Leslie slammed the door shut of her black jeep and glanced over her shoulder to see Eli, one of her other close friends. There was only two really, Z and Eli, they were the only ones that had the same odd thought process as she.

"Morning" Leslie said with a smile as he came walking toward her. He was a good looking kid, and could have girlfriend if he wanted but he never tried. His hair was dark and messy, and he was wearing a dark green graphic T and skinny black pants.

"Morning... heh..looks like you got enough sleep." Eli teased as he automatically took Leslies bright blue folder from her and started flipping through it. It was a regular thing with him and the notebooks she carried, he always grabbed one and flipped through it as they walked to the high school building..never failed.

"So you here from Z?"

"Z? " Eli asked as he paused on some random page that had physic homework on before he continued on. "yep. did you?"

Leslie nodded hiding her smile. "Yep."

"What did she report to you?" Eli asked, his voice monotone as usual, but you could hear the slight edge of interest.

"She dreamed about a guy name Jack" leslie said with a wave her hand.

Eli's mouth twitched "Funny she told me she dreamed about unicorns and lollipops."

Leslie barked out laughter. "Did she now? You probably ticked her off."

Eli closed the notebook in his hands and handed it over to her as they reached the school steps. "Probably did."

Leslie opened her mouth, but he just walked away as they entered the building. It wasn't unusual for him. Leslie sighed as she watched him jam his hands in his pants pockets and pushes his way through a crowd.

"Leslie!" Z came bounding out of a crowd of kids and glanced after Eli's retreating frame. "Where is he goin?"

Leslie glanced down at her watch. "where we should be, class."

"Oh, all right let me get my books…"

Leslie's eyelids lowered. "Please tell me you did not leave your books in your locker."

Z opened her mouth and then turned red. "I was looking for you!"

"Z…Z" Lesile said shaking her head before she grabbed Z's wrist and the two jogged down the hall toward Z's locker. They went down a series of hallways before they came to the hallway Z's locker was located.

Z ran to her locker and spun the dial expertly and swung her locker door opened. In the process two pieces of computer paper floated lightly to the ground. Leslie bent down to pick up one of them and she ended up turning one of them around and realizing that there was a drawing on it.

It looked a map, mountains and large oval shapes, there were lakes…and on the very edge looked like crashing waves.

"What is this?" Leslie asked.

Z glanced down. "Oh, its just something I drew this morning…it wouldn't get out of my head so I had to draw it. Isn't it neat? The swirly things by the oval shapes there are castles..and there are five cities…and these are the mountains…."

Leslie stared at the map feeling numb….it looked so familiar. But..it couldn't be it came from Z's imagination….and yet it seemed so natural looking at it….as if. Leslie reached out and stoked the dark green oval shape.

"It weird isn't it…." Z murmured. "Oh! And this paper is actually a building I had in my head"

Z bent down and snatched the other paper off the floor and gave it to Leslie to examine. Leslie took the paper and examined the old looking brick building, it seemed so detailed that Leslie wasn't really sure it was an actual drawing but a picture. Just over the arched door was the word 'Haven'.

Leslie felt a headache coming on and she quickly pushed the drawing back to Z and walked away, rubbing at her head, willing the oncoming headache to dissipate.

"Leslie?" Z called out.

Leslie walked quickly down the hallways and was almost at the classroom when Z was able to catch up.

"Les?" Z called out again grabbing Leslies elbow. "You ok?"

"I'm fine….just a headache" Leslie murmured rubbing at her head, Z let go of her arm and let her pass.

Leslie took a seat beside Eli, while Z took her usual spot in front of him.

"What's going on?" Eli asked, already sensing that something was up between the girls.

Z nodded at Leslie, who had placed her head on her crossed arms."Les, has a headache."

"What you do talk to much?" Eli said with a smirk.

Z's mouth opend and closed like a gaping fish. "no! You think you know every-"

"Guys, could you please act your age for once?" Leslie demanded.

"He starts it." Z hissed .

"You know you sounded like a five year old right then don't you?" Eli said with a patronizing smile.


"Guys Please!"Leslie moaned just as the teacher, Mr. Jones walked in.

Z rolled her eyes and spun around, pulling out a sheet of computer paper and started drawing.

Mr. Jones placed a stack of papers on a cart he had in the front of the room and asked them to open their books. Slowly Leslie pulled hers out and turned to the designated page and laid her head down.

"Miss Watson," she sighed. "Leslie," came the voice again. She groaned and slowly raised her head. "There's no sleeping in my class, Leslie." Mr. Jones grumbled.

"Sorry…" she said sitting up, but the headache just increased. She winced and raised her hand as he was starting to turn back to the board.

"Yes?" he asked annoyed.

"May I go to the nurse, I have a horrible headache." His eyes glazed over with disbelief. "That's why I had my head down." She added on quickly.

"Fine," he said waving a hand and turning back to the board. Leslie stood and the pain seared in the back of her head and she tried to quickly leave the room once her pass was signed.

"Z get you head up," She head as she left the room. "Headache or not you are staying." Leslie couldn't help but smile as she closed the door and headed down the hall.

Her parents worked, but she could still call and see if she could go home, she thought as her head throbbed worse making her stumble into a locker pod. She slid down a locker and stayed seated in the row of lockers that sat in groups though out the school.

Drawing her knees up to her chest she laid her forehead on them and quickly she fell asleep.