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Chapter 1

He waited patiently outside the office, adjusting his attire and checking his watch. He had been waiting for fifteen minutes already. He noticed that the lady behind the desk was constantly giving him meaningful looks, but he paid no attention to her. In fact, he was used to having people stare at him—it annoyed him at times. Having people praise his attractiveness was not a flatter but rather an insipid comment. Nevertheless, he had to admit—having good looks had proved to help him insurmountable times, such as getting him out of tight situations or getting him what he wanted.

The waiting room smelled of fresh begonias, which were placed in an expensive French vase that sat on the table before him. Sunlight peeked through the curtains and cast a line of brightness on him. He raised an eyebrow to realize that he had become rather pale from being indoors too excessively. He threw away his dissatisfaction and, gripping onto his black folder, went over the list of information a female co-worker had told him.

Itou Masaru, the son of Japan's largest conglomerate's CEO, a meticulous and strict man, brilliant and understanding… Unanimously approved by the Board of Directors for his talent, charisma, and great sense of responsibility… Doubtless going to be promoted to COO soon… Highly praised for being able to extract the most out of employees… Just be polite and everything would go smoothly, or so Tanaka had said.

He took a deep breath, the clean air giving him a surge of confidence that boosted his already-full self-assurance. Promotions came fairly easily for him, but to be recommended for a direct meeting with the CMO so soon—that had most definitely surprised him.

"Shimizu-san," called the lady outside, motioning for him to enter the office with a slender and pale hand. Shimizu Kyourei nodded, stood up, straightened his suit, checked his hair, and then proceeded across the waxed marble flooring. He reached for the mahogany door and turned the cold golden doorknob.

When he entered, he noticed a small look of surprise on the CMO's face before he bowed down politely. Maybe the CMO was a homo, he decided almost instantaneously. Even though he didn't exactly like the idea, he knew it would make things come across smoother if the CMO happened to take interest in his physical appearance. From the corners of his eyes, Kyourei examined the large office. The walls were lined with bookshelves neatly filled with books concerning finance, marketing, and other business-related subjects. The CMO's desk was definitely made from high-quality rosewood, for the scent was very strong. A large, wide-screened monitor sat on the table, and papers were all stacked up in an orderly way. Plants were located in the corners connecting large, carefully polished windows, their branches sticking out artistically. A typical C-level executive's office, he decided.

Kyourei did not realize that he was still bowing until the CMO spoke up, "You may take a seat, Shimizu-kun." His voice was deep, magnetic. Kyourei guessed that Itou was good at singing. Maybe he had often been invited to karaoke parties when he was younger, Kyourei thought absently. He drew out the comfortable-looking chair and handed over his report with both hands before sitting down with a straight back. The CMO flipped through the papers, occasionally eying Kyourei as though he expected something. His black hair was carefully slicked back, and his Armani suit had been ironed well, even under Kyourei's standards.

Itou Masaru was a fairly handsome man, with a good complexion, a strong jaw line, and a trained physique. However, even as Kyourei examined the man, he failed to realize what Itou was expecting—he had no memory of seeing the man before, despite the fact that Itou looked about the same age as he was. He decided to assume that Itou had probably seen him before in the past, and crossed out the premature assumption that Itou was gay.

It was possible that Itou had attended the same university as Kyourei had, or maybe Itou'd had a girlfriend in the University of Tokyo. It would be more plausible if Itou had had a girlfriend or good friend in Toudai while studying abroad, since with the abilities like Itou's, it would be strange if Kyourei had never heard of his name during his university years.

Itou finished viewing Kyourei's report and dropped it on his rosewood table, a pensive look hanging on his face. "Shimizu…Kyourei, correct?" he asked, folding his hands together. A golden ring presided on his ring finger, engraved with artistic markings. Married, most definitely, Kyourei gathered. Again, not surprising for the son of a successful corporation's CEO.

