"Alas, I am a puppet whose voice was silenced"

Take the strings on my arms, mother, father

I am a helpless child with limbs of lead.

Lo, grab my head strings, government dear

I know not what to think, shall you tell me what to do?

You! Public Transit; here are my leg strings,

Where and when shall we go today?

Doctor, doctor, you forgot to take my chest strings,

What medicine shall you inject? What technology shall you implant?

Oh my, I cannot see; is that you, Time –

Limiting my vision? From age or disease, what have you?

White noise, I hear! My my, there you go again, Media

What are you telling me to believe this time?

Achoo! Oh my, Pollution, you naughty boy

You're making me think twice of going about my day.

Rmph! Augh! Society, stop! I cannot breathe

Gagging me now? However shall I announce what my opinions are?

Ah, my pen! I cannot see it, I cannot hold it,

No way to tell my thoughts

Alas, I am but a puppet whose voice was silenced.