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Klay and Mai

Written By: Krystal Jo-Lynnelle and Jasmine Marie

Sometimes Death Isn't So Wonderful

-Book One

For everyone who wished for death.

And then found that life is worth living.

Klay: jumped out onto the grass. He had to laugh to himself. Kale didn't even recognize him. There wasn't even a hint of "Wow, you look a lot like me." he thought. He grinned as he walked. He would have to figure out something else to do while he waited for Cora to call him for training. Apparently, he had two days to kill. He could go walking around the forest, and if there were any injured or sick animals, put them out of their misery. He nodded. That sounded like a plan. He took the knife out of his backpack and then tossed it up into the crook of a tree after he closed it. He walked quietly through the woods, like a hunter stalking prey. Only this wasn't to kill them for food or was to help the ones in need. Death was something quiet and peaceful. "There is no suffering in Sheol." he said quietly.

There was a vibrating coming from his backpack.

Klay: sighed. He stopped walking and went back to the tree where his pack was. He opened it and pulled out his com. "What?" he said into it harshly.

Director: "We have a job for you." he said, ignoring Klay's tone.

Klay: "Again? You know, if we keep killing people, soon there will be no one left, and we will be out of a job."

Director: "Yes, this is of top importance. After this there will be some resting time for you."

Klay: "Where at?" he relented.

Director: "On the Prentuous planet in the City of Mondomi."

Klay: "Fine. Who's the target? Male or Female and name?"

Director: "There are four of them. Two of each, the Tescomi's and the William's. That is why you are getting a partner with this assignment."

Klay: "I'll pass. I work alone."

Director: "This is the one time I will tell you to work with a partner. If you get one group then the others will be nearly impossible to kill."

Klay: "And why are they getting assassinated?"

Director: "Corruption. The Tescomi's are the leaders of some planet out of touch. They wish to purchase a type of bomb that will blow the planet into oblivion. The Williams are going to put the bombs in four different places and attempt to destroy every planet in this galaxy."

Klay: "I'm on it right away then, sir."

Director: "Your partner will be there momentarily. Good luck Klay." his com shut off.

Klay: stuffed the knife under his jeans by his ankle and grabbed his backpack. He went to his ship and flew to the planet he needed to go to, using an invisible cloak so no one would see his entrance. He landed in a dry, desert area of the planet, where there was no one around. He climbed out and started to make his trek towards the city.

Mai: waited just outside the city, "My goodness he is supposed to be one of the best and yet he takes forever."

Klay: was picking at his teeth. When he walked up he was holding roasted rabbit on a spike. "You must be my partner." he wiped his hand off on his jeans and smirked.

Mai: "Yeah." she rolled her eyes, "Let's just get this over with so we can move on with our lives."

Klay: "Want a bite?" he held the spike to her.

Mai: tore a bit off that he hadn't bitten off and ate it.

Klay: "Had to eat before I fought." he tossed the rest aside after taking another bite.

Mai: "Yes, well you could have just gotten some at the restaurant. Ok, here's the deal. You don't get in my way and I won't get into yours. You get the women, and I get the men."

Klay: smiled. "Deal." he walked with her. "So, we each do our own thing?"

Mai: "Yes. I don't like having a partner as much as you do so it will work out just fine."

Klay: "Good. Where are they?" he asked.

Mai: "Table 26." she pointed to the restaurant that was very expensive looking.

Klay: "Good thing I ate before I came. Rabbit is free." he grinned and walked through the door, not bothering to hold it open for her.

Mai: walked over to the table, she smiled. "Hey guys." she said, knowing that they were friends. Well, that's what they thought anyways.

Klay: sat at the table by one of the girls. "Hello." he said, and coughed three times, flimsily covering his mouth.

Mrs. Williams: smiled, "Hello."

Mr. Tescomi: looked at Klay awkwardly, then up to Mai. "Have a seat Mai. Long time since we've spoken." he pulled the chair out next to him and patted it.

Mai: smiled and sat down, "It has been a long time. Thank you."

Mr. Williams: "Who is your...erm...friend?"

Mai: "That's Klay." she said, not caring about him.

Mrs. Tescomi: "Klay is a very nice name. Where are you from?"

Klay: "Around." he smiled at her. Then he coughed again and took a napkin and wiped his mouth. It stained red in spots.

Mrs. Williams: "Is that blood?" she looked worried.

Klay: "Oh yes." he gave a slight laugh and looked at it. "I have TB." he faked sadness.

Mrs. Williams: "You poor thing."

Klay: "I know. I'm sorry. Are we intruding on something here?"

Mr. Williams: "Yes. You are." he looked at Mai. "Not you." he assured her.

Mai: smiled slightly, she looked to Klay with a look of victory to her eyes. It was gone before anyone else noticed.

Mrs. Williams: "He's fine."

Mr. Williams: "I would prefer not to eat with a sick man at the table, honey." he said to his wife with a bit of an edge in his voice.

Mrs. Williams: was quiet for a moment. "Well then I'll get him a table close by."

Klay: "'s alright." he gave her a reassuring smile. "I don't want to ruin your dates." he coughed again, covering his mouth with the napkin. "I'll go." he stood, limping. He walked two steps to the door then collapsed over in a spasm of coughing.

People around the restaurant gasped and watched him, appalled at the sight. He wasn't even dressed in clothing fit for this type of restaurant.

Mrs. Williams: ran over to him and helped him stand. "Why don't you sit down and just rest."

Klay: "Maybe I should go to the hospital." he said after coughing again. "I hate to be such a disgrace." he held on to her.

Mr. Tescomi: "Maybe you should take him." Then he would get alone time with Mai.

Mr. Williams: "Perhaps Mrs. Tescomi would like to accompany her?"

Mrs. Williams: nodded, "I will."

Mrs. Tescomi: "I'll come to we can take my car." she said hesitantly. It was evident that they wanted rid of them. She stood and walked over to them.

Klay: "Thank you so much." he walked with them outside. "Where is your car? Or must a valet bring it over?"

Mrs. Tescomi: "The valet will bring it." at that second the valet came and she got in the driver's seat and Mrs. Williams got in the back. "Have you any medicine that helps this?"

Klay: "Oh yes. But I didn't bring it with me. Silly...I forgot to pack it."

Mrs. Tescomi: "Well I am sure they have some at the hospital." she smiled at him. She looked at the wedding ring for a moment then back to the road. When she looked at the ring it looked like she was still looking at the road though.

Klay: "Are you..." he coughed, "alright Mrs. Tescomi?" he could feel her shift in emotions.

Mrs. Tescomi: nodded, "Yea, I'm fine. But what's important is you right now."

Klay: "That's very kind." He replied, and then all of a sudden he yelled, "STOP!" as an animal walked in front of the car.

Mrs. Tescomi: stopped the car just in time, and watched the animal go by.

Klay: "I'm sorry, I just hate to see animals being killed." he coughed again. "Life is precious, you know."

Mrs. Williams: smiled, "It's good to find people who still think so."

Mrs. Tescomi: smiled, "Yes." she continued to drive.

Klay: "I can walk from here."

Mrs. Williams: "We can't have you walk there. It's quite far away yet. Especially in your condition."

Klay: "I see." he said and coughed. "Perhaps you are right. Perhaps..." he groaned, "you shouldn't be doing this for a total stranger."

Mrs. Tescomi: "Don't be ridiculous. It's fine. Besides, there is nothing to do back at the restaurant. This is for the better good."

Klay: "I am taking time away from you and your husbands." he told them both.

Mrs. Williams: "They didn't want us around anyways."

Klay: "Oh, I am so sorry." he said. "May I ask why you think that?"

Mrs. Tescomi: "They were both so excited it seemed, to get rid of us. They are always like that though, so it's nothing new."

Mrs. Williams: "Well, not always."

Klay: "What do you mean 'not always'?"

Mrs. Williams: "It seems only when Mai is around."

Klay: "That would be distressing. Though, if you ask me, I wouldn't worry about Mai. She scares men away like a plague."

Mrs. Tescomi: "How long have you known her?"

Klay: "Long enough. Let me tell you. I was sort of..." he coughed. "Glad I had to be rushed to the hospital."

Mrs. Williams: nodded, "Well, I'm glad we could be of assistance."

Klay: "Might you pull over here? I need to take a quick restroom break." he looked out the car window; it was in the middle of nowhere.

Mrs. Tescomi: "Sure." she pulled over.

Klay: opened the door and stepped out of the car. He smiled at both of them. "Thank you." he turned back before shutting the door. "Might I ask you a question? You know...I think...about...death a lot. In my condition." his voice was low and edged in mock pain.

Mrs. Williams: smiled, "Sure."

Klay: "If you could die, for a good cause, would you?"

Mrs. Williams: smiled, "Of course."

Mrs. Tescomi: "It depends on what kind of cause. But if it was good why not."

Klay: "Thank you." he sighed. "That...helps me feel better about myself." he shut the door behind him and walked a few paces from the car.

Mrs. Tescomi: turned around, "He is a very nice man don't you think?"

Mrs. Williams: "Yes, I just wonder what he meant by that end part though."

Mrs. Tescomi: "I don't know. You'll have to ask him when he gets back."

But of course they didn't have a chance to ask Klay because the next second their lifeless bodies slumped over in the seats off the car. Their brains, now turned to mush, oozed out of their noses. Klay smirked. Killed two birds with one stone. He walked back to the car. 'How's it going Mai?' he communicated mentally to her as he started to clean up his mess.

Mai: 'Just fine.' she said as she was kissing Mr. Tescomi, while Mr. Williams was in the bathroom.

Mr. Tescomi: "Too bad Mr. Williams is still here, isn't it Mai?"

Mai: smiled, "We could always go to the back room. He won't know we're there."

Mr. Tescomi: "That sounds like a plan." he stood and pulled her to the back room with him. "If only my wife was gone, you and I could be together permanently." he kissed her again, pressing her against the wall.

Mai: smiled, "That would be so wonderful." she whispered as she wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him back.

Mr. Tescomi: he started to unbutton her shirt.

Mai: giggled, she kissed his neck placing a gun there. "Good Bye." she told him and pulled the trigger. It was a special silent gun though, so no one heard a thing.

Mr. Williams: came out of the bathroom and looked around, wondering where Mai and Mr. Tescomi were.

Mai: buttoned her shirt back up and got rid of the body before she walked out, "Sorry I had to use the ladies room for a moment. Mr. Tescomi had to go on a business call. Something about his factory I think."

Mr. Williams: "Did he say I should help?"

Mai: shook her head, "He said he could handle it." she assured him.

Mr. Williams: "Then perhaps..." he pulled out a hotel room key from his pocket. "My wife shouldn't return for awhile. Shall we?"

Mai: smiled, "We shall."

Mr. Williams: "Did you get enough to eat darling?"

Mai: nodded, "I ate before I came." she wrapped her arms around him.

Mr. Williams: walked her out of the restaurant and across the road to the hotel.

Mai: when she got to the hotel and up to the room, she set her purse on the table.

Mr. Williams: stood behind her. "We should meet up more often Mai. A man has needs you know. Not all of them can be filled by a wife."

Mai: smiled up at him, "We should though that's why I'm here." she stood and turned to face him.

Mr. Williams: he stepped closer to her and played with a lock of her hair. " and Klay. Is he your new man to toy with?"

Mai: "Of course not. You know I am only for you."

Mr. Williams: "Mmm..." he leaned down and kissed her. "I just don't have the fire with my wife anymore. That passion I get with you." he leaned Mai back onto the bed and pulled off her pants.

Mai: smiled and kissed him back.

Mr. Williams: ran his hands up her legs and hooked his fingers at her panty line. He gave a swift tugging motion downward.

Mai: smiled; she would let him go for a little bit, she was having too much fun. "I love you." she told him softly.

Mr. Williams: "I love you too darling Mai." he kissed her again at the same time working at her shirt. How easily those words came to him for Mai, when he had to force them out of his mouth for his wife. How...sad really.

Mai: smiled, she had to admit she hated pretending to be fragile but for this she could just to experience the high at the end of a job well done. Of knowing that he didn't expect anything. She kissed him back.

Mr. Williams: "If only I'd met you before my wife." he whispered.

Mai: "Things would be much simpler."

Mr. Williams: he wouldn't tell her about his plans to kill his wife. That might scare her away. But he could make her promises. Who cared if most of it was talk and not truth? You couldn't tell the difference between words this time, all was meant to make someone feel good. "We can be together soon." he promised her, as he loved her. Of course he'd take lust over love any day. He smiled to himself.

Mai: smiled and when his guard was down she stabbed him in the back, causing him to fall back dead as she pushed him off. "Good Bye Mr. Williams." she said to the carcass.


Klay: went back to the restaurant, all evidence cleared. He was particularly pleased at himself. Maybe playing the sick card was a good ploy around women. He wondered what else he could get them to do for him, with it. He stood outside the doors of the restaurant, and then decided, why did he need to wait for Mai? He turned and walked towards his ship.


Mai: got dressed and destroyed all evidence. She felt satisfied; it couldn't have gone more perfect. She jumped out of the window and landed on her feet lightly.

Klay: was only a few feet in front of her. They finished about the same time apparently. It had taken him awhile to walk back to the restaurant after destroying the car.

Mai: "Done?"

Klay: "Yep." was all he said.

Mai: "Good. Have fun with the rest of your life and don't forget to pick up your check from the director's office." she did a few front flips then vanished.

Klay: well, that killed one day of his. Now he had to figure out what to do with the next day while he waited for Cora. When he reached his ship he left to the director's office. When he got there, he walked in. "Job done." he told the director with a smirk, and set the two wedding bands of the woman on the directors table.

Director: smiled, "Well done." he handed him two checks each of about 1 million dollars each, in pay.

Klay: "Two checks? I take it one for each girl correct?"

Director: "That is correct."

Klay: tipped his hat to him. "See you then."

Director: nodded, "Until I call."

Klay: "Sure sure." he left back to his home on Earth, deciding not to stay on the Kientian planet this time. He threw away the clothes he wore for the job, and got in the shower. He never kept clothes that he assassinated someone with. They always got destroyed just like the bodies did.

Mai: returned to her house then hoping never to see Klay ever again. She got changed putting her clothes in the hamper to get washed. She looked through her mail before going to her room for a little nap.

Klay: stretched and decided to kill the rest of the day with a nap. Kill it. Yes. He liked to kill things.

Mai: she got in bed, and laid there for a bit, she had to say she was bored and she wasn't exactly tired.

Klay: had a dream, and in his dream...he dreamt of Mai.

Mai: fell asleep anyway, though she twisted and turned.

Klay: got up at the crack of dawn and put on his clothes. He grabbed his bow and arrow and went out into the forest that surrounded his house. Finally, maybe he'd be able to do what he wanted to do yesterday before he was interrupted by his job. He made himself invisible.

Mai: threw a pillow at the wall and just got up, this was ridiculous, she thought to herself. She figured she might as well clean her already clean house.

Klay: he wondered what it would be like to hunt in frigid temperatures. Someplace cold, like Russia.

Mai: sighed. She was bored so she went to town next for at least something to do.

Klay: traveled to Moscow, Russia. He hid his ship and walked through the town, looking for a nice woodsy place to hunt in. Already several rabbits hung from his belt, what he had caught in the woods by his home.

Mai: was buying something in the market she turned and growled when she saw Klay. She tried to ignore him.

Klay: "You look familiar."

Mai: "No duh Sherlock." she pushed past him.

Klay: "You know, I've heard that sassy attitude before somewhere. Hmm...I should remember it." he pushed her back.

Mai: "Just get out of my way Klay."

Klay: "Wow. The girl whom I don't know the name of knows my name. Lovely." he stepped aside. "Glad I made an impression. Must have been the rabbit." he held a dead one up to her face.

Mai: "You are so stupid." she looked at the fur. "Shot it with a bow. That isn't half bad for an amateur."

Klay: laughed. "I've been hunting with bow and arrow since I was 510. Amateur is the wrong word to use. Though..." he nodded and put the rabbit down. "I agree I am better with a knife."

Mai: "Congratulations. Now quit following me."

Klay: "Following you? I came here to hunt. What are you doing here?"

Mai: "I live in town." she growled.

Klay: "Good. Then I don't have to wait to cook my rabbit." he continued walking.

Mai: rolled her eyes and walked back to her house, slamming the door. "Oh how I hate him."

There was a knock on her door about dusk. Klay opened the door and walked in. "Got a fire going? It's cold out there." his belt had two more rabbits and about three squirrels on it. He took off his belt and threw it on Mai's couch.

Mai: was in the shower.

Klay: opened up the door to the bathroom. "Where's your cooking pot?"


Klay: "Not until after I eat. I'm starving." he closed the door, deciding he'd look for himself. He rifled through her cabinets.

Her cabinets were empty.

Klay: sighed. He picked up his belt and put it around him. He left to town, so he was out of the house when Mai came out of her shower.

Mai: laughed as she got out and got dressed. She went to the cupboards and pressed the numbers on the number pad and opened the door, seeing the cupboards now full of food, all organized inside. She got out a cooking pan and started to make food.

Klay: came back in thru the door, throwing his belt on the couch again. He was carrying a huge cooking pan and other items for the food.

Mai: "What did I tell you? Do you have mental brain damage or something? Get out." she glared at him from the kitchen.

Klay: walked into the kitchen and set up the cooking pan on the stove top next to her. "Nope. You told me to get out of your house. So I did." he smirked, "Then I came back. You said for me to get out, not get out and stay away." he set the rabbit in the sink and started to skin it.

Mai: growled, "When I said 'have a good life', I meant STAY AWAY FROM MINE!"

Klay: "Hey, if I said I was dying, would that make a difference?" he continued what he was doing, ignoring her tone.

Mai: "No. That would be more reason to kick you out."

Klay: "Worked for the other girls." he set the pot aside and went to Mai's fireplace. He threw a few logs in and started up the fire.

Mai: "Well, I am not stupid like they were."

Klay: nodded. He ignored her and continued to prod at the fire with a poker.

Mai: after the food was done the delicious smell filled the house. She put some of it on a plate and decorated it like she was at some restaurant. She sat at her table and started to eat.

Klay: "I bet...if my name was Mr. Williams you'd let me stay. You favored him more than Mr. Tescomi." he finished with the rabbit and spiked it on some sticks before he took it to the fire. His belt of dead animals was still sitting on Mai's couch.

Mai: "I didn't care one bit about him. I don't favor my prey."

Klay: smirked, "Oh. I see. Prey makes you sound like a hunter." he roasted the rabbit over the fire.

Mai: "Which is exactly what the job entails."

Klay: "Mai, we aren't hunting people. We are eliminating the worst for the greater good of everyone else alive. There is a certain amount of righteousness in it."

Mai: rolled her eyes. "Whatever helps you sleep at night."

Klay: shrugged. "But maybe there is another reason you are an assassin." he pulled the rabbit from the fire and waited for it to cool.

Mai: "Maybe I just like the kill."

Klay: "Oh. I thought it was the happenings right before the kill." he smirked, blowing on his food.

Mai: "I don't know what you're talking about."

Klay: "Sure you don't Mai." he got up and walked over to her. "Want some?" he asked, referring to his food.

Mai: "No, I'm fine." she was still eating her own food.

Klay: "That looks good." he complimented her as he pulled out a chair across from her.

Mai: "Yeah, thanks." she continued to eat trying to ignore him again.

Klay: "Did you get your check from the director?"

Mai: "No."

Klay: "You remind me to get mine, but you don't get yours?"

Mai: "I don't get one." she shrugged.

Klay: "Why?" he was just about to take a bite of his food, but Mai's response caught him off guard. He stopped and watched her.

Mai: "I don't want it."

Klay: smiled. "Oh. Well. That just kills what I was about to do."

Mai: "What was that?"

Klay: pulled out a wad of bills from his pocket. He threw it on the table. "I don't keep my money either." It was 1 million dollars, all 100,000 bills. "I cash it, then I either burn it or give it away." he shrugged and took another bite of his food.

Mai: nodded, "I see."

Klay: "You don't want it? Alright." he threw it in the fire.

Mai: watched it burn as she continued to eat. She didn't care one bit.

Klay: "The other million I'll give to Cora. For the people." he stood, and threw his now empty spike in the trash.

Mai: "No you don't." she got up and took it out of the trash and threw it in the fire and watched as a puff of flame came from it.

Klay: watched her. He shrugged and went back to the sink, cleaning up the rabbit left over's.

Mai: "Why did you come to my house?"

Klay: "Quicker way to get to a stove for food." he went to her fridge. "I didn't know you lived here."

Mai: "I like to keep where I live hidden. Seems I will have to move again."

Klay: "Oh. Sorry. Didn't know I was that bad of company. I must have lost my charm, being a hermit for 200 some years." he pulled out her jug of milk and unscrewed the cap. He tilt it back to his lips.

Mai: "Don't defile my milk." she ordered, "Get a cup."

Klay: laughed. "Women." he muttered and leaned his head over the sink and back, he poured the milk into his mouth, not letting the opening touch his lips.

Mai: sighed, "Men." she said irritated.

Klay: recapped her milk and put it in the fridge. "Don't move Mai. Then I'll have to find somewhere else to hunt. And this place has good pickings." He collected his stuff.

Mai: "You can still hunt here you idiot."

Klay: "I could. But how would I cook my meat?"

Mai: "Here's an idea. Go HOME. To your house."

Klay: smiled, "Follow you? Sounds good. Thanks for offering." he picked up his belt and slung it over him.

Mai: "Just leave me alone." she said getting angry.

Klay: "Whatever did I do to you Mia?" he pouted. "You hate me." he said with mock sadness.

Mai: "You were born. That's what you did." She cleaned off her plate and put the leftover food away before she cleaned her kitchen again even though there was nothing wrong with it.

Klay: "Ouch. Just wait till I tell Cora you said that."

Mai: "I don't care if you tell her how I kill. If it will get you to leave and never come back."

Klay: "Tell me Mai- how do you kill?" he lifted an eyebrow.

Mai: "None of your business."

Klay: shrugged. He opened up the door and snow blocked the entrance. It went up to Klay's head. Some snow fell in the house when he opened the door. He stepped back. "Hmmm, interesting."

Mai: "You have GOT to be kidding me."

Klay: "I'll take the back room." he shut the door partway and slung his belt of dead animals over the couch again, then walked to the back room, obviously staying.

Mai: "No you're not. You are going to teleport out of here." She dragged him out of the room

Klay: "Mai...Kientians don't teleport."

Mai: "Then you better learn how. Because I will not let you stay at my house."

Klay: was in his own thoughts, "Actually no, that's a lie, Elders do. But none of the rest." he went to the door again and opened it.

Mai: "I. DON'T. CARE."

Klay: picked up a handful of snow, "Why do you choose to live in a place so cold Mai?" he rolled the snow in his hand.

Mai: "Because snow isolates therefore no one bothers me. It doesn't matter anyways because I am moving again."

Klay: "Have fun with that." he threw the snow, a direct hit at her face. He smirked. "It fits you."

Mai: went to the bathroom and wiped it off putting the towel in the hamper of clothes that she hadn't got to wash yet.

Klay: cleared the snow that fell into the house. He shut the door tight then went and put the rest of his animals inside her refrigerator.

Mai: picked up the hamper and held the basket to her hip. "Fine just take the couch. Don't touch anything with your filthy hands." she gestured to the white couch.

Klay: "If I could take a shower, then they wouldn't be filthy."

Mai: "No, you are not going to get my shower in disarray. Besides, you don't have any other clothes to change into, and I will not have you walking around my house naked."

Klay: "I can wear the same clothes Mai. Believe me, I don't want you to see my unmentionables." he smirked.

Mai: "Your clothes will still be dirty."

Klay: motioned to her basket. "Looks like you are about to wash some. How convenient." he pulled off his outer jacket.

Mai: "My clothes not yours." she left to her clothes washing room, and put them in the machine before she did some tidying up in there. She came back out and cleaned the couch that had his belt on it.

Klay: his clothes were on the couch too, and he was in the shower. He had left when Mai went out to the laundry room.

Mai: threw them in the snow for a moment and then put them in the bathroom.

Klay: peeked his head around the shower curtain. "Hey Mai. Do you have anything that doesn't smell like girl?"

Mai: "Nope. Men aren't to be here in the first place." she left.

Klay: shrugged. It didn't matter. Men had their own smell anyways. It came back to them an hour after any shower, so he didn't need to worry about smelling like a girl for long. He stepped out and felt his clothes. They were cold and wet from snow. Fine. If Mai wanted to get his clothes nasty, he wouldn't bother wearing them. He walked out of the bathroom, just drying off his hair, nothing more. He then lay down on her white couch.

Mai: her eyes grew wide. "GET. OUT. OF MY. HOUSE. NOW!" she looked away from him.

Klay: "You did it to yourself Mai." he looked at her, "Wow. I didn't know you could blush. After all, don't you see like, one of these every time you go to assassinate a man?" he chuckled and closed his eyes.

Mai: "You are defiling my couch. At least get off of it." She walked into her room.

Klay: "I'm clean. I'm not defiling it. Well, yet. You'll have to wait until I fall asleep to see. I might have wonderful dreams again." he didn't move.

Mai: "I don't want you to." he threw some pajamas and some underclothing over him.

