The stark branches of the denuded winter trees seemed to close in around her. She shivered in the little Red hood she wore, and noticed dawn approaching. Red's grandma would be waiting for her snicker doodles for a while. She strolled across the forest floor, unsure of where she was headed.

Suddenly, a howl sounded through the air a gust of wind followed. Red jumped, she feared she was in danger. She quickly snapped her head back and saw the big black wolf. Red screamed and ran. The wolf was in luck, Red couldn't seem to avoid troublesome branches.

Red tasted the snow as she hit the ground. The wolf that was now only three steps away leaped toward her. Red whose head ached from the fall, whose arms hurt from the terrible fall, heart filled with great terror. Her lungs filled with cold air before letting out a tracheas scream.

But Red was in no danger at all, her snicker doodles that were tucked in the basket she carried were however. Red watched as the wolf revealed his teeth; she was as good as dead, thought Red. The wolf walked cautiously, afraid the girl would run and he'd never get those doodles. Red snapped her eyes closed, praying that this wouldn't be the end. Red felt the basket full of snicker doodles leave her wrist and opened her eyes. The wolf, she'd been so afraid of was eating her grandma's doodles!

Red watched as the wolf ate, even though she knew logically she should've bolted a long time ago. The wolf bit down on the basket and carried it back to the girl. Red who was now again terrified scolded herself, she should've left and now she would pay for her mistakes, she realized. The basket dropped in front of her. Red looked down and noticed all but one doodle sat in the basket. "Thank you?" Red said before grabbing the doodle and devouring it. The wolf smiled and laid on his back, he was full.