Stella, the creator of the stars, mother of the galaxies, and one of the most beautiful women in the known universes. She is also my mother. My father was Tenebrae, the guardian of darkness. They met 5000 years ago crossing paths along the Milky Way. It was love at first sight. Two forces working together to make one of the most beautiful wonders in the world.

Deus, the ruler of both mortal and immortal worlds, was ecstatic when the news of there love reached him. No other soul could be better for each other. They were the perfect couple.

But with Stella being as beautiful and nurturing as she was, you can only imagine the jealousy the millions of others felt. On countless occasions my father was targeted by angels, demons, humans, creators, and guardians. Yet my father was always able to disappear into the night along with my mother with out any harm coming to ether of them.

The years went by happily. My parents found a safe place to hide, were no one could find them. There they had had hundreds of children each one beautiful and powerful. They grew up to be guardians and angel protectors. They fought in great wars against the demons. They were the perfect children. They were the perfect family.

That is until a demon ruler located their hideout. He, with out being noticed, poisoned my mothers blood while she was pregnant with me. The blood that fed me and kept me alive inside her. When I was born my hair was pitch black, my skin appeared like iron, and my eyes blood red. I was born a demon. My brothers and sisters shunned me, saying that an abomination was not welcome in the family. Yet my parents loved me, as the loved all there children. They named me Absolutus.

Soon after I was born my parents brought me down to earth to show the angels that not all demons were completely evil. They wanted peace between the two races and to end the wars between them. The angels were furious and claimed my parents of treason. The angels went to Deus saying that my parents were secretly helping the demons to destroy the angel race completely. Deus unable to believe that the two most kind and giving beings could ever do such a thing, came down to earth to see for himself. He saw my parents giving food to poor demons that had been enslaved to the angles.

Deus jumped to conclusions and believing what he saw, immediately separated my parents and executed them on separate parts of the universe. I was left with the angels for them to dispose of me as they wished. Being angels they couldn't kill a small child without being dammed, they banished me to be with my own kind in demon territory.

And this is where I've been since. 16 years of being raised by the most nurturing demons. This is where I belong. And this is where I'm growing stronger. Stronger so I can help my race over trough those damned angles that were the cause of my parents death. I will avenge them and right the world of those terrible creatures.

AN: Hey :D Well that's the start of it :D I know kinda boring….but I needed to get the back story out of the way :D action and conflict is soon to come! :D let me know if you like this story! :D


Stella- star

Tenebrae- darkness

Deus- god

Absolutus- perfect