I closed the door and threw my hood up as I walked down the path of the front garden. My parents needed their time alone to argue and clear a few things up. I placed my hands in my pockets as I ignored the people that stared at me. I passed the childrens' playground as they giggled at me, knowing who I was and teased me. As I turned, a stone hit me across the face. I looked up to see the two twins that lived on the corner of the street that I lived in. Tom with his catapult loaded and Amy with a stone half the size of her palm in her right hand.

"Go back to the moon, you alien freak!" she shouted in her whiney voice as she threw the stone at me.

I sighed as I hit it away but as I did so, Tom fired his stone across my cheek drawing some blood. I held my cheek as I rushed past them avoiding and ducking more stones. I sighed as I was out of sight from them. Little did I know, the worst was yet to come. I paused to see a pair of white sneakers come into my view. Oh what joy. Becky and her 'friends'. She smirked as I stepped back slightly while the two girls behind her snickered.

"If it isn't Little Miss Mud," she sneered.

I narrowed my eyes. What did they want? It was then that Rachel had pulled my hood down and Tanya cackled.

"There it is! I see it!" she cried pointing to her left eye "The mark that made you lose your family!"

My birthmark was shown clearly now Rachel had my hair in one hand and was now pulling on it so Becky and Tanya got a good view of it. One dark brown crescent shaped mark around my eye, making it look like a scar. To top it off, it was around my left eye which was brown and the other was bright blue, making me look more of a freak. Becky smirked as I felt warm blood trickle down my cheek.

"Had a feud with the Harding twins today?" she asked motioning across her cheek.

I scowled at her, shrugged Rachel off and flung my hood up.

"What do you want Becky?" I asked my eyes boring into hers.

"Well…" said Becky as she stepped forward "Now you mention it…we want to go to a place which is really cool."

"But you see…" said Tanya as she grabbed my arm "We don't have any money."

"So could you give us some money so we can be your friends?" asked Rachel as she rested her head on my shoulder.

I smirked.

"Sorry," I said pushing them away "But I have better things to do."

"Excuse me!?" exclaimed Becky as she stepped back "What could possibly better than hanging out with us?"

Becky's group was the most popular girl group at school. They got good marks in classes apart from Maths and P.E. and Becky won the beauty pageant last year so she was considered the most beautiful girl in the whole area.

"And I don't have any money with me so…"

I was silenced with a punch in the stomach. I fell backwards, by Rachel's feet who held my arms as Tanya and Becky searched my pockets. Becky scowled and slapped my cheek.

"She has nothing on her!" she said as they stood up.

"Let's get out of here," said Tanya after kicking me in the gut and running off.

I lay, sprawled out on the pavement. Where they had hit me ached. I slowly sat up as I remembered my childhood memories.