Klay: "What are these? Girl things? No thanks." he got up and stood by the fire.

Mai: "Does this look like girl stuff to you?" she held them up; they were guys clothing. She still didn't look at him.

Klay: "Aww don't be so embarrassed Mai." he made no effort to put them on.

Mai: "You are the one that should be embarrassed for showing your private parts." she set them back on the couch and then went to her room and shut the door locking it.

Klay: looked down. "No, actually, I'm proud of them."

Mai: ignored him.

Klay: smiled at her. "Fine, you know what? If it makes you happy." he put on the pajamas. "Though if you wanted to walk around your house naked, be my guest. After all, it's your house. I won't object or try to get you to wear clothes or pajamas."

Mai: "Just go to sleep Klay."

Klay: "Do you have a T.V.?"

Mai: ignored him again. She pulled out a book and started to read it.

Klay: "I wouldn't have been naked if you hadn't gotten my clothes cold and wet. I did it to spite you."

Mai: continued to read her book.

Klay: went over to his pants and pulled out a block of wood. He took out his knife and started to carve into it, sitting on the couch. "I think I'll be trapped here for awhile. I don't think snow melts fast around here."

Mai: after awhile, she had fallen asleep. She was tossing and turning.

Klay: watched her, mentally feeling her emotions. He wondered what she was dreaming about. He entered her mind, to watch her dream play out.

Mai: her dream was of a lot of different things. All of them happening at once. She jerked awake and threw her pillow at the wall this time knocking stuff off this time. She stood and started to clean it up.

Klay: "You alright in there?" he called to her, leaving her head. He still carved away at his wood.

Mai: "What do you care?" she retorted. She brought the broken glass out to the garbage can.

Klay: "Well we are on the same team. 'Sides, you are friends with Cora are you not? So, I care." he shrugged.

Mai: "Save it Klay."

Klay: "Save what?" he looked confused.

Mai: "All of this fake caring act."

Klay: "If I ask a question, I care. I don't bother to ask otherwise."

Mai: "Just don't care for me okay?" she went to her room and shut the door and locked it again. She sat on the bed just being there not doing anything.

Klay: "I thought we were friends?" he mumbled, most likely to himself. He shook his head, looking at his wood again and whittled away.

Mai: after a moment she got out her book again and started to read to get her mind off of her dream.

Klay: stayed away, tending to the fire and carving his wooden carving. He wondered what exactly was bothering her. He had heard about people having bad dreams, or being haunted by memories of killings they've committed, but he never seemed to get it. He didn't know it was real. How could someone feel bad about killing another? Killing someone gave a person peace of mind. What could be bad about that?

Mai: she shut the book and threw it against the door unable to concentrate.

Klay: got up and went to the fridge. He skinned the rest of his animals in the sink.

Mai: a sudden feeling of sadness washed over her suddenly. She let herself cry for a few moments before she stopped it.

Klay: rinsed off his hands. He picked up his little carving and knocked on Mai's door. "Mai?" he said lightly.

Mai: "What do you want?" she demanded.

Klay: "You alright?" he asked again. "Am I bothering you that much that you cry? I mean if so, I've slept in snow before I don't mind it."

Mai: "I'm fine."

Klay: "Can I open the door?" he asked her, looking at the thing he had carved in his hand.

Mai: "I don't care."

Klay: opened the door. "Here this should help." he set the wooden carving on her bed.

Mai: "Thank you." she looked at it.

Klay: "The bark is from the Sand Tree on my planet. It helps people sleep at night. Keeps bad dreams away."

Mai: smiled slightly, "I hope it works."

Klay: "Well, it's worth a shot." the wood was carved into a small girl, sort of a resemblance to Mai. With exquisite details on the face, it looked like it could be real. He shut her door again and went back to the kitchen.

Mai: she laid back on her bed and fell asleep.

Klay: waited until he felt her emotions relax again with sleep. When he did, he went into her head to see what her dreams were about this time.

Mai: at first it was just blank.

Klay: was very tempted to look in other sections of her mind besides just the dreaming part...

Mai: all of a sudden it was no longer black:

Her dream went back to when she was a little girl. A couple times it was interrupted but it came back. A man was there that Klay had not met. Mai was only 6 years old. She was standing on his door step, outside there was snow everywhere for it had been winter.

Man: brought her inside and ordered her to sit down. He had a dark brown hair with an emo-ish type haircut and light blue eyes.

Mai: sat down on the couch obediently.

Man: smiled, "You're a very beautiful girl." He said to Mai as he sat beside her.

Mai: "Thank you." She said quietly.

Then the man did something that should never be done to a little girl.

Mai: tried to struggle against him but it was no use. He was too strong.

Mai: started to toss and turn again.

Klay: pushed her bad dreams to the back, and brought up good memories so she could sleep peacefully.

Mai: she didn't have any good memories.

Klay: gave her some of his good memories to dream of.

Mai: she stopped and smiled slightly in her sleep.

Klay: stayed in her head throughout the night to make sure she slept well. After all, it was the least he could do since he was staying at her house. He cooked food occasionally to keep his energy up so he could stay awake, and he worked on carving another wood piece.

Mai: got up when her alarm clock went off at five AM. She opened the door a robe around her. She started to make some breakfast.

Klay: "Morning." he left her head, and when he did, the good memories left with him.

Mai: "Hello." she said coldly.

Klay: "Did the wooden carving I gave you work?"

Mai: "Yes. Thank you for giving it to me."

Klay: "Sure." he finished his other wooden piece and then gathered that along with the other ten he had finished throughout the night. He put it in his bag.

Mai: set some beautifully decorated plates on the table. "I made you breakfast if you want some." she sat down in her chair and started to eat.

Klay: got up and sat at the table with her. He looked at the food. "What were you? Like a chef or something?" he took a bite. It tasted delicious.

Mai: shook her head, "I don't go out much so I learn to make my own."

Klay: nodded. "It's good." he said, and pulled out his cell phone. He set it on the table next to him.

Mai: "Expecting a call?" she took another bite.

Klay: "Yea from Cora. Today is day three...she should be calling to tell me when to come train with her."

Mai: "Has the snow melted?"

Klay: "No, actually, I think it's gotten worse through the night." he took another bite.

Mai: nodded, "Alright." she finished eating and then cleaned her plate before putting it away. She then cleaned her house again like she always did. She took Klay's clothes and put them in the washer and then dryer.

Klay: got up. He put on his coat and boots.

Mai: looked at him and watched him.

Klay: "What's the biggest shovel you have in your house? Or..." he stopped; maybe girls didn't have shovels in their houses, "broom pan?"

Mai: "The biggest shovel..." she went to her closet and brought out a shovel that was half the width of the door. "I can move the snow. Well, I might."

Klay: took it. "I've got it. No sense in making you suffer with my presence." he opened up the door and shoved it into the snow, he moved some, but where would he dump it?

Mai: "I don't care if you are here or not anymore."

Klay: "Why?" he put the shovel back into the snow. He looked at it. It seemed hopeless anyways.

Mai: "You have already stayed here there is no use in fighting your stay."

Klay: "Well." he smiled. He had an idea, he went to the fire he had tended throughout the night and picked up a smoldering log with flame on one end. He carried it to the snow and held the flame against it.

The snow melted, but the water slid inside the house.

Klay: "I could do this, you could mop it up." he continued to melt the snow.

Mai: took out a mop and moved the rug out of the way.

Klay: "This may work just yet." he smiled, pleased with himself.

Mai: continued to clean up.

Klay: "Hey, at least this gives you something to clean in your house that's actually dirty." he smirked, looking at her.

Mai: "My house is always dirty. Hence the reason I clean it."

Klay: "Your house is always CLEAN. I just think you clean it because you have an OCD."

Mai: "I do not have an OCD."

Klay: "I'm sure." he said amused. As soon as there was a hole in the snow, more fell down and through the door, extinguishing the flame and knocking Klay over and back into Mai. They fell onto the floor, snow covered on top of them.

Mai: groaned. She just laid there.

Klay: "Well...seems I spoke to soon." he said, laying there.

Mai: sighed. She felt the snow start to melt.

Klay: pushed himself up. He held a hand down to her. "Coming up?"

Mai: got up by herself. She shut the door. She was just about to freak out over the snow and water in her house.

Klay: "Calm down. Sheesh. What's a little snow and water?" he laughed and laid in it. He made a snow angel.

Mai: "It's in my house!"

Klay: got up. "Look. It's a perfect angel." he bent down and drew a face on the head.

Mai: "I don't want to look. It's DIRT!" She ran to the closet and pulled out some heavy cleaning supplies.

Klay: "Yep. You have an OCD." he took the mop from her. "I'll get it you sissy." he rolled his eyes. "Bye bye perfect angel." and mopped it up. He picked up what snow he could with his hands and tossed it in the sink.

Mai: "I do not have an OCD!" She calmed down when everything was cleaned up.

Klay: laughed. "Sheesh. You know, you shock me. Afraid of germs IN your house. But not afraid of the germs in your body."

Mai: "I have no idea what you talking about." she went to her room and shut the door.

Klay: "WHAT DID I DO NOW!" he yelled to her.

Mai: didn't say anything.

Klay: opened her bedroom door. "I'm sorry if that offended you. Though I don't see how it could."

Mai: "I could feel you in my head. You saw my nightmare. You figure it out."

Klay: "How could-" he stopped, no...he was sure he moved silently so she wouldn't feel him. "I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking." he said finally.

Mai: "I don't care. Just please leave me alone."

Klay: sighed. "Mai..." he paused. "Do you want to play checkers?"

Mai: "I don't play checkers."

Klay: "You don't know how?"

Mai: "I know how."

Klay: "So the nightmare was true?"

Mai: didn't say anything to him at first. She just looked away. "Just please leave my room."

Klay: "Alright." he shut her door and went back out to the living room. He thought for sure they were going to get along better today. Then he goes and says something stupid. He got up and grabbed his phone off of the table.

Mai: she changed her clothes and just sat on the bed again.

Klay: waited for Cora's phone call. While he did, he looked through Mai's closet and got out a checker board game. He played against himself.

Mai: came out and looked at him for a moment, then swept her house.

Klay: "YES!" he said, and started the game again.

Mai: "What?"

Klay: smiled up at her, "I beat myself."

Mai: nodded, "I see."

Klay: "Stop cleaning for a bit and come play with me."

Mai: "Why?" she turned to him.

Klay: "Because it's seriously annoying how much and often you clean." he patted the seat across from him. "I mean, if we are going to be stuck together for awhile we might as well be civil to each other, don't you think?"

Mai: she set the broom down, and then sat down in the chair. "Fine. Just one game."

Klay: "We should bet."

Mai: "Bet what?"

Klay: "If I win, you can't clean your house for a full two days."

Mai: "I don't know if I can do that. It's part of my regular schedule"

Klay: "Well, you'll have to find something else to do. Now, you tell me what I can or can't do if you win."

Mai: "You have to get a shower everyday to keep my house clean."

Klay: "You know, a shower everyday is not healthy for you. Washes off all of those essential body oils."

Mai: "I haven't died yet." she stated.

Klay: "My hair already smells like girl. Isn't that enough?"

Mai: sighed.

Klay: "Fine. Deal." he relented, and set up the game.

Mai: her eyes scanned the board for a moment before looking at him.

Klay: "Your move first. Since you said you know how to play."

Mai: moved a piece.

They played the game for an hour. Klay won.

Mai: "When does this two day thing start?"

Klay: "Today. Because who knows how long I'll be here? And after I leave, it's not like I can keep tabs on you. After all, you said you're moving."

Mai: "Are we done?"

Klay: "Unless you want to play again for higher bets." he smiled.

Mai: "No, I have already lost enough."

Klay: "Tell you what...if you win this game, I will take a shower and leave you alone while I'm here. If I win, you have to quit hanging out in your room while I'm here."

Mai: "When I sleep?"

Klay: "Well, duh. You can go in your room then. I'm talking about in daylight hours."

Mai: nodded, "Ok. I guess."

Klay: set up the game board again, he moved first this time.

Mai: was able to guess his future moves. She moved a piece.

Klay: jumped her twice.

The game continued on in this manner, and Klay ended up winning again.

Klay: "Wow. I was sure you'd win that one." he put the game away.

Mai: she just sat there. She couldn't do anything.

Klay: "Well, I'll go shower I guess." he got up and put the game away, then went to the bathroom.

Mai: "Ok." she took out a book and started to read it.

Klay: came back out dressed in the same pajamas. He sat on the couch.

Mai: just continued to read. Just because she had to stay out here it didn't mean that she had to talk to him.

Klay: scratched his ear. "Is this what you do while you are home? If you don't have an assassination job you sulk around the house?"

Mai: "There's nothing else to do. And I don't sulk."

Klay: "No. Of course you don't. That why you clean constantly to keep your mind off of...things."

Mai: "You don't know anything about me."

Klay: "Then why don't you talk to me."

Mai: "Because I don't like to talk."

Klay: "Then you could think it."

Mai: "I don't like you in my head."

Klay: "Yea did last night."

Mai: continued to read.

Klay: "See you know you did. You have no answer."

Mai: "What you think is not always the truth." she growled, looking up at him with a glare.

Klay: "Oh, so you didn't like have a peaceful sleep last night?" he ignored her growl, watching her.

Mai: "I did."

Klay: "Then you liked me being in your head."

Mai: rolled her eyes. She got up and went to the bathroom and shut the door.

Klay: sighed. He played with his cell phone on the table, spinning it around.

Mai: ended up taking a shower.

Klay: waited for a phone call.

Mai: came out with a towel wrapped around her body. She went in her room to get dressed.

Klay: he had no idea how to talk to girls. Maybe it was a good thing Mai didn't want to talk.

The house phone rang.

Mai: "Get that please." she called out to him.

Klay: answered the phone. He cleared his voice to make it sound like a girl's voice. "Hello. Mai speaking."

Director: "That is a sad excuse for a girls voice Klay. Where is Mai?"

Klay: cleared his throat back to normal. "How'd you know it was me, here? At Mai's house?"

Director: "I am not stupid no matter how one tries to hide it. Their own voice comes through to some measure."

Klay: "Well, sure. Mai's getting dressed. She had a busy night last night." he smirked.

Director: "I'm sure she did." he stated, sounding bored.

Klay: "With me here and all, how could she not." he leaned against the counter. "So what's your call about?"

Director: "A job for her."

Klay: "We are kind of snowed in here. Very romantic if you ask me. Sets the same mood as last night. Wink, wink."

Director: "I see."

Klay: "That all?"

Director: "Yes." he hung up.

Mai: was standing in the hallway. "What did you do!" she exclaimed, clearly upset.

Klay: hung up the phone and jumped over the back of the couch. He sat down. "Hey, you want to ignore me, I ignore you."

Mai: "Fine." she went back to the bathroom and shut the door with her book.

Klay: started practicing throwing knives.

Mai: "You're going to break my house!" she yelled from the bathroom.

Klay: ignored her and continued what he was doing.

Mai: came out and started to make something to eat. She tried so very hard to ignore him.

Klay: continued throwing knives into the snow. "I don't think you have any knives left." he told her, knowing she would need one to cook.

Mai: when she finished making the food, without the use of knives, the wonderful smell of food filled the house. She set two dishes on the table. "I'm already done. The food is on the table."

Klay: "Mmm, thanks." he sat at the table.

Mai: sat down to and started to eat.

Klay: "You know," he said between bites. "You have some strong hateful emotions towards me and I have no idea what I did to you to deserve them."

Mai: "You better get used to it."

Klay: "Is it just me? Or do you hate all men?"

Mai: didn't answer.

Klay: "I'll take that as an 'all men' answer." he took another bite.

Mai: "Do yourself a favor and don't get to know me."

Klay: "Why?" he looked at her, "Scare me away?" he laughed.

Mai: "No."

Klay: "Then why?"

Mai: "Because it would be in your best interest."

Klay: "How do you know what would be in my best interests or not? You don't know me either."

Mai: stood and took her plate to the kitchen and wiped it down and put it away. "I know enough of you."

Klay: "Oh really? Do tell."

Mai: "I know that you were once king and such."

Klay: smiled, "Mhm. And?"

Mai: "That you messed up the kingdom. You left and your father went all crazy. You lived for years on your own. You went back to your home planet and was taken by the elders because you were banished. Then Cora came and then you started teach her how to be royalty."

Klay: "And this is why you hate me?" he played with his food.

Mai: "No."

Klay: "Then those are not the explanations I want to hear."

Mai: "I hate everyone and everything."

Klay: "You like Cora."

Mai: "She is the only exception."

Klay: "I am certain you like her husband if you like her. And their child Alexander."

Mai: "Will you just stop." she said aggravated.

Klay: looked at her. "What? You don't like to like people?"

Mai: "It makes me weak." she stated as she took out her book again.

Klay: nodded. "You know, not everyone you like will take advantage of you." he stood and washed his dish, just with a quick rinse. He put it away.

Mai: "Right as sure as the sun doesn't exist."

Klay: "There is a thing called friendship. People give and take equally."

Mai: "I don't believe in friendship."

Klay: "Then what do you call your relationship with Cora?"

Mai: "Acquaintances."

Klay: "You were only 6 years old Mai. It wasn't your fault, and you shouldn't let it ruin your life relationships now. This is when you need them more than ever."

Mai: "I don't need anyone."

Klay: "Right as sure as the sun doesn't exist." he repeated Mai's words.

Mai: rolled her eyes, "I was getting along just fine on my own thank you very much."

Klay: "Was? I thought you still were. Because you ignore me enough it's like I'm not even here."

Mai: "I still am." she shrugged.

Klay: nodded. "I see." he sat on the couch again. "Did you kill him?"

Mai: "I never saw him again but if I would see him again then he would be dead."

Klay: "You know his name?"

Mai: "No."

Klay: "Death is peaceful Mai. It shouldn't be that simple for him."

Mai: "He shouldn't do it to anyone else either."

Klay: "Has he?"

Mai: "I don't know."

Klay: "Do you have a computer?"

Mai: "No."

Klay: pulled out his cell phone and flipped it on. "I'll be back." he went to the bathroom and shut the door, he made a phone call.

Mai: sat there listening

Klay: kept his voice low so Mai wouldn't hear him. She would probably object if she could.

Mai: went to the kitchen and started to make some sort of dessert, no longer caring.

Klay: waited for the director to answer.

Director: picked up, "Hello?"

Klay: "Hey, sir. It's Klay."

Director: "Hello Klay. What can I do for you?"

Klay: "I was wondering...sir..." he paused, "How good are you at finding people?" he had never asked before so he didn't know. But he hoped.

Director: "Depends on what kind of person I am looking for. But fairly well."

Klay: "I am not sure. All I know is looks. I doubt any charges have been filed against him."

Director: nodded, "Alright."

Klay: "Can you locate a person by a description of looks? And last place seen years ago? I think this would be about...447 years ago last time seen."

Director: "That is quite a long time ago but I believe that is possible."

Klay: described to the Director the man's looks, and last place seen according to Mai's dream.

Director: "I'll put it through the database."

Klay: "And call me with any news? Good or bad? I wonder if he is even still alive or has died in such a long period of time. Either way sir, I'd like to know."

Director: "I'll keep you posted."

Klay: "Thanks." he hung up the phone and put it in his pocket, leaving it on for any phone call or text message. He flushed the toilet just for show and then walked back out to the living room and sat down on the couch once again.

Mai: was putting something in the oven.

Klay: "What are you making?" he asked her. He glanced at his watch.

Mai: "Apple pie."

Klay: "How much food do you have in here to last?"

Mai: "Two years."

Klay: "Even with me here?"

Mai: nodded.

Klay: "Okay." he watched her. "So since when did you get interesting in baking?"

Mai: "Since now I guess. Gives me something to do other than sit around and do nothing."

Klay: smiled, "Oh. I see." he laughed. "Don't you have a life?"

Mai: "Nope, my job is my life. I take it very seriously."

Klay: "Well...yea. The director had called earlier about a job for you. But I told him you were unavailable."

Mai: "Why did you do that?" she turned to look at him.

Klay: "We are snowed in. It's not like you can get out. If you can, that means I could. And I wouldn't be here if that was possible."

Mai: sighed, and nodded, "Yeah."

Klay: "What species are you Mai?"

Mai: "What does it matter?"

Klay: "You have interesting eyes. I'm just wondering."

Mai: "Well, there are plenty of other people with eyes like mine so...It's a common color."

Klay: "You have the peculiar green swirl thing, going on around your brown eyes. Very nice. Is that just...your thing? Or a species thing?"

Mai: "My thing."

Klay: "Why?"

Mai: "Because it is."

Klay: smiled slightly, "Alright. I'll take that as a hint to shut up." he sat back on the couch and closed his eyes. He was super tired now, he realized, for staying up all night for Mai and her dreams. But he planned on doing it again. So maybe he just needed a little nap.

Mai: about an hour and half later took her pie out of the oven and put another one in. She was humming to herself.

Klay: was still snoring.

Mai: cut her a piece and ate it slowly.

Klay: opened his eyes. He thought he felt his phone vibrate but when he looked it was nothing. He got up and opened the door and dug through the snow.

Mai: watched him, on the table was a piece for him.

His phone rang.

Klay: pulled out the seven knives he had tossed into the snow. He leaned back and shut the door. He tossed them in the sink and ran his hands under hot water to warm them up. He wiped off one hand and quickly answered his phone. "Hello?"

Director: "I have a name."

Klay: "And whereabouts?"

Director: "Not at the second but of a few days ago."

Klay: "What is it, and where at?" he said, ready to remember this.

Director: "Carlitos Dimas, he was at the same place you two were on the last mission."

Klay: "Are you serious!" he snarled. What was he doing, following her or something?

Director: "Yes, hence the reason she is being like this. She must have saw him without realizing it or something."

Klay: "Well, then...that possibly means he is around here now."

Director: "You know that if Mai found out you were seeking him out, she would be very upset."

Klay: "I know." hence the reason he wasn't telling her. "But it's for the greater good." After all she did say she wanted to kill him.

Director: "Alright well good day Klay."

Klay: "Yea. Thanks." he hung up the phone and put it in his pocket. He ran his hand under the hot water again.

Mai: took the pumpkin pie out of the oven.

Klay: shut off the water and dried his hands. He sat at the table. "Mmm...pie." he took a bite.

Mai: smiled slightly, she took a piece from the pie.

Klay: "I think the snow is starting to melt. I may be able to climb out tomorrow."

Mai: nodded, "That's cool."

Klay: finished his pie. He took out his phone and texted the director. 'Has he done it to others?'

Director: 'Yes.'

Klay: erased the texts on his phone and put it away.

Mai: took his plate and cleaned it and put it away like her plate.

Klay: "You know...technically every time you wash a dish you are breaking the bet."

Mai:"You said the house. Washing a dish is not the house."

Klay: "Right. Fine." he paused. "And I wanted another slice too."

Mai: got him another piece on a paper plate. "Then throw it away after you're done."

Klay: smiled, "Thanks." he ate the one too. He felt more awake now.

Mai: "Sure." She sat in her chair.

Klay: "You know there is this new thing, I have on my phone, you can put someone's cell phone number in your contacts and it will tell you exactly where they are located."

Mai: "That's interesting."

Klay: took out his phone again. He texted the director. 'Does Carlitos Dimas have a cell number?'

Director: 'No.'

Klay: he deleted the texts and looked up back at Mai. "You should get some sleep. Or try too."

Mai: "I am not tired. Besides it's not even 5 yet."

Klay: "Well, what do you want to do then?" he asked her. He finished his pie and threw away the paper plate. "No I thought it was later than that." he paused. " wait. You did get up at 5AM didn't you?"

Mai: looked at the clock it was 10:00 pm. "Oh." she nodded.

Klay: "Why do you get up so early?"

Mai: "It's just when I get up. I can't sleep in."

Klay: "Well, I suppose that's helpful when you want to get things done." he lay back on the couch.

Mai: nodded, "It can be."

Klay: picked up a book Mai had been reading. He opened it and read it.

Mai: grabbed it out of his hands before he got to another page.

Klay: sat up. "Hey! What did I do now!"

Mai: "You didn't do anything."

Klay: "Then why can't I read your books. My hands are clean." he showed them to her and tried to take the book back.

Mai: smiled slightly, "You wouldn't like this book. Trust me." she pulled one off the shelf. "This is more up your alley." she tossed it to him.

Klay: looked at the cover.

It was a book about war, full of action.

Klay: "What's the other book about?" he asked, looking up at her.

Mai: "Nothing."

Klay: "Every book is about something girly."

Mai: "I know that."

Klay: jumped off the couch and stood in front of her. "Must be something awfully good to hide it."

Mai: "You wouldn't like it." she insisted.

Klay: "How would you know? You don't know me. We've already established this."

Mai: "No men would like this book."

Klay: "And why not? That's all I'm asking."

Mai: "Because it's about a relationship between two people."

Klay: "A romance book?"

Mai: nodded slowly, "Yes."

Klay: "Well then maybe it will help me." he snatched the book from her and locked himself in the bathroom before she could grab it back.

Mai: sighed, she laid on the couch.

Klay: looked at the book, he opened it again.

All of the pages were filled with how one loved another, would do anything for them, and was there for sickness and in health. How no matter what happened the love grew.

