Something I've heard too many times in high school comes from girls. That quote is, "I know he's a jerk but…" I really don't have to continue. I don't think I have to even give you a setting or a plot for this, but that's never stopped me before has it? A girl is dating this jerk because he's good looking, he's "funny", nobody's perfect and I can change those big flaws… blah blah blah. If there is one thing that can stop me from giving full details on anything it is utter stupidity. I apologize to any females in my audience who have been in this position and find my lack of tolerance towards what I am sure is a more difficult situation than I know. I get it, I'm a guy I don't understand at all. That's why I am bringing this up. Normally I'd put in my own two cents about morals and other things that are definitely opinion based that I can't hold to other people because I too am not perfect and would never judge people based off of my morals. I need people to review (specifically girls that have been in that situation or are in that situation but not limited to girls in that situation—maybe you're a guy and a girl is a jerk or maybe you just have to say something about this overall). Please review. Give me your thoughts, reactions your reasoning and everything. Throw it all at me. Based off of what I hear maybe I'll learn something. Hit me with your best shot.