Allyson left the movie theather that night very dissapointed: she had attended with her best friends, Jake and Sarah, and they were not happy neither: the film which they had just seen was...well, not what they expected from a title like "Hercules Against the mutant vampires from Mars": It was obviously that such a film would not be a cinematic masterpiece, but at least you could expect some entertaiment.

"Hooray for Hollywood!"Sarah said sarcastically "I don't know how the heck they maneged to mark a new low, but they did it! Congratulations!"

"Yes, that was awful," Jake added "but see the bright side: Edward Graham will invite us the pizza tonight.

"Who the hell is Edward Graham?"Allyson questioned

"Who cares? Now his wallet is mine ..." Jake answered

Later that night, after the dinner, they were still mad about the film, bitching about his "awesome badness" (According to Sarah) and making fun of every single scene they could remember.

"The script was ... scary, and not in a good sense, I mean: "I'm Hercules, and I'm here to destroy" ...what was that? "Sarah said jokingly, recalling those awful lines.

"I would not be this upset if the thing wouldn't have lasted almost three hours...three fucking hours..."Jake said

"I know, and, like you say, 'Who wrote that? -Allyson questioned "the guys that wrote Epic Movie were freaking Orson Wells compared to that.."

"Yes, even WE could write a better film ..." Sarah said without much concern, but after that comment, a light of creativity and potential disaster lit up her purple eyes ...

"Jake, Sarah ... are you pondering what I'm pondering?" Allyson asked

"I think so, but ... "

"No another crappy "Pinky and the Brain" reference Sarah!

"Oh ... then no ..."

"She means that maybe we could write our own movie, Pointdexter" Jake said.

"Is it ... possible? Can you do that? Can WE do that? "Sarah asked confused

"Anyone can write," Allyson said, "I mean, millions go to some shitty Internet places to publish their crap ... we can do it better, I guess" Allyson answered

Perhaps it was that they were tired, or it may have been the weed they had smoked half an hour earlier, but at that moment, that suggestion seemed like a good idea, and in any case, they did not have anything to lose...Time? As if they had better things to do; Sanity? As if they had that much in the first place! Money? Writing does not cost anything, so they agreed to pursue this project.

The next day, after spending their first daylight hours in that strange place unknown to them that many call "school", they met again at Allyson's house, bringing their ideas for this "project", The three young "students" (laugh track please) were ready to write, Allyson in front of her computer, and Jake and Sarah sitting on the bed of her host, ready to expose their ideas.

"Well boys, what did you bring?"Allyson asked.

"I brought more weeds and eye drops, you know, in case your mom comes earlier."Jake said

"Ideas people..I mean ideas ..."

"Oh, sure, then ... What do you think of this girls?


"It's the year 2069, the world is on the verge of chaos and disaster, and it claims for a new hero: an action man, a saviour ... an avenger, known as Fucker Man!..."


"Fucker Man?"Allyson and Sarah questioned in unison to hear the peculiar superhero Jake "Really?"

"What's wrong?

"Nothing but ... Jake, could you give me back the ten dollars I lent you last week?"Allyson said.

"Fuck you!"Jake said with his characteristic kindness.

"Aha...You know what? I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that you are Fucker Man, right?

"I have no idea what you're talking about..."

"Sure you don't, but by any chance did you bring pictures or draws of your character?

"Well ... yes ...

"Can I see them?"

Jake showed her those ilustrations, and it was a superhero in black spandex with a belt apparatus that would be the envy of Batman and James Bond, and the face of "Fucker Man" was remarkably similar to Jake himself.

"Jakie, just out of curiosity, my friend" Sarah interrupted "When did you draw this guy?

"Recently ..."

The answer only raised more questions, since the picture was actually very well done, with a lot of detail: no, "recently" could not the right answer

"Well, I made it a couple of months ago..."

But that answer was still unconvincing, and Jake had release the real date

"Well, for about a years! Yes, I'm that geeky! Is that a crime?"

"Not really, just that I find it curious," Allyson said ... a little more understanding "but I would expect now a lot more of empathy to the geeks you bully"

"Hahahaha! You're a self-hating nerd!" Sarah exclaimed

"After this humillation, can I resume my narration?" Jake questioned a little embarrased

"Alright, alright..." Allyson and Sarah responded


Fucker Man is not alone in his struggle against oppressive regimes: He has the help of his two sidekicks, "Emo Gal" and "Nutjob" ...


"Before you continue" Allyson interrupted his friend's sentence "Is there something I need to know are these two characters...?


"OK, sidekicks, have it your way:Are these two based on anyone in particular?"

"No, I don't think so.."

"Can I see your sketches, Jake?"

"Well ..."

