Story in a Bag

Meet Terry Suave, secret agent. Terry was happily married to Diana, and they were about to have a baby of their own. Then one day tragedy struck—Diana was spirited away from their home without a trace. Terry was distraught, and so to find his wife he joined the AASA (American Association of Secret Agents). Now Terry travels the world trying to find his missing family. Our story begins on a tropical island in the Caribbean.

A blood curdling scream pierces the tropical air. Terry races to the source of the scream and parallelized to see that a little girl has fallen into the water. Unfortunately for the aquaphobic Terry the little girl can't swim. In a stroke of genius Terry whips out his water proof gloves and reaches in and he hauls the girl onto the dock. Terry has saved the day again without getting a single drop of water on his nice white suit and crocs.

The cackling of a dolphin echoes across the water, but this was no ordinary dolphin. This was Monty the criminal dolphin. He had pulled the girl into the water for his own, criminal, and as yet unknown, purposes.

"I'll get you yet you malicious Dolphin!" Terry yells at the retreating dorsal fin. A cough at his feet alerts Terry to the small raincoat clad form at his feet.

"Are you all right little girl?" Terry inquires.

"I'm fine now but that criminal dolphin Monty pulled me in."

"How did you know that that was Monty!?"

"Everybody knows who Monty is! He runs the local mob house downtown!"

"…" Terry is stuck into silence at this latest revelation.

"Is this the first Time Monty has tried to hurt you?"

"No, but he took my mother." An so Terry vows to protect the little girl from Monty's malicious wrath.

"If I promise to get your mother back, will you lead me to Monty's Hideout?"

"Sure Mister!!" and off the go to Monty's Mob house downtown.

Once at the mob house, Terry kicks bad guy butt reaching the inner sanctum of Monty's hideout within minutes.

"Hello *click* Meester Suave. *click click* I commend you for getting this far *click*, but you can do nothing to me *click* for I know your weakness."

"And what is that?" asked Terry cockily.

"*click* This." From the shadows of the lair came a flash of light reflected off a coin hung around a woman's neck. A coin Terry gave his wife as a symbol of their undying love.



"Mommy?" exclaimed the little girl.

"Mommy?" Terry inquired

"*click* Mommy?" Monty clicked. Yes, Mommy. Terry's weakness was none other than Terry's lost wife Diana.

"Terry, catch!" Diana tossed an orange and greenish tea cozy at her husband. "Muzzle the dolphin with the tea cozy!" with a bound Terry leapt across the room to Monty's tank and firmly placed the tea cozy on Monty's maniacal gray snout. With the tea cozy in place Monty became a normal dolphin again. Reunited, Diana Terry and their daughter went out for a celebratory cone of ice cream. And lived happily ever-after!