"Yes," confirmed Kyourei, looking straight into the CMO's eyes. This was it. Either approval or rejection would reach his ears.

"Your idea is indeed very intriguing," started Itou, a small smile playing on his lips. "I'd like to hear an elaboration, but I have a meeting in a couple of minutes—would you mind if we talk it over during dinner?" His brown eyes bore into that of Kyourei's, full of the confident vibe that all able leaders held.

"It would be my pleasure," Kyourei calmly replied, inwardly elated that his hard-work had not gone to waste. Afterwards, they struck up a time to meet at a rather high-class Italian restaurant, and then he bowed to excuse himself, exiting the rosewood-scented office with a good mood.

A few minutes later, Hideki called, more concerned about Kyourei's success than Kyourei himself. With suppressed enthusiasm, Kyourei described his meeting with the CMO, including the dinner. "I can't eat dinner with you today," he explained casually, walking back to his working area. "Itou wanted to hear about my ideas, and he only had time tonight. Sorry," he continued.

Hideki wasn't shy about expressing his disappointment. "WHAT? Okay…fine…it's your big chance, right? What 'you say about this Itou guy? What's his full name?"

Kyourei had no idea why Hideki wanted to know, but he told Hideki anyway, "Itou Masaru, son of the CEO Itou Nobuyuki."

There was silence over Hideki's line for a moment. "Do you remember him at all?" he finally asked, sounding almost worried for no apparent reason.

"What, you know him?" Kyourei returned to his seat, typing in the password to his account absently. He nodded thanks to the co-worker who provided him with a fresh cup of warm coffee and held it in his left hand, moving his mouse around to check if there were important e-mails.

"Uh…yeah, I guess. Be careful around that guy…Man, I didn't realize it until now. We did a lot of stupid things in the past and…yeah, you definitely got yourself employed in the wrong company."

"You mean you did a lot of stupid things in the past," Kyourei corrected, still unable to recall who the hell Itou Masaru was. He was sure that he had never seen the man before. He was also confused by Hideki's ambiguous warning anyway—what did he mean, employed in the wrong company? DOKI was the most prominent corporation in Japan, and many people dreamed of becoming employed in such a stable company with a great salary. However, Hideki was unwilling to reveal more of what he had in mind.

Taking small, careful sips of his coffee, Kyourei listened half-heartedly to the perpetual ramblings of Hideki, of his attempts to get Kyourei to hang out with him almost every day, and so on. Sometimes he would jokingly think that Hideki was also a homo, but he'd shrug the preposterous idea off. Hideki was far too proud to be a homo—he probably just wanted Kyourei around to show off to others that he was Kyourei's friend, being in that line of business. Or, it could be that he just wanted Kyourei around so his flirting with random girls would go smoother. Either way, Kyourei could hardly imagine Hideki actually seeing him as a friend instead of just a tool.

Fifteen years, and the guy may have as well never changed inside.

Kyourei sat back and cleared his spam box, finishing the last of his coffee. How long had Hideki been talking? He guessed that having a leg inside the yakuza was not very simple. Constantly clashing with blockheads who were too quick-tempered and violent...Definitely not his thing, Kyourei thought for the ten-thousandth time. He couldn't count the number of invitations he got for fighting underground tournaments because of his involvement in the past—it almost added up to match the amount of invitations (more like pleadings) for him to do some modeling job, a remnant from his university part-time.

A small joke popped in his mind as he started to type a business report. The only thing that made Hideki remotely feminine was his talkativeness. It was a joke that Kyourei never became bored of. At least he wasn't paying the phone bills.

"I see," he started to cut in. "My colleague wants to ask me a question, so I'll talk to you some other time," he lied. He was just tired, and even though he was using a headphone, it was still tiring to hear an hour or so of meaningless rants about shitheads he didn't even know. He wondered indifferently when Hideki would decide to treat him as something more than a ranting waste bin.

