Casey runs into the woods with tears streaming down her little face. Her hair is both sticking to her face by the sweat and the other part of it flying and she screams, "Help!" In the excitement, she forgets that Queenie is following her and Queenie is barking frantically. All of a sudden, the little dog and the small girl stop and look at each other. Not really knowing where to go, the little girl and small dog just start running into the woods. Her breath is already running short, but she still manages to holler out. "Help!" She starts running and so does the dog beside her.

Many yards ahead of her, the adults and teenagers are coming out hollering for her, "Casey!" The little girl runs and runs and until she feels faint, but then she hears the soft sound of her name. "Casey!" She gasps and keeps running. She hears it again, this time a little stronger, "Casey!" In a moment's time, she sees her momma and she hears her name again, "Casey!"

Many yards ahead of her the adults and teenagers are coming and hollering for her, "Casey!" The little girl runs and runs until she feels faint, but then she hears the soft sound of her name. "Casey!" She gasps and keeps running. She hears it again, this time a little stronger, "Casey!" In a moment's time, she sees her momma and she hears her name again, "Casey!"

Casey just cries out "Momma!" This time she hears a man's voice calling her, "Casey!" She stops to hear it again, waits for a few heartbeats time, then hollers out, "Momma!" Casey's mother finally sees her and she happily hollers out, "Casey!" Casey sees her mother and the outline of the other adults around the tree so just that sight causes the girl to push on to get help.

Casey's mother runs to her and her heart races. She just keeps hollering, "Casey!" She just keeps hollering, "Casey!" She looks back at the other people around her and weakly smiles. She goes on with renewed strength within her. Pushing vines and branches out of the way, one after the other, and after one more frantic scream of 'Casey!", the little girl is in her mother's arms. She throws her arms around her mother's neck. After a long hug, she asks her daughter, "Casey, why did you run off?"

Casey just looks at her innocently then says, "I had to follow the dog, Momma." Her mother looks at the dog a few yards away, then says more sternly, "I don't care. You don't leave."

Casey tries to tell her, "But momma…."

Just then the policeman, Stan and all of the hippies gather around, congratulating and asking the little girl if she's all right. Stan asks the woman, "Is everything all right?"

The mother looks at him, sighs then says, "Everything's fine now, let's go."

Casey's mother starts a foot going right when Casey shakes her mother's shoulder and shouts out, "No! We can't go!"

Her mother looks at her, confused, so she questions, "Casey, what is it?"

Casey tells her, "Momma, the ladies…."

Just then they hear the dog barking and Casey's mother asks, "Where did you go with the dog, Casey?"

Queen just continues to bark like crazy to get attention. They all turn to look at the little dog. Casey wiggles out from her mother's grasp and within a second is down and running with Queen. As soon as that happens, her mother just hollers, "Casey!"

The policeman who is with them says to everybody, "Come on!" They all look at each other, and with no thoughts about it, they just go.


Meanwhile, back at Jamie's house, her father and sister are in the living room. Frank is reading his newspaper and June is watching a episode of the Monkee's. A quiet, father/daughter moment is going on and then all of a sudden, Frank drops his paper. June looks up at him and asks, "Dad? What's wrong?"

He gets up and walks around the room and says, "I don't know. What time is it?"

She looks back at the television then up at the clock on the wall then says, "The Monkee's are on. It's after 3 O'clock. Why?"

He looks around the room then says, "Never mind, just go back to watching TV"

She shrugs her shoulders and turns back to the screen and turns the volume way up. Frank squints his eyes and holds his temple then says, "June! Turn that down!"

She does and he sighs then says, "I'm going to call the stadium. Your mother and sister should be there by now."

June watches her dad walk in strides over to the black telephone to call, but the phone rings before he can even pick it up. Frank and June look at each other.


Donna and Jamie still lay in pain when Casey, her mother, Stan, the hippie and the policeman come to them. Everybody looks in astonishment at them and Stan and the policeman walk over to her and the policeman bends down to June and asks, "Ma'am, can you talk?"

Donna opens her eyes and says through the tears, "H…help us…….please." Just then they hear one of the teenagers holler, "Jamie!" They all look at the teen aged girl then Stan asks, "You know her?" She points to Jamie and says, "This is Jamie Bridges and I guess that is her mom".

Jamie just groans in agony then Casey's mother asks, "How did you find them, Casey?" The little girl beams and says, "The dog, mommy." The mother hug the little girl and then the policeman says, "I'm going back to my car to radio for help."

Donna weakly asks, "S-sir?" Donna tries to sit up, without much success. The policeman bends down to get closer to her and asks, "Ma'am?"

She tells him in a weak voice, "My….my husband….F….Frank B….Bridges. Our number is…."

She gives him the number in a barely, audible whisper. The policeman stands up and says, "Okay, I'm going to my car now to call for help…Stan, stay with her and nobody moves either of them." Everybody nods then he takes off running for help.