She used to be a

Lover, a fighter, a screaming fury

Dreaming glory,

Wild and rare

She used to be a

Smart girl, tough as nails

Hated skirts

Hated nails

Skipped fences, swung on rails.

She used to be

long pale hair,

Windy days and flyaway

long, lazy afternoons,

Holding hands with sweaty palms

While fire burnt slowly inside,

to the core of her being.

But there is always then.

Then she saw her mother go

to Heaven.

Then she was lost inside,

and the fire seethed on her skin.

Now she's a

Lover, a fighter, a screaming fury,

Dreaming bleak fallacy

Hatred and anaesthesia, a lethal cocktail

turns stomachs upside down inside.

She is placid

in turns, and now wild again

But it's a raw wild, with

claws and teeth

and pain beneath her

tearless eyes.

Her peerless wild,

her exquisite burning agony.