: stopped walking. "Oh come on if we are going to be sister-in-laws. I suppose that's what Nike meant when he said we were sisters since Nicodemus and him are sort of related." she smiled. "I've never had a sibling before." she stood there. "Can I see your face? We will get to know each other better you know."

Rose: "It's best that you don't."

Kah-Lee: gasped. "Why? Poor dear are you ugly?"

Rose: "No it's not that...I would just prefer you didn't see my face."

Kah-Lee: "Oh come on honey I won't make fun of you." she reached out towards Rose's hair.

Rose: stepped back.

Kah-Lee: "Hold still." she brushed back some of her hair and gasped, catching a glimpse. She stood there, letting the hair fall back down. " have like FLAWLESS skin! I bet you are so pretty! Don't be shy!" she reached for her hair again.

Rose: "Please don't Kah-lee." she stepped back again.

Kah-Lee: frowned. "You hate me don't you? You don't even know me."

Rose: "I don't hate you, I just don't like to be touched."

Kah-Lee: "Oh." she nodded and turned back to a door. "Well, here's a room you can stay in." she looked down, "What's with the pile of ashes. NICODEMUS WERE YOU BURNING SOMETHING IN HERE?" she called out to him.

Nicodemus: "Yeah sorry."

Kah-Lee: "Umm, well, here another room." she went to another one. "Since I have to clean that one up a bit. Besides, this one has windows."

Rose: smiled, "Windows are very nice."

Kah-Lee: "Well, I guess that's it then?" she said, looking at Rose once again. She walked back out to the living room.

Nike: "Did you see her face?"

Kah-Lee: "No she doesn't want me to. I just saw a glimpse. I bet she is very pretty." she said, walking back over to stand by Nicodemus.

Nike: "Well she looks just like you so of course." he smiled.

Rose: when she walked in her hair was behind her ears out of habit making her face wide open.

Kah-Lee: lifted her head to look. "Hey Ro-" she stopped and gave a slight gasp and scream.

Nike: smirked.

Kah-Lee: glared at Nicodemus. "WHAT DID YOU DO CLONE ME TOO?"

Nicodemus: "No."

Rose: her eyes went wide and she pulled the hair back in front of her face.

Nike: "She is your sister." he smiled. "Twin I should say." he went over to Rose and pushed her hair back to expose her face again.

Kah-Lee: "I don't have a sister I am an only child!"

Rose: looked at him, "I hate you." she looked back to Kah-lee, "No you're not, and I am older by 2 minutes. Our parents didn't want us to meet." she glared at Nike again.

Kah-Lee: "You look just like me." she went and lifted her fingertips to Rose's face.

Nike: "Love you too sugar pie." he smiled triumphantly.

Rose: "We are identical twins." she said softly, "But you can't tell mom and dad that you met me."

Kah-Lee: dropped her hand. "I hate my parents anyways. Why did they hide you from me?"

Rose: shrugged, "I don't know, they sent me away to a distant relative to raise."

Kah-Lee: "I never talk to them because they don't like Nicodemus. Do you talk to them?"

Rose: nodded, "Yes."

Kah-Lee: "This is so utterly cool!" she hugged Rose.

Rose: hesitated at first, and then hugged her back.

Kah-Lee: "Now I can look at my face all the time." she leaned back. "Aren't we pretty?" she smiled.

Nike: "See. No cataclysmic event. The world has not exploded. You should thank me Rose." he said, standing next to her no longer holding her hair.

Rose: nodded, "That we are." she glared at him.

Kah-Lee: glared at Nicodemus. "You never told me about her!"

Nicodemus: "I never got the chance."

Nike: "Correction, he wanted to keep secrets from you."

Nicodemus: "Do you want to be kicked out of this house?"

Nike: "Woah. All I am saying is that at least I made an effort to reveal their identities and look at this now! One big happy family. I deserve a kiss." he leaned down to Rose.

Rose: flicked him in the face with her hair.

Nike: smiled. "That works too." he kissed her on the cheek.

Kah-Lee: "Where are our parents! I want to yell at them."

Rose: "Home hopefully." he cell phone rang she sighed, "Excuse me I have to take this."

Kah-Lee: "Is it mom and dad?"

Rose: nodded, "They know we've met. I am going to get killed for this." she walked to her and Nike's room for the night and closed the door. She answered.

Kah-Lee: "I want to talk to them." she followed Rose.

Rose: "I'm sorry but you can't."

Kah-Lee: frowned. "Why not?"

Rose: "I will be killed if there suspicions are confirmed."

Kah-Lee: "Oh. But we sound the same how would they know? And why would they kill you? Was there a hidden agenda of theirs to separate us!"

Rose: "They never wanted us to meet that is why they took the needed precautions to separate us."

Kah-Lee: "That's so stupid."

Rose: "That is your opinion."

Kah-Lee: gasped. "You didn't want us to meet either!" she felt offended. Her lip trembled.

Rose: handed her the phone. "Here."

Kah-Lee: took it. "Hello?"

Father: "Hello Rosemarie, do you have a minute?"

Kah-Lee: giggled. "Yes Dad what is it?"

Father: hesitated a moment. "I want to make sure your staying away from your sister."

Kah-Lee: "Why dad?"

Father: "You know why Rosemarie. Don't play games, I taught you better than that."

Kah-Lee: "Geez dad don't be mean. Alright. I'll stay away from her."

Father: "Where are you?"

Kah-Lee: "At..." she paused. "Bowling." she cringed.

Father: "Then why do I not hear anything?"

Kah-Lee: "I answered the phone in the bathroom duh."

Father: "You have never done that before."

Kah-Lee: "What? Went to the bathroom?" she giggled.

Father: "Rosemarie Mayleen. What is wrong with you?"

Kah-Lee: "I am a little drunk..." she faked a hiccup. "Come on dad I told you I just got married give me a break." she giggled more.

Father: "Do it." he told her knowing the real one would know what he meant.

Kah-Lee: "Sure." she put the phone away from her ear. "He said 'do it'." she whispered to Rose, making sure no one on the phone heard.

Rose: took it and pressed her Moon necklace to it and handed it back.

Kah-Lee: "Better dad?" she said into the phone, sounding annoyed now.

Father: "My…a bit of an attitude problem you have gotten within the last few days. Your mother and I are coming to pick you up. So where REALLY are you?"

Kah-Lee: "With my husband. We are having nap time. And you are seriously interrupting it." she giggled and chewed on a piece of her hair.

Father: "Then end it."

Kah-Lee: "OH YOU MEAN THIS CONVERSATION? Alright I will. Gladly. BYE DAD." she hung up the phone. "Here Rose." she held it out to her.

Rose: the phone rang in her hand she opened it, "Hey Dad. I'm sorry I am not feeling to well. I don't know what came over me. I know what you meant. I'm sorry." she closed her eyes as she was scolded at over the phone. "I will. Bye." she closed it. "I am so dead." she said to Kah-lee.

Kah-Lee: "They are coming to pick you up. Um, and what was with the Moon Necklace? Do I have one?"

Rose: "Yours is a sun."

Kah-Lee: smiled. "Cool. Can I have it?"

Rose: "You already do. Only in tattoo form."

Kah-Lee: "Oh." she furrowed her brows and then lifted her shirt to expose the sun tattoo around her bellybutton. "This?"

Rose: nodded, "That's the one."

Kah-Lee: "Why do I have a tattoo and not a necklace? And what was with the point of holding the necklace to the phone?"

Rose: "It was to make sure it was me and not you. You don't have a necklace because you haven't gone to get it yet."

Kah-Lee: "Do you have a tattoo?"

Rose: moved her shirt up and there was a moon tattoo. "Yes."

Kah-Lee: "So where do I go to get the necklace? What do the tattoos mean?"

Rose: "From mom and dad. You are the sun because most of the time you're happy and I am the opposite I get my happiness from others like the moon get light from the sun and just reflects it."

Kah-Lee: smiled. "Oh I see. I really don't understand their reasoning behind separating us. But I suppose you need to leave now, huh?"

Nike: "Knock knock." he stood in the doorway.

Rose: "Because if we are together it changes to polarity and gravitation." she wouldn't say the rest.

She turned, "Hi."

Nike: "All set? Parents cool?"

Rose: "They want to come get me."

Nike: "They can come visit but you are mine to stay."

Kah-Lee: "That is so cool. Wait until Nicodemus hears." she left the room.

Rose: "I don't know if I will be staying much longer." she whispered, "Here or anywhere else."

Nike: "Let's go home. Or somewhere they won't find you. I'll talk to them."

Rose: "It doesn't matter whether they find me or not."

Nike: "What do you mean?"

Rose: "Nike there was a reason she could never know I existed." she walked over to the window and looked out and up at the sky. She looked down and stifled a cry

Nike: "Which was..." he followed her and looked out.

Rose: "I'm dying now Nike." she whispered. The Moon was moving in the opposite direction it was supposed to be.

Nike: "Oh come off it." he pulled her away from the window.

Rose: "I am serious."

Nike: "You know if you would explain things to me before hand."

Rose: "Me begging you not to let her know about me should be enough." she whispered. She looked at him, "I love you." she kissed him.

Nike: "Why you so worried? I'll just get the Avatar. They brought a dead boy back to its family and they separated a clone from the original. They'll fix this."

Rose: "It can't be fixed, the moon is now headed toward the Sun and when it hits, I'll be gone."

Nike: "And what about the sun?"

Rose: "Nothing."

Nike: "Well if you die I'm killing Kah-Lee too." he shrugged.

Rose: "Don't. Then the Sun will be no more and will die. Don't kill her."

Nike: "Snydes don't need sun to live anyways." he walked from the room and down the hallway.

Rose: "What you drain does."

Nike: stopped walking. "Oh." he faced her. "Don't worry I'll fix it. Erase your minds or something like it never happened."

Rose: "You cannot stop what has already been done. Only one thing can help but no one knows where it's at."

Nike: "What is it? Tell me and I'll find it. Nicodemus is grand at hiding and I am good at finding things."

Rose: "You can't find it. People say it's been destroyed."

Nike: "Then I'll get the avatar to give my mom or dad back the time altering ability and go back to a time when it wasn't destroyed."

Rose: "He won't do it."

Nike: growled, finally showing emotion. "Are you TRYING to make life difficult for me girl?"

Rose: "No. I'm sorry Nike." now that he had his own feelings she expected to be hit and you know what she wanted to be. She waited.


Rose: "There is a medallion that controls the planets movement, it might help."

Nike: he closed his eyes and took a breath. "No. Give me another option."

Rose: "There is no other option."

Kah-Lee: "What's with all the yelling?" she came down the hall.

Nike: turned to face her. His eyes cold. "We need to find Sisera." he pushed her into the wall and walked past.

Kah-Lee: fell against the wall hard. "OW! Wait no!"

Rose: "Kah-lee are you okay?"

Kah-Lee: "I don't want Nicodemus around Sisera." she frowned.

Rose: "Nike." she ran up to him, "Please hit me make me regret it please. Please just hit me."

Nike: turned around and hit her in the face. "I don't know what that helped you to regret, but I hope you feel better."

Rose: touched her hand to her face where is still stung. She just nodded.

Kah-Lee: "NIKE! Don't-"

Nike: "Shut up Kah-Lee. Nicodemus." he turned to him. "We need to find your girlfriend."

Nicodemus: "Girlfriend?"

Nike: "Sisera."

Nicodemus: "She's not my girlfriend but she's in France with her family."

Nike: "We need her to save my wife."

Nicodemus: nodded.

Kah-Lee: "Save her?" she whispered.

Rose: "I'm dying Kah-Lee." she whispered.

Kah-Lee: gasped. "NO I just met you!"

Nike: "Stop talking. You two stay here. Nicodemus and I will go get Sisera."

Rose: "I am coming too."

Kah-Lee: "Nicodemus I don't want you to go." she said softly.

Nicodemus: "Why?"

Kah-Lee: "Because it's Sisera. What if...what if..." she stopped talking and just looked down. If he didn't get it then she wasn't going to waste her breath to explain it.

Nike: "I don't know if Sisera will help us freely or not. She is very protective of her medallion. And protective. We may have to force her away."

Nicodemus: "It's a chance I have to take Kah." he kissed her forehead, "I love you." he looked to Nike, "He is." he agreed. "So, how are we going to do this?"

Kah-Lee: nodded still looking down. She went back to Katara's room.

Nike: smiled. "Same way we got her to do things for us before." he looked to Rose. "Stay here."

Rose: "No, I want to come with you."

Nike: looked to Nicodemus.

Nicodemus: "She's your wife. If you want her to come let her come, I don't care."

Nike: "I don't want you to come Rose. You could barely handle what happened here."

Rose: "But..."she trailed off, "Yes Nike." she sat on the couch. The hair moved in front of her face.

Nike: "Let' go to France." he teleported away.

Nicodemus: teleported then to.

Nike: "Do you know where they live?"

Nicodemus: "Not really."

Nike: "I'm sure it won't be hard. Is Sisera still under the prisoner of sound with you?"

Nicodemus: "I think so."

Nike: "If you can get in her head just find out where she is."

Nicodemus: closed his eyes concentrating. "Normade."

Nike: teleported there.

Nicodemus: went with him.

Nike: smiled. "This should be fun." he waited for a moment, listening to sounds, and then went in the direction of where Sisera now lived.

Nicodemus: ran there, using his speed.

Sisera: was on the couch reading.

Nike: tapped on the window.

Sisera: kept reading her book, she got up and went into the kitchen to get a snack, then came back out and sat on the couch.

Keltic: "Hey love." he kissed her and sat on the couch next to her. "Kids are asleep."

Nike: looked up, he saw an open window. He jumped and grabbed hold of the sill, climbing in.

Sisera: smiled up at him, and kissed him back, "That's good, today was a busy day. I can't believe Sade and Keanu are 10 already."

Keltic: "It was." he smiled. "I know. They love the tree house though. Starla I think looks more like you all the time."

Nike: walked silently down the steps and waited at the bottom.

Sisera: smiled, "Except better." she kissed him. "I love you Keltic."

Keltic: laughed. "I beg to differ." her kissed her back and cupped her chin with his hand, holding her lips to his.

Nike: waited for Nicodemus.

Nicodemus: had been by him for the last minute.

Sisera: kissed him back happily.

Nike: was leaning by the back of the couch. "Hello children." he smiled at them.

Sisera: jumped she looked at him and just froze.

Keltic: growled. "Get out of my house Nicodemus."

Nike: laughed. "I am not Nicodemus. It's rude to call people by the wrong name."

Sisera: "Nike please just leave. Nicodemus too."

Nike: "No thanks. We need your medallion."

Sisera: "Too bad, you can't have it."

Keltic: "I will kill you if you come any closer to my wife."

Nike: "Oh you mean like this." he grabbed her by the hair.

Keltic: his fangs came out he pushed Nike back. They dropped to the floor fighting.

Sisera: "Keltic stop!"

Nike: "Nicodemus get her!"

Keltic: threw Nike into the wall. "Don't even think about it Nicodemus." he said, standing between him and Sisera,

Nicodemus: smirked and Sisera vanished. "Nice try." he vanished as well.

Keltic: "SISERA!"

Nike: vanished too.

Sisera: "What do you want with me?" she growled.

Nike: "The medallion. Duh. I think I've already mentioned that."

Servattus: came out as a black panther. She growled and hissed at them, warning to stay away.

Sisera: "I won't let you take it."

Nike: "Get rid of the cat." he said to Nicodemus.

Sisera: "Servattus return home." she told the cat.

Servattus: looked at Sisera with angry eyes. She could not leave if Sisera was upset.

Sisera: was calm, completely calm.

Servattus: growled once more at them and vanished.

Nike: stuck a needle into her neck and pushed the liquid in. "There. No more cat to bother us."

Sisera: "Owww..."

Nike: "Oh shut up Sisera!" he dropped the sedation needle. "You can avoid all of this if you would just let me have the medallion. As soon as we get it, you go home."

Sisera: "YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!"

Nike: grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against the wall. "Bet we could make you." he hissed.

Sisera: groaned, "You can't."

Nike: "Nicodemus." he let go of Sisera's throat and let her drop. He stood back. "Do something."

Sisera: was rubbing her neck, she put both hands on the ground breathing deeply.

Nicodemus: "You were handling this quite well. Please continue."

Nike: "No, please, I insist." he kicked Sisera in the face, knocking her back. "Do what you do best. Remember, the original is always better." he stood back.

Sisera: a tear had escaped her eyes, "Leave me alone. I don't have the medallion." she told them. She just laid back on the ground her hand to where he kicked her. "Now you know now please just leave me alone."

Nike: "The medallion never leaves you! Unless you gave it to your sister!"

Sisera: "It has now!"

Nike: "YOU LIE!" he growled, his fists clenched.

Sisera: "I AM NOT LYING! Now please return me to my family."