Klay: turned the pages. He found it ironic that Mai would be reading such a book when she hated men herself.

All of a sudden the pages became blank.

Klay: "What the heck?" he flipped them again, wondering what happened. He felt the page.

There was nothing there.

Klay: opened up the bathroom door and walked out. "The books empty." he said to Mai, still holding it.

Mai: was asleep on the couch.

Klay: he wondered if the book being blank had something to do with Mai falling asleep. He put the book in his bag, intrigued enough to keep it. He put the other pies of Mai's away, and then sat on the chair in the living room, watching her for any signs of disturbance.

Mai: slept peacefully.

Klay: watched her until he too, fell asleep.

Mai: woke up at 3 and went to her room. She fell asleep again but not peacefully.

Klay: woke up about 30 minutes after she left the living room, feeling her change in emotions. He rubbed his eyes and stood. As he moved to the couch he slipped inside Mai's head and made sure all of her dreams were peaceful so that she slept soundly. He stayed awake.

Mai: her dreams were sound until she rolled to the floor then she was just unconscious.

Klay: got up and went into her room. He picked her up and set her back on her bed. Unconscious or not, you still needed to sleep on something comfy.

Mai: she jumped awake, fear in her eyes then it was gone.

Klay: "Shhh it's alright. Sorry I didn't mean to wake you." he stepped back.

Mai: "I know. I think I should stay on the floor."

Klay: "Why?"

Mai: "I just think it's best." she got up and lay on the floor. She fell asleep immediately and peacefully.

Klay: watched her. He sighed. She slept fine on the couch...just as peaceful as in here on the floor. And it was comfier. He picked her up and moved her to the couch without waking her. He sat in the chair again, watching her through the night.

Mai: woke up at 5 when the alarm went off.

Klay: "Good morning." he was cooking up rabbit and squirrel meat.

Mai: "Morning."

Klay: He left her head as soon as she hit consciousness. "Couch is better than the floor." he explained.

Mai: nodded, "Thank you."

Klay: "Hungry?" he set food on the table.

Mai: nodded.

Klay: "The snow is melted a bit. I can climb out. I've already done so a few times."

Mai: nodded, "I am sure you are very happy about that."

Klay: "And I am sure you are too." he smiled and sat down, eating his breakfast.

Mai: started to eat after she got hers.

Klay: "That book...the romance one. It turned blank last night. I have a theory it does that when you fall asleep."

Mai: "That's weird."

Klay: "It is I agree." he took another bite of food. He knew it tasted bland after those extravagant meals Mai makes.

Mai: finished eating, "It was very good."

Klay: "I'm sure it was." he smirked and stood, finishing his. "I'm going to sleep then, since you are awake and running." he went to the couch and laid on it.

Mai: nodded, "Alright."

Klay: "Funny. You sleep fine on the floor and the couch, but the bed...scares you."

Mai: smiled slightly, "I guess it is."

Klay: "I wonder why that is."

Mai: "Well, there is a lot that goes on in a bedroom you know."

Klay: "I wouldn't know." he looked at her. "Besides, in your nightmare it was a couch, not a bed."

Mai: "Yes but I have lived a long time." she reminded him.

Klay: nodded. "Right. But why would that bother you?"

Mai: "Just imagine what could have happened within that time."

Klay: "I'm sure what happened since that time has been of your own choice. Like with Mr. Williams." he reminded her.

Mai: "Not all of them."

Klay: "In your room? Or just beds in general."

Mai: shook her head. "No I try to keep men out of my house. Just beds in general."

Klay: his expression changed. "Who else? And how old were you? How many times?"

Mai: stood, "Just forget it."

Klay: nodded. He realized it was hard for her to talk about. "You can't get past it if you don't let it out Mai. And I understand that I am certainly not the first choice of people to talk to but maybe Cora or something could help."

Mai: "I don't need help."

Klay: "Then maybe you just need...release."

Mai: "I am fine."

Klay: "Really? Your nightmares say different."

Mai: shrugged. "They don't say anything."

Klay: stood from the couch. "Maybe I can help with your need of release."

Mai: "How?"

Klay: "I want you to imagine me as him Mai. One of them." he took a step forward. "What would you do?"

Mai: "I won't do it." she took a step back.

Klay: "You don't want to hit me? Beat me up? Call me every foul name you know?" he smirked. "I know you do, Mai."

Mai: "I don't want to imagine you as one of them."

Klay: "It'll help you with release Mai. Pretend."

Mai: "I can't."

Klay: smiled. He knew exactly what the man looked like. "Then I'll do it for you." being a Kientian, he shifted his body molecules until he looked exactly like him.

Mai: took a step back. Her breathing became shaky.

Klay: "Mai. Hit me. I know you hate me!" he growled and stepped forward. He picked up a knife from the counter. He twisted the blade back and forth. "Use those great assassin skills on me? Don't you want too." he smiled mockingly.

There was a noise on the roof.

Mai: looked up. "No. Please no." she whispered. "Klay you have to get out of here."

Klay: "Come on Mai." he sighed. "I know you have grand fighting skills. Use them! Why do you act like you are still six years old!"

Mai: "Klay I am serious, you have to get out of here." she looked to the fireplace.

Klay: shifted back to his own looks. He set the knife back on the counter. "I haven't slept yet."

Mai: "Perhaps now is not...the best time." she said edging away from the fireplace.

Klay: looked to the fireplace. "What's wrong?" he glanced at her again, realizing it wasn't him she was edging away from.

Mai: "He's coming." she whispered.

Klay: "Him? I thought you said you hadn't seen him since you were 6 and if you did see him again, you'd kill him."

Mai: "Maybe that last part was an exaggeration."

Klay: "So you won't kill him? And you were telling the truth about not seeing him since you were six? So...why worry it's him?" he went over to the fireplace and started a fire.

Mai: "I can feel it's him."

Klay: "Good. Let the show begin."

Mai: she closed her eyes and felt herself be pushed into a wall.

Man: "Miss me?"

Mai: didn't say a thing.

Man: "You're just as beautiful as you were back then. I've been thinking about you. About your beautiful body. I want to see it Mai."

Mai: nodded slowly knowing what he would do if she didn't

Klay: "Hey Carlitos. I've been looking for you. Surprised you came here though." he smirked, tossing a knife up and down from behind him. "Being in a room with two assassins...not very good odds." he laughed.

Man: "It doesn't matter to me what you are." he picked Mai up and slung her over his shoulder then went to the bedroom shutting the door he began his work. "So beautiful."

Mai: "Get away from me." she shoved him away she grabbed out two fans. She stabbed him with them. "Get out of here."

Man: smiled, "I am touched at how much you want me dead."

Mai: growled.

Klay: opened the bedroom door. He'd been practicing his knife throwing for awhile now; glad he could make use of it. He tossed his knives swiftly, one by one, into Carlitos back, in seven different spots- the seven knives from Mai's kitchen. He tossed Mai his assassin knife blade and pinned Carlitos arms behind him with one hand, and pulled his head back by the hair in his other hand. "Mai, finish him. He's your nightmare, not mine."

Mai: "I...can't."

Man: smiled, "You have lost."

Klay: wrapped his hand, moving it from Carlitos hair, around Mai's fist that gripped the blade and dragged the knife edge from one corner of Carlitos throat to the other, leaving a wide, gaping gash that bled.

Carlitos: he immediately perished, dissolving into a pile of dirt and dust.

Mai: quickly covered up with a blanket.

Klay: "Seems he lost." he went to get the broom and dustpan, he came back in and swept it up, knowing how much Mai hated dirt. He tossed the dust into the toilet and flushed it, then put the pan and broom away. He came back in and collected the seven knives. He turned to Mai. "Can I have my knife back please?" he held his hand out to her.

Mai: dropped it into his hand, she was really shaky

Klay: held it. "Well, seems that went better than expected. Though I'm sort of disappointed in you Mai."

Mai: looked down, "I know. What else is new."

Klay: "I mean, I thought for sure you'd like to give him the death blow by yourself. least you stabbed him." he patted her shoulder. "That was great." he walked out and washed the knives.

Mai: got up the blanket wrapped around her and went to her closet she got dressed.

Klay: waited until she was dressed he came back in. "Your nightmare is over."

Mai: "Maybe."

Klay: "How could it not be? Who else is there? Or do you still not want to tell me."

Mai: "There were also 20 others." she looked away. "But half of them are dead."

Klay: "TWENTY! Attacks on you!"

Mai: backed up deciding to shut up. Not going to mention the other part.

Klay: "Mai! How does one get so many? I've never heard of such a thing."

Mai: "I don't know. I have been in over my head since I was born."

Klay: "What caused this to start?"

Mai: "I don't know."

Klay: "Six was the first time?" he asked calmly.

Mai: nodded.

Klay: "Well, Carlitos was stupid enough to come here I wonder how many more are."

Mai: "You should get your nap."

Klay: "Not tired right now. You're actually telling me something."

Mai: she realized that to be truth, she would shut up from now on

Klay: "Do you know any of the ones names, those who are still alive?"

Mai: "No."

Klay: "But I bet their faces are bored into your memory."

Mai: "Not as much."

Klay: "Your mind remembers everything you see." he stood. "Whether you do or not. Perhaps they are harder to reach because your mind tried to keep bad thoughts away." he stepped towards her. "May I see?"

Mai: nodded slightly.

Klay: "Hold still." he said softly and placed his hands on the side of her face lightly. He closed his eyes and entered her mind, he checked through her past memories, starting from when she was six, up until today.

Mai: closed her eyes, to scared to move. He saw everything all of her terrible times. All that she had worked for. He also saw her connection to the director.

Klay: opened his eyes. He left her mind. He stepped back, his hand slipped from her face to her shoulders. His eyes were soft. Never in his life, even with all the deaths, had something made him feel...empathy. The next thing he knew he was giving her a hug. There was nothing romantic about it. It was just pure comfort. Or at least he thought it was. He hoped she thought it was too. Though, she hated men, so he didn't know for sure. And he didn't blame her for hating men. With what she went through, she should.

Mai: hesitated at first but hugged him back softly.

Klay: smiled he stepped back. "Alright. Well, we will wake you up from this nightmare soon enough." he promised.

Mai: "If you want to leave go ahead. I don't want to force you to stay here. I can take care of myself." she assured him.

Klay: laughed, "Yea. I've seen that." he handed her back her two fans.

Mai: looked at them and took them. "Thank you." she put them in her two back pockets.

Klay: "I think I'll stick around a bit. Besides, Cora hasn't called me back yet. However, I do need to go to the store and buy me some clothes. Good thing I haven't burned the other million yet." he smirked.

Mai: "If you say so."

Klay: walked out of her room. "This will be fun. I love killing things." he pulled on his boots.

Mai: "They won't come; you can get on with your life. I don't want to be a burden."

Klay: "It's alright. I'll go to them. That's what I was expecting with Carlitos, was to find him. But he was stupid enough to come here." he laughed. "Made my job easier. And you are not a burden."

Mai: "If you have to protect me all the time then I am."

Klay: "I am sure after a few more kills you'll get in the swing of things. Right now we just need to get you over this...fear."

Mai: growled, "I don't fear anything."

Klay: "Mai, it paralyzes you."

Mai: "It does not! I can't be paralyzed by something that doesn't exist."

Klay: "Then explain why you didn't right out kill Carlitos? You let him walk all over you because you were too afraid to move or even speak! I saw it. Finally you were able to stab him with your fans but even then, when I had him subdued, you were still too freaked out to kill him by yourself. I had to help you."

Mai: "You have no idea what he would have done if I would not have listened."

Klay: "It doesn't matter. You are not 6 years old anymore."

Mai: closed her eyes.

Klay: "So deny it all you want Mai, it's still there. All I am saying is I will help you get through it." he pulled on his jacket.

Mai: "You can't help what isn't there."

Klay: regarded her sadly, then opened up the front door. He climbed up and over the snow, and walked to town. Along the way, he called the director and gave him the descriptions of the men he saw in Mai's head, getting their locations.

Director: gave him locations of all the names/

Klay: "You were wrong. She wasn't mad that I went calling you to find out about Carlitos Dimas."

Director: "So it seems."

Klay: "Well, he's dead now. One down...and eight to go."

Director: "Alright. Though the others move frequently. It may be difficult to track."

Klay: "No problem. Any of them have cell phone numbers?"

Director: "No"

Klay: "Of course not." he said. "Thanks." and hung up. He went to town and got everything he needed, including man body wash and shampoo, and some clothes. He went back to Mai's house.

Mai: was sitting on the couch staring at the wall.

Klay: set his bags down. He pulled off his jacket and boots. "Mai are you alright?" he asked softly.

Mai: "I'm fine."

Klay: sat on the couch next to her. "Doesn't seem like it. You never sit and just do nothing. You're either reading or baking or cleaning." he acknowledged.

Mai: "I don't feel like doing anything."

Klay: "Something is wrong."

Mai: "There is nothing wrong."

Klay: "Mai it's okay."

Mai: "I don't know what you're talking about." she looked at him feeling the truth of her own words.

Klay: "It won't happen again. Unless you want it too."

Mai: "It doesn't matter. I don't care anymore."

Klay: "Sometimes not caring is a good thing. But in your case...well, I'll measure how you sleep tonight and then we will see."

Mai: "I won't be sleeping tonight."

Klay: "Not even on the couch?"

Mai: "I don't want to sleep so no."

Klay: nodded. "I understand." he pulled one of the shopping bags over and pulled a box of chocolates out. He slid them to her. "Here; I know it helps girls...feel better."

Mai: "Maybe later. I'm not too hungry."

Klay: "Want me to leave you alone?"

Mai: "I don't care." she continued to stare at the wall.

Klay: "Here." he pulled out new bed sheets from the bag. "That's for you too." he got up, deciding to leave her alone. He went into the bathroom and showered and changed his clothes.

Mai: got up and changed the bed sheets and washed the others. She just lay on the bed. The door was wide open. She was in her longest kimonos.

Klay: came out, dressed and actually smelling like a man directly from the shower. He sighed. He didn't know things could affect people this bad. He had never been affected by people dying or being in pain. It never bothered him. And he wondered what was bothering Mai, though she denies anything is bothering her. He lay on the couch, not sure what to do. He wasn't used to be around anyone, let alone a girl who needed...comfort or something. He was good with training, and that was about his only skill. When it came to helping and understanding people. He was not a people person.

Mai: got up after about 10 minutes and went to the phone and picked it up on the first ring. "Hello?" she said though seeming to know who it already was. She smiled and nodded, "...Sure, I'm not snowed in anymore I can leave immediately." she nodded obviously listening to instruction. "It will be done." there was pause as the other person spoke. "Thank you." she said and hung up the phone. She ran to her room and picked out a pair of jeans with a red and pink strapless shirt. With a golden neck that was loosely around her neck. She looked at herself in the mirror and scrunched her hair, even though it being dry and curls came. She nodded she went out to the living room and pressed a section on the wall and it slid away revealing all types of weapons, se removed everyday looking items including her fan. She pressed the button again and the wall slid back into place. "I have a mission so I will see you when I return." she grabbed one of her purses out of the closet.

Klay: nodded. "Alright." this would be the perfect time for him to train Cora since Mai was going to be gone. But first...he decided to sleep. If his phone rang, it would wake him. He put it on sound instead of vibrate.

Mai: opened the door and climbed over the snow.

Klay: fell back and asleep.

His phone went off.

Klay: opened his eyes and answered the phone on the third ring. "Hello?"

Cora: "Hello. Can you come and train me today?"

Klay: "You know, this is day four. I thought you'd be ready to train on day three. Yesterday."

Cora: "I was busy yesterday as well."

Klay: "Okay. Give me time. I'll be there in..." he calculated. "About three hours."

Cora: "Alright. See you soon." she hung up

Klay: got up. He took a shower, and after he stepped out his stopped himself. What was this? He was taking a shower every day? He sighed. He needed to get out of this house. Mai was influencing him...he didn't want to be a clean freak. Not that it was a bad thing it was just...not for him. He got out his new clothes he had bought from the store and changed into them. A nice pair of men's wrangler jeans and a gray sweater that he pulled over his head. He looked in the mirror and fixed his hair back to its emoish look, and went out to the living room. He ate some more of his rabbit and squirrel food. It was almost gone. He smirked. Mai was gone. He opened up the fridge and took out the milk jug. He let the top of the opening touch his lips now, and he drank some. He recapped it and put it away, then pulled on his boots and his jacket. He left his belt here though...he wasn't going hunting. But he did take his bow and arrow with him. He made sure his knife was tucked under his jeans, and he had his swords on his back. He opened Mai's door again, and climbed out over the snow, but when he turned back to close it, he couldn't reach it, so he left the door open. He shrugged and went back to his ship that he had hidden around Moscow, Russia somewhere. Then he took off to the Kientian planet. When he parked his ship in the usual spot, he cloaked it with invisibility. Though he was allowed here now, because Cora lifted his banishment, it still made him feel weird, being at the one place that he grew up so long, and all the people and then knowing the things he had done. He shook off the feeling. It was for the best. He sighed and went to the castle. To climb through Cora's bedroom window or not? He wondered to himself. He decided not. Instead, making sure he was hidden, he took out his bow and arrow amongst the trees, and shot an arrow directly through Cora's room window. If anything, that would make Kale mad. He laughed. He liked that idea almost as much as he liked killing things.

Cora: opened the window and grabbed it. She was already dressed she jumped out the window and landed lightly on her feet.

Klay: "Hey! I wanted to see Kale's reaction." he took the arrow from her and replaced it in the basket.

Cora: "I don't need Kale even more mad at you."

Klay: "Is he awake even?"

Cora: "Not yet but you don't want to wake him up. Let's just begin."

Klay: "Why? Horrible time the day before yesterday? Makes him cranky?" he walked down the path to the opening in the trees again. He had a smirk plastered to his face.

Cora: sighed clearly not going to answer. She followed him

Klay: "What is with this? No one talks to me anymore." he took an arrow out of the basket and fit it into the bow. He turned it skyward and shot.

Cora: "I am talking to you am I not? Besides usually that's what happens when you live alone."

Klay: "Yea, well...I'm losing my sense of character living with Mai." a bird fell out of the sky and he walked towards it.

Cora: "You are doing what?" she raised an eyebrow unbelieving

Klay: pulled out the arrow from the bird and put it in the basket again. "Losing my sense of character."

Cora: "Not that part, the other part."

Klay: he smirked. "Oh, living with Mai?" he faced her.

Cora: she shook her head. "That's not possible. How?"

Klay: "I barged in on her to cook up my hunting prizes when later; I tried to leave and realized I was trapped there in a snow storm. Well, we were. But, obviously I can get out now."

Cora: nodded, "I see."

Klay: "Except, I am staying there now. Which goes beyond all reason. But it's the truth."

Cora: "She is okay with that?"

Klay: thought about that, "Yea. Actually, she's the one who offered it."

Cora: "Wow. That isn't like her at all."

Klay: "Well, she's been through a lot the past few days. You've got to give her credit. First me and then Carlitos...I don't know." he shrugged and picked up the bird but then realized he forgot his belt at Mai's house. Now what would he do with it?

Cora: "Carlitos has been there?"

Klay: "Was there. Yes. Though Mai and I killed him before he did any worse damage then he started to."

Cora: nodded, "Well that is good."

Klay: smiled back. "Yes, well, now I'll be having fun searching and killing all the rest of them."

Cora: "If someone doesn't beat you to it."

Klay: glared at her. "You better not. I hate when people take my kills."

Cora: "I didn't mean me."

Klay: "Then who else?"

Cora: "There's tons of assassins out there."

Klay: "As far as I know they aren't on any hit list and I would assume the director would save them for Mai or me. She needs it to get over her fear."

Cora: "You better not use that term in relation to her when she is around."

Klay: "I already have. It's not so bad."

Cora: "Please tell me that you haven't taken away her cleaning."

Klay: lifted an eyebrow. "Why?" he wondered.

Cora: "You do not want to know. It gets really bad."

Klay: smiled, "Well, today she gets it back. It was a bet she agreed on for two days. And today is the third day so I guess I won't know."

Cora: "Has she been very needy the last couple days and not her normal self?"

Klay: thought about that. "Sort of. But I thought that was because of Carlitos."

Cora: shook her head. "When she is home she takes her frustrations more or less on the dirt. When it's not there then there's problems."

Klay: "She is acting weird because of not being able to CLEAN?" he laughed. "That's so great."

Cora: sighed, "You better not use this against her."

Klay: smiled, "I will. You see. Don't you remember that one lesson of ruling? Control the options: get others to play with the cards you deal." he smirked. "Oh yes. This is great."

Cora: "You wonder why no one wants to talk to you?" she shook her head.

Klay: sighed. "Hey, I am what I am. Besides, I'm not good with 'talking' to women. So why not annoy them instead?"

Cora: "You do a good job at that."

Klay: "It's what happens when you live as a hermit for hundreds of years. I used to be great with talking to Women. But after I left the castle, I lost it."

Cora: "Then you should get it back. Though it won't help you with Mai." she jumped in a tree and sat there.

Klay: "Yes, well, she already hates me so why try to bypass that?"

Cora: "If you can even find her. But anyways. Are we going to train or not?"

Klay: "Find her?" he asked. "She just went on a job assignment. She'll be back." he picked up the bird and tied it to a branch of a tree.

Cora: shook her head but said nothing.

Klay: "What?" he asked, looking at her. Then he glanced at the bird and stepped back.

Cora: "Nothing, you'll see later."

Klay: "Sure. Well. Come down here."

Cora: jumped down.

Klay: tossed her the bow. "Have you had practice with that much?"

Cora: caught it, "A little." she said rubbing her hand over it to feel the wood nature.

Klay: "Today you can practice more with it. Step back there-" he pointed to a tree about 50 feet away from where the bird hung. "And try to hit the bird there." he pointed to the bird he had attached to the tree.

Cora: stepped back to the spot, "Can I have an arrow please?" she said pointing to bow but no arrow.

Klay: smiled, "Yea." he pulled one out and tossed it to her.

Cora: "Thank you." she put it on the bow the proper way. She drew back the string and aligned everything up and let go. It hit right in the heart.

Klay: nodded. "Very good." he tossed her another arrow. "Again."

Cora: did the same thing with the same results.

Klay: "Okay. Cora. Next lesson-" he tossed her the rest of the arrows as he spoke. "Keep shooting while I talk. We will see how you do on distractions." he recited:

"Use Selective Honesty And Generosity To Disarm Your Victim.

* The essence of deception is distraction. An act of kindness, generosity, or honesty will distract and disarm people and turn them into gullible children.
* Give before you take.
* Nothing in the realm of power is set in stone. Overt deceptiveness may sometimes cover your tracks. If you have a history of deceit behind you, then play the rogue, be consistent and this will be interpreted as you simply being yourself. Your dishonesty becomes an act of honesty.

Got that!"

Cora: every time she shot it went into the heart, "Got it." All of the arrows were now in the bird.

Klay: "Good. Retrieve the arrows, and shoot at moving targets. I'll go again." he pointed to a river about 100 feet from them, full of fish. He continued:

"When asking for help, appeal to people's self-interest, never to their mercy or gratitude.

* Understand the other person's motivation.
* See things their way and offer suggestions that will advance their cause.
* For others who want to feel superior and do not want to appear selfish, appeal to their need to display their charity in the public eye.

So what's the rule Cora? Talk and shoot!"

Cora: "When asking for help, appeal to people's self-interest, never to their mercy or gratitude." she said while shooting and killing some fish.

Klay: smiled. "Good. Retrieve the arrows."

Cora: went and pulled the arrows out of the water along with the fish, she pulled them out.

Klay: "Crush your enemy totally.

* Show no mercy. Crush your rivals or else you will give them time to regroup and plot their revenge.
* Banish enemies or plot for the best time to render them harmless.
* Leave your enemies no options.
* Sometimes enemies will destroy themselves.
* Thoughts of reconciliation will open you up to attack.

You do this each time you go on an assassin job. Correct?"

Cora: "That is correct." she leaned against a tree.

Klay: "But of course you aren't an assassin anymore, are you?"

Cora: "Nope."

Klay: "Then let's hope you remember how to crush your enemy."

Cora: "I do." she assured him, "Is this another hands on thing?"

Klay: "Do you want it to be?"

Cora: "Depends who I'm crushing and if this crushing involves killing."

Klay: "Do you want it to?"

Cora: "Yes."

Klay: "Very well then." he thought about that. "You can't really go back to the Land of the Lost because they like you. And you need allies in case of war. I'm trying to think of another world where killing the inhabitants won't be punished."

Cora: "This could be a while."

Klay: "I have an idea. Cora...I know there are lots of prisoners at City Hall. I am sure some of them have a death sentence hanging over their heads."

Cora: "Yes but I probably wouldn't be able to get to them."

Klay: "Why not?"

Cora: "Because do you really think that the elders would let the queen in with same room with people that obviously did something horrible."

Klay: "You could disguise yourself." he sighed. "It would help if you were one of them. But never mind. I'll figure something out later. We will come back to this."

Cora: nodded, "Alright."

Klay: "You could help me locate the others on my hit list."

Cora: "Ok, with whom shall we start."

