I have come to a major decision for my life. I have come to a decision that is both honorable and despised. I am a junior in High School turning seventeen very soon. After many sleepless nights of just thinking about the subject matter I have come to a conclusion that I am being called to serve with the National Guard. I will be eligible this summer to do a split training program with the National Guard that would allow me to complete Basic Combat Training. But since I am younger than 18 years old I will need both my parents (that is my mother and father who are divorced) permission in order to do this. I have had a history of back problems (that aren't severe enough to make me ineligible to serve) that my family is overly concerned about. Truth is I think the training would be better for my muscles and help support me better and give me better posture. Once again though, my family is overly concerned. I have to find a way to not only tell them that I want to do this but convince them that I have to do this. Readers, I need your suggestions. How can I do this?