Nike: "I NEED IT! THIS IS NOT SOME PLOY TO KEEP YOU CAPTIVE AGAIN! We don't want you Sisera! We just want the medallion! And if you don't have it you will tell us where it is!"

Sisera: "I DON'T KNOW WHERE IT IS! EVEN IF I DID I WOULDN'T GIVE IT TO YOU. THERE IS NO REASON ANYWHERE FOR YOU TO HAVE IT AND YOU WOULDN'T EVEN BEABLE TO CONTROL IT! All you would use it for is for destruction." she stood and started to walk away.

Nike: grabbed her shoulder and threw her back onto the ground again. "Nicodemus has you under prisoner of sound, do you remember that? Maybe you should listen to your husband. Have you forgotten obedience?"

Sisera: "I have NEVER forgotten I just don't listen to it anymore." she stayed on the ground hurt because of the rock floor.

Nike: "Get it from her Nicodemus. Order her."

Sisera: "I DON'T HAVE IT!"

Nike: waited.

Nicodemus: "Give me the medallion." he ordered.

Sisera: " you two stupid or something?"

Nike: smacked her in the face. "Respect Sisera. If you do not have it, where is it?"

Sisera: "Somewhere you will never get it." she hissed putting a hand to her face.

Nike: "Then Nicodemus will just order YOU to go get it for us."

Sisera: "I can't go and get it."


Sisera: "NO ONE! Why do you need it anyway?"

Nike: "That is none of your business servant."

Sisera: "I am not a servant anymore."

Nike: stood back. "Might as well be. If I don't get the medallion I will need a servant to take out my anger upon."

Sisera: "Just return me to my family."

Nike: "You will get what you want as soon as I get what I NEED."

Sisera: calmed down, "Just tell me why you need it."

Nike: zoomed and slammed her against the wall, holding her there. "My wife is dying." he said icily.

Sisera: cried out, she could feel the blood coming down her face. "Why?" she whispered.

Nike: "I need not answer anymore of your stupid questions."

Sisera: "I need to know if it will help or not." she whispered. "But you have to tell me why."

Nike: WHY ELSE DO YOU THINK I AM WASTING MY TIME WITH YOU? ARE YOU STUPID OR SOMETHING?" he repeated her words and stepped back, letting her fall to the ground again.

Sisera: she closed her eyes; "You'll never" she fell unconscious.

Nike: "GREAT!" he punched the cave wall and leaned his head against it. "There is no time for her to be unconscious. I have no idea how long my wife has."

Nicodemus: brought her to consciousness.

Sisera: groaned, "Let me go."

Nicodemus: "Tell me where the medallion is."

Sisera: "A place."

Nicodemus: punched her, "I swear Sisera if you do not tell us then we will have to go after your children." he smiled.

Sisera: "It's at the house." she said, "Please don't hurt my children." She started to cry but her tears were of blood not water.

Nike: "That was simple. Why didn't I think of that?"

Nicodemus: threw her down and shrugged, "The original is always the best."

Nike: laughed. "Right. Now, where at, at the house?"

Sisera: "In a hidden room."

Nike: "You will take us there."

Sisera: "No." she whispered.

Nike: "Shall we bring up your children?"

Sisera: "Don't hurt them, please." she begged.

Nike: "There are plenty of ways I can think of to take out my anger at the loss of my wife on your children Sisera. And it will happen if I don't get that Medallion soon."

Sisera: "It only works for me at special times, no one else can holster it's power."

Nike: "Then you will use it. And I am sure if you are around Kah-Lee and Rose, the medallion will work." he grabbed her neck and picked her up to her feet.

Sisera: "Just go..." she leaned against the wall

Nike: shook his head. "I'll have fun killing your husband too. For you should lose your mate if I lose mine. And I am not talking about your husband Nicodemus." he smiled.

Sisera: "NO! Let me die in his place."

Nike: "That can be arranged. After my wife is saved."

Sisera: "If I help you then no harm will come to my family?"

Nike: "That is correct." he smirked.

Sisera: "What about me?"

Nike: sighed. "Must you ruin all our fun?"

Sisera: didn't say anything.

Nike: "So is that a deal?"

Sisera: "Take me back to the house and I will help you."

Nike: "How do you suppose we get around your husband?"

Sisera: "I'll go in alone; it's too dangerous for you two to be in there."

Nike: "Do we trust her Nicodemus?"

Nicodemus: "I wouldn't."

Nike: smirked. "We could if you order her. Command her. Make use of the prisoner of sound you have hold on her."

Nicodemus: "Sisera, go to your house and get the medallion. You will bring it back here. You are not allowed to talk to anyone. Now GO!" he ordered.

Sisera: vanished to her house. A few minutes later she appeared back to Nike and Nicodemus with the Medallion.

Nike: took the Medallion from her. He grabbed her and teleported back to Nicodemus house.

Sisera: fell to the floor when he released her.

Nike: tossed the Medallion to Rose. "Here. Make use of it."

Kah-Lee: came out of Katara's room. She noted Sisera but said nothing. She just watched Nicodemus.

Rose: "I don't have to the power to use it. Only the guardian can use it."

Nike: "Why do you think I brought Sisera here?"

Rose: cringed a little she handed it back to Sisera.

Sisera: she closed her eyes in concentration. "Condra so. Matradonosay exocum dremadia." she said and the Medallion glowed.

Nike: watched them. "Did it work?"

Rose: opened her eyes, she ran to the window. "Yes."

Nike: "Then we best separate you from your sister. Let's go."

Rose: "It's fine now. Sisera she...stopped it."

Nike: picked up Sisera and threw her in her old bedroom. He locked the door. "Good then she's done well."

Sisera: banged on the door. "Let me go home."

Nike: "Quiet Sisera. Or I'll have your husband Nicodemus come in there." he growled.

Kah-Lee: looked confused. "Husband?"


Nike: laughed. "I don't remember you two ever getting a divorce."

Kah-Lee: "What is he...what is he talking about Nicodemus?"

Nicodemus: ''Nothing.''

Sisera: she cried. She had been such a fool.

Nike: "You didn't tell her did you Nicodemus?"

Nicodemus: ''Shut it Nike.'' he growled.

Nike: "You aren't his only wife Kah-Lee." he told her.

Nicodemus: attacked him ripping off skin.

Kah-Lee: screamed. She bit her finger.

Nicodemus: growled getting up.

Kah-Lee: backed away from him. "You- you married Sisera." her eyes trembled.

Nicodemus: ''Darling he's lying to you.''

Kah-Lee: took deep breaths. "Of course he is." she whispered slowly.

Nike: "I am not! Read his mind! Why do you think he keeps so much blocked from you Kah-Lee?" he stood slowly, his cuts healing.

Nicodemus: ''Kah I would never hurt you like that.''

Kah-Lee: tears escaped her eyes; she closed them. She clenched her teeth.

Nicodemus: shook his head. ''I don't believe that you are really listening to him."

Kah-Lee: opened her eyes. "No. I believe you. Of course Nike is lying. Of course." she whispered to convince herself.

Nike: "You're pathetic." he turned away from her. "Rose, let's go home okay?"

Rose: nodded, ''Let's go.''

Nike: went over to Rose and held her to him, teleporting back to their home. He stepped back from her once they made it home. He went to the room and changed his shirt, as it was covered in blood from when Nicodemus had ripped at his skin.

Rose: sat on the couch, she played with the necklace on her throat.

Nike: "When are your parents going to be here?"

Rose: "I don't know." she said softly.

Nike: "Do they know where I live to come here?"

Rose: nodded, "They know everything."

Nike: came out of the room, tossing his torn bloody shirt aside. He stood behind the couch. "You okay?"

Rose: nodded, "Yeah, just tired I guess."

Nike: jumped over the back of the couch and sat next to her. "Still mad at me for making you say hello to your twin?"

Rose: shook her head, "No, I'm not mad anymore."

Nike: shifted in his seat to face her, his arm on the back of the couch and his back leaning against the arm rest. "I guess I was right about the world exploding if you two met. I was just a little early in my statement." he smiled slightly in amusement.

Rose: smiled, "Yea."

Nike: "I wonder if Kah-Lee hates me now though." he smirked. "I know Nicodemus does. He doesn't have to peel my skin twice to get the point across to me."

Rose: smiled slightly.

Nike: touched her cheek lightly, in the place he hit. His voice grew quiet. "Why did you want me to hit you?"

Rose: "I wanted to learn a lesson." she said softly.

Nike: "Did it work?"

Rose: nodded, "It did." she looked down.

Nike: "I'll never understand why some prefer violence to learn, and others do not."

Rose: "For some that is how they learn other methods don't work."

Nike: "And are you telling me that the violent method is how you learn?" he dropped his hand back onto the couch.

Rose: nodded, "Yeah, I don't get it in my head otherwise."

Nike: "Are you telling me that I need to hit you often?"

Rose: nodded, "To learn a lesson yes." she looked at him, "I do not mind being treated how your mother was but know that I will not hurt my children if it is possible for me to have any."

Nike: "Don't even bring up my parents. Do you want the avatar to banish me like my father was banished? You may want it, like I know my mother minded it without complaint. But that didn't stop him from being punished in the end."

Rose: "But you actually love me Nike, your father didn't truly love your mother. It's different."

Nike: "Yes but you are telling me to treat you like he treated my mother. Or I should say, still treats." he shook his head and looked away. "I'd hate to see what she is going through in the time where he is."

Rose: "Avatar said if he tried to hurt her in that time line then he would kill him. This would be out of love Nike."

Nike: "He doesn't understand. My father doesn't have to hurt her to make her suffer. The avatar has saved one life to condemn another. The avatar has essentially given my father the opportunity to learn new ways around the rule. And he has 365 days to do it and perfect the trade. To make it so that next time, when he returns, he will not be the one held responsible for the pain inflicted on others. There will no way to tie him to it."

Rose: "Unless..." she stood pacing.

Nike: "Unless what?" he watched her from where he sat.

Rose: "Unless he released him back to her but changed his mental outset."

Nike: lifted his eyebrows. "You mean made my father nice?"

Rose: nodded, "Do you think that would work? Then everyone would be happy right?"

Nike: "Even if he is nice that doesn't change his feelings that he has towards his family. He won't abuse us for fun anymore, he will just leave."

Rose: "But...he couldn't..."

Nike: "Couldn't what? Leave us? Isn't that what Nicodemus said? When times get rough he will just leave."

Rose: she sat down, "Never mind." she said quietly, and he was right after all it probably wouldn't matter to him that he was married.

Nike: "What they would have to do is completely rewire his system. But then he wouldn't be my father anymore; just a shadow of him."

Rose: nodded.

Nike: "It was my mother's fault anyways for falling in love with him. She knew better."

Rose: "What do you mean?"

Nike: "She knew he is not capable of love. He forced her to marry him much like Nicodemus forced Sisera to marry him. But I guess she actually fell for him after a time."

Rose: nodded, much like he did with her she thought.

Nike: "Apple doesn't fall far from the tree." he responded to her thought.

Rose: nodded, "I suppose so, but then that wouldn't be hard for you then." she looked at him.

Nike: "Hard for me to do what love?"

Rose: "To treat me like he did your mom. That is what I want most of all."

Nike: "It might be. Like you and I both know, I love you. He didn't love her, so he could treat her harshly without feeling regret."

Rose: "Did you only love me because I look like my sister?"

Nike: "Did I, as in past tense, or Do I, as in present form?"

Rose: "Both."

Nike: "Do you want an honest answer?"

Rose: nodded, "That would be nice."

Nike: "Okay." he thought about how to put this. "At first I was jealous that Nicodemus had Kah-Lee when I had no one. I never really thought about it really until she started to spend time me with me at the mall and would use me to buy her things. I knew she was just using me to pass the time until Nicodemus returned, at least the second time when he was gone for two months because my parents grounded him. Before, when Nicodemus was gone for three years, I actually was growing to like her. That happens when two people spend a lot of time with one another. Then of course as soon as Nicodemus returned she made it clear to leave her alone. So I visited, and was sorely upset that my parents would create me as Nicodemus clone in thinking that I could torture him by my mere presence; and I wondered why they hadn't created a wife for me, a clone of Kah-Lee." he sighed. "I figured it out. They want to torture me because they knew she would never love me. Her feelings only run as deep for Nicodemus, and not even a clone of him can direct her feelings elsewhere. So yes, it did torture me that I had no one to love me much like Kah-Lee loved Nicodemus. After all, we were one in the same. But when I saw you at the mall, and you looked just like Kah-Lee, I hoped maybe you'd love me just like Kah-Lee loved Nicodemus. I didn't only love you because you looked like your sister, but that was a part of the reason why I wanted you to be mine so fast."

Rose: nodded, she didn't know what to say, she understood though and that was important she guessed.

Nike: "Yes, but I want to make something very clear to you Rose." he took her hands in his.

Rose: she looked up at him, "What's that?" she asked softly.

Nike: "I mentioned how when Kah-Lee and I were hanging out together even for three years I was just 'growing to like her'." he gave a slight smile. "Actually, when I met you, I think my capacity for love was already full and overflowing. I did not need to grow to love you. My love for you was just there automatically."

Rose: smiled she took her hand and rubbed it over his.

Nike: he finished. "So to answer your question directly; yes, in the past, I did only love you because you looked like your sister. But as it stands right now and hopeful forever more, I love you because you look like yourself; you are your own person."

Rose: nodded she smiled and hugged him, "I love you to."

Nike: hugged her back. "Can I ask you a question?"

Rose: "Sure."

Nike: "Why do you love me?"

Rose: she thought about that for a moment, "Sometimes love doesn't have an explanation. But I love how you're strong emotionally." she smirked. "And otherwise, I feel like that is a reason for me to be around, a purpose for life. All in all just because you are perfect and for reasons that are beyond explanation."

Nike: "You claim me perfect though I forced you into marriage and essentially raped you that first time?"

Rose: shrugged, "Oh well." she kissed him.

Nike: kissed her back. "Okay then." he smirked as he kissed her.

Rose: "All is forgiven." she whispered as she kissed him again biting his lip lightly.

Nike: "I just think it's because you gave into my good looks."

Rose: laughed and shook her head, "Not the only thing." she kissed him again, she sat on his lap.

Nike: slid his hand against her leg and held her there on him. He continued to kiss her, moving down to nuzzle her neck. He mentally locked all the doors of the house, in case her parents came at anytime now.

Rose: smiled, "I love you so much." she kissed him.

Nike: "I love you too." he smirked. Even if he had gone about things in the wrong way, at least it all worked out in the end.

Rose: wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself closer she smiled.

Nike: felt her warmth against his skin, on his neck and over his arms. He smelled her scent, breathing deeply in. She smelled so delicious, so good. And he knew that she was tasty too. He stopped and held his breath before his fangs came out, and just continued to kiss her with what air he did have left in his system already. He leaned back so she lay on the couch and started at her shirt, trailing his kisses behind each button he undid.

Rose: smiled watching him.

Nike: couldn't help it anymore with the overpowering of emotions his fangs came out. He trailed them back up her stomach and lifted his head. He smiled at her.

Rose: smiled back at him, "Go ahead if you want." she kissed him.

Nike: "Is that permission to bite you, my love?"

Rose: nodded, "You can bite me all you want."

Nike: "Drain you even?" he looked skeptical.

Rose: "I would prefer if you didn't but if you want it." she shrugged and kissed him again.

Nike: "Then...I...will have...control." he moved from her lips to her throat and bit her neck.

Rose: didn't make a noise she just closed her eyes and smiled.

Nike: After awhile he stopped and pulled back, he licked her wound closed. He may have let too much drain. "Do you feel tired love?"

Rose: "The same as I did before." she opened her eyes.

Nike: "You taste wonderful." he kissed her leaving his fangs out. His eyes were a bright gold.

Rose: smiled and kissed him back, "Glad to hear it. Anytime you want some, I'll be here."

Nike: "I love that promise."


Rose: woke to pounding on the door, she jumped.

Nike: was watching TV. "I saw, let's not answer it."

Father: "Rosemarie, so help me if you don't open this door then I will break it down."

Rosemarie: her eyes widened, she sat up.

Nike: "Wow. Your father sounds like my father." he yelled to the door. "HOLD YOUR HORSES UNLESS YOU DON'T MIND SEEING YOUR DAUGHTER NAKED!"

Rose: got up quickly, "I'll be there in a second dad." she ran to the bedroom and started to get dressed. 'They are very similar.'

Father: "You better young lady."

Nike: "How sad." he already has his jeans on. He flicked off the TV and stood. The house was a mess. He shrugged. Oh well. "Do they love each other?"

Rose: "I don't know. It's hard to tell."

Father: "It's been more than a minute Rosemarie." he warned.

Rose: was cleaning the place quickly.