Klay: "Demetri Long. But the thing is, the director doesn't know where any of these people are. We have to hunt them down. And yes, actually, I do refer to this as a hunt. They are not rightfully called people to deserved honored deaths like my other assassination jobs."

Cora: rolled her eyes, "Yes because melting someone's brains is an honored death."

Klay: nodded, "It is. They don't suffer. An honored death means just that. But to make someone suffer and then die...that is not honorable for either character."

Cora: "I see. Well, then I suppose we should start looking then."

Klay: lifted an eyebrow. "What is your definition of an honored death?"

Cora: "I have no definition."

Klay: "I know what Mai's definition is." he collected his arrows and replaced them in the basket. Then he took his bow from Cora and walked towards the library.

Cora: "What definition is that?"

Klay: "Making sure her victims have no dignity left before she kills them."

Cora: smiled, "How would she do that?"

Klay: "By defiling their bodies."

Cora: "Something tells me that they already are."

Klay: "Defiled?"

Cora: nodded, "Yes."

Klay: "It's not an honored death if you ask me."

Cora: "Every assassin has their own style."

Klay: "Except for you? You had no definition."

Cora: "I have my own style but because I do not wish to share it does not mean I do not have it."

Klay: "Another lesson in ruling Cora is to: Know who you're dealing with - do not offend the wrong person.

* Measure up your opponent, but never rely on instinct. Do some research on concrete facts about that person's character and history.
* Never trust appearances."

"It's good to find out things about other but to share nothing in return."

Cora: "That's very relative."

Klay: "I agree. Besides...also with your information collecting..." he opened up the library doors for her, "and then giving none in return Keeps others in suspended terror because you are cultivating an air of unpredictability. Since no one knows what you will be up to. Unpredictability is good." he complimented.

Cora: walked in, "It is very good." she agreed.

Klay: followed in behind and walked to the back section of the library. He grabbed Cora's hand and pressed it to a fingerprint reader. "Because Only the terminally subordinate act in a predictable manner."

Cora: pulled her hand away.

A door slid open to reveal an elevator.

Klay: "Go." he said. "I'll be down...later."

Cora: "Ok then." she walked forward into the elevator.

Klay: stepped back, "Remember Cora, A person of power instills fear by deliberately unsettling those around him to keep the initiative on his side." he whispered.

The elevator doors closed and lights inside turned on.

Elevator: "State your name please."

Cora: "Cora." she said strongly.

Elevator: "Royalty level 1." the elevator began to move downward. "Reason for visit? Findings or Research?"

Cora: "Research."

Elevator: stopped about two minutes later. The doors opened.

Cora: walked out and looked around.

Before her sat about three computers, behind them rows and rows of books. Further inspections showed they were labeled "Green Eyes, Blue Eyes, Black Hair, Male, Female" ect. Upon opening a book, they were found to be cross references to another part of the library there underground.

Cora: "Where do I begin?" she murmured to herself.

The wall off to the side of the library, where a bookshelf sat in front, moved. The shelf was pushed forward and Klay stepped out from behind it, covered in dirt. He pushed the shelf back to its proper position and dusted himself off.

Cora: "Alright, what now?"

Klay: held up a finger, he cloaked himself invisible and then when he reappeared about five minutes later, he was sitting on the top of one of the bookcases. "I tell you what he looks like, you research everything about him. Remember, it's good to Know who you are dealing with prior to meeting up with them. After that, you head on over to Findings and we locate his butt. This will take...possibly the full day just to research and locate. We can hunt him down later."

Cora: "Ok."

Klay: "You can use the books or the computer system. Though frankly, computer system is faster."

Cora: walked over to the computer and sat down.

5 Hours Later Cora had found all the information she needed to know about him. She relayed it to Klay.

Klay: "Good." he cloaked himself invisible again. "Meet you in findings." the bookcase moved 5 minutes later away from the wall, and then was pulled back against it.

Cora: put her finger print in the scanner

The Elevator Door Opened. "Welcome back Your Majesty. Reason for visit? Findings or Library?"

Cora: "Findings."

The Elevator continued down, and one minute later they opened again. This time Klay was there waiting. The computers were connected to printers this time. He sat on a desk that the computer sat on, keeping his feet off the ground.

Cora: walked out and over to the computer.

Klay: "Search his name. Demetri Long. You will get about 100,000 hits, depending on the commonality of the name. This computer system has everyone in it from every planet around." he smirked. "Then the real fun begins after you print it out."

Cora: typed it into the search box.

Name after name showed up on the screen.

Cora: "Then go through looks?"

Klay: "Yes, after you print it out, we search through each one according to looks and personality."

Cora: hit the print button.

Klay: smiled, "And guess what you get to do Cora."

Cora: "I get to search through all of it."

Klay: nodded. "Yep. How'd you get so smart?"

Cora: smiled slightly, "I'll get right to work."

Klay: "Good. The longer you stay down here the better."

Cora: "Why is that?"

Klay: "Last lesson for today: Use absence to increase respect and honor.

"Create value through scarcity. Make yourself less accessible; otherwise the aura you have created around yourself will wear away".

So the longer you stay away, the more you find out you will be missed. Maybe you should just spend the night here."

Cora: "In a library? Really?"

Klay: shrugged. "You're the queen. What are they going to do about it?"

Cora: "I don't know. What can they do?"

Klay: "Exactly." he cloaked himself invisible. "Call me when you find his whereabouts."

Cora: "Alright." she sighed and started to look through the pages.

Klay: left the way he had come in and walked back to his ship, he got in and flew it back to Earth, then walked back to Mai's house.

Mai: hadn't returned yet.

Klay: went in the still open door and shut it behind him. Man it was cold.

Mai: came in about 30 minutes later she was smiling.

Klay: "Job well done?" he asked. He had made it his job, after taking on Cora's advice about how cleaning made Mai happy and herself, to walk around the house in his boots, tracking snow- which had now melted into puddles- around the house, and dirt. He made dinner and purposefully left the kitchen a mess.

Mai: smiled and got changed, "Very good."

Klay: nodded. "Good." he still had his boots on. He sat down at the kitchen table and ate his dinner.

Mai: came out and ignored the mess. She went to the kitchen and pulled out some left over's.

Klay: "Cora was wrong I didn't have to find you." he took another bite of food.

Mai: "That's only because you get here first."

Klay: "Oh. And if I didn't?"

Mai: "Well...then I wouldn't be here." she took the food out and decorated it. She sat down in her chair and ate it.

Klay: nodded. "Too bad. At least I know now so I can take my stuff with me. I wouldn't want to list stealing among your abilities."

Mai: shrugged not going to tell him she was a con to.

Klay: laughed. "A con? Really?"

Mai: "Stay out of my head!"

Klay: "I'm sorry. But I get bored when you don't talk."

Mai: "Why should I talk to you?"

Klay: blinked his eyes. "Because I'm pretty."

Mai: laughed, "Yeah sure."

Klay: "So was this a man to kill, or a woman? By the way you are smiling I would guess a man?"

Mai: "You will never know. I just like to kill."

Klay: "I'm afraid of what you do with your woman marks, since I know what you do with the men."

Mai: "You don't know me Klay."

Klay: "I know. Now I wonder if I want to or not."

Mai: shrugged, "Who knows, who cares."

Klay: "At least you're in a better mood. And I think you've gotten over your OCD! Congratz! We should party."


Klay: "That's right darling. You don't. Not anymore."

Mai: "Don't call me that! I never had it!"

Klay: laughed. "My word you sound like Cora. Fine. I'll call you love."

Mai: "NO YOU DON"T!"

Klay: "Don't what." he stood and leaned forwards towards her. "I don't call you love? Love, you've got that wrong. I think I will call you love, love."

Mai: leaned back, she dropped to the ground and tripped him, she put her heal at his throat. "Don't call me love."

Klay: "Sure thing sweetie pie."

Mai: "Do NOT call me any form of endearment. Let's get this straight. I HATE you."

Klay: grabbed her foot and twisted her so she fell on her back. He leaned over her. "Give me a good reason WHY you hate me, and then I'll listen to you."

Mai: "Because you're self absorbed."

Klay: "Not good enough. If that is the case, then I can hate YOU for the same reason."

Mai: shoved him off she stood. "It's obvious why I hate you."

Klay: "I. Have. Never. Touched. You. So your means of hate are just ridiculous."

Mai: "You don't have to touch me." she seemed disgusted at the thought.

Klay: nodded. "So my presence is enough to make your blood curl?"

Mai: "Exactly."

Klay: "Fine." he picked up his belt off of the couch and his bag of items. He slung it over his shoulder and grabbed his bow, putting the basket of arrows on his back. Without another word he left through the front door of Mai's house.

Mai: dried the floor.

Klay: "Women are stupid." he mumbled and went home to his house in the woods.

Mai: she lay on the couch; it still smelled like him she took in the scent. She let a few tears fall from her eyes. That was the hardest thing she had ever done.

Klay: got in his ship, after dropping things off at his house. He went back to the Kientian planet and snuck back into the Findings room beneath the library. He wasn't supposed to be there but that didn't stop him from coming. He went to check on Cora, figuring she would still be there.

Cora: had just found it.

Klay: "See, that's why I leave the reading up to you. You are fast at it. What would take me 2 days to find takes you 4 hours." he sat on the computer desk, making himself visible again.

Cora: laughed, "Well not four hours but okay."

Klay: "So where is he at? And you are sure it is him?"

Cora: "Yes, he's in Quebec Canada."

Klay: "Well, then we can go after him tomorrow morning. Unless you are up for an all nighter. I have nothing planned anymore for tonight so I'm free. But it depends on you."

Cora: "I should probably sleep for tonight. What happened?"

Klay: nodded. "Nothing happened. Just exactly what you predicted."

Cora: "What was that?"

Klay: "That Mai was acting out of character, being nice and letting me stay at her house." he shrugged. "But cons do that. Pretend just to get something."

Cora: "What is it that she got?"

Klay: "She got me to leave, that's what." he shrugged. "Just the presence of me made her blood curl, she said. So I left rather than make her suffer more."

Cora: "You care about her don't you?"

Klay: "I just care about her being treated well. Something...she told me about being attacked like 20 times. I felt bad and I want to help her. Which is exactly why I am hunting down, him." he pointed to the paper. "And the others when I get around to it. No one should be treated like she was. Which is why I find it ironic she treats others, her 'prey' she calls them, the same way. She confuses me. So much."

Cora: "She never does that to anyone." she said softly.

Klay: "Does what?"

Cora: "Open up or release information."

Klay: "Yes well, this happened right after Carlitos came, and, like you said, she was feeling vulnerable because she hadn't been cleaning for two days. That's why."

Cora: "Maybe..."

Klay: "Funny though that she'd talk to someone she hates, no matter how she was feeling. She should have told you, though; she doesn't even think of you two as friends. Just acquaintances."

Cora: "That's how she deals with it so she doesn't get attached."

Klay: "Right. Never Commit to Anyone. Hmm...she should be teaching you lessons in ruling Cora." he smiled slightly.

Cora: smiled slightly, "Or this could go under hiding your intentions."

Klay: thought about that. "Well, Cons are very good at that. So maybe. Though I have no idea what her intentions might be. And if anyone was to know, it would be me. I've been at this game longer than anyone else."

Cora: shrugged, "You could just pull it from her mind."

Klay: "I could." he smirked. "Though I'd have to see her again and she kicked me out so I can't."

Cora: smiled, "Will she? You don't know until you try."

Klay: shrugged. "It's fine. I'm good with no friends."

Cora: "I think you need her. But you don't want to admit it."

Klay: "Need her for what?"

Cora: "To live. I think you have grown attached."

Klay: "I was snowed in at her house for two days, met her twice before that, and we've been through one major crisis and lived. That doesn't exactly spell out attachment."

Cora: "I still think that."

Klay: "I've got you as a friend. I'm good. Well, you may just be pretending to be my friend because I am Kale's brother. BUT, at least you don't hate me. And if it's one thing I've learned, it's to not hang around anyone- especially an assassin- who hates you."

Cora: sighed, "You don't get it do you?" she shook her head.

Klay: mumbled, "I bet she'd kill me in my sleep if I was sleeping at her house...good thing I never did."

Cora: "She has no reason to kill you. She couldn't."

Klay: "Yes she does. Her reason is that I am 'To self absorbed.'"

Cora: "Wow. Do I have to show you how she really feels?"

Klay: "Show me? No thanks. I don't want to fight you off when you try to kill me."

Cora: "No, how she truly feels."

Klay: "That is how she truly feels. I can feel her emotions when I am around her. That's what Kientians can do past 500 years old, you know."

Cora: "There are ways to trick up Klay. Have you not realized this?"

Klay: shrugged. "I don't see what the point in that would be."

Cora: "Alright, but when you start to miss her then it's not my fault."

Klay: "I am not going to miss her. I don't miss girls."

Cora: "Sure."

Klay: "Not ones who hate me."

Cora: "She doesn't hate you."

Klay: "She says different. Which is quite surprising really because why would she hug me if she hated me? I bet she took my wallet."

Cora: "You know as well I do what one says isn't what they feel."

Klay: lifted an eyebrow. "Sure. Then enlighten me, Sherlock." he smirked, Mai had called him Sherlock before. It was funny.

Cora: took his hand, "Feel." she closed her eyes and revealed what Mai really felt. The struggle to remain in control to continue to hate him even though she knew that she didn't. That she loved him but she didn't want to show it.

Klay: pulled his hand away. "Girls don't love me Cora. I believe she hated me more than I believe this what you've shown me."

Cora: "I think you just don't to grow attached either. Afraid you'll get hurt."

Klay: "I don't care if I get hurt Cora. I don't care if I die. It's a way of life."

Cora: "She won't force you to change."

Klay: "Force me to change? Cora..." he shook his head. "What am I supposed to do with information like this? I bet she'd hate you for telling me. How do you know how she really feels in the first place? Have you seen her recently?"

Cora: "I don't know and I bet she would but this important for both of you."

Klay: "No. Like you said. What's important for her is to have dirt to clean around her house."

Cora: "she's changed."

Klay: rolled his eyes. "And what would bring on that?"

Cora: "You."

Klay: laughed, "Me?" he continued laughing.

Cora: "Yes. You."

Klay: "Cora you've been cooped up in the basement of a library too long. I think all that dust is clogging your head. You can't think straight."

Cora: "I am thinking better now than ever. Come I will show you. We are going to speak with her."

Klay: "Oh no no no no. She doesn't want to see me." he objected.

Cora: "We shall see." she grabbed his arm, "Come on."

Klay: "If you pull me off this table and my feet touch the floor, I'll be shocked to paralysis. Why do you think I am up here?"

Cora: let go, "Fine meet me back at the castle."

Klay: "Through the bedroom window?" he smirked.

Cora: "If you want."

Klay: "Didn't you say you needed sleep? Perhaps that's what you should do. It's late. Practically 12:00 AM."

Cora: "This is more important."

Klay: mumbled, "I'm sure it is." he cloaked himself invisible and left to the castle.

Cora: went back to the elevator putting her finger to the pad.

The Elevator doors opened. "Welcome your Majesty. Research or Library?"

Cora: "Library."

The Elevator took her up to the library's main floor.

Klay: got to the castle and snuck through the bedroom window. He hid in the closet until Cora came. It was a nice walk in closet.

Cora: came in. She looked to see if Kale was there.

Kale was playing with Alexander in Alex's room.

Cora: "Klay." she said to the room and opened the closet.

Klay: "Hello. What now?" he said, not enthused.

Cora: "I've already called her, she's on her way."

Klay: groaned. "And what do you want me to do?"

Cora: "Talk to her."

Klay: "Where?"

Cora: "You can be in the library. Or in a spare room."

Klay: "How about the forest? That way if she tries to kill me, I can make a run for my ship."

Cora: nodded, "If you so wish."

Klay: glared at Cora. "Remember- if I die you won't be finishing training." he stepped through the window and fell lightly back to the ground outside.

Cora: 'You won't die.'

Klay: "That's right. I'd kill her first."

Cora: 'Just don't do it unless she tried to first.'

Klay: rolled his eyes. He climbed a tree and waited.

Mai: landed her ship. She stepped out and looked around.

Cora: 'At the beginning say the following say: Tersnid Cnosme Londwer.' She said to Klay.

Klay: 'Why? What does it mean? I love you? Or, I come in peace?'

Cora: 'It will get her to tell you the truth."

Klay: 'And why would I want that?'

Cora: 'So you will see how she really feels.'

Klay: 'How long does it work for? Like, when will the effects of the words wear off?'

Cora: '5 hours.'

Klay: 'Will she remember what happened afterwards?'

Cora: 'Yes.'

Klay: sighed. He jumped out of the tree. "Hey Mai." he said from behind her.

Mai: turned, her once green swirls were now blue. "Hi Klay."

Klay: "Fancy meeting you here. It's like, oh I don't know, a set up or something." he said sarcastically, hoping Cora overheard.

Mai: "I guess so."

Klay: "Let's talk."

Mai: nodded, "Ok."

Klay: "Tersnid Cnosme Londwer."

Mai: blinked, there was a sparkly like glaze that came over her eyes.

Klay: "Shall we beat around the bush or get this over with fast?"

Mai: "What are you in the mood for?"

Klay: "Fast."

Mai: "Fast then."

Klay: "Then you can get back to your life."

Mai: nodded slowly.

Klay: "Do you hate me Mai?"

Mai: "No. I don't."

Klay: "Then why do you tell me you do?"

Mai: "Because I don't want you to know how I really feel, I know I am growing weak."

Klay: "Weak how?"

Mai: "By...growing attached."

Klay: "To who?"

Mai: looked up at him. "You."

Klay: stepped back. "Okay...since when?"

Mai: "For a while."

Klay: "So we are friends?"

Mai: nodded, "If you want to be my friend. But..."

Klay: "But what?"

Mai: "I feel more than that."'

Klay: stepped back another step. He glared up at Cora's bedroom window then looked back down at Mai. "What is it you feel?"

Mai: "I, I...really really like you."

Klay: "Funny. Cora said you loved me."

Mai: "I do." she agreed unable to get those words out for herself.

Klay: "Are you Cora's friend or just her acquaintance?"

Mai: "We're friends."

Klay: he smirked, "Then tell me something Mai. If you love me, does that mean you want me to kiss you?"

Mai: nodded, "Yes."

Klay: This was awesome. And he had five hours to play with. "Alright Mai. Now tell me...what was it you were holding back from saying that night when I asked you about when you were attacked. You told me there were twenty others but you didn't tell me anymore because my outburst made you want to shut up."

Mai: "I was going to say..." she looked down. "There may have been 20 men but some of them did it more than once."

Klay: nodded. "Thank you for sharing."

Mai: "See it wasn't relevant anyways."

Klay: "It means a lot."

Mai: "I don't understand how so."

Klay: "Well, like I've said before Mai, you don't know me as well as you think you do."

Mai: "That's true. But I want to." she covered her mouth

Klay: "Sure. Now you do. After 5 hours we will be right back to where we started."

Mai: "There will be no point in 5 hours because you will already know everything."

Klay: "Depends if I want to force you to say anything more or not. I could just stop asking you questions."

Mai: "Do you want to?"

Klay: "No not really. I was always one for curiosity."

Mai: "Then go ahead."

Klay: "Why do you do what you do, Mai? For your job."

Mai: "I don't know. It seems to be the easiest distraction to get the job done. To seduce men to their death." she jumped into a tree and sat there.

Klay: "Easiest distraction for whom? You or them?" he watched her.

Mai: "For them."

Klay: grabbed hold of the branch and pulled himself up into the tree. "Did you like it when I came out of the bathroom naked, or no?" he smirked.

Mai: "I didn't feel it was right, I can't say that I had feelings of like or dislike. It was just weird to me."

Klay: laughed, "Okay. Fair enough. Then I promise I won't do it again."

Mai: "Thank you."

Klay: "Well, technically, you won't have to worry about that anyways. Since I am no longer staying at your house."

Mai: nodded sadly, "Yeah."

Klay: shrugged. "Hey, it was your choice, and you chose."

Mai: "I know."

Klay: "Which reminds me, do you really not like me calling you different terms of endearment? Even if it is just to annoy you."

Mai: "I don't mind it...I actually...kind of like it."

Klay: "Well, then maybe I should persevere even though you try to pierce my neck with your heel."

Mai: looked down, "I'm sorry."

Klay: "Really?" he lifted an eyebrow. "You don't have to be. I don't mind dying. And besides...I wouldn't have come out of the bathroom like I did if you hadn't gotten my clothes wet and cold with snow."

Mai: nodded, "I know."

Klay: "Well, that's all then I guess."

Mai: "That wasn't very long." she said softly.

Klay: "I'm not a person with many questions."

Mai: nodded, "I can see that."

Klay: "Well, maybe I do have one more teensy question."

Mai: "What's that?"

Klay: "Do you like to clean? Or is there a secret reason behind why you do it?"

Mai: "It's okay but it's not something I particularly care for."

Klay: "Then why do you do it all the time?"

Mai: "It's going to sound really cheesy and stupid."

Klay: "I don't mind."

Mai: "There's actually two reasons, the first being when I don't work, it helps to get frustrations out, the second..." she paused not really wanting to say the other but going to. "I figure, even if I am defiled my house shouldn't be." she looked to her hands.

Klay: "You aren't defiled Mai." he said softly.

Mai: "How do you figure?"

Klay: "Because you didn't want it to happen to you. It's not like you asked for it. And the people you assassinate, well...they're the ones being defiled, not you."

Mai: nodded slowly. "The stupid thing is at the end I want to find another way but I can't. Still with what just happened with Carlitos I could have stopped him I know I could have but I didn't."

Klay: "Another way to what?" he asked. "It's okay. I understand the fear. Though you tell me you have none."

Mai: "Fears make one weak. All it does is let others exploit them till there is nothing left of you, not even your dignity." she paused, "Another way to do the job."

Klay: "There's lots of ways to kill people Mai." he watched her, "I understand." he had been taught to hide his emotions, so this idea of not wanting others to see her fear is relatable.

Mai: "It's just like when I go on a job that part of me always takes over."

Klay: "All you need is practice. Unless, you don't mind killing people that way. Then why stop a good thing?"

Mai: "I don't know how I feel anymore. Everything is all confused."

Klay: laughed, "Confused? Yes. That's how you make me feel at times."

Mai: smiled slightly, "One of the best cloaks is one of confusion."

Klay: "I'll remember that." he smiled at her. "Well, that's all I feel like forcing out of you tonight. If you have any questions for me, go ahead."

Mai: "I can't say I do." she said ignoring what was in her mind.

Klay: "Ask me Mai. I know you have something to say."

Mai: "It's stupid really but, what is it you think about me?"

Klay: shrugged. "I don't know really. I don't really think of girls like...that."

Mai: nodded, "I understand."

Klay: "It happens when you live alone for so long, you know?"

Mai: smiled, "Yeah. One of the disadvantages."

Klay: "I think it's actually an advantage. Keeps me from getting out of focus."

Mai: "If one gets out of focus its dangerous not only for them but for others."

Klay: "I like danger though. Anymore questions?"

Mai: shook her head.

Klay: "Well then Mai." he patted her leg. "I'll see you around."

Mai: nodded, "You're welcome at my house anytime, though I moved." she jumped down from the tree.

Klay: "Moved where?"

Mai: smiled, "That's beauty of it, you'll have to look for yourself."

Klay: "That'll take awhile."

Mai: "Maybe not."

Klay: jumped out of the tree. "Bye Mai." he didn't know whether a handshake or a hug would do for a departing gesture.

Mai: she hugged him, "Bye. Please be safe." she could feel tears falling again but she cleared them away before he saw them. She slowly started walking back to her ship.

Klay: felt her emotions. "Mai are you alright?" he called softly to her.

Mai: didn't want to lie to him not like she could anyway. "I will just miss you...I don't wish to leave but I will so you can have your life back."

Klay: "Miss me? No one misses me." Not his dad or his brothers. Kortin and Kaleen didn't even know he existed. Least he could say his mother missed him, but she soon forgot about him like the rest.

Mai: "I do and will." she answered softly.

Klay: "Well, then if I find you, I'll come visit often." he promised.

Mai: "Thank you." she bowed slightly to him then got in her ship and was careful not to feel anything and it took off into the atmosphere.

Klay: turned to the castle. He growled slightly. Cora just loved to make things difficult, didn't she?

Cora: 'Told you.'

Klay: "What am I supposed to do now!"

Cora: 'I don't know go live your life I guess.'

Klay: 'Life sucks. Then you die.'

Cora: 'It only sucks if you're a hermit all your life.'

Klay: 'You're knocking my way of life now?'

Cora: 'No, I am just saying that if you are a hermit then you cannot enjoy the various things life has to offer.'

Klay: 'Like what?'

Cora: 'A family, having a reason to be alive, these and many more.'

Klay: 'What? With Mai?'

Cora: 'I never said that. You came up with that on your own. If that is the person of your choice then yes.'

Klay: 'Cora you are really annoying. Go to bed. I'll talk to you later. Wait for my call.' he left back to his ship.

Cora: 'Alright.'

Klay: flew back to his house. He got out and went inside. What was this? A conspiracy? Is living your life alone really that bad?

Mai: when she got back to her home she just laid across the bed. She didn't want to read or clean or cook, all she wanted to do was just laid there.