The Italian Restaurant Itou had set the appointment up was a tad more luxurious than Kyourei had imagined. Crystal Chandeliers hung from the tall ceilings, glittering softly to enhance the romantic setting. Women were dressed up very formally, and the spaces between tables were considerably large. Huge paintings in Renaissance Style hung from the walls, and even for duplicates, they must have cost a hefty sum of money. The rich violet fabric of the tapestry seemed to be carefully woven by hand.

What in the world had the CMO been thinking, setting up an insignificant appointment with a subordinate in such a restaurant? Even if the company paid for business meals, a restaurant with such a budget would attract disapproval. There were only three explanations left, then. Itou was either showing off how rich he was, or simply really generous. The third was that Itou wanted something, possibly intending to have Kyourei owe him something. However, seeing that Itou had received much approval from his subordinates and co-workers, Kyourei doubted the possibility of the third explanation.

Not showing his slight discomfort, Kyourei forced a small smile of manners when he greeted Itou. "Thank you for inviting me to such a wonderful restaurant," he drilled, careful not to sound robotic. He could never get used to the rules of the society.

Itou smiled charmingly. "Not at all." He motioned for Kyourei to take a seat, and Kyourei waited until Itou started to sit before complying. Itou picked up the menu with grace, asking if Kyourei preferred any brand of wine. Kyourei replied that he did not. Nodding in response, Itou proceeded to order a bottle of expensive red wine. "So," Itou started, casually viewing the menu, "what university did you attend to—Toudai?"

"Yes," Kyourei replied, almost stiffly. How he hated these boring topics. However, he was in no position to avoid such mundane talks.

"What high school, then?"

Kyourei responded as enthusiastically as he could. Itou proceeded to inquire his middle school, and Kyourei complied to answer. However, he noticed a small pause in Itou's actions. The CMO did not comment until both he and Kyourei had ordered their food.

"Hm…I thought you looked familiar," was what Itou said, but he failed to elaborate.

Kyourei almost blurted out, "Well, I don't," but he caught his tongue just in time. Bad habit, he reprimanded himself as he lied that he had thought the same. Itou simply smiled, his eyes clouded with thoughts unknown to Kyourei.

Dinner passed by with discussions about Kyourei's plan, and Itou lived up to his reputation by making ingenious improvements to it. What somewhat surprised Kyourei was that Itou had completely overlooked his bad reputation in junior high, actually approving of his plan without second thoughts.

When they finished the business talk, Kyourei felt a pang of loss. He had a gut feeling those social shit would come back. He had enjoyed the business discussion. However, he felt like the social shit was just around the corner, and as he had predicted, Itou started to bring up the subject of his junior high school.

"I admit that I did have an unfavorable reputation…" Kyourei was replying. He still did not remember any Itou Masaru in his life. In fact, he didn't remember anyone except Hideki.

"I recall you had a friend named Tamura Hideki?" Itou inquired as if he were reading Kyourei's mind, dangerously interested in the topic. Kyourei had a vague flashback of Hideki's warning.

"Indeed, Tamura Hideki is my friend," Kyourei answered, this time more cautiously. Even though he was skeptical of the warning, since he had figured that no one in the right mind would dare to plan revenge against him, he still decided to take precaution. "He has…of course, matured over the years. Family problems, you see, made him search for stress outlets when he was young." What a horrible lie, he thought to himself, grimacing inside. Hideki was simply a violent, sadistic jerk by heart—it had nothing to do with his family issues.

He started to examine his wine cup as if it was very interesting, his eyes tracing the reflections of red light that was imprinted onto the white table cloth. The candle in the middle of the table flickered, causing the images to dance in response. Business impressions, he thought sourly. Stupid thing always had to make him explain shit he normally didn't care for. He was definitely going to ignore Hideki for a couple of days again.

"I see," Itou mused, working on his beef. "Your reputation was more notorious than Tamura, however," he reminded, a strange light playing in his eyes.

