Chapter 4

Absolutus P.O.V.

I always loved the forests. They're never the exact same. I had been walking for days and perfectly content with being on my own. The air is fresh, the sun is warm, and the ground is soft and easy to walk on. One day me and my mate will build a house out in the forest, away from war and violence. This night was incredibly beautiful. The stars were twinkling like the most expensive diamonds. Everything was so peaceful, until I held a girls screams.

I ran to towards the area where I heard the screams. I could smell blood and lots of it. It was splattered all over the rocks and ground. I fallowed the trail till it brought me to a girl crumpled against a tree. She moved to look up at the sky. "Her face… Where have I seen it before?" I thought to myself.

"If I die now I'd be fine with it." She spoke softly. As I got closer to her I realized she was the girl form my dreams. She was the angel I've fallen in love with. My heart beat faster and everything in me pulled me towards her. The thought of her accepting death before I could even know her name ripped my very soul to pieces.

"DON"T YOU DARE THINK ABOUT DYING!" I nearly screamed at her and ran to her side. This girl was not going to die if I had any say in it. I knelt down by her side and looked at her to inspect the damage. I'd seen worse but she was defiantly hurt badly. Most of her ribs were broken and her leg was too. Most of her injuries were cuts from the rock and branches. She must have fallen but I asked anyways.

"What happened?" I spoke as I moved her hair from her beautiful face. She looked up at me with glazed over eyes and more or less whimpered, "Please help me." Before slipping into unconsciousness. "Don't worry I will." I whispered even though I knew she couldn't hear me. I took two thick branches and two thin weak ones to make a brace for her leg. I tied the thicker branches with the smaller ones on either side of her leg tightly. I then gently lifter her in my arms hopping to not cause her ribs anymore pain.

Her blood was covering her body and the shreds of a dress. Her hair was matted and light brown from the blood and dirt. I would need to find her different clothing and clean her up before any animals can track her sent. The last thing she needed was animals trying to eat her while she recovered.

I carried her to a river a couple miles away. I placed her on the grass gently and rummaged through my bag to find the shirt I had brought with me. She was small enough it would make a decent dress till I could find her something better. I sighed as I though how I was going to get about to cleaning her.

"Angel, I don't know if you can hear me, but I need to clean you and your wounds." I whispered to her. "I'll try to keep my thoughts pure and I won't abuse this." I gently removed her dress and under garments, picked her up again and carried her into the gently flowing water.

She stirred slightly but didn't wake up. I slowly started washing her body starting with her back and moving to her arms. The more blood I washed off the more of her milky white skin glowed. I noticed bruises of different colors peppered her body. Most of them were old and about the size of a fist. Anger shuttered through me at the thought of someone hurting her.

"They're just from her fall." I lied to myself. I continued washing her until the caked on blood was gone. I then turned my attention to her hair, gently combing out the tangles with my fingers and the streams of the water. Soon her hair was free and pure white as it should be. I carried her out of the water and dressed her in my shirt.

I picked her up again along with my bag and started walking away, hopefully towards a town where we could say till she recovered. The war could wait. At the moment she needed me. When she was safe I would continue my journey.

I felt her stir again, only this time she opened her eyes. I smiled down at her. "Good morning"

I spoke softly. She moaned in pain as a response squeezing her eyes shut. "What happened to me?" she whispered, if it hadn't been for my keen hearing I wouldn't have heard her. "I found you in the forest. How do you feel?" I asked already knowing she was in pain.

"I feel like I died last night" she said. I chuckled at her response. "Just try to rest, you had a rough night." "Who are you?" she asked I smiled at how innocent her voice sounded. "My name is Absolutus. What's yours?" "Bellus, why are you helping me?" she said weekly.

"Shhh. Just rest, I'll answer all your questions as soon as we find shelter. Go to sleep." She nodded and closed her eyes. In a few minutes she fell asleep again.

Before the latest war started, thousands of demons made small cabins peppered throughout the forest. They had been abandoned when the war started but most still stood strong. If I could find one, we would be safe for a few months.

My search ended quickly. I found a small cabin not too far away from the river.

"Perfect" I said to myself.

"What is?" I looked down too see Bellus awake again. I smiled at her.

"I found us a shelter. It'll be perfect to stay in till you recover." She looked over to the small cabin with wonder in her eyes.

Luckily the door was unlocked. The cabin was small only one room. There was a wood burning stove in the corner, and a rug in the middle. Nothing else but dust and cobwebs. It was dark smelled of age wood. There was only one window so the fire would need to be lit for adequate light.

I set Bellus on the carpet gently. "I'm going to find some firewood. I'll be back soon. Try not to almost kill yourself again." I chuckled stroking her cheek. "Please don't leave me alone!" she almost shouted at me grabbing my hand. "I promise I'll be back as soon as I can" I whispered and gently kissed her forehead. Her heartbeat picked up ten times as fast. I smiled and ran out of the cabin.