Then, suddenly, Sarah took those paper sheets of paper from Jake's hands

"Wow, these pictures are ... a little dirty ..." Sarah mentioned as she was checking them

Sarah jumped to Allyson showed her the artistic vision of Jake.

"Is that supposed to me?! "Allyson reclamed

"At least it was very generous with your ...attributes, if you know what I mean" Sarah added.

"And why "Emo Gal?" I understand the "Nutjob" thing for Sarah, but I'm not so depressed! Right?...right, I I?"

"I just want to forget it" Jake responded a little offended "I'm glad to see that much enthusiasm and support for my ideas"

"It's not that we don't like your idea Jake, but ... just to see what else is there, I'll ask Sarah her idea"

"It was about time! Now hang on, because it will fascinate you!"


In the slums of nineteenth century London, there is a strange creature or perhaps "a person" capable of horrible sadism to his victims...a murder, a killer...he has frightened people in the British capital for some time, and now, with bodies and dismembered corpses and bled in the streets...


"Wait a second..." Allyson whispered

"Congratulations Sarah: you just invented "Jack the Ripper" Jake criticized.

"Not true! It is an entirely original story!"

"Just out of curiosity...again...what is the name the character?" Allyson questioned

"Jim the Vicious".

"Oh yes, it's a world of difference ..."

"Hey! Don't judge me before you see my sketch book!"

Allyson and Jake agreed to see it, to understand a little Sarah's vision, but soon, very soon, they both repented their descition: Mix the bloody nature of this concept with a VERY detailed and graphic style of drawing, and you'll get...this

"Oh God! What the hell is that thing?!"Allyson screamed horrified by the very realistic picture of murdered prostitute.

"I think that's what you would call a ... and ... I've never seen ... Is that a...?"Jake said incredulously and confused

"Sarah, this is not just scary, it's ... disgusting" Allyson said

"But it's scary right? "Sarah questioned her friends, probably missing the point of their reactions (or it was the other way around?)

"Yes, it is...but only because the fact that I don't know if you were looking for inspiration in the wrong places, or it came out of your imagination: either way, it's scary, indeed "Jake replied.

"So you did not like it?

"Well ... is that ... you know ... the thing is ..."Jake and Allyson answered babbling.

"I understand ... But that's okay!" Sarah mentioned "Allyson, perhaps you could show us your idea now?

"Sure," Allyson replied "but could you excuse me a moment?

"US Sarah...coudl you excuse US a moment" Jake added

Both went to the toilet, washed their faces, took some medication for the nausea, and they returned to Allyson's room

"Well, we're ready again."Jake said

"Perfect, perfect, and now I think your turn Allyson: share your idea!

"Fine, but do not make fun alright?" Allyson asked

"Relax Allye, it can't be worse than what we have already heard"Jake said to cheer her friend

"Okay ... here is ..."


"This is the story of a group of friends, and their adventures in high school: they were not the most popular nor the most appreciated, but they simply do not care about it, since they have each other, and they are:

Drake, a rebellious lazy kid with a behavior trouble with a very long criminal record for his age

Marah, a very original, something crazy girl, which has been a couple of times in the verge of a nervous breakdown

And finally, Alice: a sensitive , creative but somewhat shy and withdrawn character, who despite all the problems and complications she has to face thanks to her friends, she would not change a thing of her crazy life... "


"Wow...that was...corny... "Both Jake and Sarah mentioned

"Really? That's what you think?

"Well, I just ... I'm not sure Allye, do not think it has much potential"...

"Yes, it's hardly original" Sarah added to words of his male friend

"Do you really think so?"

"Allye, no offense friend, but who would waste his or her time reading about three teenage idiots?"Jake said tersely

"Yeah ...yeah...I guess it's true ..." Allyson said a little discouraged.

"I think this did not help" Sarah said when she realized, along with her friends, that the film they wanted to write is not going anywhere.

- What then?"Allyson asked

"I have an idea..." Jake said

And in less time than a minute, the three young kids were once again more stoned than a college student in his first weekend.

They were listening to a song on the Allyson's stereo: it was the newest Paramore single

"God, that band sucks and only now I realize!"Allyson said

"Yeah, I mean... I mean ... Who wrote that crapt? Who sings like that? "Jake said agreeing with her

"I bet that even WE could be better ..." Sarah mentioned

And once again, a glow of originality seemed to spring from those poor doped kids.

"Bring your instruments guys ... tomorrow we start our kick-ass band! ..." Allyson exclaimed, hoping that their new project would end better than their movie idea...


NOTE: Here's somewhat of a pilot, to a long series I'm planing...I'd like to read some reviews, but anyway, I just hope you enjoyed this story