"Aah, that…" Kyourei responded, a sense of need to massage his temples surging. He resisted the temptation, since it was rude according to the 'how to survive in the real-world' encyclopedia. How he hated explaining this shit. Hideki had cursed his life to perpetual explanations if anyone had bothered to research his past. He had even had to kiss a lot of peoples' asses in order to stay in the game of business. "Hideki…liked to scare people. Using my name was a very effective way to instill fear, since I had a black-belt in karate and won a couple of competitions."

...And beat up a lot of idiots who practically came to get beat up by him. Plus, what had made everything even better for Hideki was Kyourei's upbringing. However, mentioning unfavorable personal backgrounds was the most idiotic thing to do in the real world. Kyourei was only half-assed at explaining the shit, anyway. It wasn't like anyone was going to believe him.

Maybe that was Itou's purpose all the while—to make Kyourei his work slave or something. Was he going to send Kyourei to seduce some big-shot competitor or consumer? No wonder Kyourei did not remember who the hell was Itou Masaru—the man simply did his research to lead to this stupid conversation.

Kyourei had Itou all figured out now, but of course, Itou was oblivious to that fact.

"Excuse me," Kyourei said politely, leaving for the restroom. A disgusted frown formed on his face as soon as he was out of Itou's sight.

When he entered through the fancy doors, he found that the restroom was opulently overdone. It wasn't like men talked in restrooms forever like women did, but they just had to put a Renaissance styled sofa in the corner of a small room with dark carpets leading to the room with the stalls. He turned on the tap and washed his face with cold water, getting rid of his migraine. While he did his business, he tried to guess what Itou wanted. He tried to convince himself that Itou was the understanding man that everyone told Kyourei he was, but he found it very hard. It never hurt to be cautious.

Afterwards, Kyourei and Itou had some talk about novels, and whatever happened later, Kyourei couldn't remember.

Or, to be more correct, he just blacked out.

The soft scent of cologne lingered in his senses as he woke up, only to find himself tied up and naked on a bed in a dimly lit room. So much for being cautious, he mocked himself angrily. How could he have been so careless? The wine had been fucking drugged.

"Aren't you married?" he croaked, searching the dark for Itou's whereabouts.

A glimmer of reflection was all he needed to know, but alas, he was rendered unmovable. He could only glare coldly at the figure.

"So you really don't remember who I am," was what Itou said in a low voice, touching Kyourei's sensitive part. Kyourei bit his lip against the sensation, closing his eyes to shut out the feeling.

"I'm sorry, but I don't recall knowing anyone named Itou Masaru. Though, now I know that Itou Masaru has this sort of…hobby." Anger wasn't enough for Kyourei to risk losing his job. However, that didn't mean he could keep the sarcasm out of his tone.

Itou chuckled, a mist of unknown thoughts clouding his eyes again. "Well, let me remind you. We attended the same elementary school as well as the same junior high. Thanks to you, my childhood was hell."

Kyourei let his mind wander. He was sure that Hideki had made many kids' school life hell—he had even subtly implied that he was displeased a couple of times before, since his after-school fights had increased because of Hideki's doings. He was rather sure that, ever since his subtle reprimands, Hideki's actions had slowly come to a cease. Apparently, he thought wrong.

Now that it was mentioned, there was one kid that he had felt a tad sorry for—a quiet, nerdy, and spineless kid. Hideki had always pulled extra nasty pranks on the pathetic kid, urging the entire class to pick on him as well. Kyourei had no idea why Hideki seemed to have an extra distaste for the kid, but he had never really given a shit about what the hell Hideki was doing anyway, even if it were in his name. Could the kid be Itou? But Itou looked strong and confident, and aside from being rich, he was the exact opposite of that kid.

"So you're having revenge?" asked Kyourei calmly. If fear was what Itou wanted, Kyourei would never give Itou what he wanted.

A hard object was brutally forced into Kyourei's ass, making him gasp loudly from the pain.

"I'm going to give you more than just revenge," he heard Itou sneer beside his ear.