Klay: How was he supposed to even begin looking for where Mai lived? He picked up a pencil and tapped it against the desk. If she wanted him to visit, why didn't she just give him her address? No...maybe that was a hint she wanted him to stay away. He tossed the pencil away from him, giving up; he went to his room and shut the door with a thud.

Mai: she curled up in a ball. She heard the loud thud, she shook her head. She had done it, she had made him mad something she had never wanted to do, well recently anyways.

Klay: finally able to get sleep, since he wasn't staying up to help Mai sleep peacefully, he fell right asleep from exhaustion, and slept until late evening the next day. By the time he woke up, all the food had left his system. He could barely move aside from opening his eyes.

Mai: walked into his house having some various chocolates. "I figured you might need something to eat." she said softly.

Klay: watched her with his eyes. "How'd you know?"

Mai: shrugged, "I just did." she sat on the bed beside him for a moment and held one of the chocolates to his mouth for him to bite.

Klay: he smiled sheepishly, "Yea. I forgot to gorge myself with food last night." because he was too busy thinking of other things. He took a bite and chewed it.

Mai: "Well at least food didn't come too late." she smiled slightly. She got another piece of food ready for him.

Klay: "Thanks Mai." he took another bite. He sat up.

Mai: nodded, "Sure." she set the basket down and stood, "Well, I should get going. There's different kinds of chocolate in there I wasn't sure which ones you liked." she stood for sitting on the bed.

Klay: "How'd you get here so fast?"

Mai: "Teleportation."

Klay: "Oh. Right. I didn't know you could do that." he put more chocolate in his mouth then stood up.

Mai: nodded, "Well, bye." she vanished.

Klay: went in and took a shower, letting the hot water run down his back and relax his muscles. He had grown used to taking a shower every day, because of Mai. Or maybe he just wanted to test the theory and see if he would die without essential body oils. He got dressed and grabbed his bow and arrows. He stepped outside, eating a handful of chocolates at the same time. They were really good.

Mai: was baking in her house, she left the window open though the curtains were drawn. The delicious smell of rabbit stew and other stuff filled the air around her house, as well as pies

Klay: walked past the house. It smelled like Mai's cooking. He stopped. Wait, a house? He was the only one who lived out here. He walked to the door and rapped on it with his bow.

Mai: looked to the door, wondering who that could be she smiled slightly, "Come in." she called from the kitchen.

Klay: opened the door and stepped into the house. "Mai?"

Mai: "Yes?"

Klay: "Whatever would possess you to live by me in the middle of nowhere?"

Mai: "It's nice out here."

Klay: "It's lonely out here that's what it is."

Mai: "It's lonely every place."

Klay: "That's not exactly true." he set his stuff down on the couch, and went into the kitchen. Everything looked the same from the last time he was there. It was all just in a new location.

Mai: shrugged, "When you're by yourself it is."

Klay: "You don't like being by yourself? I thought you did. After all, you told me you never let anyone in your house before."

Mai: "Not anymore, I used to love being by myself but like I said things are changing. If it bothers you my being here I can leave."

Klay: "No, I like...smelling your food." that was the best he could come up with.

Mai: "You're welcome to have some if you want."

Klay: "I'd like that." he sat down. It would mean he wouldn't get to hunt tonight, because the sun was already setting. But...that was alright with him.

Mai: she brought him tray after tray of her beautifully decorated food.

Klay: "Hun I'm not THAT hungry. However, Kientians never get full so..." he shrugged and started to eat it slowly.

Mai: at least she didn't have anything left to give him to eat right now, "So what did you think?"

Klay: "It's good. Same as always." he smiled at her then continued to eat.

Mai: "Glad it's edible."

Klay: nodded. After about five minutes he set down his fork and looked up. "Okay, I can't take it anymore."

Mai: "I'm sorry." she said from her chair.

Klay: "You don't know what I'm talking about. So how can you be sorry for it?"

Mai: "I don't know. It just seemed like something good to say."

Klay: "Mai, what do you want to do? I have no idea what to do. You said you...loved me and just..." he shrugged. "I'm confused on what to do."

Mai: "You can do anything you want. I just don't want to lose you."

Klay: "Lose me? I don't understand." he rubbed his forehead and closed his eyes. He had to think back to when he was a kid, before he left the throne. There were girls. What did he do in a situation like this?

Mai: "I don't want to lose you as a friend so if you decide you don't want me around here I'll just move somewhere else."

Klay: "No I don't want you to move. Just give me a minute while I figure this out."

Mai: nodded, she remained quiet.

Klay: sighed, he opened his eyes and looked at her. "I don't know Mai I'm not good at any of this. Not good at all."

Mai: "It's okay. I don't mean to put you in the predicament." she took all of those trays into the kitchen.

Klay: stood from the table. "Mai...I..." No, asking for time was a girly thing to do. He wouldn't do it. He needed to figure something else out. Something now.

Mai: "You need space and time. I get it Klay really I do. It was wrong of me to do this I know this now."

Klay: "I do not." he stepped closer to her. She did say last night that she wanted a kiss, right? He hoped he remembered exactly how to do it. He linked his fingers through hers and put his other around her back. He dipped her back, holding her steady with his arm she rested on, and he tilted his head, and kissed her.

Mai: was shocked at first but kissed him back.

Klay: leaned back after a moment and let her stand straight. He dropped his arm and let go her hand. There. He had done it. It was probably crap but he did it none the less.

Mai: she wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed him again.

Klay: It was the prelude to the kill...this is what she did, her secret tactic, and he knew it. His kiss was crap. Of course she'd want him dead. He kissed her back anyways. Why not.

Mai: she kissed him again before she stopped, "I'm sorry. I didn't know what I was doing for a moment." she brought her arms back to her sides.

Klay: "It's alright. It's fine." he ignored the tingly feeling on his lips it left. How long had it been since he kissed a girl? Too long, he realized now.

Mai: "It's not right to take advantage of you like that. I promise to be more in the right mind."

Klay: "How were you taking advantage of me? I sort of think taking advantage of someone is sleeping with them. Not kissing them. And we hadn't gone that far. Not even close."

Mai: "I kept kissing you and I...I wanted to."

Klay: "You mean my kissing wasn't so horrible you were plotting my death?"

Mai: "Your kissing was wonderful."

Klay: "Kissing may be wonderful. That's one thing. But the other thing..." he shook his head.

Mai: "Well I don't think that we have to worry about that."

Klay: "Why is that?"

Mai: "I won't allow myself to take advantage of you again."

Klay: "Right. Because the only end after that is me ending up being killed. And I take it you want me alive."

Mai: "That's not it at all. But I do want you alive. I don't want you to hate me. To know that I am not good enough for you." she kissed him again on the cheek shortly this time.

Klay: "You think you won't be good enough for me?" he laughed shortly. "Girl, you're the one with experience. Not me. I'd have to take lessons from you."

Mai: smiled slightly, "Well, we should still wait. To make sure we really do feel this way for each other and it's not just some passing thing." she said though in her case she didn't want to wait for anything, she wondered if what she just said even made since. Her mind was probably playing in right field again and no one knew what she was talking about.

Klay: "Sure, Mai." he nodded. "But, you're going to have to clue me in on when to make the next move. Like I said, you know of it. Not me."

Mai: "Not too well though. But I can try."

Klay: "Better than me. I'm a little...rusty."

Mai: she hugged him, "I love you." she said testing out the words, all the times that she had said it to those men that was about to become the hunted she never truly meant it. But when she said it now she could feel the ring or truth those words now held.

Klay: hugged her back. "I like the sound of that." He could get used to this, he thought.

Mai: smiled, she made herself comfortable in his arms.

Klay: "Are we going to stand like this for awhile, Mai?" he wanted to say 'Love' but calling a girl a term of endearment without meaning it to be annoying was...hard, to say the least.

Mai: "Only if you want to." she looked up at him.

Klay: " really are beautiful Mai." he said, looking at her eyes. Her eyes were captivating, and he still didn't know what species she was.

Mai: her spirals turned green at she was content. "Thank you." she was stuck looking into his eyes too, she was lost in them not knowing if she could get out but also not wanting to.

Klay: "Hmm, I didn't know how you would react to that. Being called beautiful and all." Because so many times he knew others had called her that before taking advantage of her. Like Carlitos.

Mai: "When you say it, it's a grand compliment."

Klay: "I'm glad you think so." he said, it was still weird for him, to act this way towards a girl. He leaned down and pressed his lips softly to hers again. At least he could practice that, and get used to it.

Mai: she kissed him back and released a little more passion then she wanted. She knew that when her kisses got like that is when the men were drawn to her. Because unlike other women's kisses hers were strong and unafraid. They pulled them into to her soul. Or what some thought it was.

Klay: reacted like Mai had probably thought he would. He put his hands beneath her thigh muscles and lifted her up, so she could reach his lips easier. He was holding her up now, and his kissing became more than what it was.

Mai: she wrapped her arms around his neck continuing to kiss him. It was nice to be kissed by something she actually loved, she thought to herself. She knew that if he wasn't ready and it went too far she would have to stop. But for right now she couldn't she took on hand and put it through his hair before returning it behind his neck.

Klay: smiled. Besides that fact he didn't think he knew what to do, now it was more on instinct, as his thoughts were fuzzy. It didn't matter though...the last time he had gone this far with a girl had been too long ago, and it was never like this. Teenage emotions clouded thinking even more than kissing did, and you couldn't really feel. Now all he did was feel. He wondered if this was comfortable for Mai or not. He knew somewhat where the couch was, and he shifted her to the side, one of his arms under Mai's legs, the other behind her back. He walked over to the couch and sat down on it, still kissing her.

Mai: continued to kiss him still completely comfortable, she hoped that he was but figured that if it wasn't then he would through her off.

Klay: "I wouldn't throw you off even if you were stabbing me." he said, and hesitantly, he moved his lips from hers to her neck, and down to her collarbone. Did it really matter to wait and see how things would pan out between them? As far as he was concerned it didn't. What matter was the here and now. After all, you could be dead tomorrow.

Mai: closed her eyes a faint smile touched her lips, his hot breath against her skin felt wonderful, she was just soaking up the moment. She could do anything else her heart wanted her to do something she knew that he his mind would consider taking advantage of. She couldn't help what her heart wished. She kissed him now where ever she could.

Klay: "Is this a hint?" he asked, moving his lips back up to hers. He pulled off her shirt, tugging it lightly over her head. His breathing was heavy now, accelerated. His pressed his lips against hers, pursued her mouth passionately. Where was this coming from? He didn't know he had this in him to do. He held her to him, one hand beneath her chin. He just hoped that she didn't think of him like one of those other men, who took from her what they wanted. He wouldn't do that to her. He'd stay with her if she wanted it.

Mai: was like all of a sudden she was released. She got his shirt off within seconds, she knew that there was no going back after this and she didn't want to. She knew that he loved her for her and not just her body. Her hands went to the zipper and button of his pants. She still loved him passionately as she did this. She moved her lips to his chest for a moment.

Klay: he had no idea how to do this, and it was probably going to be worse than his kisses, but he would try for Mai. And if she stabbed him afterwards...oh well. He moved so she could lie back on the couch, her legs still over his lap. He scooted back a bit and moved his hands to her jeans, slipping them off. He really hadn't looked at any other place of hers besides her face, and neck...but she'd already seen all of him, because of that one time when he walked around the house from the bathroom without clothes on. He wondered if it would be weird now...and that thought made him laugh slightly, as he kissed her, he was laughing.

Mai: "Thinking only makes it harder." she whispered kissing him again; she got his pants off and threw it to the floor. She put both hands on the sides of his face kissing him more deeply. More deeply then she had kissed anyone. "I love you so much." she said in between kisses.

Klay: "I think...I think I love you too." If that was what these emotions were. He had never loved anyone before. No one besides his mother, but that was a different kind of love, he knew. So, because Mai instructed him not to think, he didn't. He wouldn't. He just let it go, following with how things panned out. He continued to kiss her as he hooked his fingers over her panty line; he smoothed his thumb across the material lightly, also feeling her skin. Not once did he look down. But who needed sight when you had touch? Touch seemed to be enough. Her skin was so soft.

Mai: It was a very soft lace, she gave him all that she had, she realized that she loved him to the point that she would be willing to give him anything, all he had to do was ask, sometimes he wouldn't even have to do that.

Klay: smiled. Lace. He liked lace. He tugged it off gently so it wouldn't rip. He moved more so his hands were pressed down onto the couch, each side of her face; he leaned over her and moved the kissing down her throat again.

Mai: smiled, she loved the feeling when he kissed her throat, she closed her eyes though she knew what she was doing, she took off his underwear next putting it on the floor right next to his pants. She knew that she would never want this to end.

Klay: "The sight doesn't make you feel weird?" he laughed again, leaning back to look at her face. "Then again, with kissing, you don't have to look."

Mai: "It isn't weird now, I welcome it."

Klay: "Mmm..." he said, and drew her mouth to his. He pressed his body against hers, unsnapped her bra and took it off swiftly. Foreplay was nice, he realized.

Mai: wrapped her legs around him kissing him more and more.

Klay: "Mai...I...have to tell you something. About me being a Kienta."

Mai: "What's that?" she whispered, pausing to look at him.

Klay: "Once this happens...I may not want to because when a Kienta sleeps with someone, the pair become permanently attached mentally to one another with a mind link Kienta's have."

Mai: "Do you want to be mentally connected?" she asked looking into his eyes.

Klay: "I want this. And if that comes with it, then so be it."

Mai: "I want this to."

Klay: "Technically, a mental connection- one that's permanent like this will be- signifies we are married. Though we never had a wedding. Do you want that step? That far?" he wasn't sure how deep her love ran. "Of course there are ways to break it, if ever you change your mind."

Mai: "Yes. I want you forever."

Klay: needing no more use for words, he kissed her, and he loved her...though his first time, he worried it wasn't as good as she was used to. But he felt his kisses getting better. He hoped, at least.

Mai: Gave him all that she could give and then some.


Mai: was breathing slowly her head against his chest.

Klay: "Mai..." he whispered, nuzzling her face with his nose. "Seems I'll be in your head all the time now."

Mai: smiled, "I will love that." She whispered.

Klay: "Really? I seem to recall you telling me to stay out of your head just yesterday." he whispered back and kissed the space between her jaw line and earlobe.

Mai: "That's all in the past now." she giggled as he kissed her.

Klay: "Interesting...what one day difference can bring."

Mai: "Interesting how really showing how you feel can change a difference."

Klay: "It's a good thing too. I would have never guessed if not for those three words that made you speak truth to me."

Mai: "Who told you about them anyway?"

Klay: "I don't think I should say." though he couldn't help thinking Cora's name.

Mai: smiled, "Oh. Of course she would be the one." she nuzzled his neck.

Klay: "Why do you say that my Mai?" he asked softly, a smile on his lips.

Mai: "She always knows what I want or wish for."

Klay: "Oh really? That's interesting." he smiled at her and kissed her once more again before he got up off of the couch and pulled on his underwear and jeans.

Mai: "Where are you going?" she asked watching him from the couch.

Klay: "Back to my house to get some pajamas." he smiled slightly.

Mai: smiled. "Ok." she felt so good.

Klay: "I'll be back." he promised and left to his house next door. He got out his clothes for the night, figuring he'd just wear the clothes he had now at Mai's house for tomorrow morning, and went back over to Mai's house, carrying his stuff with him. He made sure to grab more wood from his stash, to widdle at while he stayed awake tonight.

Mai: got up and started to make something while she waited.

Klay: came back into the house and shut the door behind him. He came up behind Mai and gave her a peck on the cheek then left off to the bathroom, changing his clothes. He reemerged in the living room, changed, and set his day clothes on the floor by the rest of his clothes and took out the piece of wood from his jeans pocket, and his knife he had set on the coffee table in front of the couch. He sat down on the couch and started to carve it.

Mai: giggled, "Food is ready darling." she set two plates on the table.

Klay: got up and set the wood back on the coffee table, he came in and started to eat the food Mai made him. "Thank you Mai."

Mai: smiled, "Sure, anything for you." she kissed him before going that getting her own food.

Klay: he wondered how long it would take him to get used to this. Having someone who cared for him...him caring for someone at that. Being around a person 24/7. He hadn't had that since he was a prince in the castle, training to be king. He watched her, smiling slightly. He to put it? Nervous.

Mai: set her food on the table then went to the bedroom to get dressed, she choose one of the most comfy clothes she had. She went to the dresser and brushed out her hair and pulled it back. She came back out and sat down starting to eat hers to.

Klay: "So where do you want me to sleep?" he asked her. After all, it was her house.

Though he wasn't expecting to sleep at all during nights- staying awake to make sure Mai slept well.

Mai: "Wherever you want to sleep, we can chare my bedroom if you want. I know it isn't very big but it's comfy."

Klay: nodded, "Alright." He was sure it would be comfy, sleeping next to Mai. He smiled slightly and finished his plate of food before taking up another.

Mai: smiled, she got herself another plate and ate it too.

Klay: finished his food in silence. He wasn't exactly sure what to say. Did he need to say something? He was still remembering how to even talk to girls. Plus, he didn't want to say anything that would offend Mai. Not after this. He wanted to be careful.

Mai: "You know you don't have to be careful. I am not going to get offended."

Klay: "You might. I say stupid things a lot. Remember- good at annoying girls, not loving them. And after what we did, I don't want you to be mad at me so soon."

Mai: "There is nothing you could say that would make me mad at you."

Klay: "This isn't fantasy world Mai. Everyone gets mad at someone else, no matter what their relationship, sometimes. It happens."

Mai: "I know this isn't a fantasy world. But you are the head of the house now so I will go with your lead."

Klay: "Technically, no not really Mai. This is your house. Not mine." he said, looking down at his food. He took another bite.

Mai: smiled slightly, "What's mine is yours."

Klay: "Mai, I don't know how to be a head of a household. I've lived alone so long in my life. Can't you just...listen to yourself still? You'd be better off."

Mai: sighed and nodded, "I guess but you still own this house and such."

Klay: "I don't want to take your house from you. You own it, not me. One house is plenty enough for me to take care of." he looked up at her.

Mai: giggled, "You're not taking my house silly, we own it. Together."

Klay: "How?"

Mai: "By each taking responsibilities for the household, I think."

Klay: sighed, "Cleaning." He didn't want to clean. Most he cleaned was once a month, if that. And Mai he knew cleaned like every day, for hours on end.

Mai: "Well, I can do the cleaning but maybe just a quick run through in the morning and night. If you want I can cook to."

Klay: "Who cleans a house TWICE a day? I do like, once a month and I'm still alive."

Mai: "It will only be for like ten minutes each."

Klay: lifted an eyebrow. Not believing. But so what. If cleaning was what she liked to do, so be it.

Mai: "It can start tomorrow." she kissed him, before taking her empty plates to the kitchen, and washed them and put them away.

Klay: "I know how to cook. I can handle that occasionally. Though you know my food isn't as grand as yours. I stick with the basics."

Mai: "Yours are way better than mine. But thank you for the compliment."

Klay: "Sure they are." he disagreed, pushing his chair back from the table to stand. He went back to the couch and picked up his piece of wood again with the knife.

Mai: "Ok, if you say so." she took his empty plate to the kitchen and washed it, "What are you making honey?"

Klay: "Just another little carving thing. Like the one I gave you."

Mai: "Oh okay."

Klay: " know. If you want to still treat your assassin jobs the way you do, I won't stop you. It works and you're good at it. I don't mind." he blew on the wood, knocking the shavings off.

Mai: "Are you sure? I mean I can change if you want."

Klay: shook his head. "No, I don't mind. You don't have to change. I just hope you don't expect me to change. Or want me to."

Mai: shook her head, "I don't. You can continue your life as you have. I won't take that away from you."

Klay: "Well, then, it seems we are at a good understanding." he turned to smile at her.

Mai: smiled, "Yes."

Klay: "I'll stay awake at nights, for you, to make sure you are sleeping well. I'll sleep during the day."

Mai: nodded, "As you wish."

Klay: "I'm actually still surprised I'm not walking around with a knife in my back." he smirked and turned back to his wood.

Mai: smiled, she sat beside him, "I wouldn't do that to you."

Klay: "Shocking. Seeing as how I was probably more horrible at sleeping with you then I was at kissing."

Mai: "You were wonderful. Better than I could have ever hoped."

Klay: smiled, "Yea. Thanks." he kissed her cheek. "I just wonder now what the director will say."

Mai: "We should talk to him about it, since he is like my dad. You're welcome."

Klay: "Maybe tomorrow, alright? You know him more than I do."

Mai: nodded, "Tomorrow." she agreed.

Klay: stroked her back with one hand. He set the wood down. "You should sleep, my Mai."

Mai: "I'm actually not all that tired."

Klay: "Then what is your wish to do? I am not all that good at...being around people. Because normally I keep to myself." he thought for a moment. "We could play checkers."

Mai: smiled, "I'll go get the board."

Klay: "I still don't know what species you are, my Mai." he waited for her to come back with the board. "Not that it matters. But I am curious. And you know what I am."

Mai: smiled, "How about I make a bet with you." she set it up for checkers, "You win I will tell you, but if I win you either have to guess or let it go. Deal?"

Klay: "I don't know. I won the last two games but you're inside my head now. You may beat me."

Mai: "I promise not to use that to cheat."

Klay: "But if I lose? I'll take the guessing bit then." he nodded. "Deal."

Mai: "Ok, now who goes first?"

Klay: "You my Mai. Ladies first."

Mai: laughed, "Whom ever made that rule had problems." she moved her pawn.

Klay: "Why do you say that?" he moved next.

Mai: "Because you know some women are just as good as any man." she moved.

Klay: "Well, it's chivalry none the less." he smiled and jumped a piece of hers, taking it.

Mai: shook her head and jumped three of his.

Klay: frowned, he had to resist the urge to look inside her head. They continued to play, and fairly.

Mai: in the end she won.

Klay: "This is bullarky." he sighed. "I can't guess. I have no idea where to start."

Mai: "I'll give you a hint; it starts with an 'S'"

Klay: "Starz? No, can't be. I heard they were eliminated."

Mai: "Go on."

Klay: "Spectle?"

Mai: shook her head.

Klay: "Of course not. You don't have the lip rings. Nor do I get electrocuted when I kiss you." he laughed, "Alright, um...Sanquop?"

Mai: laughed and shook her head

Klay: "Snake? Stillen? Styleche?"

Mai: "No, no, and no."

Klay: "Sentle?"

Mai: shook her head,

Klay: "Can I take it from your head?" he pouted.

Mai: "Where is the fun in that?"

Klay: "Senot? Senoll? Senond?"

Mai: shook her head, "Close."

Klay: "Close to which?"

Mai: "The first one, one wrong letter."

Klay: "Serad? Seram? Serax? Serap? Seran?" he tried.

Mai: "Take off the last letter."

Klay: "Sera?"

Mai: nodded and smiled, "Yup."

Klay: smiled, "Very interesting...I will have to study up on such a species so I know what you are all about my Mai. Like those swirls in your eyes I like so much."

Mai: smiled, "I can tell you that we are good at Theoretical Chemistry, Custodial Work, Computerized Studies, Military Psychology, Popular Zoological Engineering, Recent International Parapsychology, and Remedial History." she smiled slightly, "Like I said those are a thing only I have."

Klay: "Smart? Like Kientians? Very nice my Mai. Do you remember every detail of your life like us? Being able to bring it up if you want to?"

Mai: nodded, "Yes and also project it as well as some other stuff."

Klay: "Project it?" he had never heard of this before.

Mai: "Yes let me show you." she stood in the middle of the world, the swirls glowed, all of a sudden he was no long in her house but in one of her more pleasant memories one before she was six, when she was with her family.

Klay: "OH." his eyes widened. He stood and looked around. "When I looked for happy memories for your dreams, you didn't have any. You had to use some of mine to sleep."

Mai: "I only have one and that was when I was very young. The cool thing about it is you can change stuff to."

Klay: "What do you mean? Like, controlling it like a dream?" he looked at her.

Mai: "Not controlling it but you can try different things that you didn't do in real life. To see what would have happened."

Klay: "That is sweet!" he smiled at her. "So is this your family?" he looked around him at the people. "And that's you." he pointed to a little girl with dark hair.

Mai: nodded, "Yup, that's me." the little girl in the memory didn't have the swirly eyes.

Klay: "Your eyes are different though."

Mai: "I didn't get the swirls until I was 9 years old."

Klay: "Why?"

Mai: shrugged, "I don't know."

Klay: "Was it...something you did or didn't do? Something that...happened to you?"

Mai: "It just happened. I don't know what caused my eyes to change, I woke up one day and they were like this."

Klay: "Well," he smiled slightly, "I'm glad."

Mai: smiled, she looked to her mom. Then the scene went away and they were back in their house, the swirls stopped glowing, "Our kind is supposed to be beautiful to."

Klay: "I think I believe that, looking at you. So where is your mom and family now?"

Mai: she looked down, "Their gone."

Klay: "Gone like, dead, Mai?"

Mai: nodded.

Klay: "I'm sorry Mai." he said softly. "When?"

Mai: "When I was five, one week before everything happened."

Klay: "How?"

Mai: "An explosion."

Klay: "By what? Did someone set it off purposefully? How did you survive?"