Nike: yanked open the door and stood there glaring. He wedged himself between the opening of the door and the door frame. He had no shirt and his hair was a hot kind of messy. "What?" his asked in annoyance, his eyes were a burning gold, the outer pupil edge black with rage.

Father: pushed him aside and walked forward his wife behind him.

Mother: "I'm sorry." she whispered to him.

Nike: "Did you have to come so early?" he shut the door and turned to face them.

Father: "Both of you should have been expecting my arrival."

Rose: looked to Nike for a moment before going back to what she had been doing.

Nike: "We were. But we also weren't wanting it, so...sorry we weren't prepared for your visit." he said sarcastically.

Father: "Watch your mouth boy." he growled. He turned to Rose, "Rosemarie, that should have already been done. What are you doing?"

Rose: "I am sorry Father, I was tired so I took a little nap." she walked over and hugged him.

Father: "Nicole, take my Jacket. Rose, get me some hot chocolate."

Nicole: nodded she took his jacket and held it.

Rose: "Yes father." she hurried to the kitchen to make it just the way he likes it.

Nike: "Here." he took the jacket from Nicole and put it on the rack by the door. He flung himself on the couch. He didn't even need the prisoner of sound on Rose she seemed to be obedient just fine without it.

Rose: brought it out to him quickly, "My lord." she told him as she handed it to him.

Father: took it sharply. "Get ready to leave Rosemarie, I cannot trust you to stay away from you sister anymore, you are going back to the orphanage."

Rose: "But father."

Father: "No. I don't want to hear it. You have driven my sister crazy. Pack your things. You have 5 minutes."

Nike: growled. He had his eyes closed laying back on the couch. "Rose! Do no such thing." he ordered.

Rose: stayed where she was at not sure what to do.

Father: "You will listen to me Rosemarie and you..." he turned to Nike, "have no right to stop me."

Nike: opened his eyes but made no point to move, he just looked at him. "I have more jurisdiction over my wife then you do as her father. My, my, what has gotten you so riled up? I don't see the earth collapsed so APPARENTLY she has not even seen her twin sister."

Father: "I know that it started and I know that you assisted in stopping it."

Nike: "Well then, know that you shouldn't worry about it." he said and closed his eyes again.

Father: "We did that for a reason so that she would never meet her sister. Worry didn't even cross our minds. Whether you like it or not we are taking her."

Rose: "But Dad..." she cried.

Nicole: her heart broke seeing her daughter like this.

Father: "No, Rosemarie. Go. Now. Nicole help her pack." he ordered his wife.

Nicole: "Yes sir." she followed her daughter into the bedroom.

Nike: was instantly up and pushed the father against the wall by his throat. "Just try it and I will make sure you will pay. She is mine, not yours."

Father: shoved him back, "You will show me more respect young man."

Nike: his demeanor changed. "Very well sir." he said respectfully. "Would you like a refill on your hot chocolate?"

Father: "Yes."

Nike: held out his hand for the cup. He smiled at the father. "Be right back sir." he left to the kitchen and opened up a cupboard. He took out a vial, unlabeled, much like the one he had used on Rosemarie. He poured it into the hot chocolate, taking from Rose's mind the exact way to make the hot chocolate like the father likes it, he finished it and took it back out to him. "Here you are."

Father: narrowed his eyes, he smelled it and set it down. "Nice try. I am not as stupid as Rosemarie."

Nike: "I don't know what you are talking about. But perhaps you and your wife can visit a bit longer? Another hour before you leave?" he kept his voice calm but his eyes were still enraged.

Father: "No. After she is done we are leaving."

Nike: pulled out a needle from his back pocket and stabbed the father in the neck, he injected the contents into him. "Would have been much nicer on you if you had just drank to stupid chocolate." he growled and threw the needle down.

Father: growled and threw him back. "Rosemarie. Time is up." He walked to the door.

Nicole: came out she quickly grabbed the fathers coat and then put it on him and zipped it up for him.

Rose: came out a few seconds later with tear stained eyes and her small suit case. "I'm sorry Nike." she whispered and kissed him before walking over to her parents.

Nike: followed them outside. He grabbed the father and teleported into his basement of his house. "I warned you."

Father: "Goodbye Nike."

Nike: "I think you have that backwards." he knocked him unconscious and locked the basement, he went back outside to Rosemarie and her mother. "Guess what. You're staying."

Nicole: looked at him after looking around. "He agreed?" she asked softly almost inaudible.

Nike: smiled at the mom. "Of course he did." he said quietly, convincingly, and took Rose's suitcase from her. "He already left to home, I teleported him there. You can take your ship back."

Nicole: nodded slowly. "Thank you Nike. I am sorry for his actions." she said just as quietly.

Nike: "No problem. Toodle-lu." he said, and guided Rosemarie back into the house. He shut the door and set her suitcase down.

Rosemarie: sat on the couch.

Nike: "You okay love?" he leaned over the back of the couch.

Rose: nodded, she shivered slightly at the thought of her father and his visit. She stood, "If it's okay with you I would like to go back to sleep."

Nike: "Yea." he stood back. He watched her, wondering why she shivered.

Rosemarie: "Thank you." she stood and went to the bedroom taking her suitcase with her. and set it on the floor before climbing in bed.

Nike: took the hot chocolate. "Be in, in a bit." he called to her, even though it was only early afternoon. He walked down to the basement.

Father: was already standing, he was examining the walls.

Nike: "Looking for a way out?" he smirked. "Thirsty?" he held out the hot chocolate to the father.

Father: ignored the hot chocolate. "I know the way out."

Nike: set the chocolate down. He gripped the father by the face. "But you won't use it, you know why?"

Father: "Why's that?" he asked angered

Nike: "Because I am making you, a prisoner of sound."

Father: "Yeah, whatever." he pushed him back.

Nike: sighed. Why did he have to waste so my Kientian Vice? He stabbed it in the father's neck again, emptying the contents.

Father: took the syringe and crushed it.

Nike: "I've already got enough in you."

Father: growled.

Nike: "Now." he stepped back. "Fine, I won't make you prisoner of sound, but I will shield this place so you cannot leave."

Father: "The point of that is?"

Nike: smirked. "If you have to stay here, then that means you can't make Rosemarie leave either."

Father: nodded, "Fine."

Nike: "That hot chocolate is the last food item I am giving you."

Father: "Fine. I can have my daughter bring me something."

Nike: "She is not allowed down here."

Father: shrugged, his eyes narrowed, "She will not disobey her father."

Nike: laughed. "She doesn't even know you are down here! I told them all you went home."

Father: "Just face the fact you have failed."

Nike: "I can kill you so easily."

Father: "Just imagine how badly you will hurt my family." he challenged/

Nike: "Which is exactly the reason why I am not killing you. But making you starve is fine by me." he kicked the hot chocolate over, letting it spill until the cup was empty.

Father: "Either way with your plans will hurt my family."

Nike: "But with one of the ways, I get to keep Rose, which is all that matters." he shook his head. "I doubt your wife even loves you, or Rose for that matter. Your very presence makes her shiver with hate or fear. An emotion that is not pleasant."

Father: "Fear is the only thing that will keep her in line." he hissed

Nike: "Why? Have you seen her out of line and it is so disastrous you need to keep her in line?"

Father: "She is young and needs to learn. She is like a child and those is treated as such."

Nike: "And what about Kah-Lee?"

Father: "She is an embarrassment."

Nike: "Did you send both of them to orphanages because you didn't want to be a father? Why is Kah-Lee an embarrassment? She is just like her sister."

Father: "No, Kah-lee stayed with us. We hoped she would learn but no she didn't. She is an embarrassment because she pledged her allegiance to Nicodemus."

Nike: "Oh I get it. think of her as an embarrassment because she would rather pledge her allegiance to her husband than to her father?" he laughed. He shook his head and leaned against the cement wall.

Father: "That is not it and you know it. Nicodemus is not fit to have her."

Nike: "And you believe I am not fit to have Rose?" he lifted an eyebrow.

Father: "Exactly."

Nike: "Just because I look like him doesn't mean we are the same. We are opposites." he growled, clenching his fists at his sides at the accusation.

Father: "So you think. When in reality you are just like him."

Nike: "No. I am not. I tried to get Kah-Lee away from Nicodemus much as you want her to be gone from him. He manipulates her into staying."

Father: "Interesting."

Nike: "I would never do half the things to Rose that Nicodemus does to Kah-Lee. I only do what she wishes me to do."

Father: smirked, "Like what does he do to her?"

Nike: "Like he has a second wife."

Father: "I see." his smirk grew, "What else?"

Nike: "Why does it matter to you? I should slap that smirk off your face. You don't even care about your daughter, so let her stay with her husband, even if he is not fit for her."

Father: "Just curious."

Nike: "Curiosity killed the cat."

Father: "Then it is a good thing I am not a cat."

Nike: "If I help you get Kah-Lee away from Nicodemus, will you let me keep Rose?"

Father: "I'll think about it."

Nike: "Then as you think, I'll be upstairs sleeping." he opened the door to leave.

Father: "Very well."

Nike: "And don't even try to get out, or you will be dead I assure you. The voltage on the shield will kill you instantly, frying your insides." he slammed the door and locked it, then went upstairs to watch TV until he went to sleep, falling asleep on the couch, the TV still on.

Rose: got up a few hours later she was making something to eat.

Father: was banging on the wall once he heard movement.

Nike: woke up. "Morning Rose." he kissed her cheek then ran down to the basement. "WHAT'S WITH ALL THE RACKET!"

Father: shrugged ''I figured you would like to know my choice."

Nike: "Depends what you chose."

Father: ''I am going to pass.''

Nike: "Then you will rot down here."

Father: ''Alright but my wife will be back for me and Rosemarie is wondering right now.'' he smirked.

Nike: "Your wife will be easy to control and I can just distract Rose." he smirked back.

Father: "Too late she already hears us."

Nike: "I don't care." he slammed the door shut.

Rose: "Nike, who's down there? Did I hear my father's voice?"

Nike: "Maybe." he said, climbing the stairs. "What would you say if you did?"

Rose: "You can't treat my father like that."

Nike: "I am just trying to get him to see reason. I'm being nice."

Rose: "Threatening to make him rot down there is not being nice. I can't believe you are doing this."

Nike: pouted. "You would rather him take you away from me?"

Rose: "No, but it's not right to keep him down here. At least let him come out and walk around."

Nike: "He'll order you around." he shook his head and sat on the couch.

Rose: "My mother won't know what to do with herself. She will rot to."

Nike: "She can stay here too."

Rose: "So she can rot to?"

Nike: got up. "FINE!" he yelled. "YOU CAN ALL LEAVE!" he went into the bedroom and slammed the door.

Rose: she sat on the couch wishing she had said nothing.

Nike: sat in his room he climbed out the window and left for a midday run.

Rose: she laid on the couch clutching the pillow to her.

Nike: returned through the front door when the sun had just set and it was dark.

Rose: sat up. "Nike?"

Nike: "What Rose?" he took off his jacket and threw it aside he went to the kitchen.

Rose: "Nike, I'm sorry."

Nike: "Where's your father?" he slammed through the cupboards.

Rose: "Where you left him."

Nike: "I thought you'd let him out by now and both of you would be gone." he pulled out what he was looking for and held it in his hand. He left the cupboards open.

Rose: "You are upset I wouldn't do that."

Nike: his voice was calm. "I am not upset. If you want to let your father out, you do that. Then when he makes you leave, you leave. I won't stop you."

Rose: walked into the bathroom she shut the door.

Nike: went to the basement. He opened the door, wondering if Rose's father was still even awake. As far as he knew he would be passed out by now from lack of food.

Father: was just standing around.

Nike: "Here," he tossed the pill that he got out of the cupboard, to the father. "Take it. It will reverse the effects of the Kientian Vice."

Father: "Why?"

Nike: "So you can leave and destroy my life by taking my wife with you."

Father: rolled his eyes.

Nike: turned and left the door open he went upstairs.

Everyone stayed they were.

Nike: went to the bedroom and shut off the light. He got into his pajama's and climbed in bed.

Rose: after a while came out and then climbed in bed but stayed on her side.

Nike: "He can leave if he wants. I gave him the pill to reverse Kientian Vice effects, and the door is no longer locked. If he wants to, he can walk right out and go to his wife to make sure she doesn't 'rot' as you put it."

Rose: "I don't care."

Nike: rolled over and leaned over her. "You don't care about your mother?"

Rose: "Not if it makes you upset."

Nike: "It doesn't upset me. You leaving upsets me. I told you, if your father makes you leave, make sure you use that poisoned saber in your purse on me first."

Rose: "I am not going to leave Nike."

Nike: "You will when your father makes you." he rolled back over onto his side, facing away from her.

Rose: "I'd rather die."

Nike: "Don't be dramatic. You do whatever your father asks you. Your mother even dresses him like he's a baby! Can he not put on his own jacket? He's a grown man! He has arms. Sheesh. I wonder what he did BEFORE he was married. Lay around naked all day?"

Rose: "He had servants do it for him." she murmured.

Nike: "Of course he did."

Rose: "Nike I'm so sorry."

Nike: "I bet your father is rich enough to pay his servants instead of holding them against their will to work for him."

Rose: nodded slightly.

Nike: "I'll miss you." he closed his eyes. "I guess this is the end of my dream."

Rose: "This is not a dream. Please don't leave me all alone." she whispered.

Nike: "I am not leaving you. You are always the one leaving me. Either by your own choice, by getting rid of me, or by others making you go. Apparently everything is against me being married to you. Maybe because of the way I went about it in the first place I don't know."

Rose: "If they send me back to the orphanages I will come back to you and if I can't then I will die."

Nike: "I'll take you out of the orphanage. That was my other plan anyways if holding your father here didn't work. Which it didn't apparently."

Rose: "Maybe he will just leave me alone."

Nike: "I wouldn't hold your breath. He thinks I am just like Nicodemus and as such, I am not fit for you."

Rose: "Is that what he told you?"

Nike: "Yes."

Rose: rolled her eyes, "He is unbelievable."

Nike: "What now?"

Rose: "He doesn't believe that at all. He thinks that I am not fit for you or anyone."

Nike: "Then he feels Kah-Lee is not fit for Nicodemus? Or did he speak truth in that statement when he said he was not fit for her."

Rose: "It goes either way."

Nike: "I don't understand."

Rose: "He thinks both ways."

Nike: "So he believes neither is fit for the other?"

Rose: nodded, "Yes."

Nike: "And what about us?" he turned to face her.

Rose: "I am not fit for you. That I will ruin your life. That's why he wants to send me back, I escaped and he said if I was good then I could stay away with it."

Nike: "Your parents didn't care when you called them that first time to tell them you were married."

Rose: "They did. Father was yelling."

Nike: "Then it seems I have ruined your life."

Rose: shook his head, "Never."

Nike: "That's what you said the day after we were married."

Rose: "That wasn't right."

Nike: "You are utterly confusing girl."

Rose: "I didn't know what I was saying."

Nike: "Because I was controlling you?"

Rose: "I don't know."

Nike: "Good night Rose." he laid down again.

Rose: "Goodnight." she whispered.


Rose: was already up making breakfast for Nike.

Nike: came out, he rubbed his hand through his hair. "What are you making?"

Rose: "You some breakfast."

Nike: "I don't eat normal food you know that."

Rose: "I know; this is special stuff."

Nike: "Okay. Where are your parents? I assume your mother would be here by now." he sat down at the table.

Rose: shrugged, "I don't know."

Nike: "Where's your father?" he got up and went to the front door. He opened it and picked up the paper.

Rose: "Downstairs I guess, I don't know. Nor do I care."

Nike: tossed the paper on the table. He went downstairs. "Out of my house."

Father: "Why?"

Nike: "So you can shower and dress. You look disgusting and I bet your wife misses you. Upstairs now." he pointed to the stairs.

Father: "Alright." he stood and went upstairs.

Nike: followed him up. "Bathroom there." he pointed. "Go clean up."

Father: "Alright." he took the shower and got dressed.

Nike: went back to the kitchen and sat down he opened up the paper.

Rose: set his special food on the table.

Nike: stared at it.

Rose: "It's not going to bite." She said and smiled slightly. Under her eyes were dark.

Nike: started to eat it. He smiled. "Hey I actually like it."

Rose: smiled, "That's good."

Nike: looked up. "Sit. Eat with me."

Rose: "I'm not to hungry." she sat down though, beside him.

Nike: smiled. He noticed her dark circles. "Are you sleeping?"

Rose: "No, I am really here talking to you." she said confused.

Nike: "No silly." he touched under her eye lightly. "You look tired. Have you been sleeping well?" he clarified.

Rose: "I didn't sleep much last night." she admitted but shrugged, "But that's okay."

Nike: nodded. "Well, your father apparently does know how to dress and shower for himself."

Rose: nodded.

Nike: kissed her cheek and continued to eat.

Rose: smiled, she was really glad that he liked it she had looked for a recipe everywhere.

