You could hear the tapping of his hard soled Rockport dress shoes on the concrete sidewalk. The street was dark and eary. The man's silhouette walked along side of him as it shimmered on the ground. There was a shining glimmer on the street, from the day before rain, like a glass bottle.

The cold air chilled him, and his breath was as cold as ice. He was lean and stern, with a high cheek bone and a small face. His eyes were sharp, keen and partially closed, which created wrinkles to the side of them.

He wore a long black woolen dress coat which covered his pinstripe, charcoal gray suit.

His steps began to get faster, and louder. He carefully turned slowly, looking for anyone that could possibly be following him.

"I'll take a Star, and a National gazette." He said quickly and disturbing to the man behind the news stand.

"Will that be all, sir"

"Yes, I must go."

He turned and quickly began steadily moving back down the street still hearing the taps of his Rockport's which were the only shoes he had left since the fire that destroyed all that he owned.

"So what do we have here Capt?"

"Double homicide, looks like."

"Where do we start?"

"Begin with processing the scene and move onto any witness's."

"OK Capt., but I am not seeing that there are any witness's."

The rookie began taking picture's of the scene, and noticed that there was some trace in the woman's fingernails, maybe his first lead he thought.

The woman lay face down in the alley wearing a black skirt and matching shoes. Her white shirt was torn 1/2 off and looked as if she had put up a struggle. She was young, mid 20's maybe long silky blonde hair, and white gold Diamond earrings, which shined in the glistening night.

Adjacent to her was a man, apparently in his mid 40's grayish blackened hair, average body build and a very cunning, and revolting face, which had a single gunshot wound in the center of his forehead. this was personal rookie thought, the gun left an impression on his forehead around the gun shot, this wasn't just personal, this was an execution, and very professional.

"The ID in his wallet says that the man is Anthony. Isn't this guy the Mayor's right hand man?"

"Well looks like I had better wake the mayor and find out any information that I can."

"Capt. This seems to be an execution, this was a professional hit, look at how the bodies are placed, the gunshot wound on this man."

"I see that rookie, what I don't understand is whet he used excessive force with the lady and didn't just shoot her. Seems like there are either two MO's or there are two different killers, possibly one Russian."

Later at the office rookie drops off all of the evidence to the lab and checks in with the ME to discover a cause of death, and, maybe learn why this happened. Sometimes dead people tell a story better that someone wide awake.

Rookie was a shorter man only 5'7" tall about 185 lbs, and in his mid 20's.

he wore a basic blue shirt and tie, and a pair of light colored khaki cargo dress pants. His eyes were bright and exploding blue. They were the kind of eyes that just meant he was a positive man.

Rookie was a detective who always got his man, and never really made many mistakes and followed the book, from evidence to the field; everything had to be done very carefully, so not to miss a single shred of evidence. The one thing that is missed could blow the case wide open. This was his motto and he lived by it.

"Rookie, I got a DNA hit it COTUS on your hair strand found on the female vic. It comes up as John Charles Corey. He was indicted for murder in Wisconsin but disappeared into thin air during the investigation."

"So no known address, and no idea where Corey is."

"No but I did find a sister who lives here in the city, maybe paying a visit would shed some light on where John has been all these yrs."

Dr. turned away from rookie and carried himself out of the room he was a middle aged man that walked with a limp, where he had been wounded in Vietnam. He was a Caucasian man with a pointed narrow face and narrow eyebrows. His eyes were subtle and dark hazel, which peaked over his reading glasses.