Mai: nodded, "Yeah, I don't know. I wasn't supposed to I don't think."

Klay: held her hand in his. "And that's when you went to your mother's friend? That man, Carlitos?" he asked softly, watching her.

Mai: nodded, "Yeah. I tried to live on my own for a week but I couldn't then I went to his house hoping he would take me in."

Klay: "I'm sorry Mai. You did the right thing, trying. He just was a sick man is all. You didn't know."

Mai: "I should have though, I never finished my schooling, and because of that I didn't know what I should have."

Klay: "Schooling on what?"

Mai: "Just the normal Seno stuff."

Klay: "But how would that have helped you in realizing he was a bad man?"

Mai: "In Theoretical Chemistry they teach you about the different mental states and how it works. It goes through all of that."

Klay: nodded. "Oh. I see." he said, trying to understand. "It's over now though, hun. He's dead. And I am actually working with Cora to kill the others."

Mai: nodded, "I know. I am actually thankful I didn't have to go back." she kissed him, "I would like to help."

Klay: "Go back where my Mai?" he kissed her back. "Sure. After all, you need to get over your," he whispered, "Fear of men."

Mai: "Go back to school." she laid her head on him.

Klay: smirked, "Ah. At least you didn't grow up Kientian. We practically lived in school until we reached two hundred."

Mai: "Yes but isn't it like private school or something?"

Klay: "Yes, it is. A one on one thing with a specially chosen Snyde teacher." he stroked her hair.

Mai: "See you didn't have to deal with other students." she shivered when he mentioned Snyde, "Snydes?" she asked softly.

Klay: "Yes." he looked down at her. "What my Mai?" he looked concerned. Something was troubling her. He had already assumed Carlitos was a Snyde. After all, no other species turned to dirt and dust when killed but them, that he knew of. But was this why she shivered?

Mai: "I just don't like Snydes."

Klay: "Because of Carlitos?"

Mai: nodded, "Yeah. And other Snydes I've met."

Klay: kissed her cheek. "It's alright my Mai. I'm here now for you."

Mai: "Thank you." she hugged him.

Klay: hugged her back. "Have you ever tried to change your projection memory, to see what your life would have been like if you didn't go to Carlitos door that time when you were six? Or if your family had survived the explosion?" he asked softly, leaning back.

Mai: nodded, "Yes, I would have died. There was no way that my family survived. "

Klay: "Then it seems, against all odds, it was the right choice."

Mai: "I guess so."

Klay: hugged her again and leaned back on the couch. He rested against the arm rest, Mai on his chest. He stroked her arm, running his fingers lightly up and down her skin. "I love you Mai. And I am glad to have met you, actually. I think Cora was right, about me needing someone in my life."

Mai: "I love you too." she smiled, "She's amazing like that." she agreed.

Klay: hummed softly, a song his mother sung to him often when he was a child. A Kientian lullaby.

Mai: smiled, she closed her eyes.

Klay: kissed her forehead and continued to hum until Mai fell asleep. Even then, he held her. He stayed awake, keeping her head full of pleasant things so she would sleep well without troubles.

Mai: slept peacefully she woke up at 3AM.

Klay: "It's getting earlier and earlier my Mai." he whispered to her as she woke. "Go to sleep hun."

Mai: "I shouldn't have fallen asleep." she murmured.

Klay: "And why ever not?"

Mai: "I'm not tired."

Klay: laughed softly. "If you weren't tired, you wouldn't have fallen asleep." his arms were still around her as they both lay on the couch.

Mai: "I don't know why I did." she yawned softly.

Klay: "The lullaby. It works every time. I could hum it again. It's more effective with words but my voice just doesn't measure up."

Mai: "That's okay."

Klay: started to hum again.

Mai: "Mmm..."

Klay: he pulled her close and closed his eyes.


Mai: slept in till 9.

Klay: stayed awake, watching her. He was too occupied with that to start carving his wooden piece again. But that was alright. He didn't mind.

Mai: she looked down at the clock and jumped up, "I slept in."

Klay: smiled, "Yes. That's good. You need to."

Mai: "I never sleep in."

Klay: "Apparently you do now. Especially when you've had a busy night." he smirked and kissed her forehead. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes.

Mai: smiled she started to sing something softly.

Klay: "What is this routine now?" he laughed slightly.

Mai: "I guess so." she continued to sing softly.

Klay: woke up around 3 PM.

Mai: the singing was there but she wasn't

Klay: "That's peculiar." he stood and changed into his clothes from the other day.

Mai: was in the kitchen cooking.

Klay: went over to her. He kissed her cheek. "Hello my Mai." he opened the fridge and took out the milk. He leaned it over his mouth to drink from it, not touching the opening with his lips. He put it back in the fridge again after capping it.

Mai: "Breakfast is almost done." the plant said with her voice.

Klay: looked to the plant. "Weird..." maybe he was still sleeping.

Mai: looked at him, "What is?"

Klay: "Plants talking."

Mai: laughed, "That was me, I'm sorry."

Klay: "How did you do that? Do Seno's communicate with plant life or something?"

Mai: laughed, "No silly, I can make my voice sound like it is coming from somewhere else."

Klay: "Oh." he said in understanding. "You can throw your voice." he paused. "Would you be able to teach me this? It could be very helpful in assassinating people. Trickery is wonderful."

Mai: "I can try to teach you but I'm not so good at teaching." she finished her food, she put each on a plate and did her normal thing, "But it's worth a shot whenever you're ready."

Klay: "Let's eat first, then maybe you can teach me. When do you plan on calling the director?" he sat down at the kitchen table, and watched her.

Mai: "After I'm done eating and before I try to teach you."

Klay: "You're a great teacher Mai." He smiled at her, "You know...the director doesn't have to know we are together. He'd probably call me a hypocrite because why marry, or be boarded with you when I didn't even want to work an assassin job with you? His reaction may not be favorable." He reasoned.

Mai: "He's my adopted father. I have to let him know."

Klay: sighed, "I know. Well, why wait then? Let's get to it."

Mai: nodded, "Alright." She gave him a slight smile.

Klay: ate his food when Mai placed it before him. He was thinking, so he was silent as he ate.

Mai: ate in silence as well. She cleaned up after they were done.

Klay: "This is for me. I'm used to...doing things myself." He told Mai, and chuckled nervously.

Mai: nodded, "Likewise. But we won't have to be like that anymore."

Klay: "It's like...starting life all over again."

Mai: nodded.

Klay: " you want to share a house or we each have our own houses still?"

Mai: "We should share one."

Klay: "Mine or yours? Actually, I was thinking I could merge them together. Half is your house, half is mine; but they are only one house."

Mai: "I think that ruins the point of being married."

Klay: shook his head, "Not if it's one house. But how do you figure that?" he looked at her.

Mai: "It will just be like we have two houses."

Klay: "Then, would you like...a new house? One built to both of our tastes?"

Mai: "That sounds like a good idea."

Klay: "Okay." He pulled out a pen from his pocket and opened up his napkin onto the table. He began to draw ideas for a house. "Single story or two? Basement or not?" he asked Mai. He wanted her input because it was her house too. Or at least, it was going to be when it was completed being built.

Mai: "It's your choice."

Klay: "Well, my choice would be just to combine both of our houses we have now. I've grown attached to it after 300 years."

Mai: nodded, "Okay. It'll be done before night."

Klay: "You don't have to work for me, Mai. I got it. Actually, I can start now." He stood and gave Mai a peck on the cheek. He grabbed his bow and arrow and went back to his house.

Mai: sighed. She guessed she would have to call the director on her own.

Klay: went to work on moving things, using Mai's teleportation so it was quicker. Then he transferred the molecular shifting he possessed to the houses, and melted both of them together to make one larger house. He worked at it for many hours until it got dark. Finally, he was done, and walked over to the side of the house that used to be Mai's. He was eating one of the chocolate candy bars Mai had given him in a basket earlier, while he had another candy bar in his pocket to eat later.

Mai: "It looks great." She complimented.

Klay: "Thanks. Where's the director?" he looked around as if expecting to see him. "I thought you'd call him over while I worked."

Mai: "He'll be over in a bit. He had to do something first."

Klay: "You didn't tell him yet, did you?" he paused and smirked, "Well, I don't think he'll mind all that much. I kind of implied things last time I talked to him on the phone about why you couldn't take the job he was offering. It wasn't just being snowed in that kept you unable to leave, if you catch my drift." He took another bite of his chocolate.

Mai: "Things like this should be person to person."

Klay: "Things like what?" he went to take a shower.

Mai: "Marriage announcements." She started to clean.

Klay: peeked his head out of the bathroom, his body shielded by the door. "Marriage announcement come before the wedding, love. Not after. That's sort of late."

Mai: "Not the kind that we've used to be married. That has to do with typical weddings."

Klay: shrugged, "Well, whatever." He closed the door and took a shower.

Mai: continued to clean until everything sparkled.

Klay: came out of the shower, fully dressed. He shielded his eyes, "Woah, blind me why don'tchya."

Mai: "What? It's just clean." She shrugged.

Klay: "Please don't tell me you clean my house too."

Mai: "I've cleaned the house."

Klay: went over to the part of the house that used to be his. He looked around, "Oh. My. God!" he exclaimed, not happy.

Mai: didn't understand why he was so upset. She didn't even touch his side yet. She shrugged and walked to the kitchen.

Klay: "Mai!" he yelled. "Come back here! Where's my gum ball?" he went to the spot where it was supposed to be, but wasn't.

Mai: pointed an inch beside where he was looking at. She shook her head.

There was a knock on the door.

Klay: cleared his throat and picked it up, "Thanks Mai." He ignored the door, knowing it was the director.

Mai: went to the door and answered it, "Hi sir." She said as she opened the door for the director to enter.

Director: "Hello Mai." He walked in, "You said you wanted to tell me something?"

Mai: nodded, "Hold on I have to go get someone." She ran to Klay, "Come on."

Klay: "Do I have to? He's my boss."

Mai: "Yes."

Klay: mumbled something. He picked up his gumball and bounced it as he walked with Mai.

Director: "Klay."

Klay: "Director." He continued to bounce the gum ball. Though he kept eye contact with the director.

Mai: "Father, Klay and I are married.

Director: nodded, "So it seems." He showed no emotion as he spoke.

Klay: "Well that was easier than expected." He tore a piece of gum from his gum ball and put it in his mouth, chewing it. He started to turn and walk away.

Mai: "Father, you're not happy, are you?"

Director: "We need to talk Mai."

Mai: nodded, "Shall we take a walk?"

They both left soon after.

Klay: listened to the conversation in Mai's head. He was happy that he didn't have to physically be there. He sat on the couch- or one of the couches in the house, and set his gum ball on the coffee table, listening closely to every word. Why wasn't the Director happy?

Mai: "Father please; tell me, what is it?"

Director: he sighed, "Mai, why didn't you tell me you were going to get married?"

Mai: "It was a last minute thing, I promise. Otherwise I would have let you know.

Director: "You really love this man, or is this just some passing thing?" he raised an eyebrow, looking at her.

Mai: "I really love him." She assured him.

Director: "Are you going to stay within the organization?"

Mai: rolled her eyes, "Yes father you know that."

Director: "That's true." He smiled slightly; the only time anyone had ever seen him do so was around Mai.

Klay: fell asleep on the couch, gum in his mouth and all.

After an hour Mai and the Director were home.

Klay: was still sleeping; the gumball he had been carrying around was on the floor by the couch.

Mai: "Gross." She said disgustedly.

Klay: opened one eye, slowly waking. He looked at her, "What is?" he said in a grunt from being half asleep, half awake yet.

Mai: "Your gum ball on the floor."

Klay: sat up and picked it up in his hand. "Oh, this?" he took the wad of gum out of his mouth and stuck it back onto the ball. "Still perfectly fine." He said, turning the large gum ball over in his hand and admiring it briefly.

Mai: "How disgusting." She shook her head and walked away.

Klay: rolled his eyes and threw the gumball so it bounced off of Mai's back and to him again. Then he realized the piece he had just chewed- having still been moist from saliva of his- had peeled off when the ball hit Mai's back and was connected to her shirt. He remained if nothing had happened, holding his gum ball.

Mai: took off the jacket.

Klay: "Did the Director leave or is he still here?" he questioned, still smirking.

Mai: "He's gone." She took off her shirt as she walked out of the room.

Klay: got up and followed her, "Not even a good bye?" he watched her, "What are you doing Mai? First you take off your jacket and now your shirt?" he lifted an eyebrow. "Did the gum ball contaminate your clothing that much?" he chuckled. He forgot for a moment how much of a clean freak she was, and is.

Mai: "Just in case it got on the shirt." She shrugged.

Klay: laughed. He was right. "Oh, you mean like this?" he threw the gum ball at her, bouncing it off her skin, back and forth.

Mai: grabbed it with her shirt and wrapped it up.

Klay: "Hey!" he exclaimed, "Give that back right now little missy! That's mine, not yours!"

Mai: "You gave it up." She walked to the kitchen and threw it away.

Klay: went over to the trash and dug it out. "Did not." He unwrapped it from Mai's shirt and threw her shirt back in the trash. "I'll have you know it took me many, MANY years of sticking chewed gum together to get a gumball of this size together. It's sacred." He put it on the counter in the kitchen.

Mai: took it again, "It's disgusting. That's what it is." It vanished from her hand, as she moved it elsewhere. "I have work to do, good bye." She put on another shirt and grabbed her purse. She walked out of the house.

Klay: sighed in a growl. Women. Mai seemed to be in an upset mood, so he wasn't going to bother her anymore. He sat on the couch and turned on the television to watch as he carved more wooden statues.

Mai: went to the night club. She smiled, finding her man. As she walked up to him, she made sure to keep the smile on her face. That was the same one that she would give to her victims to draw them to her. "Michael, isn't it?" she placed her hand on his arm. Her outfit was revealing just enough to draw attention as well.

Michael: he turned away from the bar, drink in hand, to look at the girl who called his name. His scowl turned quickly into a smile as he saw the beauty of the woman who called his name. What a fine specimen to the female gender. "Yes." He said in answer. His eyes locked on her cleavage as he spoke to her; not her face. "May I ask the name of such a fine woman as yourself?" he glanced at her face, just long enough to show her his eyes. He patted the bar stool next to him for the girl to take a seat.

Mai: smiled and sat down, glad for it to have worked. "Mai." She responded. She still had her hand on his arm. I've been looking for you." She said, sounding seductive.

Michael: smiled slightly, "Oh. Really? What an honor." he hailed the bartender as he downed his last drink of alcohol. "What would you like to drink, Mai?" he asked her, after ordering himself another drink.

Mai: "Oh, I'm fine thank you." she told him, she didn't look away from the man's eyes. "Yes, I was told you're the one to come to for a good time."

Michael: laughed shortly, "Yes..." he glanced at her again. "And who told you that?" he waved the bartender away, and when he was brought back his new drink he held it in his hand and turned to face Mai again, eyes to her chest as he sipped at his beverage.

Mai: "Briana." she rubbed his arm.

Michael: smiled cockily. "Oh. Her." he set his drink on the counter and took Mai's hand in his. "Let's dance then Mai. Show you the beginning of what a good time you can have with me." he pulled her onto the dance floor and pulled her body close to his, dancing. His breath reeked of alcohol.

Mai: danced with him ignoring his breath. It was easier when they were drunk.

Michael: leaned down and whispered in her ear, "You are...absolutely the most beautiful girl at this night club."

Mai: smiled, "For that I am grateful."

Michael: "Grateful? Mai, you could get men to do your bidding. It's a gift to be used." he moved his lips from her ear to her lips, kissing her.

Mai: kissed him back. "Why don't we go to a more...private location..."

Michael: smirked, "Of course." Wow, a woman who liked to move a dream girl. He took her hand and pulled her behind the curtains of the stage in the nightclub. He pushed her against the wall and in a swift motion tore her dress even higher in the slit and down farther in the cleavage. He kissed her more powerfully. More gruff. Wildly.

Mai: it was the perfect opportunity, while he was distracted she killed him. But she did so slowly.

Michael: "What..." he saw the blood, but because he was drunk he imagined he was seeing things.

Mai: "Yes, you're dying Michael. Like they say it's the beautiful you have to watch for." she bent down and kissed him as he died. She got rid of the body soon after. She grabbed her coat and wrapped it around her and then grabbed her purse and headed home.

Klay: was still sitting on the couch. Before him on the coffee table was piles and piles of wood shavings. Some fallen onto the floor. He was still watching TV and carving away at things. About three of them done.

Mai: "Those are nice." she commented as she walked in.

Klay: smiled slightly, "Thank you Mai. How did work go?"

Mai: "It went good." she smiled a little, "It seems you were very productive." she handed him his gumball. "Here. I shouldn't have taken it in the first place."

Klay: took it. He held it for a moment. "Seems your good mood has returned." he set it on the couch next to him and continued what he was doing.

Mai: "I'm going to take a shower. I will see you in a bit." she walked to the bathroom and took off her coat. She sighed and slipped out of the ripped dress, it couldn't be fixed. She just shook her head and got in trying to wash all her troubles away.

Klay: she did not answer him...he thought about that. What did that mean? He got up and stood by the closed bathroom door. He hesitated a moment before getting up the courage to knock on it. "Mai are you okay?"

Mai: "Yeah, I'm fine. Just taking a shower." she said over the water, there was a different tone to her voice than normal.

Klay: "Mai...I know I am married to you and all but...can I come in?" he asked hesitantly.

Mai: "Yeah, if you want."

Klay: opened up the door and came in. He shut it behind him and sat on the closed toilet lid. "Not too easy, hiding emotions from someone who shares a mental connection with you Mai." he said softly, watching his hands.

Mai: "I'm figuring that out." she said softly. She didn't face him.

Klay: "So what ails you?"

Mai: "Nothing, I don't mean to make you worried." she walked out a towel wrapped around her.

She brushed out her hair, around her eyes and nose was red.

Klay: stood up with her entrance. "I'll be worried if you don't tell me. But if you don't wish to talk about the reason aloud, I can always do a mental check." he lightly put his hand on her back.

Mai: "I'm fine. There is nothing to talk about or search for."

Klay: "Then I suppose your eyes and nose are red from the hot shower water?"

Mai: "Yes, they are." she was always good at lying, she just wasn't sure if he would fall for it or not.

Klay: "Well I am not going to press you to talk about it. But if it has anything to do with should know you always have a choice in what you do. People can only bring you down as low as you allow them to."

Mai: she looked away, why was it that he knew that it was work. Work had been bothering her for a while but she couldn't do anything. She felt stuck to her old ways, her current ways.

"Not always." she replied softly.

Klay: nodded, "If you say so." he picked up the dress on the ground, examining it.

Mai: she closed her eyes, waiting for him to say something.

Klay: "Unless your emotional change has to do with this torn...thing. I can always buy you a new one love." he set it back on the ground. "Looks like you went through war."

Mai: "Not exactly war. But I don't care about the dress that much, it's just cloth after all. Something that could be replaced."

Klay: "Then if not the dress, what is it you do care about?" he turn, placing his hands on either side of Mai, on the sink, he looked at her from behind through the mirror.

Mai: "I care about you. That's it."

Klay: smiled slightly, "You know very well that is not what I am talking about."

Mai: "I think I'm going to clean."

Klay: lifted an eyebrow. She always cleaned when she was upset about something. He stepped back.

Mai: got dressed then cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.

Klay: after about two hours he took her hand and stopped her. "Okay, Mai, clean anymore and I think you will literally be wiping at drywall, not dust. Even the dust ON the drywall will be gone."

Mai: "I have to make it spotless. Without blemish."

Klay: he sighed. She had told him before that she liked to clean because if she was dirty, at least her house was clean. "Mai...tell me what happened." he said softly, lifting his other hand that did not hold her hand, to her cheek. He stroked it lightly with his thumb.

Mai: "Nothing happened." she looked away from him. "It was just another job."

Klay: "No, I can sort of guess what happened, if that was the dress you wore to work. Correct?"

Mai: nodded slightly. She looked down.

Klay: "Mai, if that is not how you want to conduct your job then don't do so. Not if it makes you feel this way my love." he sounded pained, knowing Mai's anguish.

Mai: "I can't do it another way. That is how I have done it my whole life. I've tried other ways and I just can't do it."

Klay: let go of her hand and held her face with both his hands to make her look at his eyes. "Then lucky for you, I am making a living training people."

Mai: her eyes trembled for the first time. "I guess so." she whispered.

Klay: "So, if you wanted I could teach you." he blinked and got a distressed look on his face. He let his hands drop and he stepped back from her. "Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." he mumbled.

Mai: "You didn't scare me, I would like very much for you to teach me but if I can't learn then I am sorry in advance for I know I will fail." She took a step forward and kissed him

Klay: he kissed her back. "You could always just use my power and melt their brains out. That can be done from a distance."

Mai: she shivered, "That's okay."

Klay: stroked her arm. "Or" he shrugged. Melting brains wasn't for everyone.

Mai: "I feel like every time I go to work I am unfaithful to you. It is something I know I shouldn't do but do it anyways. Like I can't stop. I don't deserve you Klay. And no matter what I do it gets worse." she spoke of her problems to him for the first time.

Klay: "Mai." he said softly, "That can't be. I gave you permission to work as you saw fit. Not influencing your past life before I came. You shouldn't let it bother you now."

Mai: "Still, it feels wrong. To know that perhaps I tricked you into marrying me just like everyone else only this time it is a worse hades because you have to live with me."

Klay: laughed slightly, "Yes, I am in so much pain living with you." he shook his head. Seriously? He thought he was the one giving her troubles because he wasn't as clean as she was.

Mai: "I know you are Klay." she looked down.

Klay: shook his head. "Only a joke." He paused, "But what do you mean, everyone else? Have you been married before Mai?" he smiled slightly.

Mai: "No, I have never been married."

Klay: he hugged her. "Feel better Mai. I hope you do. Because without you, I'm troubled too."

Mai: hugged him back reluctantly. "I'm so sorry Klay." she whispered as fresh tears slid down her cheeks.

Klay: "Sorry about what, my Mai? You have nothing to be sorry about as far as I am concerned. Like I said, I was only joking about the being in pain part. It would be more your style to be in pain living with a dirty person like me."

Mai: "You're not that bad."

Klay: "Well, whatever you choose Mai, I do love you. Okay? Just make it a choice that brings you happiness also." he released the hug and stepped back.

Mai: nodded, "Ok."

Klay: kissed her again.

Mai: kissed him back.

Klay: "So what do you wish to do, Mai?"

Mai: "Anything you want to."

Klay: "No," he chuckled lightly, "I mean, about your job. With your job you aren't going to quit, I hope. Maybe I could take all of the male assassin jobs from now on, and you can take the female ones. Would that help out? Even a little." He asked her softly.

Mai: "I'll be fine. I just have to learn."

Klay: nodded. Apparently that was all he could do for now.

Mai: hugged him.

Klay: "I don't like to see you sad, Mai."

Mai: she nodded, "I know and I don't do it one purpose; being sad, that is. I try to be anything except sad, but sometimes I just get like that."

Klay: "It's alright Mai. It happens." He went and sat on the couch again. "I see the Director left. So I guess he didn't have to talk to me." He shrugged. "He doesn't like me very much anymore I assume. And you'd think he wouldn't mind- seeing as how I am a good assassin, and so are you. So we fit well in that regard. Not like you married an incompetent fool." He picked up his wood to finish carving it.

Mai: she sat down beside him, "It wasn't about you that he was unhappy. It was me. We got it worked out though I believe." She watched him for a long time, fascinated that a person could make something so beautiful out of what was originally just a block of wood. She loved to watch him do this and she always watched, whether he knew it or not. But because they were mentally connected, she figured that he did know, which was okay she supposed.

Klay: "I'll call him later. Talk to him." He flashed Mai his smile, "Took me a couple hundred years practice to get this good at carving. Do you want me to make you a certain type? Like a cat or a carving of a person?"

Mai: "A cat's cool." She said, though she had never touched one or seen one before.

Klay: smirked, "You've seriously never seen a cat before?"

Mai: smiled, "Seriously."

Klay: set down his stuff, "Well, I guess I know a thing or two more than you thanks to the fact that I've lived on Earth for so long." He looked out the window. "I know it's dark outside now, but if you want, you and I could go touring. I could show you a thing or two. Then we can have a camp out, my Mai, with a tent and s'mores and all. If you'd like. Either go now, or we can wait until morning and spend the whole day touring. It's up to you my Mai." He looked back at her.

Mai: "We can go now." She said excited.

Klay: nodded and smiled, "Then go get together what you wish to bring with you, love."

Mai: smiled, "Already done."

Klay: smiled back, "Let's go then." He took her hand, pocketed his knife, and stepped outside with her.

Mai: walked with him. This would be interesting, she thought. She had never been touring a city. Only get in and get out without looking around. Now however, she could take the time to look around.

Klay: "Maybe hit the town in the morning. Right now, let's find a mountain to camp in. Or a forest. Your choice." He held Mai's hand and using the teleportation power Mai has, he teleported them to the mountains.

Mai: "Mountains are good." She looked around, "Wow."

Klay: "Let's find us a mountain lion." He walked ahead.

Mai: nodded and walked with him. "I don't know what those look like either."