Nike: "So." he finished eating and pushed his plate away. "I bet your father is starving."

Rose: shrugged, "Not my problem." she stood and took his dishes and cleaned them then put it away.

Nike: "Thanks."

Rose: looked at him, "For?" she looked confused.

Nike: "Wanting to stay."

Rose: nodded, "Your welcome."

Nike: got up and kissed her. He went out to the living room. "Are you wearing my clothes?" he asked the father.

Father: "No. I have my own."

Nike: "You carry around a change of clothes with you?"

Father: "Why carry them around." he rolled his eyes.

Nike: lifted an eyebrow confused.

Father: walked out in another outfit. "Rosemarie you're coming with me."

Rose: turned to him. "No I am not."

Father: shook his head, he walked over and pressed some pressure points.

Rose: cringed then grabbed his arm and flipped him. "Go dad. You are not welcome here."

Father: narrowed his eyes at her getting up. "You will regret that." he walked out shutting the door behind him.

Nike: "And yet you didn't do that the first time."

Rose: turned to him confused, "Did what? I didn't do anything."

Nike: "Kick your father out."

Rose: put a hand to her head. "But all I did was stand here."

Nike: eyes widened. "My word girl your mood swings are as different as night and day."

Rose: "What are you...talking about?" she put both hands to her head.

Nike: went to her and held her arms. "Rose are you okay?"

Rose: "I...I don't know. I have this horrible headache."

Nike: narrowed his eyes. "When did you get it? Just now?"

Rose: "Ever since I got out of bed."

Nike: "I'm taking you to the hospital. Come on." he picked her up.

Rose: "I'm fine." she insisted. She let out a high pitched scream.

Nike: cringed. He teleported her to the hospital.

Rose: she passed out going limp in his arms.

Nike: "Doctor!" he yelled out. "I swear her father better have nothing to do with this." he murmured.

Maxwell: "You need something lad?"

Nike: "My wife has a terrible headache. I don't know what caused it but she's passed out on the way here right after a terrible pain that caused her to scream at a high velocity."

Maxwell: "Come with me please."

Nike: followed him carrying Rose.

Maxwell: put them in a room and closed the door. "Set her in the bed please."

Nike: did so. He stepped back.

Maxwell: "What species is she?"

Nike: "Kientian." he answered quickly.

Maxwell: nodded, he thought for a moment, "The most powerful thing is their mind." he said to himself and started to do some things. "Has she had contact is Kientian Vice lately?"

Nike: "Are you saying that is what has done this?"

Maxwell: "I don't know but has she?" he turned to look at him.

Nike: waited a moment. "Yes." he answered hesitantly, a look of guilt crossed his face as he glanced at Rosemarie.

Maxwell: nodded, "Mhm...and how many times? Within how long of time period."

Nike: "Only once. No, twice." he had put it in her food that next day. "It was only enough dosage for two days." he said in a low voice.

Maxwell: "That's can't be it then." he checked her heart beat. "That's strange."

Nike: breathed a sigh of relief. He came closer, no longer feeling guilty his voice was normal. "What is it?"

Maxwell: "For someone that is passed out her heart rate is going very fast."

Nike: "Her father threatened her for kicking her out. He is Kientian too. Do you think he had something to do with this?"

Maxwell: shook his head, "I don't think so."

Nike: "This." he lifted her shirt to show him her moon tattoo. "What about this? Could this be something affecting her?"

Maxwell: ran over and got his book he flipped through pages, "Where is the other part?" he said looking up from it.

Nike: "The sun?"

Maxwell. "No, the other half of the moon."

Nike: "I don't know I didn't know there was another part." he felt around her neck. "She has a necklace." he showed Maxwell, holding it up.

Maxwell: "That's it." he took it off and then turned around and prepared something on the counter away from them. He brought it over he placed the necklace to where is made a full moon and then put something in her mouth.

Rose: coughed.

Nike: "Rose." he looked to Maxwell. "Is she better?"

Maxwell: "Not quite." he turned to her. "Rosemarie. I need you to tell me what you see?"

Rose: "There is blood everywhere. He killed him. My father killed him." she cried her eyes were open.

Maxwell: "Who?"

Rose: "Nike. My father wanted me to learn my lesson he got revenge and killed my husband." she cried harder. "I wasn't there to help him. I love him so much. He hurt him."

Maxwell: "It's okay Rosemarie. Nike is okay. He is with me. But do I need you to tell me what happened before all of this."

Rose: "I got up and made Nike breakfast a new recipe I found. Then my father came out of the basement and he was taking a shower. Some how he got a knife and he was hiding it, he made me made and I flipped him over and kicked him out...then my headache I had got worse and worse, then this high pitched sound went through my ears and I screamed."

Maxwell: looked to Nike. "Any of this sound familiar?"

Nike: "That is exactly what happened right before I came here. But Rose your father is gone." he looked to Maxwell, "It might be the same knife Rose killed me with in my dream. She carried a saber with Snyde poison on it in her purse."

Maxwell: looked back to Rose, "What did the knife look like."

Rose: "It was a tiny sword. I had seen it before. It looked like the one I have." she whispered. "He took my Saber. By my own saber my husband is dead." she cried.

Maxwell: "Rose, I need you to do something else for me."

Rose: nodded, "Ok Maxwell."

Maxwell: "I need you to tell me what caused this. What have you eaten lately?"

Rose: "I haven't eaten lately. I don't know..." she put her hand the her head. "St..." she said and her words were cut off, her eyes snapped shut.

Nike: "ROSE!"

Maxwell: nodded, "It's alright. She's fine. She's just sleeping." he removed the necklace.

Nike: looked at Maxwell. "What are you doing with her necklace?"

Maxwell: handed it to him. "Do NOT put it back on until she is better."

Nike: "Why? What is it doing to her?" he glanced at it and put it in his back pocket of his jeans.

Maxwell: "It's just vitally important that you don't put it back on her or let her see it while she is recovering. She has been under too much stress lately. She can't handle it. She needs rest."

Nike: "What will it do to her otherwise?"

Maxwell: "It will kill her."

Nike: nodded. "What was she talking about?"

Maxwell: "Which part? The part about the Saber?"

Nike: "All of it. Do I need to stop her father or was that a dream?"

Maxwell: "Let's just say it would be best if you would get rid of it. It won't be her literal father that would do it."

Nike: "I don't understand. Then who am I killing?"

Maxwell: "No one."

Nike: "Who do I go after?"

Maxwell: "No one, just get rid of the saber."

Nike: "I need to find the person who has the saber. If it is not her father then who is it?"

Maxwell: "She does."

Nike: "So it's still in her purse?"

Maxwell: nodded. "If it has a moon on it bring it to me."

Nike: "I'll be right back." he teleported home and went to Rose's purse. He opened it and taking a towel from the bathroom he wrapped it around the handle of the saber and pulled it out, looking at it.

There on the handle and engraved on the blade was a moon.

Nike: teleported back to the hospital. "Here." he handed it to Maxwell, still in the towel.

Maxwell: took it out. "That's what I was afraid of."

Nike: "Excuse me? Please explain to me what's going on."

Maxwell: "You can't get rid of the saber no matter how hard you try it will always come back to her."

Nike: "And what's with her seeing her father killing me? He is gone from my house I kicked him out this morning!"

Maxwell: "The person she saw was not her real father; it was just an image of her mind, an alternate reality."

Nike: "Then I will lock the dagger away."

Maxwell: shook his head, "It will go back to her."

Nike: "Then what AM I to do Maxwell? Let me be dead?"

Maxwell: "Does the sun have the saber?" he turned to look at him.

Nike: "I don't know!" he growled. "Like I keep tabs on her sister."

Rose: "Nike." she whispered.

Nike: looked at Rose. He went over and took her hand. "Yes Rose?"

Rose: "I love you." she whispered.

Nike: smiled. "I love you too."

Rose: lifted his hand to her mouth and kissed it.

Nike: bent down and kissed her forehead. He looked back at Maxwell after a moment. "Are you saying if she did have the sun saber, it would help my wife?"

Maxwell: "It would kill the Saber and then your wife would no longer be tortured by its presence."

Nike: "It would also kill the sun's saber?"

Maxwell: nodded, "No one will have to worry about them ever again."

Nike: "Can Rose be safe here while I go?"

Maxwell: nodded, "I will watch over her."

Nike: "Thank you." he stepped back from Rose and teleported to the place where Nicodemus was last with Sisera.

There was nothing but ash.

Nike: 'Nicodemus.' he sent him a mental voice.

Nicodemus: ignored him.

Nike: 'Nicodemus I swear talk to me or I will make Kah-Lee know the truth.'

Nicodemus: 'She won't believe you.'

Nike: 'Fine. But I need her saber. Either I will come and get it or you can bring it to me.'

Nicodemus: 'I do not want any dealings with you.'

Nike: 'It's not for me it's for my wife!'

Nicodemus: 'Yeah like I haven't heard that one before.'

Nike: 'Look Nicodemus just tell me which of your houses you are at.' The first time he regretted not being connected to him. Now that he was his own person, he had to find him on his own.

Nicodemus: 'No, my wife doesn't want you around just leave us alone."

Nike: 'Believe me I'd like to. Just let me have the saber and I will!'

Nicodemus: 'NO!'

Nike: growled. 'Fine. I used to think like you I can find you.'

Nicodemus: 'Just go away Nike. You have caused my family enough pain.'

Nike: dropped the mental voice with Nicodemus. 'Sis you there?'

Abheri: 'What brother?'

Nike: 'Do you happen to know where Nicodemus is currently located? And if not, can you find out and tell me?'

Abheri: 'He's in Alaska.'

Nike: smiled. 'Thank you sis. I owe you.' There were only so many places in Alaska that Nicodemus would live.

Abheri: 'Yeah I know. Big time'

Nike: teleported to Nicodemus house and went inside.

Nicodemus: threw him out. "GET OUT!"

Nike: teleported behind him. "Not without the saber. KAH-LEE!"

Kah-Lee: came out of the room holding Katara. "What are YOU doing here?" her eyes narrowed.

Nike: "Give me that saber."

Kah-Lee: "NO!"

Katara: held on to her mom.

Nicodemus: "I swear if you don't get out I will kill you Nike."

Nike: growled. He started to randomly teleport to different places of the house quickly, searching for the saber.

Nicodemus: "Kah. It's about your sister."

Kah-Lee: took Katara to her room and came back out. She bent down and pulled off her shoe. "He needs the saber for her?" she held her shoe in her hand.

Nike: "Give it to me Kah-Lee. Or you sister will die." he teleported in front of her.

Kah-Lee: peeled off the backing of her right shoe. She pulled out the saber from the tall heel of the stiletto. "Here." she handed it to him.

Nike: "Thank you." he snatched it from her.

Nicodemus: "Now, get out of my house and never come back."

Nike: disappeared back to the hospital. "Here." he handed the saber to Maxwell.

Rose: was screaming out in pain

Maxwell: he out the swords together, he watched as they glowed

Nike: "Rose?"

Rose: screamed louder


The swords stopped glowing and they fell to the floor.

Rose: stopped screaming.

Nike: sighed in relief. He went over to Rose and took her hand in his. "It worked? She is better?"

Maxwell: "Yes, she just needs rest now."

Nike: "Good." he smiled, glancing at Rosemarie then back at Maxwell. "Now about what she thinks she saw. Now that the sabers are dead, that won't happen, right?"

Maxwell: nodded, "Yes. You are safe as well as her."

Nike: "Rose hun, you awake?" he looked to Maxwell, "Would you prefer she sleep here or can she sleep at home?"

Mazwell: "She can sleep at home but if anything weird happens just bring her to this room."

Rose: "Mhm." She said sleepily.

Nike: "Weird? What do you mean, weird? Weird like what?"

Maxwell: "Like things happening for no reason, out of the ordinary."

Nike: "I'll keep my eye on her." He promised, and teleported home with Rose. He laid her on the bed.

Rose: groaned softly, "I'm sorry."

Nike: "'bout what?"

Rose: "This whole episode."

Nike: "Don't worry about it." He kissed her forehead and sat down on the bed by her feet.

Rose: smiled slightly. Then her breathing slowed. She looked so peaceful. She didn't move, just laid their sleeping.

Nike: watched her sleep.

Rose: continued to sleep for several days, every now and then waking up and screaming, or just glowing. Finally on the fifth day she woke up for good. Her body still hurt, but that was okay. She moved to sit up, stretched, and then just fell over."

Nike: caught her, "You need food. Drink." He set her on the bed and held the cup of hot chocolate to her lips and tilted it upwards for her to drink.

Rose: nodded, "You're right, I think." She just laid there and when he came back she drank slowly, the only way she could, "Thank you." She said after it was gone.

Nike: smiled slightly. The moon necklace was still in his pocket where it would stay for a long time, "No, thank you. I got to watch you sleep. I enjoyed it. At least, at times when you weren't screaming or growling. What were you dreaming about love?" he asked her.

Rose: "That's the thing, though. I don't dream. I never have. All I saw was black but it hurt so bad. I don't remember growling but I remember one times I was glowing." She closed her eyes, "It feels like I have just had surgery or something." She just laid back. She felt so weak, even after the hot chocolate.

Nike: "I'm sorry." He said, not sure what to do or how to help her. He just continued to sit there. "Do you need to see the doctor again, you think?" he asked her, watching her rest from weakness.

Rose: "No, I'll be back to normal soon. But will you get me something out of my purse?"

Nike: "Yea, sure. What do you need?" he got up and went to her purse, picking it up and setting it on the bed.

Rose: "There is a black unlabeled vial in my purse. I need you to bring it to me please." She opened her eyes to watch him, "Please don't ask any questioned about it.

Nike: found the vial in her purse and handed it to her without question. He put her purse back where it was before, and then sat down again on the edge of the bed.

Rose: she closed her eyes and put it to her lips and drank it. She started to glow a ghastly blue.

Nike: "I agreed not to ask…so I won't." he just continued to watch her.

Rose: she stood, still glowing.

Nike: bit his tongue. "Okay! Tell me now, why are you glowing!" he ordered. He couldn't resist. "What does the vial do?" he was always doing things he wasn't supposed to do, so why did it matter if he asked question he wasn't supposed to?

Rose: cringed a little, "The vial was a healing potion. I glow because it's working and changing my body."

Nike: "Well," he sighed, "Let me know when you are fully better." Now he wondered why she didn't want him to ask about it before. If it was just a healing potion, why did it matter if he knew or not?

Rose: nodded, "Alright."

Nike: turned on the computer.

Rose: sat on the bed.

Nike: "So," he said, "Is your dad coming back to exact revenge?"

Rose: "I don't know."

Nike: pouted.

Rose: she looked worried, "Hun what's wrong?" she rubbed his shoulders, hoping it didn't bug him.

Nike: kissed her hand, "Because I worry now about it."

Rose: "Don't. It'll be okay."

Nike: "Some dreams, if even just a part of them, show truth. And I think yours may be one of them. Don't knock dreams."

Rose: "The sword is no longer here. It won't happen."

Nike: nodded, not saying anything. Could always be another weapon of choice, he thought, but made sure Rose didn't hear.

Rose: "I'm going to make breakfast. Is that okay?"

Nike: "Sure." He smiled, "A man can't say no to breakfast."

Rose: stood and went to the kitchen and started making breakfast.

Nike: finished with his blog on the computer. He stood and went to the kitchen, "I'll be back my flower. I need to go bite something." He kissed her cheek and grabbed his jacket. When he opened the door, someone was there in a military uniform.

Mullan: smirked, "Hello. You must be Nicodemus brother. May I come in?"

Nike: "Who are you?"

Mullan: "My name is Mullan. Other than that, you need to know nothing."

Rose: walked out and stared, 'Nike Stand back,' she thought to him.

Nike: 'Shh,' he held up a hand to shush her. He smirked at the man, 'I need to bite something, remember?' his eyes shifted to red.

Mullan: "I'd advise you not to. Though I am human my blood is poisonous to anyone who dares get close to it." He motioned again to their house, "May I? It's rude to leave guests standing outside."

Nike: stepped aside. He was confused. A human who knew what he was? Who knew he was going to be bit? Who prepares for that kind of thing? Though, he was tempted to test it still; to see if his blood really was poisonous, or if the man was just bluffing. He let his fangs come down.

Mullan: stepped into the house, "Your death." He smirked at him and then looked to Rose, "Good day my lady."

Rose: growled, "Get out." She stood by her husband.

Mullan: "Tisk, tisk. I will leave as soon as I find what I am looking for." His watch beeped and he glanced down at it, reading a message. He smirked, and then pressed another button on the watch. He lifted his head again, dropping his arm. He eyed both Nike and Rose, "The sooner I get it, the sooner I leave."

Rose: "And what do you want?"