Luckily for me there were trees everywhere so finding fire wood was no problem. I grabbed one of my axes from my belt and hacked in to one of the larger trees. It was about 30 feet tall and 6 wide. It would last us about a week. I hacked into it for about twenty minutes then pushed it away from the cabin.

From the cabin I heard a startled squeak. "At least she's still alive" I mumbled to myself. I went to the tree and cut it into smaller chunks. I would have to put them in to a pile later. But for now I grabbed an arm full and returned to the cabin.

"That was fast." Bellus said as I walked in. "How'd you do it so quickly?" I smiled and loaded the fire place. She must have never seen a demon before. Wouldn't surprise me, most angel girls are cooped up for most of their lives.

"I'm just really strong." "So why are you helping me?" I took two rocks out and started hitting them against each other to get a spark. "I was raised to always help a beautiful girl in need." I smirked and looked at her. Her face was flustered and slightly pink from embarrassment and her heart was going wild again.

In many ways she was like every other girl in my village, everything I said r did sent them in to some dazzled state. I could see her trying to make words come out. Her mouth opened and closed several times. I chuckled and returned to lighting the fire.

"W-w-what happened exactly? Why am I in these clothes? What Is this on my leg? Why were you out in the middle of the-"I quickly lit the wood and walked over and gently brushed my lips against hers. I knew that would shut her up. It always did with the girls in my village.

"One at a time please." I said sitting down next to her. She gently pushed herself up to a sitting position and leaned against the wall. "What happened last night?" "I don't know. I found you crumpled against a tree." "Why am I in these clothes?" "Yours were ripped and covered in blood. I changed you to my clothes so an animal wouldn't come after you."

Her eyes got really wide and she started shaking. "Y-y-you changed m-me?" she stuttered. "Yeah, I washed the blood off of you too, but just that. Trust me." I gently stroked her hand, which was still shaking. "Why should I trust you?"

I leaned in close to her face and whispered "Because I haven't killed you yet" I chuckled and kissed the tip of her perfect little nose. She whimpered again, and I laughed again. "While were asking questions mind answering some of mine?" she nodded an ok, her eyes curious of what I was going to ask.

"What's a girl like you doing out in the middle of the woods at night?" she bit her lip and looked at the ground, debating whether to answer or not. I grabbed her hand and stroked the back of it with my thumb waiting patiently. "I was…. Running?" she didn't seem so sure of what she said.

"Running to or from something?" I asked. She bit her lip again before answering "Both." "What do you mean both?" More silence and lip biting. "Let me ask something else." She looked up and nodded.

"Got a husband or boyfriend?" Her eyes got wider then she lowered them to the floor. "Yes…." She whispered. I was about to ask another question when I heard a sniffle from her. I lifted her chin to look at her face. Tears were welling in her eyes. She pulled her head away from me, looking the other way.

"I take it you miss him." I said running my hand through my hair. Of course she had to be claimed. I should have known I didn't have a chance with her. She was perfect, even if she were an angel. Something was different about her.

"No. I don't." she said anger dripping in her voice. She took a deep breath and continued. "I was running from him. I wanted a new life. Far, Far away from that…that… BASTERED" she all but shouted the word. From the way she said it I could tell she hardly used words like that.

I decided changing the subject would be best. "Would you like something to eat?" She nodded still not looking at me. "I'll be back soon." I gently kissed her hand and walked out of the cabin. Nearby there was several berry and nut bushes. I picked enough to feed the both of us for the night. In the morning I would do some hunting and bring her a meal worthy of her.

I washed the berries in the river and used my canteen to gather some water. I walked back in to the cabin and handed her half of the food. She thanked me and started eating. I put the rest in my bag for safe keeping. I would eat tomorrow. She needed it more than I did anyways.

When she finished eating she thanked me again. I walked over and sat next to her again. "Are you comfortable?" I asked. She nodded her head as a response. "What about you?" she asked "What about what?" I asked confused. She took a deep breath before asking "Do you have a girl friend or a wife?" She wasn't looking at me.

"No but I do have my eye on someone." I chuckled. "Oh…." She responded still not looking at me. Was she disappointed? Did she not know I was talking about her? Of course she didn't, she was too innocent. I lifted her chin and gently kissed her cheek. "It's you love." I whispered in her ear.

A.N. yay! Romance hahahaha! And yay for a long chapter! :D next chapter will be more like this. Not gonna be too much action till Bellus recovers. Maybe a little. Just in case there's any confusion, Absolutus is a demon, member? He's pretty much already fallen head over heals cus their meant to be together. That's why he's acting all sweet and stuff. Bellus doesn't know he's a demon. She's never seen one before. Bellus is super innocent, just making sure that's understood. I'm trying to make this as clear as I can, so bear with the over explanation. If there's anything that's unclear please ask. I think I haven't missed anything….. yay!