Its rays were as biblical truth:
to some, feeble and dwindling past its presence through time;
to others, a cue to seam the mar
of interpretation, our reading then in
...and making it true.

It shown as though asked by the Moon,
"Do you think to stop."
Its response,... "I never stop."
...Night, blue crowned pressing sunrise
'sthough degrees of practicality—lingering paranoia.

From solitude... to still but witnessed,
consumed in uniform glory that only endless sleep may rectify,
it let us, subjects, find
...that we – the lowest grade of our soul-filled selves
that still get what we deserve,
that time does not matter—only love in (its) place;
and that hypocrisy be not but a tantalus of ideals,
as to ask, "What – it you sense when alone?" if you were here.