Mullan: pulled out a device from his pocket. Holding it in his palm, it snapped open, revealing a smooth computer screen that was blank white. He pointed, "Prints. Press you right thumb here."

Nike: "For what?"

Mullan: "That's confidential."

Nike: "It will be my print!" he growled.

Mullan: "Then let me put it this way; whether it is yours or anyone else's- if I told you I'd have to kill you." He pointed to the screen again.

Nike: "I can kill faster." His voice was as cold as ice.

Mullan: "Wonderful. If there was a price, I'd give it to you." He said sarcastically, "Prints. Now." He demanded.

Rose: watched the conversation quietly.

Nike: pressed his thumb to the keypad.

Mullan: turned it to Rose.

Rose: shook her head, "No."

Nike: "Rose." He chastised.

Mullan: though he smirked, his eyes were cold. "I suggest you do it if you want your husband to live."

Nike: "Excuse me?"

Mullan: "Yes. Thanks to your finger print. Watch." He pulled the device screen to him and pressed a few buttons, until he finally pressed the last one.

Nike: screamed in pain, stumbling back. His eyes went from red to pure black, even the white around it was black.

Mullan: turned the dial, "More voltage, faster death." He watched with uncaring eyes.

Nike: 'Kill him.' He mentally told Rose. He gritted his teeth to the pain, not wanting to show how he felt. Blood seeped through his teeth and over his lip.

Mullan: shook his head. "I'll just leave before you get around to killing me, Rose. I know every move you even think about making, all thanks to Nike's finger print. I am in your head now, just like he is. I feel your connection." He turned the dial more, "Even before you kill me I will make sure Nike dies first."

Nike: 'Don't…do it.' His voice was hard and strained; slow. Even in his mind it was hard to form comprehensive words and sentences.

Mullan: smiled wickedly and opened another device for Rose, "Ten Seconds. Nine…eight…" he continued to count down, knowing he had won.

Rose: touched it, "Now stop hurting him."

Mullan: closed the device, "Thank you Ma'am." He put it in his pocket. Then he turned to knob to the device for Nike, off, putting it away.

Nike: took a breath, deep and shaky. His eyes slowly turned to red again, and then to a rich gold. "Rose." He tried to get his bearings.

Mullan: "Good day." He left before anything could happen to him.

Rose: "It's okay. Let's get you to the couch." She helped him to the couch, "Are you okay?" she moved her hair out of the way, "Here. Bite me. It may help you."

Nike: "I'm fine. I know how to handle my pain." He wiped the blood from his mouth.

Rose: "Okay." She moved her hair back over and then stood and walked into the kitchen.

Nike: "What's wrong Rose?"

Rose: "Nothing." She came back with a plate of food.

Nike: "Oh." He smiled, taking the food, "Thanks. But like I said, I need to bite something too."

Rose: "I offer myself to you for that."

Nike: "Well...I do have that scar vanish cream."

Rose: "You don't have to use it if you don't want."

Nike: "I will because I know you prefer it." He pushed the plate of food back to her, "It's not that special stuff."

Rose: "I'll go make you some." She stood and walked to the kitchen.

Nike: "No, wait. Come back." He pulled her down and bit her neck in a swift movement.

Rose: closed her eyes. She didn't make a sound, "I like it when you do that."

Nike: focused on what he was doing. He pulled back and licked the wound closed, "Sure." He pulled her to the bathroom and rubbed the cream on her neck. The mark disappeared.

Rose: "I'll go make you food now."

Nike: nodded, "Sure." He put the cream away and then went to the living room, sitting on the couch and flicking on the TV.

Rose: come back with a different recipe that used Nike's red drink. She set it before him.

Nike: took the plate, "Why'd you do that Rose? I told you not to give him your finger print."

Rose: "I wanted him to stop hurting you."

Nike: "I can take more than that. You know my father."

Rose: nodded, "He was going to kill you, Nike. Can you imagine someone threatening to kill the one you love with horrible amounts of pain and if they died…it would have been all your fault. When all you had to do was give a finger?" she started to eat her food.

Nike: "I suppose." He smiled slightly and also started to eat, though he wasn't that hungry right now. "So you do love me."

Rose: nodded, "Of course I do. You are my husband after all. I thought we established this already." She kissed him and then stood and too her plate to the kitchen, cleaning it and putting it away.

Nike: "I know. This is why it was a statement. Not a question." He stood, following her into the kitchen. "Let's go on a date today. Dinner and bowling. A real date."

Rose: "A date sounds fun."

Nike: "Good. Oh, by the way, my father is dead."

Rose: nodded, "I know." She got his plate, "Are you done with this?"

Nike: "Yea. Okay I'm going to do some work on the computer. You can do whatever you want, my flower." He turned towards their room, since that was where the computer was located.

Rose: cleaned the plate and then she started to clean the whole house.


Nike: "Ready my flower?" he was already dressed for their date; dressy but also casual. He looked nice for a date. At least, he hoped so.

Rose: smiled and nodded, "Yes, ready whenever you are." She wore a pink dress that was an inch above the knee. It wrapped around her neck. It sparkled in any kind of light and sent rainbows dancing all over the room. She smiled a little more and dimples appeared on her cheeks. Her red lips looked glossy and shiny from the lip gloss she wore. The first half of her hair, apart from her bangs, was pulled back in a pink barrette that matched the dress. Her hair was also in ringlets. She indeed looked ready and there was not one flaw to her to see. No scars or anything else. She had to say she felt a warm happy glow. She liked feeling pretty, even though she knew, or thought anyway, that nothing could help her. Her sister was beautiful, she found herself staring in awe just in her presence. She looked down at her open toed shoes. They were pink with light pink bows on the side. She looked back up, her cheeks still dimpled, "You look very handsome." She complimented him. Just being around him made her happy and laugh for reasons she couldn't explain. The problem was that she was the type of person that wanted answers to everything. She just had to remember that love doesn't make sense. How true that is, she thought to herself.

Nike: kissed her, "Extremely perfect my flower. I have to say, I can't wait to see you bowl in that." His dress shirt was a light blue, no tie. He wore classy jeans, dark to offset the light blue shirt.

Rose: "Well, it is required you know, to learn how to do things in strange situations." She kissed him but was very careful not to get any lip gloss on his cheek. That would be horrible, him having to go around with that on his face. "Where are we going to eat at?" she asked as she put on her red coat that had a French style to it, and grabbed the purse that matched the dress. "Or is it a surprise?" she asked, excitement coloring her tone.

Nike: smiled, "Would you like it to be a surprise?"

Rose: smiled and nodded, "That would be grand." She said happily.

Nike: teleported her to a pretty nice restaurant at the edge of town, by the water. The stars could be seen through the glass wall by their table. Nike sat down in his chair.

Rose: smiled and sat down. She looked up, "That stars are beautiful."

Nike: "I know of things more beautiful than stars." He said, looking at her for a moment and then back down to his menu.

Rose: looked down at her menu, deciding not to say anymore. She picked out what she wanted.

Nike: "See, I make compliments and still nothing. I must suck." He mumbled almost to himself.

Rose: looked at him confused, "I'm sorry. I don't understand."

Nike: "I was talking about you, Rose." He looked up at her, speaking clearly.

Rose: she blushed, "Thank you. I just assumed you were talking about someone else."

Nike: laughed slightly, "Yea. Like who? You are the only one I see."

Rose: blushed again. "I don't know."

Nike: smiled, "Well, now you do."

They ate dinner, and then went bowling.

Rose: bowled just fine.

Nike: and Nike agreed that she was even more than fine.

Rose: laughed.

After the date, they went home.

Nike: "I finally got to take you bowling."

Rose: smiled, "It was truly an experience. We should do that again sometime." She got changed into her pajamas early and pulled her hair back into a pony tail. She resumed cleaning the house.

Nike: "Why are you cleaning the house? It looks fine." He leaned against a door jam in the house, watching her.

Rose: shrugged, "Cleaning is fun. Besides, if I don't do it who will?"

Nike: "O…kay then. But your parents have already come and left. So I don't see the point. We aren't trying to impress anyone."

Rose: "I know. I just like living in a clean environment where I don't have to worry about tripping over stuff."

Nike: "Oh. I see." He stepped away from the door frame and laid on his back on the floor.

Rose: "What are you doing?" she stepped over him.

Nike: followed her with his eyes. He rolled over behind her and kept rolling, knocking her feet out from under her so that she fell backwards.

Rose: "Woah!" she hit her head on the coffee table. She laughed, "What was that about?"

Nike: stopped her before she hit her head. He smirked, "You'll have to pick me up. I'm tarnishing your clean environment because you're tripping over me."

Rose: smiled, "Okay." She picked him up and set him on the bed. She kissed him.

Nike: "Wow girl you're strong. Must be from all that cleaning." He teased.

Rose: rolled her eyes and smiled, "Maybe." She kissed him again, placing her hands on his chest.

Nike: smiled and kissed her. He wrapped his fingers around her wrists and twisted over, pulled her onto the bed, "Want a grand finale to our date, my flower?"

Rose: smiled, "Yes."

Nike: "Perfect." He kissed her, slipping her pajama top over her head and sliding her pants down.


Rose: was asleep soundly, a smile to her lips. Today had been the best day she had ever had.

Nike: was sleeping next to her, arms around her body, holding her close to him. It had indeed been a fine day.


Rose: woke up at 10:00 AM. She yawned and smiled.

Nike: opened his eyes slowly. They adjusted to the light, full black eyes, the black getting smaller until the golden ring was visible.

Rose: "Good morning." She told him softly, her neck exposed.

Nike: "Morning." His fangs came down and he bit her neck hard; like he had that first time that they met.

Rose: cried out; she closed her eyes hard.

Nike: pulled his teeth out of her neck, leaving the wound open. He got up and dressed.

Rose: sat up, "Nike what's wrong?"

Nike: "Don't speak unless I tell you to." He snapped.

Rose: nodded. She stood, getting dressed. She walked to the bathroom to wipe the blood off of the wound.

Nike: pulled her out of the bathroom, "Breakfast first. Go." He pushed her towards the kitchen.

Rose: walked to the kitchen and made him a red drink meal. She placed it before him.

Nike: "Go to the basement. I'm through with you for now." He ordered her.

Rose: "May I wipe my neck off first?"

Nike: yanked her down and bit the other side of her neck, leaving the wound on that side also open. "No." he said simply, pushing her away. "But now you look perfectly symmetrical. GO!"

Rose: "Yes sir." She went immediately to the basement.

Nike: came down a few hours later. He pushed her against the wall, "You will be under Prisoner of Sound, Rose. Answer me for confirmation." He ordered, looking directly into her eyes.

Rose: "As you wish, my lord."

Nike: he dropped her to the ground, "Are you hungry?"

Rose: "Yes sir."

Nike: "Well, get used to it. I don't know how I treated you before, but that's changing."

Rose: "I understand." She whispered.

Nike: slapped her across the cheek, "Did I tell you you could speak?"

Rose: held her cheek. She shook her head.

Nike: "And don't call me Nike anymore."

Rose: "What shall I call you?"

Nike: "Starnight."

Rose: nodded, "If I may ask, what's wrong, Starnight?"

Nike: "Nothing is wrong. Starting now, today, everything will be right."

Rose: "Where's Nike?"

Nike: "As far as you are concerned, I am Nike." Across the inside of his wrist was a series of numbers; like a serial number on a product.

Rose: "I need to go to the store to get some supplies."

Nike: "For what?"

Rose: "Cooking supplies and more ingredients for the red drink."

Nike: "Do you think I am ultimately that stupid?"

Rose: "I don't understand."

Nike: "There is no way on god's green earth you are leaving this basement."

Rose: "Please, just an hour. Please." She begged him.

Nike: gripped her by the chin, forcing her to look at him, "One hour. Speak to no one. And return promptly." He ordered, releasing her chin forcibly thrusting her to the side. He figured with her under the prison of sound, it didn't matter if she left the house or not as long as he ordered her to come back. It's not like she could resist.

Rose: nodded, "Yes sir."

Nike: he left back upstairs.


Kah-Lee: teleported to town square.

Rose: was fast walking through the town square.

Kah-Lee: spotted her, "Rose!"

Rose: turned to look at her. Her eyes grew wide.

Kah-Lee: hugged her, "What are you doing here?"

Rose: hugged her back, but she couldn't speak.

Kah-Lee: "Are you okay?" she looked at her.

Rose: nodded, obviously lying.

Kah-Lee: "Is Nike okay?"

Rose: shook her head. She closed her eyes talking to the air, trying to find a way around the order that Starnight gave her. "He's not Nike. It's Starnight, or so he tells me. If you excuse me." She tried to get around her sister.

Kah-Lee: "No. You can't leave me!" she held onto Rose's arm to keep her there. "Nicodemus is not himself either. It's Starearth."

Rose: "It's not safe to be with me. I only have an hour to get food supplies before I return home to the basement. Please Kah-Lee." She pleaded.

Kah-Lee: "Don't go back. Help me."

Rose: "I have to go back. He will kill me if I don't. I don't know how to help you. I'm sorry."

Kah-Lee: "BUT THEY TOOK MY CHILD!" she found herself screaming. "Rose listen to me!" she begged, "Did he order you to return in an hour?" she demanded.

Rose: nodded, "Yes, and not to speak to anyone." Which even as she spoke to Kah-Lee now she kept her eyes closed so as to get around the order.

Kah-Lee: "Then we have an hour to get you free." She thought about that, "Maybe Nicodemus can help."

Rose: nodded, "Do you know where he is?"

Kah-Lee: "No. But I assume where Nike is, so is he. I can still get to his mind, which may mean he can unlock the prison of sound for you. After all, he created it."

Rose: nodded, "There was a guy that came to our house. I, I know he is involved."

Kah-Lee: "Did he have a name?"

Rose: nodded again, "Mullan."

Kah-Lee: "Same name for us." She closed her eyes, 'Nicodemus can you hear me? Can you answer? I need you to release the Prisoner of Sound hold over Rose."

Nicodemus: his voice was faint, 'She is not under it. The Vice is not in her system. This is the last time I can communicate with you now. I love you.' He told Kah-Lee and then the connection was lost.

Kah-Lee: opened her eyes, "Rose, you're not even under its power."

Rose: "I...don't understand."

Kah-Lee: "He didn't use Kientian Vice on you."

Rose: nodded, "You're right. He didn't." she opened her eyes and looked at her sister and smiled.

Kah-Lee: smiled back.

Suddenly Kah-Lee was teleported to the place where Anthony and Kasha were.

Kah-Lee: "HEY!" she yelled.

Anthony: "Do you want your husband or not?"

Kah-Lee: "Where's Rose! Get Rose!"

Anthony: "Who is that?"


Kasha: "Yea...and you thought I was annoying." She mumbled in a whisper to Anthony.

Anthony: nodded. He rolled his eyes and brought Rose there.

Kasha: "Can we go now please?"

Kah-Lee: smiled, "Yea. Save our husbands!" she walked forward in her stiletto heels.

Anthony: rolled his eyes but walked forward.

Area 51 was surrounded by lots of guards.

Kasha: "Ahh...just teleport in?" she guessed, but wondered if they had an alarm to track that since they worked with aliens.

Anthony: "I'm not sure."

Kasha: sat down on the grass.

Kah-Lee: "I'm walking in." she walked forward.

Anthony: all where the guards were, there was an explosion.

Kah-Lee: screamed. She stopped walking suddenly and covered her face.

Anthony: rolled his eyes, "Come on."

Kah-Lee: "My god, Anthony." She said annoyed and dropped her hands, "Hurt my face and I'll have Nicodemus break your neck." She threatened.

Anthony: "Yeah, right." He wasn't affected by her threats at all.

Kasha: "Your neck's already broken." She said, noticing the scars.

Kah-Lee: scowled, "I LOVE those. You wouldn't know. I doubt Anthony bites you."

Anthony: "That's because I CARE about her.

Kah-Lee: laughed, "HA. CARE not LOVE!"

Anthony: "SAME THING!"

Kasha: "Hello. Right here." She pointed to herself.


Anthony: "FIGURE IT OUT!"

Kah-Lee: stopped walking; her lip trembled as she thought about it.

Anthony: sighed, "Let's just go."

Kah-Lee: for the first time in her life she felt ashamed of her neck. She shook her hair down to cover her neck, thankful that it was long. She started walking again quietly.

Anthony: opened the door to the building and slipped in.

Kasha: followed behind him, "I think you offended her." She whispered.

Anthony: walked inside, "She'll live." He whispered back.

Kasha: "Hey, I could have Kah-Lee and Rose over instead of kidnapping Ellsmera and Sisera again. That'd be 'branching out'."

Anthony: looked around, "True."

Kasha: "So is that a yes?"

There was a line of five hallways from the entrance. All of them were unmarked. All the walls were lined with silver. No windows. It was lit well.

Anthony: "Talk to their husbands." He walked down a hall.