Klay: "A domestic cat- ones humans keep as pets- is about this big." He showed a size span with his hands. "However, a mountain lion- which is also in the cat family- is about this big," he motioned again to show her the difference in sizes. "Like an over grown domestic house cat."

Mai: "That's interesting."

Klay: "But these cats aren't nice." He jumped into a tree and walked across the branches instead of the ground.

Mai: "Good."

Klay: laughed, "Good? You like not nice animals?" he asked as he jumped through the trees.

Mai: "They're okay but I like dangerous things."

Klay: "I'll have to remember that."

Mai: shrugged. She grabbed onto a nearby tree branch. Going around like a gymnast until she was walking on the top limb of every tree.

Klay: watched her, "I weigh too much to do that." He called up loudly to her, likely scaring any hope of spotting a mountain lion or any animal for that matter, away. "I'd break the branch." He always figured Mai weighed like a feather, and now he had proof.

Mai: jumped down in a back flip, "No you wouldn't. You're not that heavy."

Klay: "Heavier than you. At least, I hope." He flexed his arm muscles.

Mai: smiled and rubbed her hand over his muscles, "I'm sure you do."

Klay: jumped out of the tree and onto the ground beside Mai, pulling her into a kiss.

Mai: kissed him back. She wrapped her arms around his neck.

Klay: "Listen," he put his finger to her lips and became silent. You could hear the sounds of the forest. Leaves rustling, branches crunching under the steps of animals on the forest floor; birds singing, and small animals skittering up trees and across the forest floor.

Mai: smiled, listening.

Klay: "Come on." He ran off into the trees in one direction.

Mai: followed him closely behind.

Klay: stopped at a cliff face. He pointed to the edge, "Look down. Carefully now." He held her arm tightly in his hand in case she slipped. He made sure he held her so that she wouldn't fall.

Mai: looked over the edge.

Down below was a pack of lioness cats and their cubs, along with one lion.

Mai: smiled, 'They're so cute.' She told him mentally.

Klay: nodded, "That they are." He agreed.

Mai: "It makes me want to pet them."

Klay: "Then come on." He ran down the hill that led to the bottom of the cliff face, into the valley where the cubs were located.

Mai: slid down the rock with ease.

Klay: caught her at the bottom, "Show off." He teased her.

Mai: smiled, "Always."

Klay: "I'll keep them tame." He tapped his head after he set Mai down, "You just have fun. See what one type of Earth cat is like." He smiled and turned toward the cubs.

Mai: walked up to the lion and started petting his mane. She hummed a little tune that calmed the beast.

Klay: smiled slightly, petting the cubs. They were so cute, just as Mai had said, and so soft.

Mai: smiled, "So cute." She repeated.

Klay: "Do you want to sleep in a cave tonight? Or a tent, my Mai?" he asked her, while still looking at the cats.

Mai: "Cave."

Klay: "Let's find one then. I am sure there are plenty of caves in the mountain." He stood and vanished with Mai, using her powers.

Mai: looked around the cave, "Nice." She commented.

Klay: "Creepy." He listened to the dripping water.

Mai: "Cool."

Klay: laughed, "You're silly."

Mai: laughed, "How so?"

Klay: "You think that a dark, creepy cave is 'cool'. We should just have camped out in a graveyard."

Mai: smiled, "That's fun."

Klay: nodded, "I have to agree. Graveyards are peaceful." He looked outside, "We'll go to a pet shop in town tomorrow to see some cats, that is."

Mai: smiled, "Cool."

Klay: "You really like that word, don't you?" he smirked at her.

Mai: laughed, "I do."

Klay: knelt down by a rock pit and gathered dry leaves. He started to make a fire in the cave.

Mai: "I can go get some wood if you want."

Klay: "Go ahead love, but be careful of the mountain cats." He answered, focused on what he was doing.

Mai: went to get wood.

Klay: stood. He decided to go walking around the cave while Mai was gone.

Mai: came back within five minutes.

Klay: was nowhere to be seen.

Mai: "Klay!" she yelled in the cave.

There was no answer. Mai's words echoed back to her.

Mai: mentally grabbed on to him and teleported to him.

Klay: "Mai, what are you doing here? Yea, at least you came down easily. I had to fall." He looked up. They were in a large hole. It was dark where they stood, and large so much that they could not feel the walls. "This is what happens when I decide to explore things."

Mai: snapped her fingers, causing light.

The walls were packed dirt. There was a small crawl space on one wall.

Klay: smiled mischievously, "Oh, awesome!" he got down on his stomach and started to crawl into the small hole.

Mai: crawled on her hands and knees.

Klay: "Are you afraid of bugs Mai?" there was humor in his voice.

Mai: "Not really, but maybe."

Klay: "Are you afraid of the dark?" it was a long tunnel, he could see that from looking ahead with what little light there was from what Mai made.

Mai: shook her head, "Nope."

Klay: smiled, "Good." He wondered where this tunnel led.

Mai: continued to follow him.

There was a drop and both of them fell down it, deeper into the hole, landing on the ground hard.

Klay: flipped over just in time to catch Mai.

The walls and ceiling around and above them sparkled with a thousand glitters of diamonds and rubies and emeralds and sapphires.

Mai: "Wow."

Klay: "I wonder what this place is." He made no effort to stand just yet, too busy looking around in awe.

Mai: "Maybe it's just a jewel mine."

Klay: "For who though?"

Mai: "I don't know."

Klay: got up and went to the wall. He pulled a jewel from the wall. "For you Mai." He held it to her.

Mai: took it, "Thanks."

But she couldn't take it. Her hand went through Klay, like he was a hologram. The jewel was real though, and Mai could hold it in her hand.

Mai: "Klay what's wrong with you?" she tried to touch him?

Klay: "Hmmm?" he watched Mai's hand, "I...have no idea." He said confused as he saw what happened.

Mai: stepped back, "Where's my real husband?" she said suddenly.

Klay: pointed to himself, "" he looked confused, wondering what she meant.

Mai: nodded slowly, figuring she'd let this play out. "Right."

Klay: sighed, "You don't believe me? Shall I relate some embarrassing moments that I would only know about you from sharing a mind?" he lifted an eyebrow.

Mai: "No thanks."

Klay: walked through a wall.

Mai: sat on the floor.

Klay: walked back through, "Mai come here! There's kitties!"

Mai: "I can't. I'm not a hologram."

Klay: "Then become one."

Mai: "Why?"

Klay: "It's fun?" he said, as if he wasn't too sure himself. He walked back and forth through Mai's body.

Mai: "But what if it's not reversible?"

Klay: "Fine. I'll never be able to kiss you again."

Mai: sighed and closed her eyes. She touched one of the jewels on the rock wall.

She became a hologram too.

Mai: examined her skin.

Klay: smiled. He touched her face, "Hey, it works."

Mai: smiled slightly.

Klay: motioned for her to follow him. He walked through the wall again.

Mai: followed him.

It opened up to a grand glass and ice built room. Large and small cats of all kinds walked through the room into other parts of the underground place.

Mai: "Wow."

A tiger tried to attack Mai, but his claw went through her hologram body. It roared in her face.

Mai: instead of being scared, she laughed. She knew the animal could not hurt her.

Klay: "I guess that explains the hologram bodies."

Mai: smiled and nodded.

There were three hologram girls who walked into the large room; women, not young children or teenagers. They almost seemed to float on the ground, not walk. It looked graceful.

One girl went down and pet the top of a large cats head. The cat purred. She didn't seem to notice Klay or Mai.

Klay: whispered to Mai, "If she is a hologram, how can she pet it?"

Mai: "I don't know." She whispered back.

The girl turned her head, seeing them now; her eyes burning. "Seize them!" she ordered.

The next thing Klay and Mai knew, they were in a dungeon.

Klay: "Huh?"

Mai: "What just happened?"

Klay: "We've been imprisoned, apparently."

Mai: nodded, "Obviously."

Klay: tried to teleport out. It didn't work. He tried to walk through a wall, and it was blocked.

Mai: scanned the wall.

Klay: "I guess this is like camping in a cave..." he spoke just to say something.

Mai: "Yea." She sighed.

Klay: "Sorry." He sighed also, "It's my fault for exploring."

Mai: "It's alright."

Klay: "I guess it's alright." He agree, "As long as nothing happens to us." He leaned again the wall, hands in his pockets.

Mai: "It could be worse." She tried to climb the wall and then jumped down.

Klay: "How so?"

Mai: "We could be tortured right now."

Klay: walked over to her, slow like, and took his hands out of his pockets. He brushed the hair form Mai's face and then suddenly he started to tickle her. "Like this?" he smiled.

Mai: giggled, "Yeah."

Klay: "Or they could torture you like this..." he kissed her, "That'd be pure agony for you." He smirked and kissed her again.

Mai: smiled and kissed him back.

Two minutes after that, Klay vanished. And it wasn't his own doing because he had tried to teleport out earlier and failed. Someone had taken him out of the room.

Mai: her joy was halted as his disappearance. She screamed, "No!"

The door to the dungeon came open. A girl with long silver hair and bright blue eyes stood there. "Hello Mai." She smiled at her, "My name is Chahla."

Mai: looked at her and stepped back, tripping backwards and falling, "Hello."

Chahla: looked at Mai from head to toe slowly analyzing her. Her eyes were bored, "Well, we expected someone to drop to us, but who knew it'd be someone like you. I guess you'll have to do. Come with me." She turned swiftly, her long hair flowing behind her as she walked back down the dark hall and out to the light, leaving the dungeon door open so Mai could follow.

Mai: scrambled to her feet and followed her, "Where's my husband?"

Chahla: "Places." She said coolly, a smirk to her lips slightly as she walked ahead. "Keep up darling." She giggled. It was a cold sound. "You would think someone like you would have better agility."

Mai: "Only when one isn't being held prisoner." She said, catching up to Chahla and keeping up with her.

Chahla: "Too bad. You're in my house now." She said as she walked through a wall.

Mai: followed her through the wall.

It opened up to a room of science gadgets and scientists.

Mai: narrowed her eyes.

Chahla: "Oh don't worry. We just use those on people who are...difficult.

Mai: "What do you want me for, exactly?" she asked Chahla.

Chahla: turned to look at her, stopping walking. "We want you to find a way to cure us." She said without emotion.

Mai: "To make you solid?"

Chahla: "Yes. And unless you can figure it out, both you and Klay will be stuck down here indifferently." She placed her finger tips lightly on the wall. Her fingers hit the rock and did not go through.

Mai: "Alright, but I need to go home to get my stuff."

Chahla: "Use what we provide you here. If you hit sunlight, as you are now, you dissipate into the air. Never to be heard of or seen again. So you cannot leave, though knowing that, I don't think you want to leave either."

Mai: sighed, "Whatever, though I would like to have my stuff."

Chahla: "Use what we proved you." She repeated to Mai.

Mai: "Yes you've already said that. So what are you going to supply me with?"

Chahla: she looked to the tables around her, at the scientists, "Everything in this room. And if you need solid human subjects to work with, we can provide them for you." She told Mai.

Mai: "Do you have a scanner?"

Chahla: took her over to one, "Yes. All of our materials are a bit old though."

Mai: "Can I use the items I have with me?"

Chahla: "You have items with you? I suppose so..." she looked to the scientists, "I just wonder if they will work or not."

Mai: "They will."

Chahla: "Then do and use what you must."

Mai: took something out of her pocket and pressed a few buttons.

Someone came and pushed Klay into the glass dome in the room, shutting and locking the door securely behind him.

Klay: waved, trying to get Mai's attention. He knocked on the glass, "Mai!"

Mai: looked up, her attention being diverted to her husband. She ran to the glass, "Klay!" she said desperately, pressing her hand to the glass, holding the device in the other hand down at her side.

Klay: "Don't kill anyone, okay? I tried it, and apparently the people don't think it's a mercy here to die."

As Klay spoke, the oxygen reader on the outside of the glass dome sank lower and lower, slowly.

Mai: "Klay!" she cried, "Don't kill him!" she turned and screamed to the people around her.

Chahla: "The prophecies did not say our savior would have a mate."

The oxygen reader stopped in response to Mai's outcries.

Mai: "What are you talking about? Prophecy?"

Chahla: "You don't know what a prophecy is?"

Mai: "I know what one is but I am unfamiliar with what you are referring to."

Chahla: "Leave him," she nodded to Klay, "And I will be glad to show you." she turned and walked away towards the far east door in the room.

Mai: "He won't be hurt will he? Or he won't be killed right?"

Chahla: "Come Mai you are wasting time." she walked through the wall.

Mai: she turned tears still in her eyes. She ran after her.

Klay: pressed his hand to the dome wall and watched her leave. He looked over at the scientists.

When Mai stepped through the wall it was another part of the vast cave her and Klay had been in. Except this part was well lit with lamps. On the walls were ancient drawings.

Chahla: "Hieroglyphics."

Mai: nodded, her eyes scanned them.

It was a story of a girl who fell from the sky.

Chahla: "Once one of them, now one of us." she ran her fingertips lightly over the slick cave wall.

The girl touched the jewel in the forbidden holding. She entered the world of hologram people and solid animals. From there the story played out of the one who found the cure for the people.

One hieroglyphic drawing portrayed the girl in a long white gown, rays of light around her, and she was not burning. Holding out her hand to the people below her as she stood at the top of a pyramid, the dust fell and they also became cured. They were no longer the hologram people, but solid like the animals.

The girl fell...the rock slippery. Not expecting the fall. Who feared falling when you would just go through it as a hologram? The story ended in stark blackness.

Mai: "That can't be me, there has to be some sort of mistake."

Chahla: turned to her, "Did you not fall from the sky?"

Mai: "I fell yes but I am not the one you're waiting for I know a few formulas but not enough to make a hologram a solid person."

Chahla: "You are the one then. We've been waiting too long. We cannot wait anymore. Our children grow tired of living in a world without sunlight."

Mai: she sighed, "Then let me work with my husband and we will figure something out."

Chahla: "The prophecies just show a girl. The man is a liability."

Mai: "He is my HUSBAND. I will not work without him."

Chahla: "You will work without him if his life is on the line."

Mai: "Please. Let him go if he is not a part of this."

Chahla: "We need to be solid, and then he can go. If we are not, he will be trapped down here along with you."

Mai: sighed, she didn't want to lose her husband forever. "Very well."

Chahla: she pointed to another drawing. In it, it showed the girl surrounded by cats of all sorts. "Perhaps they can help you."

Mai: "Now it would just be good if I knew what kind of cats those are."

Chahla: looked at her in disbelief, "How could you not know of cats? They run free down here. They are the only ones who know of our world. We trust them, and they trust us. This is how we knew you were different. The cats do not try to hurt us like they did you, when you came."

Mai: "I know how to calm down the big cats but I don't get out very much." she laughed a dry laugh, "Now I really can't."

Chahla: "You can meet the cats here. Treat them as family and they will treat you the same."

Mai: "How do you treat them as family?"

Chahla: "Here, we all communicate the same."

Mai: "English?"

Chahla: "No. Mind." she tapped her head, and then moved her hand to her heart, "We hear them with our body."

Mai: "Wow this is different."

Chahla: "If you want to pet them..." she walked through a wall, expecting Mai to follow.

Mai: followed.

They entered a bedroom.

Chahla: walked over to the desk by the bed and picked up a white satin glove that reached to the elbow. "Use this." she handed it to Mai delicately.

Mai: took in and slowly put it on

Chahla: "Our own people, the scientists, have gotten as far as making clothing to make us appear solid. The body is a more complex system than clothing, though." she smiled slightly.

Mai: smiled slightly, "I can see how that is the case."

Chahla: looked around, "We need to find you a room. Come." she stepped around the bed and through the back wall.

Mai: followed her again.

Chahla: "This will be your room." it was a fairly decent bedroom, a double bed, and rock walls and ceiling with artificial light that lit the ceiling like stars of the night.

Celine: Mai: "That's a really big bed for one person." she commented sadly.

Chahla: "Do you prefer something smaller?"

Mai: "I probably won't be sleeping anyway so it's fine."

Chahla: "Not sleeping is not good for work."

Mai: "I can't sleep without my husband."

Chahla: nodded slightly, "You keep using this term, 'husband'. What is that you speak of? Another word for mate?"

Mai: nodded, "When two become one soul then they are husband and wife. They share thoughts and feelings."

Chahla: "I would not know what that is like. My people live as cats. If I could not sleep without my mate, I would need a very large bed." she said seriously. "I do not see how becoming one soul is done. How can one connect to a soul?" she questioned Mai truly wondering.

Mai: "It's kind of hard to explain but like my...mate is Kientian so having...physical contact connected us. Though it is different with every species."

Chahla: "Physical contact? Our skin is always covered. Never do we touch. I would not understand how that is done."

Mai: her eyes grew sad a little, "That would be sad."

Chahla: "I would not know because there is nothing to compare it to."

Mai: "He has never held you?"

Chahla: shook her head no.

Mai: looked down, "All the things I have taken for granted." she said to herself.

Chahla: "We don't even see each other."

Mai: "Then how is it you could be...mates?"

Chahla: "During a seasons time, when the rock of the cave grows cooler, and slicker with rain from the world above we do not know, the males of our kind send out cells, much like pollen of a flower. Depending on what reaches us first, that is who the females carry as the cells react with our ovaries to produce life. We never know who our fathers are. It could be one of many, and each child could have a different father."

Mai: her face grew even sadder. "I'm sorry to hear that."

Chahla: "Why?" she asked, tilting her head slightly in wonder.

Mai: "That you don't know who your father is, though I suppose in some respects that is a blessing but I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my step dad."

Chahla: "Go to your mother?"

Mai: "My mom is dead."

Chahla: "I am sorry to hear that." her voice softened, "Perhaps I can speak with the scientists. They do not understand this concept of two souls as one. But if I explain it to them as you have to me, maybe they will give you your husband. We cannot have you lacking on sleep. Lack of sleep means a poor work performance, and we need you to be well rested for us."

Mai: "I would appreciate that."

Chahla: "Let me go speak with them now then." she nodded to Mai and left the room through the wall.

There was a closet to the left of the bed, a small closet with one set of men's pajamas, and one set of women's pajamas. One size fits all.

Mai: she looked over to the sets of clothes seeing the men's close, she wished Klay would be with her right now. She was so scared. But she had to be strong she reminded herself, strong as a warrior.

A couple hours later, Chahla returned through the wall with Klay at her side.

Klay: "Mai. Finally!" he smiled and pulled her to him and kissed her. "I missed you."

Chahla: observed them thoughtfully. She did not notice her fingertips lightly brush her own lips in reaction to her own thoughts.

Mai: "I missed you to." she kissed him back, wrapping her arms around him, there were tears that came to her eyes again, "I was worried about you." she whispered to him. "I love you Klay."

Klay: "Well, someone startled me so I killed them. Then...well...that got me on everyone's bad side." he looked to Chahla, "Except maybe her." he smiled at Mai and kissed her forehead, "I love you too. No need to worry as long as you feel me in here." he pressed his finger lightly to her forehead.

Mai: smiled, "I do, always. I want it to remain that way." she laid her head on his chest.

Chahla: "Love? Like us to the cats, or a mother to her child?" she found herself asking.

Mai: nodded, "Yeah sort of like that only it's a lot stronger."

Chahla: "I could not imagine a love stronger than a bond between a woman and her baby."

Klay: looked over at Chahla weirdly.

Mai: smiled slightly at Klay, "They live a lot different than us." she explained. She looked back to Chahla, "It exists trust me. If you find the right one." she looked back up at Klay.

Klay: "I...see. Apparently, if they think killing people is a crime." he whispered in her ear.

Chahla: nodded to Mai, she glanced between them. "I should let you two retire for the night." she paused, "Do you wish to have separate beds?"

Klay: "No..." he said slowly, wondering who in the world would ask such a question.

Chahla: "Well, good night then. The pajamas provided will keep you on top of the mattress rather than falling through it. But be sure to change in the morning, or else you cannot leave your room. As you've noticed, there are no workable doors here. To leave and enter, you must be able to pass through a wall."

Mai: "Thank you Chahla, for everything."

Chahla: "You are most welcome, savior to our kind." she left through the wall again.

Klay: "Interesting nickname you have. And interesting friends." he stepped back from her and changed into the pajamas in the closet provided for males.

Mai: "I guess I am supposed to make it to where they are solid." she changed as well.

Klay: "How will you manage that?" he sat on the bed slowly, testing. When he did not fall through he climbed fully on and got under the covers.

Mai: "I don't know yet but I did take theoretical science so it shouldn't be so hard."

Klay: "Yes, you are very smart." he complimented. "And remember everything like I, so it shouldn't be hard for you I'd believe."

Mai: climbed beside him, "Thank you. Though I will need your help to sometimes."

Klay: snorted, "Yea, if they let me help. They don't seem to like me much even before I killed someone. Is it because I am male? Most the people here are female, and I am not counting the many cats I've seen."

Mai: "I don't know, maybe. This world is so different."

Klay: "We aren't in Kansas anymore." he commented.

Mai: giggled and nodded, "You're right."

Klay: "So, besides missing me, and finding out you were a savior to the people, or are supposed to be, how was your day?" he asked, looking at her.

Mai: "It was interesting. Besides all the things that happened to you how was your day?"

Klay: "First of all, did you feel the need to clean anything?"

Mai: "No, not really."

Klay: smiled, "Then my day was perfect."

Mai: giggled again, "Wow your day is dependant if I was able to get through it without wanting to clean something."

Klay: nodded, "Yes. I am so surprised. After all, this is an underground cave. VERY dirty." he pointed out.

Mai: shrugged, "You're here with me and I know no one will hurt me so I don't have to get my worries out by cleaning."

Klay: "Well, except on some days when you have a bad day at work." he remembered.

Mai: looked down, "Yeah."

Klay: kissed her temple, "But you are right," he whispered into her ear softly, "I am here for you, to love and protect you, for eternity."

Mai: smiled slightly, "I'll hold you to that. Forever."

Klay: "I'll take you up on that challenge." he smiled slightly back.

Mai: smiled, "Good I would like to test you." she kissed him again.

Klay: kissed her back, "Go ahead my Mai. No one is stopping you." he continued to kiss her.

Mai: continued to kiss him unstopping.

Klay: "You know...what I want right now?" he said between kisses.

Mai: "What?"

Klay: "Ice cream."

Mai: "That sounds good."

Klay: grabbed her legs and slid her down the bed, so Mai rested on her back flat, the pillow under her head. He looked down at her, "Yes," he smiled slightly, "And use you as the plate."

Mai: smiled, "You could though I don't know how good of a plate I would be. Very lumpy to be sure."

Klay: "Yes. Around this area." he circled her chest with his index finger.

Mai: she laughed softly. "Yeah. Someone might accidently bite me because that stuck out."

Klay: "Oh, I'd bite you. But it wouldn't be on accident." he smirked.

Mai: smiled, "Oh really?"

Klay: "Yes really." he smiled back, "In that I do not lie."

Mai: "I don't believe you." she challenged.

Klay: "If I took your shirt off to prove to you I speak truth, you'd fall through the bed." he smirked.

Mai: smiled, "That's a pity. Though if you just undo the front then I won't fall through the bottom."

Klay: "Yep. Guess I'm off the hook...that could work." he interrupted himself listening to the rest of Mai's sentence.

Mai: smiled and nodded.

Klay: "But I have no ice cream."

Mai: "That could be a problem."

Klay: "Is it?"

Mai: "I don't know, is it? You're the smart one."

Klay: chuckled, "'s not a real problem." he began to undo her shirt buttons, from bottom to top.

Mai: "I love you so much Klay." she said as she kissed him.

Klay: kissed her back, "Kissing me occupies my mouth. Do you want to kiss me or do you want me to do this thing?"

Mai: "Sorry, I'll be good." she promised.

Klay: smiled at her, "Thank you." he finished unbuttoning her shirt.

Mai: smiled. "You're welcome. Anything for you."

Klay: "Apparently so, if you are letting me do this." he lowered his lips to her chest and kissed her.

Mai: "Why wouldn't I?" she smiled watching him. She giggled softly.

Klay: "That is the question of the day." he tilted his head to the side and just laid it there. He closed his eyes, "Mmm, nice pillows for sleep."

Mai: smiled slightly.

Klay: stayed like that.

Mai: "Good-night Klay."

Klay: "I'll bite you later. Promise." he said softly.

Mai: "Ok, I'll wait."

Klay: "Sleep well my Mai. I know I will." he wrapped his arms around her waist, pressing his hands under the shirt and against her bare back.

Mai: smiled, "So will I, Love you Klay. Good-night." she closed her eyes.

Klay: "Love you too my dear." he said sleepily.


Mai: woke up slowly, she felt for Klay where he had been last night on her chest. She groaned a little.

Her hands touched his hair. He was still there, sleeping soundly.

Mai: smiled slightly, she was still so tired, maybe she could close her eyes for just a few more minutes.

Chahla: came through the wall. She was about to say something to Mai but then stopped when she saw the scene. She stared at it, wondering what was going on. "Is this how you mate?" she asked Mai quietly.

Mai: "Not exactly, but it's a start." she whispered softly, her eyes still closed.

Where Klay lay it covered any exposed skin of Mai's.