Kasha: "Why can't I kidnap them? Now's better than ever."

Anthony: "Shh...not now." He looked around the hallway.

Doors lined either side. At the end of the hallway it looped over to an operating room.

Kasha: "Where is everyone? I figured this place would be swarming with government people; especially after that explosion."

Anthony: "We need to be more careful. Hey...where's the other two?"

Kasha: shrugged.

Kah-Lee: "Here." She said from behind Kasha. She tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.

Anthony: used his vision to look behind the doors.

One room was full of baby cribs. Another was full of uniforms for army officers. One held guns, and another had piles and piles of clothing in it.

Anthony: "Hmmm..." he went to another hallway, doing the same thing.

Kasha: followed him, "Do you want me to check the other hallways while you do this one?"

Anthony: "Sure. Be careful though. Take your gun."

Kasha: nodded, "Sure." She got her gun and left.

There were two flights of stairs in this hallway; one lead up and another lead down.

Anthony: went up.

Before him was a giant room; it was dark. There were monitors. Soft breathing could be heard.

Anthony: looked around to see where the sound was coming from, or from what.

A bunch of tiny babies were connected to monitors in cribs.

Kah-Lee: screamed in surprise, "KATARA!" she looked for her.

Anthony: "She's not in here."

Kah-Lee: saw an empty crib, "She was here." It was labeled Starkar.

Anthony: "Come on, let's go."

Kah-Lee: looked at another crib, "All these children had star names."

Anthony: "Kah-Lee come with me."

Kah-Lee: "Hey look another empty crib. It says 'StarAJR'. But, it's light is red, not green like the other. Hmm...I wonder why..."

Anthony: "They haven't gotten him."

Kah-Lee: "I see." She followed Anthony out.

Anthony: went back down the stairs.

Kasha: came back, walking down the hallway and up to Anthony, "The other hallways are empty love." There were numbers on her wrist.

Anthony: looked at her wrist, "Blast it."

Kasha: "What love?" she tried to pull her wrist away while acting innocent, like she did not know what was going on, or what he was referring to.

Anthony: dropped it and didn't say a word to her. He went down the other way, 'Kasha?'

Kasha: 'Anthony! I-' her voice was faint; she paused, 'Wow there's lots of people in here. I think I found something.'

A gun cocked behind Anthony.

Anthony: "Shoot." He muttered and turned in a flash. He shot at the gun with his own. 'What is it?'

Kasha: 'I don't know. It's a dark basement.'

Kasha Two: "Anthony, love..." she said from behind him and banged his head suddenly into a wall, "How are you?"

Anthony: turned back around and threw her into the wall, "Who are you?" he demanded; at the same time he talked to his wife mentally again, 'I'll be there.' He promised her.

Kasha Two: "Your wife, duh." She kneed him where it hurt, and then bit his wrist.

Anthony: flipped his wrist back around and smacked her straight across the face.

Kasha Two: growled, "You are in my territory Anthony." She informed him.

Kah-Lee: went down the stairs.

Anthony: "Then I will get my friends out and leave." He knocked her unconscious.

Kasha: 'Hey I see Kah-Lee!' she told Anthony mentally.

Anthony: ran down to Kah-Lee and Rose.

He was surrounded by guns at every angle.

Mullan: "Finally I get to try this Vinic Shooter weapon." He smirked, a slight chuckle escaped him.

Anthony: sighed, "Of course." He had already changed his species before he came down here, so he wasn't too worried about it. 'Kasha, I love you.'

Kasha: was already passed out.

Kah-Lee: didn't even bother to cover her face.

Mullan: smirked. "Nice try kid."

Anthony: "Where is my wife?" he growled.

Mullan: "In a pod. For transferring."

Anthony: "Transferring to what?"

Mullan: "Along with the others. To another planet of course."

Anthony: was to angry he wouldn't speak

Mullan: laughed. "What did you think Anthony? That other species could just continue to live on earth?"

Anthony: "This is ridiculous and you know it."

Mullan: "How so?"

Anthony: "Clearing everyone out of the way so that your kind can take over the world. That is unbelievable."

Mullan: "Yes Anthony. Because humans are meant to live on earth. This is what God intended."

Anthony: "And I suppose that is exactly your plan let them live here but make them be slaves for your kind."

Mullan: "Human's making slaves of humans? No, Anthony. Human's will dwell in peace with one another without the world cluttered with what God has not created originally."

Anthony: "You may fool others Mullan but you do not fool me, I know that you are not human."

Mullan: shoved the gun end into Anthony's face. "This is why those who are not labeled for transferring will be dissected and studied."

Kah-Lee: "NOT MY FACE!"

Anthony: "Well, then. You should run back to your little alien family then." he hissed

Kah-Lee: whined, she started to cry.

Mullan: "Shut her up." he ordered.

Officer hit her on the back of the head and knocked her out.

Mullan: "There are some places you do not hold power over Anthony. We are prepared for anything that comes from your world of Aliens."

Rose: caught Kah-lee before she fell, she supported her to help her stand though knowing she was passed out.

Anthony: "I do not know what it is that you believe in respects to religion, however I know that he created all kinds to live in peace and this." he guestured around, "Is not peace."

Mullan: smirked, "He created man to live in peace. Yes. There is no section in the bible that includes...non-humans."

Anthony: "All of his creation not humans only." he corrected

Mullan: "You cannot call yourself one of his creations. You can only fit the definition of a monstrosity."

Anthony: "Then you also follow after me. Another Hitler or even Pharaoh perhaps that will ultimately end in death for you."

Mullan: growled. "Take him to the cleansing room." he told the guards.

Kah-Lee: "Rose," she whispered, half awaking. "Are they taking Nicodemus away from me?"

Rose: "I don't know." she whispered holding her tightly against her.

It was then that all of their guns melted from their grasp, also burning their hands.

Mullan: "Idiotic Anthony!" he pulled a device from his pocket and stepped back, he turned the dial on it. "Either you cooperate or Kasha suffers." he nodded towards Rose. "She knows what I'm talking about." As he spoke he turned the dial more and more.

Anthony: "I didn't do anything, hurting my wife for something beyond my control..." he growled.

Mullan: turned the dial. "Walk up the stairs Anthony. Walk where we take you..."

Anthony: "As you wish." he rolled his eyes and walked up the stairs. "Just stop hurting my wife."

Mullan: kept the dial on the velocity it was at. He smirked. "I bet she'd be screaming now if she was awake. Wow. That will be some pain to endure when she awakes."

The officers took Anthony and Rose and Kah-Lee up to a cleansing room. It was a shower room, and there were hospital gowns hanging on the wall. Three of them.

Rose: stared at it, she couldn't pull herself to move forward. she closed her eyes, "Nike, I'm scared." she whispered to herself

Mullan: shoved them in. He shut the door behind them, and it locked tight. This section of the building completely stabilized any powers. He shut off the device harming Kasha; after all he didn't want her dead. Yet.

Kah-Lee: "I am so...not wearing that." she whispered, half conscious.

Rose: looked around, "I wish someone would help us."

Kah-Lee: "Who is there to help us?" she whispered.

Rose: "I don't know." she looked down about to cry, she could have reassurance in the hope that Nike would be safe, she hoped anyway

Mullan: "SHOWER! CHANGE!" he ordered over the intercom.

Anthony: shrugged and did so knowing he would regret it later.

Rose: looked to Kah-lee

Kah-Lee: "I'm not."

Rose: nodded.

Kah-Lee: "Go ahead Rose." she leaned against the wall.

Rose: shook her head scared, "I'm good."

Mullan: "Rose, you don't want Nike in pain again, do you? It wouldn't be good for him to be in a pod of his own blood now, would it?" he warned.

Rose: she did cry now as she did what was expected of her.

Mullan: "Same for you Kah-Lee."

Kah-Lee: "I'm not doing it! I am not wearing hideous clothing!" she sat on the floor.

Rose: looked over to her sister. She felt bad for her and wished she could do something to help her.

Mullan: "Then Nicodemus will be swimming in his own blood."

Kah-Lee: "NO YOU CAN'T! You took my child you can't take my husband too!" she cried.

Suddenly the power went out. Everything was black in the room. The water quit running in the showers.

Anthony: looked around. "What in the world?"

Kah-Lee: was sobbing harder than she ever had cried before.

Rose: walked over to her. "It's okay." she tried to comfort her

Kah-Lee: "No it's not! Everything will be gone from me this time! And I know it's for good! My daughter." her tattoo was glowing.

Rose: her eyes widened, "Your tattoo." she whispered.

Kah-Lee: "Like I care!"

Mullan: threw open the door. "All of you, down to a holding cell."

Officers grabbed them and threw them in the holding cell.

Rose: she closed her eyes and didn't say a word when she hit the wall. "This is not good." she whispered

Girl: "What's not?" she whispered back.

Rose: turned to her, "Who are you?" she said startled

Girl: "One of you. Like you I suppose. They took my husband."

Rose: "I am so sorry." she said softly regret in her voice.

Girl: "Glad to have others in here though. I've been sitting for a month."

Rose: "I'm Rose, what's your name?"

Girl: "Nakita."

Rose: "It's nice to meet you." her moon tattoo started to glow

Nakita: "Why are you two glowing?" she asked Rose and Kah-Lee.

Rose: "I am cause she is, she is because she is upset."

Nakita: "And what's happening?"

Rose: "I don't know on the outside world but it's very bad."

Nakita: "I...see." she licked her lips to spark the room, so there would be a bit of light. "A man? Normally they keep the men in pods. I suppose they have your wife."

Anthony: nodded, "Yes." he stood measuring the walls.

Nakita: her lips had the two rings on it, a clear Spectle. "There isn't a way out. I've looked. They were prepared for us. Watched all our kinds for centuries."

Anthony: "What kind of walls are these?"

Nakita: "Steel. Or some sort of reinforced metal. It holds parts of materials from Starz planet. I can't break it."

Anthony: "Everything has it's breaking point and if this continues with the sun and moon then there will be nothing left."

Nakita: "Why? What do you mean? Do you know what is happening?"

An arm of the sun on Kah-Lee's tattoo quit glowing.

Anthony: "These two sisters, their parents made them each part of the moon and sun, hence the tattoo's." he pointed to Kah-lee. "She is really upset so it is raining fireballs outside causing destruction. And her." he pointed to Rose, "The moon needs the sun for balance, when it is off balace then so is all of Earth's cycles."

Nakita: "And without the moon and sun, all living life will die. This includes us."

Anthony: nodded, "Exactly."

Rose: "I can't control it." she whispered crying again

Nakita: "But this also means the Starz will die."

Anthony: nodded, "That is very true as well."

Nakita: "How can we stop it? Stop them. Save us."

Anthony: "I do not know."

Nakita: "We need the help of someone who knows them. Who has known there kind for a long time."

Anthony: thought for a long minute. "I think I might know someone."

Nakita: "Who?"

Anthony: "As I recall Nicodemus' mother knew him. Perhaps she would be helpful."

Nakita: "Then we need to figure out a way to get to Nicodemus mother. I guess this means escaping first."

Another arm of Kah-Lee's sun flickered out.


Saer: "Was that really necessary?"

Keltic: "She wouldn't have left otherwise and I was not about to have her stay here on this planet when it is falling apart. At least she is safe now."

Saer: "Safe from physical harm. But what about emotional turmoil?"

Keltic: "I don't want to talk about it." he said quickly and walked through the trees.

Saer: followed him.

Keltic: could feel his heart breaking. He had made Sisera cry. He took a breath. But she was safe, and that is how she would stay. All he needed to do was focus on this work, in saving the planet, and he would be able to forget the pain in his heart. Maybe for a little while. "Where is everyone?"

Saer: "As far as I know area 51."

Keltic: teleported there.

Saer: followed. "Sure you can do this?"

Keltic: "Positive. Hand me the deactivator."

Saer: handed it to him.

Keltic: set it off. It counteracted all the power stabilizers in the building. As long as the device was on, those inside could use their powers.

Anthony: looked up, "The stabilizers are gone."

Nakita: "How so?"

Anthony: smirked, "Keltic."

Nakita: "Don't know who that is, but can we teleport out?"

Anthony: nodded, "Yes, that and much more."

Nakita: nodded. She tried to teleport out and it worked.

Anthony: teleported next with Rosemarie and Kah-lee

Keltic: "Anthony." he said. "What's going on in there? And what's with the hospital gown?"

Anthony: "Really long story, short version is Mullan is trying to get all of the non-humans off the planet." he snapped his fingers and he was wear a black shirt and black pants with a black leather coat. He looked at Keltic's wrist to make sure that he didn't have the numbers

Keltic: "Did you find the others he captured?" his wrist was clear. "Problem?" he asked, wondering why he was looking at his wrist.

Anthony: "The ones he puts in a substitution has numbers on their wrist. Only the children. Well some of the children."

Kah-Lee: "We have to...have to get Nicodemus and Katara." she said through tears. "They'll take them away from me."

Keltic: "Shall we go back in then? We really need to stop this all before the sun collapses completely."

Anthony: "Kah-lee you have to get in control of your emotions otherwise you will kill them if there is no sun. Take control."

Kah-Lee: nodded. She tried to stop crying and succeeded in a little bit. But the sun stayed damaged as it was.

Anthony: turned back to Keltic. "Yes. The sun will not repair itself until Kah-lee has Nicodemus and Katara."

Keltic: "I see. Then we better look for them. If the power is not working then possibly we can bypass the cameras and security. Can you make yourself invisible?"

Anthony: nodded, "That I can do."

Keltic: "Let's get in there then and find the others." he cloaked himself.

Saer: "I know where they are."

Anthony: made himself invisible not even a heat reading coming off of him, "Where?"

Saer: "Down the fifth hallway is where they hold the adults in pods. The forth hallway is where the children are." he cloaked himself also. "The original ones. Not the replicas."

Anthony "Alright, then let's go."

Keltic: went to the entrance and stood in front of the five long hallway points. "Children or adults first?" he asked Anthony.

Anthony: "Adults."

Keltic: went to the fifth hallway. He walked down the length of it.

A backup generator came on. Power turned back on.

Anthony: followed Keltic. 'Power Surge?'

Keltic: "I think so. We need to be careful now there is power there are-" the walls started to close around them, one dropping front of the group another behind, trapping them. "Traps. Of course."

Anthony: did a power surge and the electricity went off.

Keltic: teleported past the walls. He could see clearly. "Wow...many more than we imagined." he said as he stepped into the room.

Anthony: walked in behind him, he looked around.

They were on a balcony, beneath them and the spanned outward were hundreds of thousands of pods full of people. Non-humans.

Anthony: "This is incredible." he shook his head though no one could see

Keltic: jumped down to the floor silently.

Anthony: walked down the stairs though using his speed.

Saer: "Don't touch anything. I bet its trapped too." he said, looking around at the people in amazement.

Anthony: "Don't worry I won't." he shook his head; he must have been doing this for a long time.

Keltic: "And how do we shut it off?" their invisibility cloaks wavered and disappeared.

Mullan: "You don't." he said from behind them.

Anthony: growled.

Mullan: rolled his eyes. "How'd you get out?" he was wearing night vision goggles. He carried a machine gun.

Anthony: "By magic."

Mullan: shot the gun at them.

Anthony: at that time had already had a rock barriers to protected them, it bounced off and hit Mullan.

Mullan: growled. He shot more, it bounced and hit the pods in the room, breaking the glass over them and piercing their flesh. The ones that had the broken pod, died. "Anthony this isn't good you know. You're making me lose my stock."

Anthony: "It's better that way." he used the ground and opened a hole under Mullan's feet and closed it over. He was just in an underground pit.

Keltic: laughed. "Ha. Good one."

Anthony: "Thanks. Now let's find the others."

Saer: "Wait..."

Officers: filed into the room, guns at them from all angles. "Move and we shoot." the guns weren't pointed at them per say. A few were angled towards the pods. One of them being Kasha's, another Nicodemus's and the other Nike's.

Keltic: "This is why my spouse is not here."

Anthony: without moving a muscle he put them in the same underground prison he had to Mullan. If they tried to shoot a protective rock wall came up and protected those pods.

Keltic: "See this is why Vinics are helpful in fights." he took off to the control panel wall and located the button to deactivate the pods.

Anthony: smiled slightly, he walked over to the pods in which the wall had protected

Keltic: pressed the button. Slowly all the pods drained of water and oxygen was replaced in the tank. "Give me lights Anthony?"

Anthony: turned the lights back on.

Keltic: pressed another button and the pod doors opened. One by one people awaked from their slumber.

Nicodemus: walked out, his normal clothes covering him as he stepped out.

Kah-Lee: "NICODEMUS!" she ran to him and hugged him tight.

Keltic: "We need to find the children now. Our troubles are not even part of over."

Kasha: "Anthony?"

Anthony: smiled, "Hello Darling." he hugged her and kissed her forehead.

Nicodemus: "Hello my love." he hugged her back. "Are you alright?"

Kasha: "See, I told you I can handle myself." she smiled.

Kah-Lee: "I am now." an arm of her tattoo reappeared, glowing like the others.

Keltic: walked out and down to the other hallway.

Nike: "Kah-Lee where is Rose?"

Kah-Lee: "There." she motioned with her head.

Rose: took a small step forward. "Nike?" she asked softly.

Nike: hugged her and kissed her lips. "Yes. How are you?"

Rose: "I'm fine, how about you?" she asked cautiously.

Nike: "What's wrong?" he asked, feeling her tension. "Did something happen?"

Kah-Lee: "Can we go find Katara now, Nicodemus?"

Nicodemus: nodded, "Let's go."

Rose: "Nothing." she kissed him and it was soft as her touch was now, the tattoo on her stomach grew softer in that it didn't glow as bright

Nike: "Nothing happened while I was gone? How long have I been out?" he had a feeling it was awhile.

Kah-Lee: pulled Nicodemus along, holding his hand, following behind where Keltic walked.

Rose: "Apart from a person that came and looked like you and threw me of the basement, using me as servant, no nothing happened. It's been about 4 days."

Nicodemus: walked willingly so she didn't have to pull.

Anthony: "Come on Darling. It's not over yet."

Nike: his eyes narrowed. "He will die." he looked at her throat, seeing the scars. "We can leave now. My family is all here."

Saer: "I wouldn't leave just yet; both of you are still under the control of the electronic device."

Nike: "I'm sure Keltic and Anthony will take care of that. I would rather not stay here."

Kasha: nodded. "Okay."

The room was empty.

Keltic: "Weren't the kids supposed to be here? Something's not right."

Anthony: narrowed his eyes. "They were here before, unless they already were transferred..."

Rose: "It's alright, I'm fine."

Kah-Lee: screamed. "NO!"

Nicodemus: "Hon, it's okay. We will get her back." he kissed her forehead.

Kah-Lee: "Mmmm..." she whined, pushing her face into Nicodemus shirt.

Nicodemus: "Wasn't it down a different hall?"

Keltic: "This is the other hall." he looked around the room for clues. But it was clean.

Anthony: ''They would have to have left some sort of trail.''

Keltic: "You mean to find them?" he looked again. "I don't know much about this species so I really don't know what to look for."

Nicodemus: ''My mom knows him. Perhaps she knows.''

Keltic: "Bring her here then." he needed to hurry and get back to Sisera. He didn't know what would happen the longer he was away.

Nicodemus: nodded he teleported back to the house just him and got his mom. ''Mother. I need your help.''

Andraia: "I'm sleeping." she mumbled. "Come back later."

Nicodemus: ''Mother please. We need help now not later.'' he pleaded.

Andraia: "You better not let Starnight see you." she said still halfway asleep.

Nicodemus: picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.

Andraia: "Hey!"

Nicodemus: ''Shhh...'' He teleported back to the base. He set her down.

Andraia: "WHAT IS GOING ON!"

Nicodemus: ''You are going to help us find my daughter.''

Andraia: sighed. "About what?"

Nicodemus: ''You said you knew Mullan so you must know something about his species. I simply want you to look around and tell me where they went.''

Andraia: "IT'S LIKE 4 AM! I'm a human and I need sleep."

Nicodemus: ''We don't have time for this mother.''

Andraia: glanced around the room. "Oh I see nothing. Sorry. Night." she started to walk away.

Nicodemus: grabbed her arm. ''Look harder.''

Andraia: "Ow Nicodemus you are hurting your mother."

Kah-Lee: "Andraia it is about Katara. Please."

Nicodemus: ''Please mother.''

Andraia: "Fine." she looked around the room, harder now. She came across something. "It's a piece of glass." she picked it up.

Nicodemus: ''What does that mean?''

Andraia: handed it to him. "See the ridges on the glass. It shows how it's been cut. Apparently, where ever you guys put the other Starz, they were prepared and had it set up to transfer their smaller captives. I'm guess they aren't even on the planet anymore. This glass is made to withstand distances in length for thousands of light years."

Nicodemus: "Will you help me find where they put her?"

Andraia: handed him the piece of glass. "Sorry. Can't. I'm human."

Nicodemus: "I'll see what I can do to change that."

Andraia: "Fine." she said, "I bet they are at the Dead Planet. Either sent to live or die there. Starz don't like other species. If that wasn't already obvious enough."

Nicodemus: "Give me your hands." he requested.

Andraia: held his hands.

Nicodemus: changed her back to her original form

Andraia: ran her tongue over her fangs. She gave a smirk, "But what about the Elements?"

Nicodemus: shrugged, "They can deal with it. Now, let's go get Katara."

Andraia: "If you breathe, you won't live on the Dead Planet. There is no oxygen there."

Nicodemus: nodded, "I figured."

Andraia: "Which means either the children are already dead, or they have been given masks to breathe."

Nicodemus: "Then let's not waste time."

Andraia: "Where is everyone? Like Mullan and the officers?"

Anthony: pointed to the ground.

Andraia: "Like that works for Starz." she said, rolling her eyes. "All he has to do is leave his host, and he is a star. Thus he can escape anything."

Nicodemus: "Then let's go." he dragged her into a ship.

Kah-Lee: "Nicodemus is Katara dead?" she whispered, on verge of tears again.

Nicodemus: "No. I don't think so. Just stay here with the others okay?"

Kah-Lee: shook her head. "I don't want to be away from you." though she wasn't going to follow since he asked her not to.

Nicodemus: "I will return. I promise. Then we will have all the time in the world to be together."

Kah-Lee: nodded. "Okay." she kissed him then stepped back.

Keltic: "I'm coming too." he stepped on the ship, "Anthony?" he wondered if he was coming too.

Anthony: nodded, "Yes." he turned to Kasha, "I will be back soon. In the meantime go back with Gloria and Faith."

Kasha: "I don't think so." she walked onto the ship.

Anthony: sighed, "Alright. Let's go then."

Keltic: "Vinics can hold their breath for three hours, so...we have at least that long to find and rescue them."

Nicodemus: set the coordinates. "Well we have a little while before we get there."

Kasha: "Perfect."

Andraia: laid back and went back to sleep.

Nicodemus: paced the empty floor as the Auto pilot was set.

Keltic: wondered how Sisera was doing.

Anthony: was watching Keltic, "What are you thinking about?"

Keltic: "My wife."

Anthony: nodded, "I see."

Kasha: was snuggled next to Anthony on the seat in the ship.

Keltic: "Mhm." was all he said. "How long of a flight?" he needed something to do to keep his mind occupied elsewhere. Flying allowed too much time for thinking.

Nicodemus: "About ten more minutes."

Keltic: nodded.

Nicodemus: "There is a library in the back if you wish to keep your mind off of certain people."

Keltic: "Thank you." he left to the back of the ship.

Nicodemus: "Sure." he sat back in the pilot seat.

Soon they arrived there.

Nicodemus: "Remember not to breathe." he said as he got out.

Keltic: "I don't need to." he followed out and looked around.

The planet was just a dry land. Brown trees, dirt, dried grass that crunched under your feet. But the sky was a bright red.

Nicodemus: "What a strange place."

Keltic: 'Yea.' he replied.

Andraia: looked around. 'In the dried shrubs look.'

Kids congregated beneath the shallow shade to try to block from the heat.

Nicodemus: walked over to the kids he looked through them.

Child: "Who are you looking for?" he said slowly.

Nicodemus: "Katara. Do you know her?"

Child: "The Starz children?"

Nicodemus: nodded.

Child: "They are being..."

Another child shushed him. "We can't talk to strangers." she whispered.

Nicodemus: "Well, if we know each other's names then we are not strangers anymore are we?"

Child: "I'm Yodel. This is Chyane." he pointed to the girl.

Chyane: "Don't tell him my name. They won't bring us food anymore."

Nicodemus: "I'm Nicodemus."

Chyane: "No!" she looked sad. "The rule is broken."

Yodel: frowned too. "I know."

Andraia: "Tell us now or all of you will die." she was getting tired of this.

Yodel: "They are being tested." he whispered.

Nicodemus: "Where?"

Yodel: "At the top of the pyramid." he pointed to the other side of the trees.

Nicodemus: "Thank you."

Andraia: teleported there.

Kasha and Keltic followed.

Anthony and Nicodemus: followed suit.

Andraia: climbed the steps to the pyramid top. "You know how many traps are in pyramids?" though the pyramid itself was made of packed dirt, the door to the entrance was that type of unbreakable and unmovable steel.

Nicodemus: "I am guessing a lot."

Keltic: "Go under it?"

Nicodemus: "That could work."

Keltic: "Who can move dirt?"

Anthony: "I can."

Keltic: smiled, "Yes, of course. Be my guest."

Anthony: made a tunnel underneath the pyramid.

Keltic: walked through it, he punched a hole through the bottom and climbed up into the pyramid base.

Nicodemus: followed

They arrived directly in the middle of a bright, white room. Katara was there.

Nicodemus: "Katara?" he looked around for traps and then walked closer to her.

Andraia: "They already did it." she took a breath. "Oxygen is in the pyramid." she quickly turned and closed the hole they had climbed up through, before all the oxygen leaked out.

Katara: "Daddy!"

Nicodemus: ran over and hugged her. "I am glad your safe."

Katara: "I'm not special anymore." she said sadly.

Nicodemus: "It's okay. We're going to get you out."

Katara: "Daddy, I'm scared."

Nicodemus: kissed her forehead, "It's going to be ok, I promise."

Andraia: "Now we can leave. Who cares about the others."

Keltic: "Yes. But...Mullan hasn't been stopped."

Anthony: "The question is how are we going to stop him for good?"

Andraia: "Starz have one weakness I've known of."

Anthony: "What is that?"

Andraia: "They are tricked very easily. But you have to find their trigger word to make it work."

Nicodemus: "That could be difficult."

Andraia: shrugged. "Yea well, I know Mullan. And he seems to be the leader. If we say the right thing, he will leave and I bet the others will follow."

Nicodemus: "I don't suppose you would know this word?"

Andraia: sighed. "I just said I did, you retard."

Nicodemus: sighed.

Andraia: "It's nicklami. It means listen in the Starz language."

Anthony: looked to Keltic.

Keltic: "Is he here?"

Andraia: "If the children are then yes he is. Just be careful because outside of this room, the Starz will be there. And each has the change serum; if it touches you, you will be human."

Anthony: "The question now is, where is he?"

Andraia: "There." she pointed ahead of her at a floating silver shiny dot in the room.

Nicodemus: "The tiny dot?"

Andraia: "It's him without a host body." she shrugged.

Mullan: expanded until his form took on the shape of a human body, though still silver and shiny. He just had two arms and two legs and a head, but no face.

Anthony: "Well, that's interesting."

Mullan: "Andraia. Nice to see you."

Andraia: "Same here Mullan. We've just come for the child."

Mullan: "I am afraid you can't take her. She will be one of the many new hosts for our kind to inhabit earth."

Nicodemus: "No she won't."

Mullan: would roll his eyes if he could. "Have fun Nicodemus. You will only be in your body for a short period of time."

Nicodemus: "Yeah, whatever."

Mullan: "I've been working on this for over 40 years, on earth Nicodemus. 40 long tedious human years. Three centuries of study. It's not about to go down easily, I assure you."

Nicodemus: "Why are you doing this exactly?"

Mullan: "That's none of your business."

Andraia: "A stars planet dies every five centuries. Their time is coming up within a few months." she whispered to Nicodemus.

Nicodemus: wasn't going to say anything

Mullan: "Good bye Nicodemus." he vanished.

Nicodemus: "Let's get out of here."

Katara: "I don't want to be taken over." she whispered.

Keltic: "What about the other children?"

Anthony: "I can get them out of here; I don't think all of them will fit in Nicodemus' ship though."

Keltic: nodded. "I'll try to help." he looked around the room. "However, how do we transfer humans in a world with no oxygen?"

Anthony: "But first changing them."

Keltic: "To Vinic, to Snyde, or back to their original species?"

Anthony: "Their original."

Keltic: "Can you do that?"

Andraia: "You can't. Not here."

Anthony: "Why not?"

Andraia: "The pyramid stops all changes besides species to human. It's specially built."

Anthony: growled.

Keltic: "Then...I don't know."

Anthony: "Because we can't take them outside...wait how could the ones outside talk?"

Andraia: eyes widened. "Oh...there may be a way but we have to find it. It should be around this planet somewhere. It's a very rare food that grows here. Gives one the opportunity to breathe on an oxygen free planet. The children may know. They are native to this world."

Nicodemus: "Then we should get out there so we can ask them."

Andraia: "Need to dig our way out again." she referred to the hole she had refilled with dirt to keep the oxygen in the room.

Anthony: "What about Katara? How is she going to breath?"

Andraia: "You have to leave her here while we leave to get the plant."

Nicodemus: "I am not leaving my daughter here with these people."

Andraia: "Then you stay, and Keltic, Anthony, and I will go."

Nicodemus: nodded, "Ok bye."

Anthony: opened the passageway."

Keltic: stepped out.

Anthony: followed

The children were sitting outside under the bush still, playing Jacks.

Anthony: "Hello." he greeted them.

Yodel: "Hi." he didn't look up.

Anthony: "We were wondering if you knew where the plant was."

Yodel: "What plant?"he looked up now. The question had sparked interest.

Anthony: "The plant that let's you breathe out here."

Yodel: "It's behind the mountains." he stood, to help them find it.

Chyane: "They don't deserve it. They don't live here. They can't have it." she said in protest.

Anthony: "Thank you." he told Yodel

Yodel: "But Chyane we need to help them." he looked to Anthony. "Come on."


Anthony: nodded he smiled slightly at the boy to thank him.

Yodel: "Come on."

Chyane: "Stop." she said. "Don't do it Yodel or I'll tell. We aren't supposed to talk to strangers."

Yodel: "You won't tell." he rolled his eyes.

Chyane: "I will tell." she insisted. "Don't think I won't."

Yodel: looked to Anthony. "I'm sorry I can't help you." he whispered. "You'll have to go yourself." he sat back down.

Anthony: "It's ok, you have helped enough, thank you." he turned to the others and nodded.

Yodel: "You won't-"

Chyane: "Don't speak."

Yodel: "But they have to-"

Chyane: "STOP IT!"

Yodel: looked back down at his game and started to play again. He figured they'd find out when they got there.

Chyane: started the game again with him.

Kasha: glanced at the children, then back to Anthony. She took his hand. "Okay, go?"

Keltic: walked forward to the mountains. The faster they got this plant, the closer he was to the end of this whole ordeal, and the faster he could get back to his family. He hoped. If Sisera forgave him. He ran ahead, not wanting to teleport for he didn't know exactly what was on the other side of the mountain, so he had to be careful.

Anthony: walked with Kasha, "Let's go." he wasn't going to say another word, his mind rested with Yodel, wondering what he was going to say. Then he wondered about Chyane. What in the worlds her problem was he decided to just shrug it off.

Keltic: Finally reached the edge of the mountain, he teleported to a spot he could see, knowing he would land fine, and from there continued until he reached the top of the mountain. He looked out over the edge of the mountain, and waited until Kasha and Anthony arrived. He stared for a moment at the valley in the mountains edge before him. "Which...flower." he said slowly.

In the valley of the mountain peaks, it was covered with flowers. All flowers which looked the same, but were of two different colors. One red flower, and one blue. Their colors spanned across the valley, intertwining and mixing, the light colors of purple bouncing off their reflective petals.

Anthony: looked to Andria, "Well, which ones?"

Andraia: shook her head. "I don't know Anthony. All I know is that the flower exists. I don't know which one it is. This is why you needed to speak with the natives of this world. Even if they are children, they know more than you do." she skipped down the edge of the mountain into the field of flowers.

Anthony: "However that is where the problem is. They can't speak to us."

Andraia: "You're smart. Figure something out." she called back to him. "Seemed to me one of them tried."

Keltic: "Because testing both would take too long, unless we dove right in, and that would be too risky. Which in the end, would also waste time." Time which, he did not have a lot of.

Anthony: "So the question is what is a safe quick way, unless we don't use them at all and just teleport them straight to his ship that has air."

Andraia: "I don't think that will work because, like I said, powers are stabilized from the inside of the pyramid. Which is why we are out here in the first place. Plus, then you've got to get past Mullan and the other Starz."

Anthony: sighed, what in the worlds were they to do? The only option they seemed to have was the flower but they didn't even know anything about it. It seemed hopeless.

Keltic: "I'll test them both, and take the consequences." he picked a handful of both the flowers, not wanting to waste anymore time.

Andraia: "'K. Be my guest." she didn't object.

Anthony: "Just be careful we don't know if those are poisonous or not."