Chahla: nodded, "I...see. How is it done, then?" she still whispered. "For you and your people."

Mai: "Well there is a lot of kissing and such and then you end up not wearing clothes next to each other." she rubbed his head, "Klay hun I have to get up."

Chahla: "Do you not get cold?"

Klay: "Mmmm..." he grunted in protest.

Mai: shook her head, "You keep each other warm." she laughed, "Klay come on now." she whispered in his ear and then kissed it.

Chahla: "If you wish to sleep more that is fine. You are the one who chooses when you work. It is when you feel your best." she explained quickly to Mai.

Klay: "Don't...move..." he snuggled closer to her.

Mai: "I think, I'll stay here for a bit longer, I'm still tired." she smiled down at her husband. "I'm not going to." she promised him.

Klay: was silent again, fully asleep.

Chahla: "Is this supposed to be...private? I just wonder how it is you do keep each other warm. We use clothes for warmth, and blankets. And heat from fire."

Mai: "Well, it would probably be wise to go when he wakes up so he don't freak but I welcome the company. Usually you use each other's body heat."

Chahla: "You say this is not how you mate, though. Would I be able to watch then when you do mate? Since you don't mind company."

Mai: "I don't know if Klay would like that too much, it might be a little awkward for him."

Chahla: "I am not sure what would be awkward. I do not know what would be happening."

Mai: smiled slightly, "It's like walking in on someone when they are using the bathroom."

Chahla: her face reddened, "Oh. I see."

Mai: "Yeah."

Chahla: "I guess I shall never know then."

Mai: "When you find someone you will know."

Chahla: "But I was never taught how it is you sky people do things. I only know the ways of my world."

Mai: "Well when you become whole and are able to meet the surface then you will know I'm sure it will be like second nature."

Chahla: "What will be like second nature? Knowing, or mating?"

Mai: "Mating."

Chahla: shook her head slightly no, "I fear not. I possibly may not fit in, and live down here the rest of my life even when I am solid."

Mai: "No one truly fits in on the surface."

Chahla: "I should let you rest. I am through that wall-" she pointed to the one in front of the foot of the bed, "When you wish to see me." she curtsied slightly, "Thank you for your wealth of knowledge." she left through the wall behind her, the one to the side of the bed that Mai and Klay slept on.

Mai: "Okay." She said sleepily and yawned, and then fell asleep under her husband.


Klay: opened his eyes. He smiled and turned his head to press his lips to Mai's chest. "Baby doll," he breathed lightly on her skin, his lips movement gently caressing her, "Wake up..." he figured now would be a good time to...bite her. A wake up call. He opened his mouth and moved his teeth to her right chest and bit her, gently, just to wake her up but not to hurt her.

Mai: a small smile touched her lips, "Getting some breakfast?" she opened her eyes and looked at him.

Klay: shook his head slightly side to side. He leaned up, "Oh, I'd eat you if I could my love. But right now I am just tasting as much of you as I can." He smirked and licked her left chest, dragging his tongue from her chest up to her collarbone, and then he kissed the hollow from the collarbone to her throat.

Mai: brought his face to his and kissed him.

Klay: smiled and kissed her back, "Better get dressed my Mai." He kissed her once more before he got up and got dressed for the day back in his clothes.

Mai: got up after him and got dressed. She took his hand.

Klay: "Do you have to meet that girl somewhere for work?"

Mai: "Chahla? Yes, through there." She pointed.

Klay: walked through the wall with Mai in tow.

Chahla: was sitting on her bed reading. She looked up, "You are done mating?" she asked Mai.

Mai: giggled.

Klay: looked at Mai, "I don't understand what is so funny."

Chahla: she noticed their hands together, "Is holding hands always an after effect of your type of mating?"

Mai: "I'm sorry." she said as she calmed down. "Not always, it depends on the type of people."

Chahla: "What does it signify? I can only think of a mother who holds her child's hand for restraint to keep them from doing bad."

Mai: "It in a way signifies the bond that a husband and wife share. That is can be as strong or as weak as they want. That if they will it, nothing could tear them apart."

Chahla: nodded, "Your ways are very strange...yet intriguing."

Klay: "Oh, so now our hands are glued together forever? Great. I should have washed it first." his lips twitched as he looked at Mai. "Gonna be hard to assassinate people with one hand."

Mai: "Some of them are strange but I guess it's just how you live." she looked to Klay, "That is why you were given the other hand." she teased.

Klay: "And what if I do this?" he reached his hand over to take Mai's other hand in his free hand. He lifted an eyebrow watching her.

Chahla: nodded slowly.

Mai: smiled, "Then I suppose then we can't do much of anything but we'd still be happy."

Klay: nodded, "I guess so. Fired, but happy." he kissed her forehead then looked over at Chahla.

Chahla: "Does that not feel weird. That moment when your skin touched another's?"

Mai: smiled, she looked up at him. "I can't get fired, the director is my father." she looked over at Chahla. "No, the kind from the surface and beyond its a normal part of life to touch someone. Including poking."

Chahla: "After the women give birth, no longer does skin touch. It is always covered with clothing." she tilted her head wonderingly, "Poking?"

Klay: "So you make me lose my job...thanks. You're a wonderful wife." he blew on her face.

Mai: giggled, "Yeah it's where. Here let me show you. If I may that is."

Chahla: "Sure." she nodded, not knowing what it was.

Klay: "You can't poke her. Our hands are glued together remember?"

Mai: "They are not glued silly." she rolled her eyes at him, "Though if you want them to be glued I can go get superglue and then they will be like that until it wears off." she walked over letting Klay decide if he wanted to come or not and poked her. "That is a poke."

Chahla: watched her, following where Mai touched her body to poke her, she made no reaction, "Odd...what is the point of poking?" she looked back up at Mai.

Klay: crossed his arms over his chest and watched them. "Yes, and you can do it a repeated number of times to annoy someone if you want." he wondered where this was heading, "Seriously, you two talk about strange subjects."

Mai: "I'm not really sure."

Chahla: "You do things in your world without knowing what it is done for?"

Mai: "Well sometimes it's to get someone's attention or like Klay said to annoy them or just for fun."

Chahla: "I don't believe I have ever been...annoyed."

Mai: "You have never felt frustration?"

Chahla: "We get angry."

Klay: "Yes. I know you do." he rolled his eyes.

Mai: looked back, "Klay be nice." she looked back, "It's like getting angry though more calm and controlled."

Chahla: nodded, "I see..." she smiled slightly at Mai.

Klay: "I am nice..."

There were two scientist men that came in the room, "We must take the man back now." they nodded to Klay.

Klay: looked back at them.

Mai: "Why?" her happiness was suddenly gone into worry.

Scientist: "He cannot help you. The prophecy must come out as it was foretold."

Chahla: "They won't hurt him Mai," she assured her. "You will see him tonight again if you wish to have him back for sleep."

Mai: "I'm sorry hon. I guess I will see you tonight." she kissed him again.

Scientist: looked at Mai weirdly.

Klay: "Okay..." he hugged Mai.

Chahla: looked at the scientist, "It's a long story."

Scientist: "I bet it is. Come along now."

Klay: nodded and gave Mai's hand a gentle squeeze before leaving with the two men.

Mai: watched him go, she sighed sadly, this was getting to be just like prison.

Chahla: looked at Mai, "I have never seen someone so attached to another in my life. Does this happen often where you live, or are you two just an abnormality?"

Mai: smiled slightly, "The galaxy and beyond is full of people like us. Well, not exactly assassins but different kinds. I guess for assassins we are different."

Chahla: "Assassins?" she said, trying out the word.

Mai: nodded, she looked at her, "You kill people for a living."

Chahla: her face grew horrified. "That is unheard of here! Your people condone that?"

Mai: debated, "With the right reasons I suppose, which is why my Klay acted the way he did. I would have done the exact same thing if I was in his case."

Chahla: "Our people die of natural causes. There have been rare cases where one kills another but that person loses their life in return. Klay was about to be killed for it."

Mai: looked sad again, "I know. My husband isn't the same as me, he needs air to breath."

Chahla: "We thought so. If the prophecies are correct, then we know of your species. But your mates species we do not know."

Mai: "Do you know the name of it or what it is like? I mean I could be the wrong person."

Chahla: thought about it a moment, "The prophecies predict a Sera girl."

Mai: nodded slowly, "Yup. Though I wonder why it was me I mean there are so many other people that are more capable than I am."

Chahla: "That I cannot answer for you."

Mai: "Now if my husband can't help me can I call someone to get an equation?"

Chahla: "You can work with our scientists."

Mai: "I'm going to take that as a no." she took out the jewel out of her pocket. "What is your secret?" she murmured to it.

Chahla: her eyes widened, "You brought that with you? How?" she backed up a step, afraid to touch it.

Mai: "Why? What's wrong with it? Other then it obviously turns you into a hologram. I just put it in my pocket." she shrugged. "No biggie."

Chahla: "But the...jewels are solid. My people have never been able to take it out of the Forbidden room. We've never been able to get it to test."

Mai: "How interesting."

Chahla: "You've brought it...perhaps you can test it. You are the one."

Mai:"Maybe." she said softly, she held it in her hand for a moment. Then it was a hologram to. "Cool."

It changed back to solid.

Chahla: watched her for a moment before she snapped out of it, "Come, we need you to speak with the scientists." she walked through a wall.

Mai: pocketed the jewel and went with her.

They went back to the room where all the scientists were.

Klay: was doing pushups in the glass dome where he was held once again.

Chahla: walked over to a scientist, "She has a jewel."

Scientist: "From...the room?"

Chahla: "Yes." she turned to face Mai, stepping aside for her to show him.

Mai: took it out of her pocket, she showed it to them.

Scientist: slipped on a glove and held out a hand, "May I?"

Mai: handed it to him, "Careful."

Scientist: nodded, "Yes." he tried to hold it, but even then the jewel passed through his glove to make his skin appear solid. "I guess that answers that question." he removed the glove which just left him wearing his normal clothing cover.

Mai: she looked at it, "It is a very strange stone in that it can be solid or can be hologram like depending on the host."

Scientist: "We have never been able to get it in here to test. But perhaps now that you have, and you can hold it, maybe you can test it?"

Mai: nodded, "Perhaps however, I'll need some test tubes and some...Hydronuclaic acid."

Scientist: "We have that." he turned and spoke to another scientist who walked off. Coming back, he handed it to the first scientist who set it on a smooth metal table next to Mai for her. "There you are."

Mai: "Thank you." she gave them the motion to wait a moment. She walked over to Klay, "Hon do you have a syringe?"

Klay: stood, "In my backpack. But they took that from me." he said from the other side of the glass.

Mai: "Did you see where they put it?"

Klay: turned and looked around. He pointed to a wall straight ahead of Mai, on the other side of the glass.

It was hanging on a rack on the rock wall.

Mai: "Thanks." she walked over and pulled out a syringe. She walked back over to the table and put some in it and flicked it getting all of the bubbles out. She dropped a few drops on the rock and it glowed. She pulled some paper out of her pocket and started writing down formula's.

Chahla: "What is it you are testing? What does the glowing mean?"

Mai: "I am testing to see why it reacts to some and not to others if it is just the host or the form of the matter. The glowing means that the host has to be somehow at least partially solid." she looked at Chahla, "When someone kills someone else how is it done? Lack or air, stabbing, or slicing?"

Chahla: "I suppose we can be killed like any other. The hologram people do not slip through other hologram people. Like your mate Klay, he snapped the woman's neck. There have been occasions where one has been stabbed to die."

Mai: nodded, she thought for a moment. "If we could somehow harness the energy from these jewels and get them to stay solid then that would be our ticket out of there."

Chahla: "How could that be done?" she asked, leaning forward on the table, "Can it be done?" she was getting a bit excited.

Mai: nodded, "Anything is possible." she thought for a moment and then something struck her. "Dust."

Scientist: "Dust?" he asked confused.

Mai: nodded, "I never thought I would ever say this but we need dust."

Klay: burst into hysterical laughter, so much he fell to the floor holding his sides.

Chahla: looked over at him weirdly and a bit concerned.

Mai: "Ha ha. Very funny Klay."

Scientist: "There is dust all over here. It is a cave underground after all." he nodded to another scientist who walked off to get some dust.

Klay: continued to laugh.

Mai: she shook her head, "This is crazy."

Chahla: "What is crazy?" she asked, looking back at Mai.

Mai: "The thing that will help all of you is the thing I hate the most."

Chahla: smiled slightly, "Oh yes. I fogot about that. One is helped to stall their fears by using it to cure another."

Mai: she stuck her tongue out at Klay.

Klay: stuck his tongue back at her.

Chahla: shook her head side to side, smiling slightly.

Scientist: returned with a bag of dust, "Here you are madam Mai."

Mai: "Thanks." she took it and sprinkled some of the dust on the rock and picked it up. She concentrated on the power of the rock. Slowly she became solid.

There was murmurs of people around her.

"It's working."

"That fast?"

"Yes, it's working, watch." one person pointed.

Klay: his laughter stopped, he was just smiling at her now. He was proud of her.

Mai: "Chahla, here try."

Chahla: "You mean, hold it?" she asked in awe.

Mai: nodded, "You will become solid."

Chahla: held her hand out to the stone slowly.

Mai: placed it in her hand and covered her fingers over it. "Focus on the energy of the jewel."

Chahla: nodded and closed her eyes, focusing on it.

Slowly she started to become solid.

They let Klay out and he came to her. "Love you did it!" he tried to kiss her cheek but he went right through her.

Chahla: opened her eyes and smiled at them both.

Mai: she laughed and took his hand and made him whole. "There now we can." she kissed him.

Klay: smiled and kissed her back.

Scientist: "I am afraid you need to test it first, to make sure we don't die." he told Mai.

Mai: nodded, "I will though I will need sunlight first."

Scientist: "There is sunlight on the surface. But you need to take the hidden elevator for that." He told Mai.

Mai: "Where is the hidden elevator?"

Scientist: looked to Chahla.

Chahla: nodded, "I can take her. Follow me Mai." She started to walk away.

Klay: "I'm coming with you."

Scientist: shook his head, "No, she must go alone. It is her duty."

Klay: sounded irritated, "Oh screw her duty. I am her husband, and she is my MATE as you people call it. My wife will not be sent to almost danger without me."

Chahla: stopped walking and turned to glance from Klay to the scientist until her eyes rested on Mai silently.

Mai: took Klay's face in her hands, "My dearest Klay, you must stay here. I shall return and until I do I will be here, and here." She shortly put a hand on his forehead and then on his heart. "I love you Klay and always will." She kissed him. "Please stay here until I return."

Klay: smiled slightly, "Yes my dear." He said softly.

Chahla: started to walk away again.

Scientist: "Come sir Klay." He motioned towards the glass dome.

Klay: looked at him. He almost laughed, "Yea, right. Me solid, you not. Just try it."

Scientist: touch the jewel, focusing on its power. He became solid just like Mai, Chahla, and Klay. "There." He said simply and took Klay's arm, dragging him towards the glass dome.

Klay: groaned, walking backwards as he was dragged from behind, "Thanks Mai. Thanks a lot."

Mai: ran after Chahla.

Chahla: led Mai through the doors this time, not the wall. They walked through the foyer, full of cats, all shapes and sizes and kinds. Their eyes followed Mai.

Mai could hear voices in her head.

Mai: listened closer.

'It's the girl, not like the people here.'

'The one you scratched?'

'The one I tried to scratch.'

'Bet you could scratch her now.'

'I wouldn't dare it.'

'Chahla, Chahla!'

Chahla: stopped walking and turned to smile at them, "Hello."

Mai: "I now understand how you can say to be friends with them."

Chahla: "Yes." She walked over and knelt down in front of the cats.

The cats surrounded her and Chahla pet them lovingly.

Mai: smiled slightly. It was her turn to watch in amazement.

'She's a friend?' one cat purred.

Chahla: smiled slightly, "Yes, a dear friend whom me and my people are eternally grateful to."

One cat walked over to Mai and sat in front of her a few feet, watching her with gray, dull eyes.

The other cats just watched, turning their heads to the side.

Mai: smiled slightly, "Hello."

Cat: 'Hello.' It responded. It looked like a small version of a leopard. A Bengal cat.

Chahla: smiled slightly.

One cat bent over to Chahla's ear and whispered, 'Chosen?'

Chahla: "I think so." She smiled and tapped the cats head lightly, standing.

Mai: "May I inquire your name? I'm Mai."

Cat: 'I have not yet received a name. I have not yet found my master. You are...' she purred. 'To name me, Mai.'

Mai: "Me?"

Cat: 'I want you to be my master.'

Mai: thought for a moment, "What do you think of Dishira?"

Dishira: 'Thus it is." She purred and wrapped herself around Mai's legs.

Chahla: walked over to Mai. "You've named her, now she is yours." A cat followed Chahla as she walked over to Mai.

Mai: pet the top of Dishira's head.

Dishira: rubbed her head against Mai's hand, purring loudly.

Chahla: "Come." She continued on to the elevator. Her cat followed her.

Mai: followed. She wondered what would happen if she was wrong and she did die. Would her cat become nameless again?

Chahla: led them down a darkly lit cave hallway. At the end was an elevator.

Dishira: jumped inside it and sat down, curling her tail around her, facing Mai and still purring.

Mai: got inside and knelt down to pet her again.

Chahla: pressed the up button and slowly Mai rose to the top of the cave while Chahla stayed down under the surface with her cat.

It was like a pyramid, the walls becoming more narrow as she reached the top.

Mai: took a deep breath, worried.

The sunlight streamed through the open elevator walls and hit Dishira and Mai.

Dishira: meowed at her, 'You are safe.'

Mai: smiled, "It really worked."

Dishira: "I can return home with you then, after you cure the remaining people."

Mai: "I would be most grateful."

Dishira: jumped up and pressed the down button that was inside the elevator.

Mai: "Thank you."

Dishira: purred.

Mai: hugged her.

Dishira: rubbed her face against Mai's cheek.

Chahla: met them at the hallway with her cat. Her face brightened, "It worked."

Mai: nodded. She walked towards Chahla.

Chahla: "We must gather the people and then we must all be changed." She wondered, "Can we change back?"

Mai: "If you have the stone, yes."

Chahla: "The jewel that makes us solid, you mean?"

Mai: nodded.

Chahla: "We must put it in a safe place then."

Mai: nodded, "Or you could just get another one."

Chahla: "We will need you to make a new one for us then, if needed." They returned to the science room.

Mai: smiled as she entered. She looked for Klay.

Klay: was in the glass dome, breathing hot air on to the glass and drawing designs with his fingers on the steam.

Mai: reached through the dome and pulled him out.

Klay: "Hey! My picture!"

Scientist: watched her, "She mastered both ways." He observed, speaking to himself in awe.

Mai: "When we get home you can make all of the pictures you want." She assured her husband.

Klay: "Fine. Hey, you didn't die."

Mai: nodded, "It works."

Scientist: smiled slightly, "Then we are free."

Everyone who was in the room bowed to Mai.

Klay: "Uh...oh. I'm good at this." He smiled and bowed to her too.

Mai: smiled slightly, a little uneasy. She pet Dishira.

Klay: "Okay I'm done." He stood after three seconds passed.

Mai: took his hand.

Klay: "Can we get back to our vacation now?" he asked Mai.

Scientist: took the jewel to the people, turning one by one solid.

Mai: "In a moment."

Klay: sighed.

Mai: "Please just a moment more."

Klay: "Yes love. I'll occupy myself with the picture." He returned to the glass dome.

Mai: waited, still petting the cat.

Klay: drew his picture.

Dishira: 'What are you waiting for?' she asked Mai.

Mai: "For everyone to be changed."

Dishira: 'Why?'

Mai: "It seems to be the right thing to do."

Dishira: purred in response.

They waited.

After he was done, the Scientist returned with the jewel.

Mai: "Everyone is changed then?" she set Dishira down.

Scientist: "Yes madam."

Mai: "May I have my jewel back?"

Scientist: "We wish to keep it, if that is alright with you."

Mai: sighed, "Yes I suppose. Klay are you ready?"

Scientist: "Did you need it for something?"

Klay: stepped out of the dome.

Mai: "I suppose not. I hope all of you are happy with the surface."

Scientist: "Oh no, we stay here. But if we chose to visit, then yes."

Chahla: watched Mai.

Klay: took Mai's hand in his again.

Mai: "Oh."

Dishira: looked up at Mai from the floor, "Don't forget me."

Mai: "I won't." she promised. She walked over to Chahla, "Bye Chahla. Thank you."

Chahla: nodded slowly, "Good bye Mai. Have fun mating with your strange world."

Klay: "Ummm..." he pulled Mai gently with him as he walked towards the door.

Mai: waved to Chahla.

Chahla: just watched her go. She looked down at her own cat.

Klay: "Which way to this elevator now?" he asked Mai once they exited the room.

Mai: pointed.

Klay: walked that way.

Mai: walked with him to the elevator.

Chahla: called from behind them with quickened footsteps, her cat chasing behind her.

Klay: turned to face her.

Chahla: "Mai," she breathed, "I know I don't know much, but I wish to learn about your world. It sounds...nice. Wonderful even. Please, may I come with you? And my cat?" her eyes were pleading and her voice hopeful.

Mai: "You may come if you wish. Your cat as well of course."

Chahla: "Thank you." She glanced behind her, "Hold on. Please don't leave me." She ran back quickly through the door from where she came.

Her cat stayed there, watching Klay and Mai and Dishira.

Mai: waited.

Klay: "And where will she sleep?" he asked Mai.

Mai: "Well, I have an extra bedroom."

Klay: nodded slowly, "She embarrasses me by her words."

Chahla's cat hissed at him.

Klay: his eyes flicked to it quickly.

Mai: "Klay be nice. She doesn't understand. We are very different."

Klay: said nothing. He walked into the elevator, "She better not complain about our jobs."

Mai: "I hope she is okay with it."

Chahla: returned, "Ready."

Mai: smiled and after she got in she pressed the up button, "It will be so nice to return home." she commented content.

Chahla: "I will miss home." she picked up her cat and held her in her arms, stroking her back softly.

Mai: "Are you sure you want to do this Chahla? You can still turn back if you want."

Chahla: nodded, "Yes. I have my family here." she nodded to her cat. "I wish to see your world. And be in the sunlight."

Mai: smiled and nodded, "Ok." she waited until they reached the surface to get out of the elevator. She looked around.

Klay: "We were sort of on a wife/husband vacation.'ll have to find something else to do."

Chahla: looked frightened, "Be alone here? Do what? Where do I go?"

Mai: "Hon, don't scare her like that."

Klay: "It's only the truth."

Mai: "But saying it like that makes it sound...rude."

Klay: looked to Chahla, "I am sorry miss but now we must part ways. Dearly sorry." looked to Mai, "Better?"

Mai: sighed, "Let's take her to the house first then she can get settled in." she smiled, "And Dishira too."

Chahla: sighed in relief, "Thank you."

Mai: "You're welcome."

Klay: used Mai's teleporting ability and teleported them home.

Mai: "Ok, so I'll show you to your room and everything should be set."

Chahla: followed Mai, she nodded, "I was wondering..." she asked slowly, "Would it be possible for me to go shopping for...clothes and other necessities here, while you two are...away?"

Mai: nodded, "That's fine, I will leave you some money so that you can get the items, if you wish to have someone go with you, you can call my father he can send someone."

Chahla: "I don't know. I wouldn't know them either. Is that safe?"

Mai: nodded, "Tell them Mai told you to call and he will send only the best."

Chahla: "I do not have his phone number."

Mai: scribbled a number on a piece of paper and handed it to her. "There you go."

Chahla: "I do not have a phone either."

Mai: "You can use the one in the kitchen."

Chahla: "Thank you Mai. I swear it I will pay you back what is owed." she felt bad for using so much of hers...the house, the phone, the money.

Mai: "You have already done so and more Chahla." she took out some bills she counted out a thousand. "I think that should be enough but if it isn't there is some in the safe."

Chahla: looked at the weird green paper, "This is...currency for here?" she picked one up with one hand, looking closer at it while holding her cat in the other hand.

Mai: nodded, "That's a grand."

Chahla: nodded slowly, wondering what a grand was. She looked at Mai, "Thank you. I don't wish to bother you anymore if your husband wishes to see you."

Mai: "Well I suppose I should get back to him, I will see you soon." she hugged her one more time before leaving back to Klay.

Chahla: smiled slightly and went and set her cat on the bed. She folded the money and put it in her dress pocket, then looked at the phone number on the piece of paper.

Klay: "Ready love?" he asked her.

Mai: smiled and nodded, "Ready."

Klay: "Hopefully this time we won't get...forced to fulfill prophecy or something." he teleported back to where they had been, but outside of the cave.

Mai: smiled, "Hopefully."

Klay: "Shall we continue our tour then?" he smiled slightly.

Chahla: went to the phone and dialed the number after a few minutes of debating. She wasn't about to walk around in a strange world by herself.

Mai: "Sounds nice."

Director: picked up, "Yes?"

Chahla: "Oh, um...hi, sir. I...was wondering if...well, this may seem strange," she stuttered, "But, um...I need to go shopping and...was wondering if I could escort?" she spoke slowly, slightly nervous.

Klay: took her to the town since it was still morning for a few more hours.