Keltic: "Not that it matters anyways." he deserved a little pain for making Sisera cry, so maybe it would be best if it was poisonous. He stuffed the flowers in his pocket and pulled out a blue one, he pulled off the petals and rolled them in the palm of his hand, and stuck it in his mouth. He chewed it and swallowed, trying not to cringe. It didn't really taste the best.

As the petals went down his throat, the blue dye that made the coloring on them spread under his skin, until his whole body, was blue.

He looked at Anthony, Kasha, and Andraia. "Did it work?"

Andraia: laughed hysterically.

Keltic: "What?" he asked confused.

Kasha: covered her mouth to hide the smile. "It's not the blue one...Keltic." she pressed her face into Anthony's shoulder so she didn't have to look at Keltic, giving her time to contain herself from the giggles that were shaking her body, trying to get out.

Anthony: smiled slightly, "Yeah maybe we should move on to a different one."

Andria: "Must be the red one."

Keltic: tested it. He took a breath. "Yea, it works." he took a handful of red flowers and led the way back to the pyramid and they tunneled under again.

Nicodemus: looked over at them. "Did you find it?"

Keltic: "What do you think." he handed him the bouquet of red flowers. "No, really, Nicodemus, I'm the color blue for nothing. Can we just hurry up please?"

Katara: took a red flower and ate it. "Thank you."

Keltic: "Here." he handed the other red flowers to Saer.

Saer: fed them to the other children. "I believe we can go now."

Andraia: "I have a feeling Mullan is the only one here. You said you trapped the rest of them underground back on earth, correct?" she asked Anthony.

Keltic: "The children can travel under the tunnel, and once outside we can teleport them to the ship. We don't have officers to worry about then. Just Mullan."

Kasha: "Right but then, what will we do with them when we get back to earth? How will we stop them all completely? Erase their memories?" she wondered, looking at Anthony. "Because we can't just part way save them. Mullan will take them again."

Anthony: "We could just kill them." he shrugged

Keltic: "Of course. That would be the easiest way to do it."

Saer: "Let's get all of the kids out first. Through the tunnel, single file." he motioned, guiding them into the tunnel. He followed behind them.

Keltic: waited until everyone was out, he took a bomb, and stuck it to the wall of the room. He didn't care if anyone else was in there. More than likely, everyone else in there was just a Starz, and so their death would be deserved. He climbed out behind everyone through the tunnel while the timer ticked away the seconds, and quickly closed the hole. He backed up a few steps.

Saer: had already started to teleport the kids to the ship.

Kasha: helped.

Andraia: just stood there.

Starfire and Stardust appeared behind everyone next to the pyramid. Starfire held the small bomb in her hand, throwing it up and down in the air.

Stardust: "Nice try. But you know, you lose." she said simply.

Nicodemus: growled

Stardust: "Hi Anthony." she smiled.

Starfire: crushed the bomb and let the powdered remains fall through her fingers to the desert dry ground.

Anthony: growled, "Stardust."

Stardust: "Hey babe."

Anthony: rolled his eyes, he growled at her

Kasha: "I don't think so." she was getting irritated.

Stardust: "Changing your species Anthony, will do nothing. Only thing that will save you is if you are Human. Then you will be treated well."

Starfire: looked to Katara. "What have all of you done to our humans!" she gasped.

Keltic: "They aren't human anymore."

Stardust: growled.

Anthony: changed back.

Stardust: giggled. "You are hilarious Kasha. I can't believe you didn't see me coming."

Kasha: "I was occupied elsewhere."

Starfire: was still angry that the children being taken from the room. "Katara, come here!"

Anthony: growled he opened a pit in the ground that was filled with water, he closed it over them.

Nicodemus: "Let's go." he turned and got on his ship.

Andraia: "Up up up wait son." she held out a hand to Nicodemus. "You still have to stop him completely." she looked to Anthony. "Killing his minions will do you nothing of good."

Anthony: shrugged, "It made me feel better."

Nicodemus: "And how do we do that?"

Andraia: rolled her eyes. "Well, like drowning them works, they die. But like I said, find a way to get Mullan to hear what you are saying, and use the trigger word to make him listen, to stop. Then kill him easily. Once he's dead I am sure the whole operation will go up in smoke on it's own, and...well, the whole Starz race will die in a few months without another planet to live on."

Nicodemus: rolled his eyes, "Yes because him listening to one of us is likely."

Keltic: "Oh my god I don't care!" he pulled something out from under the bottom of his pant leg and threw it at the pyramid and it exploded, then sucked all the remains in a black hole until it was gone.

Nicodemus: "Alright then. I guess that was that."

Mullan: "Yea, if it worked."

Nicodemus: turned to him, this would surely be interesting he thought sarcastically to himself.

Andraia: "I really think you lost Mullan. You are only one of the few of your kind that are left here."

Mullan: "Then I will bring more." he growled.

Andraia: "But what's the point? Really? We set free all of your captives. We have the children. You have nothing."

Mullan: "We need human bodies to save our race."

Anthony: "And you won't get them."

Mullan: "You CAN'T destroy a four century long study!"

Anthony: looked where the place used to be. "It looks like we already did, just face it you have lost."

Mullan: "Maybe here. But not on Earth. We still have...Starnight, Starearth, and the many others who are on earth. Though...Starkat was killed." he said, referring to Kasha's double. He looked at Katara. He still needed a human body to take. And if it must be a girl, then so be it.

Anthony: "And soon those will face a similar fate."

Mullan: "It will be harder to kill those who have abilities of your kind."

Anthony: "Then so be it, we can handle it."

Nicodemus: "Nicklami."

Mullan: looked to Nicodemus. "What did you say?"

Andraia: "You heard him Mullan."

Mullan: glared at Andraia. "You woman. You told!"

Andraia: "Well, yes. I do get protective when it comes to Katara. If you had left her alone I wouldn't have helped them."

Nicodemus: looked to Mullan, "Don't move or speak." He ordered Mullan.

Mullan: growled.

Andraia: clapped her hands excitedly. "Oh fun. I get to see my brother die."

Anthony: did the same as he had done to Stardust and the other one. Dropped him in a hold filled with water, then closed it over leaving once again not air or room for movement.

Keltic: "Surprised you worked together with someone Nicodemus." he went to the ship.

Andraia: followed, not caring her brother had just died.

Nicodemus: went back to his ship, "Nice work Anthony."

Anthony: shrugged, "No problem."

Kasha: kissed his cheek as she followed him back. "So it worked?"

Saer: "You still need to do something about...area 51 and the random empty pods that are now there. And the memories of the many, many human authorities in the government."

Anthony: "Yes darling, just some cleaning up to do now and the last remains of that kind to get rid of."

Keltic: "Sad to erase a whole species, don't you think?" he closed the ship doors and set the coordinates back to Earth.

Anthony: "One that could ultimately restart itself and this repeating itself, not really."

Keltic: "What about children?"

Andraia: "The species has no children. They were all made adults, replicated adults, died adults. They reproduced by cloning themselves and taking other's DNA...with a fingerprint."

Nicodemus: nodded, "That makes sense."

Anthony: "So the challenge that lies before us is fighting ourselves. Well, for Nicodemus anyway."

Kasha: "Don't forget Nike. You already killed me though."

Anthony: nodded, "And him as well. I wish them the best of luck."

Keltic: "And I suppose...we let everyone else who were in the pods to deal with their own Starz clones? How can we be sure that the Starz die, and not the original?"

Nicodemus: "All of the clones have that number combination on their wrist, if they don't have it they must be the original."

Keltic: "That's why you looked at my wrist Anthony." he nodded, understanding. "Well, then let's hope it works out well. Or are we going to check, after so many nights, and make sure everything is taken care of?"

Anthony: nodded, "That would be wise."

Keltic: "Then that means I will be here for a few more days." He said solemnly. It had already been two days from the time he sent Sisera away.

Anthony: nodded, "I suppose so. But with luck it should not take more then two."

Kasha: "And you believe in luck, Anthony?" she whispered to him.

Anthony: "Sometimes. We saved our son from this fate. I consider that luck."

Keltic: "Fine." though that also meant two more days he had to be friendly to Nicodemus.

Kasha: smiled slightly. "No, I consider that good parenting."

Anthony: smiled, "Whatever it is you wish to call it." he kissed her.

Kasha: kissed him back. "We can come back to Earth after this is over then."

Keltic: "Saer, I've been meaning to ask you...since when were you made...not human? Last time I saw you, you were old, and...human." There wasn't really any other way to describe it.

Saer: smirked, "Made a glove. I'm a scientist. It's what I do. I don't waste my time with frivolous matters. Only scientific."

Anthony: "That sounds wonderful."

Saer: "I am still human. I just have...extra abilities now. Including immortality."

Keltic: "I see."

Nicodemus: "Well as fun as this has been good bye. Katara come."

Katara: "Yes daddy." she walked over to him.

Nicodemus: "See you at home mother. I have a self to kill." him and Katara vanished.

Keltic: "Sure...leave us with the many children."

Anthony: "That won't be the last time we see him, though he doesn't care to much for kids. As I am sure you are well aware."

Keltic: "Then why does he have one?" he landed the ship back on Earth and opened the doors.

Andraia: "Well, my job is done and I can have fun being MYSELF again." she mumbled, "And not a human." she vanished without a good bye.

Anthony: shrugged, "She's the only one he tolerates. Go figure."

Keltic: "Whatever." he climbed off the ship. "I did not know I'd be helping him, saving earth."

Saer: got up, he guided the rest of the children off the ship and back to the parents, waiting at the Area 51 base, explaining to them they were human, and to be grateful they were alive, not to complain about their children being human.

Anthony: "Well, I suppose I will see you soon." he stood and jumped out. "Until then, Good bye my friend."

Keltic: "No no, wait, Anthony. You need to erase all human memories of this incident FIRST. I will destroy the files- both on computer and off. Then you can leave."

Anthony: nodded, "Right." he closed his eyes getting a grasp of all of the human minds involved in the project or that was affect and took away any memory of this.

Kah-Lee: "Where is Nicodemus?" she asked Kasha.

Kasha: "He went home." she answered.

Kah-Lee: "Okay." she didn't know how to get back home because Kientians didn't teleport. Besides, Nicodemus had told her to stay here. Did he forget about her? "Is Katara alright?"

Kasha: "Yes, he has her. She is fine, except she is human."

Kah-Lee: eyebrows furrowed. "Human?"

Kasha: nodded. "Yea."

Kah-Lee: 'And how would that be fixed?' She wondered to herself. She stepped back beside her sister.

Rose: looked to her, "I can take you home. He probably wanted to finish off Starearth before he came to get you."

Kah-Lee: "Oh right." she nodded. Glad, she didn't want to see him again.

Nike: "Then you are ready to go home love?" he asked Rose.

Keltic: ran off to destroy files.

Rose: nodded, "Yeah, though I should walk in first." she said making sure none of her thoughts showed.

Nike: "Doesn't sound like a good idea to me."

Rose: shrugged, "It's ok, I'll be fine."

Kasha: "Done Anthony?"

Nike: "Why don't you just kill him anyways? Melt his mind with your Kientian powers."

Rose: shrugged, "He had me under prisoner of sound. Or so I thought."

Anthony: nodded, "Let's go home."

Kasha: "Alright." they left.

Nike: "We can go now then."

Kah-Lee: "I have to stay here."

Nicodemus: 'I'll come to get you in a minute.' he assured her.

Rose: "Are you sure? We can take you home."

Kah-Lee: "I'll wait for Nicodemus. It's fine." 'Okay.' she answered him back.

Saer: "I'm taking the ship back to the Kientian planet." he informed everyone, "Now that everything seems to be..." he looked up at the sky, "Faring well. For now." he waved to them all and got on the ship and left.

Rose: nodded then looked to Nike, "Let's go home."

Nike: took them home, but landed the teleport outside of the house so Rose could do her thing. Though he would keep a close watch on her.

Keltic: finished destroying the files then started to get rid of the rest of the evidence that anything ever happened.

Kah-Lee: stood there, not wanting to work in her heels.

Rose: she took a breath and opened the door and walked in she took off her coat and set it down as well as her purse, she gestured to Nike to stay out of sight.

Nicodemus: appeared before her holding Katara. "Let's go home love."

Kah-Lee: "He's gone?" she still kept her hair down and over her shoulders covering her neck.

Nicodemus: nodded, "Yes, he is gone." he assured her. "Everyone and thing is safe."

Starnight: grabbed her by the throat and pressed her against the door as soon as she stepped through and closed it. "TWO DAYS is longer than one hour." he growled.

Rose: she closed her eyes, "I'm sorry sir."

Kah-Lee: "May I hold Katara?"

Starnight: threw her down. "I have reason to kill you."

Nicodemus: nodded handing her to Kah-lee.

Katara: "Mommy!" she exclaimed happily.

Rose: didn't get up; "Are you?" she looked up.

Kah-Lee: "Hi honey." she smiled and hugged her tight. "I missed you." she whispered. Her sun glowed fully now.

Starnight: "You are a disgrace to me. So of course. What," he bent down in front of her, "Purpose do you serve to me anyways? Nothing. Because you are nothing."

Katara: "I missed you too." a happy tear escaped from her eyes.

Rose: "I could let you drain me anytime you wish." she whispered.

Nike: appeared next to her. "Not really. You hate to be bitten. And I don't have THAT much scar cream love."

Starnight: straightened and stepped back. "How did you get out?"

Nike: "Question is, how did I not?" 'Might be a good time to melt his brains out love.'

Kah-Lee: "We can go home now." she hugged Nicodemus too, family hug.

Rose: nodded and did so.

Nicodemus: hugged her back, "Yes." in that moment he teleported all of them home. Safe and sound.

Nike: threw Starnight's body outside and disposed of it.

Keltic: looked at his watch. "Three days." he teleported home and showered and changed clothes, trying to ignore the eerie silence.

Those three days passed and everything was all cleaned up and exactly as Anthony had said they had not seen the last of Nicodemus. However, thanks to some of his help all of the Starz population and species were extinct without the hope of returning.

Nike: came back into the house, "He's gone." He told Rose, and helped her up. "You need to use that cream on your neck where he bit you." He touched the skin on her neck lightly with his fingertips. He kissed it. "I'm sorry." He whispered, only imagining what she went through while he was gone, feeling her pain.

Rose: "It's okay. It's not your fault. It's fine. I'm just hungry."

Nike: "I'll get it for you. What do you want to eat, love?"

Rose: "Anything, but I can get it." She stood.

Nike: "I insist." He made it to the kitchen before her and started to make her food randomly, but making sure it had chocolate in it.

Rose: watched him, "This isn't necessary. I can…" suddenly her words were cut off as she passed out from the lack of food. She hadn't eaten for over a week. She just laid there motionless. The last memory was Nike clone telling her to get used to the hunger.

Nike: finished making her food. He poured the hot chocolate slowly down Rosemarie's throat, holding her head up.

Rose: drank what Nike gave her, slowly opening her eyes as her strength returned to her.

Nike: "Welcome back to reality." He smiled down at her. "Here's your plate of food." He slid it to her, and kept his arm around her back to hold her in a sitting position so she could eat.

Rose: "Thank you." She ate slowly.

Nike: kissed her cheek. Then he leaned back and tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear. He whispered, "I love you." He smiled at her from the side as she ate. He rubbed his hand up and down her back.

Rose: "I love you too." She continued to eat.

Nike: "So, I wonder if your parents noticed that whole episode with the sun and moon, and if they are coming to complain again." He sat back, letting his hand fall, since she was sitting up on her own well enough now and didn't need his help.

Rose: "They noticed but they won't come. The cause is different."

Nike: "What losers." He rolled his eyes.

Rose: "Please do not call my family that."

Nike: "All I am saying is that they bother you when you don't need it, and they leave you alone when they should have come. They're a little backwards."

Rose: shrugged, "They're always like that."

Nike: nodded, "Well, I'll be on my blog." He got up and went to his room, turning on the computer.

Rose: nodded. When she was finished eating she cleaned up and then laid on the couch and turned on the TV. Soon she fell asleep.

Blog #290,905; Day # 187

I'm back today. Talk about an opposite of heaven experience. But Rose is alright, and all of the Starz are gone.

Ah yes…Rose. Day 187 of our marriage. I'm actually surprised it has lasted this long; I was so certain she'd hate me to the point of no return after I forced her to marry me. But I guess she grew to love me; maybe not as much as I love her, but I'll take what I can get. It's still a challenge, but what marriage isn't?

Just because my parents marriage started the same way as Rose and mine; (with my father forcing my mother to marry him) it will not end the same. I'd prefer if it didn't end at all.

And hey…it's the challenges that make life interesting, isn't it?

-Nike Ediuqil

Nike: signed off of his account and shut off the computer. He went out to the living room and sat on the couch, without disturbing Rosemarie. He scooted down and leaned his head back, closing his eyes. Soon he fell asleep, just like his wife.